The Day Has Come // CCF Approved & Issued

Dear fellow purchasers,

It’s with great pleasure to announce that FH have finally received complete support letter from relevant authorities therefore the CCF submission to MPAJ will be on next Monday, 23JUN2014 with target key handover before Hari Raya Puasa.





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    LILY NING said,

    Vincent, Thank you for the fantastic news 🙂 very good news for all of us

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    condobloka said,

    Yes, absolutely fantastic…many thanks for the good news Vincent.

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    terimakasih2…seronok berhariraya di rumah baru..sedih rasa hati& terharu setelah sekian lama menunggu dengan berbagai dugaan & cabaran yang sukar dilupakan…selepas ni tak payah menyewa & berpindah randah lagi…terimakasihhh Vincent

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    chin said,

    Well, i don’t want to put too much hope first, so scare will get even greater disappointment.

    Anyway, thanks Vincent for the good news, and thanks those committees who have put in their effort on this.

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    bukitpandan said,

    Dear fellow purchasers,

    FH has reconfirmed that CCF application has been successfully submitted to MPAJ today. Stay tune on the approval.


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    Just to say and the facts is FH are NOT ELIGIBLE to be recognized or to say ‘thank you’ with what they done .. FH is not our savior, but the dealer who took a chance on human difficulties .. i hope FH can stop made business like this..please laa..u made worst..This ‘savior scheme is silence killer’.. For along times i’m living in suffer (and i believe majorities of us too) and now i still need to wait until ‘hari raya puasa’ after cannot be kept with the FH ‘janji sebelum tahun baru cina’..ermmm

    I have lots of experience when dealing with FH and for sure everybody of us too.. I can’t forgive them especially Kumar from FH team.. He was cheating and giving false promises dozens of times to me..

    The best joke that FH made is ‘ALL faulty coming from other parties’..
    1. Purchasers problem – cannot commit to the top up amount;
    2. Previous contractor problem – no fund and delay from the project timeline;
    3. Local authorities – Syabas, MPAJ, TNB & BABI.

    What i hope is FH will collapse are suckerrr…hihihi

    For my future neighbor..i’m I would like to apologize for bad words and annoy yours for this .. in real life I am a kind and gentle (u can ask my wife if not believe..hihihi) .. only when dealing with FH made my patience thoroughly tested..

    Sincerely..Broken Heart Block B

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    cpredza said,

    syukur…….finally get the house……managed to visit the unit last week, viewed the swimming pool and syabas`pipe telah dipasang……..

    thank you to all committee members……who worked hard from first meeting at talam`s office………..I still remembered that moment……..masa tu semua hadir with hope……

    thank you…….

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    bukitpandan said,

    Dear fellow purchasers,

    As per FH, MPAJ has today approved and issued the CCF. With CCF in hand, they will send out the circular for deposit collection (TNB, Syabas and maintenance fee) and key handover. Stay tune.


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      wan izana said,


      I’ve been waiting for this sentence for more than 10 years….
      Thanks for those who make this things happen.

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    chin said,

    Dear Vincent, I have paid the water and electric deposit of RM640 before, I think other neighbors have done the same as well, so you mean we need to pay it again?

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      bukitpandan said,

      Hi Chin,

      Per Syabas & TNB record, there were no payment received from Mudi Angkasa therefore it’s again due which otherwise we will not get our keys. We reserve the right to pursue with Mudi Angkasa however chances it slim since it will fall under unsecure creditors.


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        LILY NING said,

        Hi, kindly help to update here whenever received the circular for collect the deposit due I worry that i did not received the letter later. Hope quick quick pay the deposit and get the key as soon. Thanks all

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        chin said,

        Thanks Vincent, so appreciate your prompt answer.

        Anyway, I called Kumar today and get unpleasant replies, eg, “you think i take your money?” “I’m just replying the way you talk to me” “why you don’t understand what liquidators do???”, yeah, i am frustrated with his answer, and amazed by his “professionalism” in handling. Well, no wonder some of us don’t want to thank FH at all. Aren’t we the one who pay suppose to get a service that we deserved? or only FH works the other way round? (sorry to vent my frustration here)

        But of course, can’t deny the fact that the house is complete and we are the ONLY party that pay in this matter. I understand from Mr K is that our housing committee is going to meet him tomorrow, and he will sort of let us know who is the management committee they appointed. And i also being told that the maintenance fee will be no less than RM200 per month.

        And i did notice there is a banner hanging outside block A, car park sale or rental.. the Mr K said the developer is selling out the car park, RM12k-15k each..

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    Tun Jubei said,

    Which car park if may ask..?

    • 16

      went there just now, got chance to enter the building, one of the unit is not locked, air sudah ada, elevator is working, so what else is holding back the handover yea?

      • 17

        LILY NING said,

        Dear all,
        there are only swimming pool & wading pool as the condo facility, no other facilities like gym room or any sport court, why the maintenance fee is more than RM200 per month? I thought it might be around RM100 something per month.

        Yes, water pipe is on but no meter install so cannot do handover. Need the architecture sign the CF then only we can get the key.

        My bank not yet received letter from FH about release the last payment. I not yet received circular from FH about deposit collection.

        Hope our new management committee will consider about the maintenance fee, please set a reasonable fees.

        Thank you

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    chin said,

    Every unit entitled to one, but if you want to get extra, you need to buy it from the developer. That is how i understand.

  12. 19

    bukitpandan said,

    Dear fellow purchasers,

    Per meeting today, FH will issue the letter and send via register mail on Friday, expect to receive by Tuesday the latest. Do contact FH team (Kumar, Calvin & Rachel) shall if non receipt of the said letter. Total payment require during key collection will be approximately MYR 1,500 (details breakdown will be include in the letter) and key will only handover once FH receive both payment of approximately MYR 1,500 and final progressive sum of 20% from your bank. This 20% is payable by end financier within period of 2 weeks from letter date.

    Shall everything proceed as per timeline above, key handover shall be in mid-JUL2014 onward. The agreed maintenance fee will be MYR 120 per month payable from AUG2014 onward and do note that it’s crucial for all purchaser to ensure prompt payment for well upkeep of our property especially on maintenance of lifts.


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      chin said,

      Hi Vincent,

      Can we wait for the bank to release the 20% then only we go to FH and get the key?

      My concern is that when we pay 1.5k, we are still not able to get the key pending for our financier to release the fund. It would be easier if we only need to make one trip there instead.

      • 21

        bukitpandan said,

        Hi Chin,

        Yes you may do so indeed that FH recommendation. Once the financier have release the payment, they will send copy of the payment notification also.


  13. 22

    TQ to all committee members that has put everything that they got until this day. From our first meeting till now

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    Lai Kok Syn said,

    Hi Vincent,

    Just curious…Is the 20% amount included in the top up sum?

    Best Regards,

    • 24

      bukitpandan said,

      Hi Lai,

      20% is based on original purchase price exclude Top-Up Sum and this sum reside with your end financier. Trust this clarify.


  15. 25

    Dear Vincent..Noticed that i also had made payment for the water & electricity deposit as mention by Chin..Payment made to Mudi Angkasa because there asked for the deposit..not syabas or TNB.. so the billing record should be kept M.angkasa ..

    FH as the liquidator of the Mudi Angkasa will get the liquid soon. How good if water & electricity deposit being responded by them too..We already paid the deposit so why we should pay again?..ermm..

    Hope dealing with FH will end as soon as possible..

  16. 26

    After 12 years we got our homes.. tapi ape cerita utility deposit yg dah dibayar. FH should honor the payment made.. TALAM is a real suckerrr..

  17. 28

    Dear Vincent,
    About the monthly fee maintenance fee of 120 per month, what is the scope of the maintenance??. Is it for maintenance of common facilities, or is it for the security or is it for the building repairs or major repairs. Is this money will go to common pot also..

    • 29

      bukitpandan said,

      @Rahimokev, MYR 120 is inclusive of sinking fund where 2 separate account will be manage i.e maintenance and sinking fund. The maintenance will be eventually run by volunteer within the purchaser on the JMB. There will be no property management co appointed in view of the low maintenance fee as otherwise the maintenance fee will increase to approximately MYR 200 per month.

      As per record by FH, there is no record of deposit payment to TNB & Syabas despite Mudi Angkasa has collected from us before. You may vet this directly with FH.


      • 30

        FH has no record for the deposit payment. Does this means that the payments made by purchasers for the deposited have been misappropriated?

      • 31

        LILY NING said,

        Dear all,
        sorry to say that, if no property management company appointed, our money will hold by volunteer purchaser, if there are any runaway then we have no way to trace back, is not a secure way to us 🙂

        I think committee can consider about this issue and get all opinion or agreed from all owners. Thank you & Sorry if my word is hurt feeling.

        We want to get the key then must paid the deposit for TNB & SYABAS since now FH is reject to bear the responsibility as liquidator for Mudi Angkasa.

  18. 32

    Thanks Vincent for the clarification on the maintenance fee. I believe the tenants need to set up a committee to look after the well being of the building.. This will not be like the other completed condo/apartment where the developer is responsible for the maintenance/security during the 1st 2 years and later handover to occupants.. Again amat sedih.

    • 33

      msse70 said,

      rm 1500.00 ?? Condo 5 star kerr ?? .. water deposit have been paid 12 year ago .come on .. all the rubbish … bear by the purchaser???

      • 34

        bukitpandan said,

        @msse70, MYR 1514.70 include 6 months deposit on maintenance & sinking fund and this sum will remain in the account so long everyone is making prompt monthly payment. All have the right to sight and view the yearly account for maintenance and sinking fund to ensure transparency. For details breakdown do refer to FH letter.


  19. 35

    @Rahimokev sham, My understanding is that our original S&P still valid but with top up sum addendum. Hence the clauses in the S&P agreement are still aplicable for example as waranty period etc. Is it not?

  20. 36

    Just giving idea..

    Untuk makluman jiran saya in future, saya telah menyewa di Flat 4E Cheras sejak 2003..masalah yg dihadapi oleh penduduk/penyewa di flat ini sebelumnya hampir sama dengan apa yg BAKAL kita tempuhi kelak..iaitu masalah penyelenggaraan..

    Untuk dikongsi bersama juga, DBKL tiada lagi tanggungjawab penyelenggaraan selepas unit2 flat 4E ini dijual..setelah unit2 flat ini menjadi milik individu,wujud masalah sampah yg tidak dikutip, rumput yg tidak dipotong dan sampah sekeliling flat telah timbul..

    Bagi mengelak masalah ini berpanjangan, atas iniasitif penduduk flat.. Hasil perbincangan diantara penduduk, Syarikat ‘Badan Pengurusan Bersama Flat 4E Cheras’ diwujudkan..Jawatan Pengurus dilantik dan dibayar gaji. Pengurus bertanggungjawab ke atas kecukupan tenaga kerja/gaji pekerja dan skop kerja penyelenggaraan..

    Komiti pemantau dengan elaun yg minimum juga dilantik bagi memastikan pengurusan mematuhi standard sebagaimana yg diharapkan dan mengambil tindakan apabila terdapat kelemahan pada pengurusan (i.e penggantian pengurus dsbnya)..selain itu, Badan Pengurusan ini diberi KUASA bagi membolehkan tindakan tertentu diambil ke atas unit2 yg gagal untuk membuat bayaran penyelenggaraan bulanan..Segala kos & perbelanjaan (butir-butir terperinci perakaunan) dipaparkan dipapan kenyataan termasuklah peringatan & amaran kepada penghuni yg gagal untuk commited dengan fees.

    Proses mengujudkan ‘Badan Pengurusan Bersama’ ini agak rumit jugak..namun saya percaya, ianya boleh direalisasikan..ikutkan logiknya, jika warga flat boleh..warga kondominium pastinya lebih berkemampuan dan bijak..

    Dengan 360 unit..jika satu unit RM120 bermakna RM43200 dapat dikutip sebulan…Setelah ditolak kos penyelenggaraan, pasti ada lebihan dari kutipan untuk disimpan sebagai dana bagi kerja-kerja penyelenggaraan Lif dan sebagainya..Kalau nasib tak baik, bagi memastikan jalan tar yg menghubungkan ‘flat kondo kita’ dengan jalan utama disimpang petronas dalam keadaan sempurna juga kemungkinan akan jadi tanggungjawab kita semua..dari kondisi jalan tersebut, selepas 6 bulan penghuni masuk, jalan tu PASTI akan rosak teruk..

    sambung lagi kelak…

  21. 37

    Dear All,

    Just received the letter today finally. Can anyone advise to whom & to where we should send the ‘Maintenance charges & deposits’ with RM1,514.70 pls ?

    Thank you,
    Christine Lee

    • 38

      bukitpandan said,

      Hi Christine,

      The deposit is payable to FH therefore please contact them once you have receive confirmation from your end financier that the final 20% of the loan sum have been release in accordance to the said letter. Shall you are cash purchaser, then you can contact FH team to arrange for the deposit payment therefore key collection.


  22. 39

    Hi Vincent,

    Thanks for your advice. Just wondering if we could direct pay in cash for the RM1,514.70 to FH when we made appointment for key hand over pls ? As we are not staying in KL area, just wish to settle everything once when we meet for the key collection. Furthermore, how many percent of purchaser already taken their keys pls ?

    Thanks for your time here…….


  23. 40

    stanleyyls said,

    Hi Vincent,
    Is there any vacant unit and is it legal now onwards for S&P? Thanks.

    • 41

      bukitpandan said,

      Hi Stanley,

      Presume units are available for sub sale and yes S&P can be sign for bank loan application with FH as the signatory. What your budget, own stay or investment?


    • 42

      casey11 said,

      Spoke to kumar last week. According to him, roughly 100 unit being terminated of their S &P.

  24. 44

    bukitpandan said,

    @Stanley, very unlikely you will get any unit with your budget which is even lower than what FH sold MYR 240K for the contra units one year ago.

  25. 47

    cpredza said,

    ambank will disburse remaining amount today…Friday…..for a group of purchasers…..syukur….I called them yesterday n they confirmed……

    if everything in order….we can pay 1500 at condo n collect the key before raya


  26. 50

    cpredza said,

    dear all

    suggest you walked to the bank instead call them…i walked to ambank loan operation div….brought the letter….chased them….and get the dateline when they want to discburse… call ni….tak jalan……

    get the officer to chop his name on the surat from FH….

  27. 51

    sowchan said,

    Hi All,
    RHB release the balance today

  28. 52

    cpredza said,

    hi all

    this is another problem with FH…..

    all phone lines of person in charge always engaged or ALL of them will be at site…….meeting meeting……tak kan….satu team?….hope they are not mengular…..

    finally…..I have to walk in to FH office to get them……terjah…..Ada la pulak di ofis……tak de LA pulak line engage….

    I need to confirm as to whether they have received final disbursement from ambank…….susah…betul…

    dear my neighbors…..

    please get your bank to email the disbursement details to this PIC……flooding their email with bank confirmation…….……..


    • 53

      LILY NING said,

      Thanks Redza for the email address. I would like to add one more email address for others reference, ‘’ is Calvin Heng.

      Public bank is do final disbursement by direct debit on last week and send FH a letter of disbursement. For others owner, you may check with your bank officer.

      Here are the management contact number 011-36661908 Jeffrey Lok, Any owner is settle the balance, may contact him for appointment key handover. As i understand that NUSA MEWAH line is not very good so you might cant get Jeffrey by phone easily. I think we can just walk in and make appointment with him.

      To those bank which release balance by last week, need pending FH to verify the payment and send the updated listing to Jeffrey then only we can get the key.

      I hope the information is helpful.

  29. 54

    azienordin said,

    Dear all.. Just nk tnye ada sapa2 yg da amek kunci ke??

    • 55

      Saya dah buat all payment.. Called Jeffry Low today and he told me to collect the key anytime at site office. But according to Kumar when I met him at FH office last Friday, told me that the water meter has not been installed yet.. Means no water but electricity OK.. can anybody confirm on water meter….. Rgds. rahim

  30. 56

    Finally we get our apartment after various of obstacles..

    Because i know Kumar also visit this blog ” I takes change of your apologize bro “…i hope you understand then can forgive me ..just to inform you for a long long time my life so this moment still too..

    Hari Raya coming soon but i need to commit payment such as the maintenance fees..for several purchasers the amount might be no problem but for me it BIG problem..but it must..and i did..

    Hope for brighter days after what we are facing before..

  31. 57

    cpredza said,

    finally….I collected the keys yesterday……..syukur…….

    but any idea…why they give us only one parking lot? should be two right?

    • 58

      bukitpandan said,

      @cpredza, congratulation on your key collection. There was only 594 lot of parking therefore insufficient to extend 2 lot for each unit. Option is to secure additional unit @ MYR 12K for covered parking and MYR 10K for uncovered parking.


      • 59

        LILY NING said,

        hi dear all, anyone of you already collect the key? may I know why there are no water supply since syabas have install the pipe..? kindly update any news about this matter. thank you very much. No water supply, how to move in?

  32. 60

    Water supply by next week should be OK, Jefrey mentioned that Syabas will come on Monday to install…100%. And regarding the contractors there that are promoting their service. Be very careful, one of them charge RM200 to install a ceiling fan and RM 390 just to install 11 normal lights..!!! Ridiculously overprice…!!

  33. 65

    Dear neighbour,

    Finally we got our keys. Many many thanks for to the committee that has bring us to this happy ending. The next thing to do is to form the Joint Managment Board (JMB). I am proposing the same great team to be the resident committee for Nusa Mewah. According to the people in the maintenance office, they are contracted by FH for only 6 months. I guess they officially start from August 2014 therefore end in Feb 2015. They said tit is up to the JMB to decide whether or not to renew their contract. Not much time left because the JMB need to inform them in advance the decision whether to renew their contract. 3 big things the JMB need to tackle 1) decide the number of guards to hire; 2) clean and ensure the swimming pool is functional 3) plan how to collect the maintenance fee from Feb 2015 onwards.

    All the 3 above are related to collection of maintenance fee. To be honest, I am a committee member in the place I am staying right now and I know collecting fee is not an easy task. We went through so much pain for the last 12 years to get this house, I am sure none of us wanted our condo to depreciate in market value just because it is badly manage and maintain.

    Therefore better plan early and start early. Just a rough calculation; we have 360 units, therefore 100% collection will be RM120 * 360 = RM 43200 per month. Of course very unlikely we can collect 100%, 70% is more practical. 70% will be RM 30,240. My place I am staying have 7 Nepalese guards (3 in daytime, 4 in night time) and we are paying around RM 15,000 a month. I don’y know how much it cost to maintain a swimming pool. Boom gate is about RM 400 per month and gardener/cleaner is RM2000. I think we can survive comfortably if we can maintain at least 70% collection.

    We need 4 guards in the night. 1 guard always in the guardhouse, 1 ronda block A, 1 ronda block B and 1 ronda common areas like car park and swimming pool. Good to have 4 as well in the morning but to save cost 3 is minimum.

    I hope more neighbours can give ideas.

    • 66

      wnawawi said,

      Agree with you KKY… all present committee shall be in the JMB + YOU… ☺

    • 67

      LILY NING said,

      Dear all,
      yes, I agree with KKY’s proposal. I just hope that the new management is doing well, fair and honest to all the residents. I wish the current management company’s contract is END ASAP!!

      I want to sharing some matters is occur within the condominium now. There are few owner facing trouble that their contractor is not allowed into the premises to start the renovation work. However the owner have paid RM1k deposit and RM200 garbage fees as stated in the rules and regulation. The contractor bring along the receipt and authorisation letter BUT they all block by a group of people who sit in front the management office who mentioned that ‘THEY ARE AUTHORISE BY MANAGEMENT & SPEAK ON BEHALF OF THE MANAGEMENT’…. Owners have try talk with them and found out that THEY ARE PROPERTY AGENTS & CONTRACTOR…. The most TERRIBLE thing is security guard always ask the woman – Property agent name Ms Chris’s permission whether to let visitor or owners to go into the premises!!

      I wonder we are the one who paid for the maintenance fees and the management should do work for us BUT why the security guard is getting permission from a PROPERTY AGENT??!!

      I hope our committee will help to voice out the problem and get it solved as soon due I am going to move in soon. I din wish that every time when I drive in to the premises with permission from a outsider people!! Important thing, I dun wish there are MONOPOLY (contractor and property agent) happen within the premises.

      I am appreciate and thankfully for our committee & neighbours hard work on the condominium. And hope that our new management will doing well so our property’s value will goes up and up.

  34. 68

    What kind of bullshit is this…? I notice that the contractors that are sitting in front of the maintenance office are ‘bloodsuckers’. Since they are prohibiting other contractors to do their work, make them gangsters. And since when a property agent own the Nusa Villa condo that we paid with our money and tears for 12 years? Any current committee or other owners care to share their view?

    • 69

      bukitpandan said,

      Dear all,

      I’m true believer of competitiveness therefore there is no restriction in prohibition of non-panel contractor so long their are authorized by owner. Guard will match whoever which to enter the compound of our condo with the registered owner name list obtained from FH and if you recall you can also nominate up to additional 2 persons apart in a form given when you collect the keys. This is done to ensure proper tracking and ensuring only related people are given the access. Any further feedbacks may be channel to FH as currently they are still responsible for maintenance of hit condo.


      • 70

        LILY NING said,

        Dear all,
        yes, I agree with Vincent that there are competitiveness & there should not have panel or non panel, as long they are register with management accordingly.

        First 2 times, security guard check on listing & let owner to go in but third times onward, they din check the listing but ask the permission from the woman then only allowed me to go in… This make me curious and wonder why?!…

        Current management does not inform us that they have authorise any property agent & so called panel contractor to sitting there and act like gangster – Sorry to say so, because I am a owner but every time when I go into the premises, must be questioning by few people ‘who you are?’ ‘what you doing here?’ ‘which unit you go?’, they are asking with attitude which very rude! & they are not from management office!!

        I have check on the rules & regulation, A) 2.0 Property Agent/Advertisement – 2.2 No advertisement stickers, all notice to sale & rent shall be in banner type. But MS CHRIS from Property Champ have a huge banner hang on the visitor parking… Does it mean Nusa mewah villa condo have authorise a real estate company & contractor as panel?!

        Yes, I agree with Chin too, that call to FH & voice out is useless due they will divert us to management department……

        I am sharing here & I just hope that everything will go smooth due I am move in soon.

  35. 71

    chin said,

    Dear neighbors,

    First of all, i AGREE with Mr KKY’s proposal.

    Secondly, i recall the day when i collect my key, those “contractors” actually waiting for me at the lift. FH’s guy Mr Geofrey (if i am not mistaken) politely invite them to keep out from the premise because they are not authorized. So, i guess they are not authorize by anyone in FH or the temporary management.

    I think we should get the FH guy that is at site. Calling FH is a waste of time and money.

  36. 72

    The solution is to properly register a “Persatuan Penduduk Bkt Pandan” with the register of societies. Until this is done the committee does not have the legal standing to speaks on behalf of all the purchasers.

    • 73

      LILY NING said,

      I dunno what should do & how to do but I just hope there are no monopoly happen within the condominium. I will follow any rules & regulation, as long it is fair, transparent & honest to all residents.

      I am sharing my experience & others owner as well… thank you

  37. 74

    There’s one contractor setting a desk in front of management office, I believe this contractor is ‘link’ with Jefrey Lok because when i asked Jefrey for contractor’s registration form, he gave me that guy name card and quotation. The management SHOULD NOT misleading us like that, this is a bad start for this management office, who knows what will happen if he’s still in charge after Feb 2015.

    • 75

      LILY NING said,

      Dear all,
      I have been to Nusa Mewah Condo, and clarify that the huge banner is under ADLINK PROPERTIES and Chris Ho is NOT a Legal Real Estate Negotiator due there are no REN number for name Chris Ho in the board of valuers’s system. I found out that Chris Ho name is on another banner which company name CITY CABINET – Contractor.

      I am not to promoting their company but want to get all resident know what is happening now. I saw Mr Geoffrey is sitting together with them and chit chat. I din mind if they want to do business but please dun make it monopoly and give trouble to us as a owner.

      Maybe most of your will thinking why I am so angry but I can told your one more issue which make me angry with hot fire is… the woman Chris told me that Cheras people got no standard!!! (* while we are chatting, she dun know that I am one of the owner.) I staying at cheras for many years but never heard someone tease us as a cheras people…. This woman have no respect at all!

  38. 77

    Ivy Lee said,

    We got bullied for 12 years! First Talam then FH now renovation contractor/agent. Last time we cannot do anything with Talam and FH. But now we can because we owner pay maintenance so we are the boss. Not the people sitting in the management office!
    Syedakil is correct lets form JMB asap. Why not do something like 2 year ago when committee invite everyone to visit our condo. This time we do gotong royong to sweep all “rubbish” outside our condo. No such thing as Authorize or Panel contractor. We can have a resident meeting at the same day to select the JMB. Committee say something.

  39. 78

    Eric Tan said,

    Can committee set up a FB page so that we can follow the updates of Nusa Mewah Condo any time? Appreciate that! 🙂

  40. 79

    cjtham said,

    i been informed by the mr jefrey lok that i have to pay RM 1k deposit and RM 200 non refundable “rubbish fee” if i engage my own contractor. the chris ho oso told me that the RM 200 “rubbish fee” can be waived if i use their “panel” contractor. so shock to know that our condo has been “hijacked” by this group of people by the time v jst collected the key!come on lah, who r they? what hv they done in the pass few yrs when v were fighting for our condo? who allow or “authorise” them to make money now?

    i don mind to let the management office to deduct a reasonable amount when my contractor left any rubbish behind or cause any defect to the common area after renovation, but common sense, i jst fix the lighting, water heater and grill, will it cost RM 200 compulsary??? or this RM 200 is to compensate somebody? when somebody hv paid certain amt to be “selected” as a “panel” contractor or agent?

    v as the owner of this condo will not allow this thing happen!

    pls advise how to get this group of nonsense people out of our premises, thank you.

    • 80

      The RM200 is for the iron bin that they (management) will provide for our contractor to dispose all renovations garbage, but if u’re only doing gril,and basic stuff like lamps, ceiling fan and aircond, no need to pay for the RM200…just ask ur contractor to ‘bring out’ the garbage. Hoewever if involve plaster ceiling or major reno, the bin is helpful. Regarding the so call ‘panel contractors’, FH must do something about this nuisance that already think they ‘own’ the territory. I strongly believe that the Jefrey Lok is ‘protecting’ them.

  41. 81

    Johnny Lim said,

    Good day, I am one of the owner of Nusa Mewah too but also a registered real estate negotiator with Reapfield Properties. Feel free to contact me should any of the owner(s) here wanting to sell or let out their unit(s). My contact is Johnny at 012-2318454 or email to

  42. 82

    Carlos Raul said,

    Vincent and all purchasers,
    Vincent, I begging you not to block this mail to all….i guess…its now our turn to get back what was we has had lost and for our justice

    Firstly, Congratulation on your key collection after getting trauma of this years. You guys are very lucky.

    After huge number of years waiting,…,after feel such sadnest,after feel such angry and sometimes feel frustration of being cheat promise by Developer ,after all… the feeling that u guys feel before ,its just go same to me ,we all suffer a lot right?? sometimes i think,god must be very cruel to me? but this issue isn’t god then,its human behaviour!!! just same blood like us.
    In order to make life,I guess this investment to bought this condo for RM126K which is on the TOP floor (15th)…will make good & joy to my life ,how much profit value then I can get from this investment?? Rm250k..maybe rm300k for the toppest floor??

    Just because of rm30700 for a condition which LIQUIDOR make, reason to continue’ FH planning projeck’ ,ATLAST …after tired of working for almost 24 years….its just gone like a wind, this is very cruel very very unfair.
    ’’org melayu kata cerita pun tak guna’’….sapakah kita nak berlawan dgn mereka…..hanya Tuhan saja lah yang akan membalas orang orang yang menganiya.’’

    So,after this ,I still have to meet this bloody sucker FH…. as I understand that i will get back my money (that i already paid to the bank almost 75%) once after they complete sold out the unit.
    My question?
    ~Until today,how many terminated units have been sold?
    ~I believes FH will sell the units following value of market price, how much money then we get and how do they calculation.More than 100 purchasers had been terminated,anyone here (terminated purchasers)would like to share .

    Pls mail me to for sharing any news/info /discuss regarding terminate units.


  43. 85

    Still no water meter also,Jefrey mentioned last week (8/14) Syabas will settle it during this week (11-15/8) whether Syabas is the problem, or FH don’t even care about it.

    • 86

      LILY NING said,

      Last Wednesday, I call management, they said Syabas by yesterday or today will install the meter but till now also nobody go there & install. I just check with management again, they said maybe by today or tomorrow, …..

      when the water will come……

  44. 87

    kenapa 17/8 pergi air dlm rumah tak ada…so how to wash my house..jika cepat basuh cepat pindah bln september dah boleh duduk tak payah2 biji rumah…help solve the problem of water FH

  45. 88

    Let’s us all email Syabas di email ,requesting the water meter. I just emailed them.

  46. 89

    SMS to Syabas at…
    type: PUSPEL

  47. 91

    kellyckw said,

    Hi Vincent,
    Do you know what is our correct address?
    Is it Lot no xxxx, Jalan B/P 4 off Jalan Kuari, Taman Bukit Pandan, 56100
    Thank you.

  48. 92

    azienordin said,

    Stressnye.. Nk renovate pasang lampu n grilk pn kne byr deposit rm1k.. SAMPAH RM200..

  49. 93

    Kalau x de sampah rm 200 x perlu bayar.

  50. 94

    I set up a facebook group if anybody is interested in joining

  51. 96

    Chen Leelian said,

    Hi Vincent, can i have your company email address?
    Just called Mr. kumar for the issues that your company have send the letter to the wrong banker. But the only respond from him is to ask me to go to the bank myself or send an email to your company.. Seriously i really dislike the way he talk.. I am there to seek for help but the respond from him is ask me to solve the problem that cause by FH myself. Is not that this is the service that FH should provide?

    Anyway, my problem is that my loan is from PBB Sungai Chua, but the letter have been send to PBB pandan jaya. That cause the PBB sungai chua cant release money because they havent received any letter from FH. Can you please help me send the letter to PBB sungai chua so that the bank will release money.

    And this issues have been reported a lot of times but i still haven’t see any action have been taken.. Hope i can see some action being taken in a VERY short while. This problem is serious because if the bank didnt release money and I cant get my key n when into my unit but yet i need to pay maintenance fees and so on.


    • 97

      chin said,

      Hi Chen LeeLian,

      I faced the similar problem like you, FH sent the letter to Citibank instead of RHB bank. However, I called FH (other person, not Kumar), and FH resend the letter to the correct bank.

      Personally, i think now FH’s staff (in the office) wont treat us nicely already, they all see us like dogs barking at the wrong tree. So, i guess we must have more patience, hope your problem solve soon.

    • 98

      LILY NING said,

      Hi Chen,
      instead of call Kumar, why not you try to call others.
      1. Racheal Lee, direct line: 03-22971166
      Email add:

      2. Calvin Heng
      Email add:

      I think both of them much more better than Kumar.

      I have heard that FH sent out all letter to Public bank, Pandan Jaya – my public bank banker told me about this, he also blur why all letter goes to them.

      Hope you will collect the key asap.

    • 99

      bukitpandan said,

      Hi Chen Lee Lian,

      First and foremost please take note that I’m purchaser as well and not attached with FH. My recommendation to resolve the issue is for you to forward the copy of letter received to your home branch or shall you do not receive the letter you may visit FH office to seek copy of the letter.


  52. 100

    cpredza said,

    hi chin

    agreed with you…..dealing with FH like we want to kutip derma from them…..i have to walked in to their office to have feedback……on bank’s email to them…

    on the so called panel contractor…..their price is cekik darah and want to kerat our leher…..i had appointed the contractor who is standing bawah pokok outside perimeter of our condo…….and found many appointed them…..

    true fact…..price from panel contractor is more than RM1,000 than the contractor standing bawah pokok…..

    who want this RM1,000.00 ? FH ?

  53. 101

    aku report polis baru tahu..gaji aku buruh aje bkn pegawai millonair …dah hutang bank rumah terbengkalai banyak nak dilangsaikan..sedih rasa hati ..hidup banyak dugaannya..anak2 lagi nak ditanggung dibeban lagi dgn masalah rumah

  54. 102

    Haji Mujer said,

    Visited my unit yesterday, the guard informed lift for Block B rosak??????? Apa ni belum duduk pun dah rosak????

  55. 104

    saya nak jual rumah saya bumi lot ,tingkat 5….RM310k sesiapa berminat call 0196549464/0196649464…sudah pasang grill,besi langsir,lampu,kipas dan renovation dapur

  56. 105

    Hi Vincent…. would like to enquire your opinion.

    Intend to sell my unit A-14-10. Already have potential buyers…. Unfortunately, 4 bankers namely Maybank, CIMB, Hong Leong and Public Bank said cannot approved the loan for my potential buyer ‘coz previously this was an abandoned project… !!??

    Is that so? Any other owners facing similar problem?


    • 106

      LILY NING said,

      hi, just sharing, CF issued and key handover, developer is doing application for strata title if not mistaken, loan should be not a problem… normally loan approval based on the buyer’s profile and the bank willing to lend money to the buyer or not… Maybank should can consider due they are panel bank for this project but most of the time, Maybank prefer doing new project instead of sub sales…

  57. 107

    rosehashim said,

    Hi, I am one of the affected buyers that my SPA has been terminated a few years back. Where some remaining refunds from my bank loan has been paid to the bank, I called FH to ask about the amount that I have paid to the bank, whether I will get it back since I did not receive the apartment. FH (Kumar) told me that probably I will never get the money due to the liquidation process and according to the Act. Do you know if there are other previous buyers that have similar case like me? Did they get back their money?

    • 108

      b0218 said,

      Hi Vincent,
      My end financiet still has not received any refund by yourgoodselves even I already sent a letter regarding this issue last year. Kindly do a necessary action as I going to sent to Higher Authority regarding the delay.

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