Progress Meeting @ 29MAY2013 // Circular Posted Out @ 17JUN2013

Latest photos, credit to Casey @ A-10-12

IMG_1803[1] IMG_1802[1] IMG_1801[1] IMG_1800[1] IMG_1799[1] IMG_1798[1] IMG_1797[1] IMG_1796[1] IMG_1795[1] IMG_1794[1] IMG_1793[1] IMG_1791[1] IMG_1790[1] IMG_1789[1] IMG_1788[1] IMG_1787[1] IMG_1786[1] IMG_1784[1] IMG_1783[1] IMG_1782[1] IMG_1781[1] IMG_1780[1] IMG_1779[1] IMG_1778[1] IMG_1777[1] IMG_1776[1] IMG_1775[1] IMG_1774[1]

Latest site photos taken @ 18JUL2013

IMG_1708 IMG_1705 IMG_1707[1] IMG_1706[1] IMG_1704[1]

Latest exterior photos taken @ 07JUL2013

IMG_1685[1] IMG_1686[1] IMG_1687[1]

Dear purchasers

Please note that FH has send out the circular update via post to the last registered address and do expect to receive it within a week. For more clarification / inquiry, please contact FH team (Kumar, Jason, Yi Wen & Calvin) at 603-22971150.

Updated photo from the site.

IMG_1650[1] IMG_1653[1] IMG_1651[1] IMG_1652[1]

Dear fellow purchasers,

Please find the updates as append below.

1) Work Progress as at 29MAY2013-refer attachment below. The delay was mainly due to rectification works require and FH will issue circular to all purchaser on the details, expected by 2nd week of JUN2013


2) Site photo-refer below.

IMG_1568 IMG_1569 IMG_1570 IMG_1571 IMG_1572 IMG_1573 IMG_1574 IMG_1575 IMG_1576 IMG_1577 IMG_1578 IMG_1579 IMG_1580 IMG_1581 IMG_1582 IMG_1583 IMG_1584 IMG_1586 IMG_1587 IMG_1588 IMG_1589

3) Expected completion date: OCT2013.

For more clarification / inquiry, please contact FH team (Kumar, Jason, Yi Wen & Calvin) at 603-22971150.



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  1. 1

    Rahim Sham said,


  2. 2

    victim said,

    Look likes failure to meet the date line again n again …. expected may 2013 … now change to october 2013 …
    FH… whats a guarantee ??????.. are we going to get a claim on late delivery ?????? Another 5 more months to go …… can we claim our house rental for 5 months or until the unit completed to you ??? We are suffering with financial problem here … dont you

  3. 3

    IDA PPUM said,

    bln okt. dah siap boleh duduk keeee..kena tunggu lagi AAaaaaa..betul victim said,byr sewa 5 bln. & bank pijaman pn kena byr juga..colay tidak mengikuti agreement siap tepat pada masa…hampa….

  4. 4

    Angryman said,

    I though the right word to describe FH especially for Jason, Calvin & their fucker Boss are 毛绒猪必须去地狱 ..for ..for Kumar.. i though this word suitable for u சீன பன்றி ஏமாற்றுகிறேன் வேலை..

    During past meeting between FH management and purchasers, FH promised us that Conlay can completed the project as expected..the bustard chiness guy whose represented FH gave fully guarentee that their selected contractor will competed on time after Kamuja failed (Kamuja is the FH scapegoat during that time)..

    For Victim,
    This pig(FH) cheated and lied us for so long..because of that, they simply can change the completion date without feel any mistake ..they don’t care your suffer, only profit to company..


  5. 5

    Anti Penipu & Pembelit said,

    (Refresh from Mr.Chin posting – 2/7/2012)

    All parties want the project to be revived, but some are with hidden motives. In the end, the one who suffers still the house buyer, and the greatest loser, is those who already paid the top up. Yes, I paid the top up, and it is always in my mind, that the one and ONLY one, who is suffering is us, the buyer. The rest of the parties, all get $$$.

    I already tired of listen to the sweet promise that we will get our house in the end, and that is a GAIN. Excuse me, what good does it make you, when you already lost more than a house before getting it??? We lost almost 10 years of security, 10 years of joy, 10 years of family bliss, 10 years of health (because we work ourself to death paying the loan) and etc… who is paying for that?

    FH promised a lot for us to sign the agreement, they are using our weaknesses against us, that is we want the house to be completed. Delays after delays, who dare to challenge them? They will say no one is going to complete the project except us. FH, is you are sincere, put a statement that if you cannot finish in time, this time, you will get some punishment! Losing money or put in jail, i don’t mind, as long as i know if you got something to lose.

    The comittees, you are the one who always communicate with FH and us, we sincerely need your help. To remind you, you are not to play neutral part in this kind of project, you are our strength to get us our condo back, you cannot be standing in the middle, and worst siding with FH. Only a truly 3rd party can act as middle man, who do not have anything to do with the gain or loss of this condo whatsoever.

    I know whatever we said here is useless, but i know one thing, God is looking..

  6. 6

    panther1434 said,

    saya amat2 terkecewa dgn FH yg mana sebelum ini saya bersimpati pada purchaser2 yg unit meka telah di terminate atlast setelah menghubungi FH@jason memaklumkan bahwa unit saya juga telah di terminate.penjelasan dan sikap FH langsung tidak berperikemanusiaan.setelah hampir 10 tahun perit menunggu satu2nya rumah saya saya beli hasil penat lelah berkerja hampir 24 tahun,bila di beritahu unit telah di terminate saya terduduk dan amat2 kesal dgn sikap FH yg tak bertanggungjawap .FH tidak pernah menghantar apa2 surat rasmi bagi menyatakan top up tu pada saya untuk saya panjangkan pada bank bagi memohon pinjaman tambah,dimana saya masih membayar tiap2 bulan pinjaman terdahulu.adakah meka @ FH tahu beban yg kami tanggung kerana kelewatan projek ni??
    melalui blog ini saya dapat lihat rintihan purchasers yg sengsara kerana kelewatan projek ini dan sehingga saya menulis ini janji2 yg manis diberikan pada kita yg mana projek ini masa gagal di siap kan mengikut jani yg diberi dengan alasan yg boleh direka reka.
    kerana purchasers gagal top up unit di terminate,jika FH gagal menunaikan janji meka,apakah tindakan kita,boleh ke kita menuntut ganti rugi??
    saya tak ingin berkata lagi dan menyeru purchaser2 yg unit meka di terminate bersatu mengambil tindakan undang2 bagi menuntut keadilan yg mana kita purchaserdi perlekeh2 kan dgn syarat2 meka janji2 meka yg mana hingga sekarang projek atau rumah kita masih tak tahu bila dapat kita duduki.
    mari lah kita sama2 ambil tindakan,mengadu pada pihak berkuasa atau mana2 saluran bagi mendapat keadilanpenganiayaan yg di lakukan pada kita.

    • 7

      bukitpandan said,

      Dear Panther,

      Sorry to hear on your terminated unit, as shared all correspondence are sent to your registered address given during the purchase. FH do relook into the terminated unit on case to case basic and possible to reinstate the unit therefore please contact FH team as per the contact details given. By the way, do you attend the meeting which was conveyed twice so far? Do also share your unit no for record purpose.


    • 8

      csmak80 said,

      Dear panther,

      I had very similar case to you,i shifted 5 years ago,and I didnt get any letter or notice,i pay promptly to bank in order nt to get black listed,then they tell me now my unit had been terminated. Can you please advice, they can just terminated without informing me?

  7. 9

    panther1434 said,

    terimakasih Vincent
    Buat masa ni,saya sedang bercuti sakit selama 2 minggu dan saya akan menghubungi atau pergi terus ke pejabat FH untuk mendapat penjelasan.Jika atau masa lagi tidak dapat penjelasan yg munasabah dari FH,saya sedang mengkaji untuk mengambil tindakan undang2 pada FH dan menyeru semua purchaser2 yg mengalami nasib seperti saya sama2 bersatu untuk membawa ke pihak yg berkuasa untuk menuntut keadilan.

    juga saya tidak dpt menghadiri meeting tersebut kerana saya tidaj juga membuka blog ini hari2 kerana tugas saya sudah membuat kan saya sibuk sentiasa.meka ada alamat saya,kenapa tak hantar surat sahaja untuk memaklumkan apa perkembangan? juga setiap kali meeting di adakan saya kena kerja luar atau kadangkala terlepas tarikh meeting tersebut.

    unit saya B-15-24

    • 10

      bukitpandan said,

      Hi Panther,

      FH has reconfirmed that you were absence from the meetings so far therefore please get in touch with them on the possible reinstatement of your unit.


  8. 11

    Nor Azlin said,

    I agree with panther1434, unit sy jugs tlh diterminate.masalahnyer sy masih byr dgn bank.bukan ke bank yg layak lelong sekiranya kita x bayar coz bank dah release payment 70k pd pemaju.x kan bank pun buat x tahu. Semua nie menganiaya pembeli..

  9. 12

    bukitpandan said,

    Dear csmak80 & Azlin,

    Morning, please contact FH team (Kumar, Jason, Yi Wen & Calvin) at 603-22971150 for clarification.


  10. 13

    wah dah cantik aprtm. ni..semaking hari byk yang dah dilengkapi…tembok pn dah hampir nak siap..bila boleh gi melawat

  11. 14

    yongyhr said,

    how to upload photos to these blog?

  12. 15

    yongyhr said,

    anyone know how to upload photos? I have snap some photos at the site yesterday.

  13. 17

    cboar said,

    Two more days, then it is November. I visited the site (outside only) last week, and noticed our condo is still in “almost ready” condition.

    Anyone has any update?

    OR anymore excuses to tell us that it will be delay again?

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