Construction Progress Meeting, 14MAR2013

Dear all,

We attended the meeting with FH & Conlay Construction on 14MAR2013 and append below are the updates.

Attached progress report for your perusal. FH_14MAR2013

Latest photo @ site: IMG_1505[1]

1) Completion rate is 68.82% which is ahead of schedule rate of 68.02 as at 11MAR2013.

2) Currently there is 208 workers on site working 7 days week to meet the construction deadline.

3) Internal flooring has been completed for Block B while progressing till 8th floor for Block A

4) Lift has been installed for both blocks with test on low speed, once TNB certification complete high speed test will be conduct.

5) Part of the painting work will be done for Block B (subject to weather permitted) while painting for Block A will be done once the exterior plastering work is complete.

6) Master title has been redeemed, pending release from Maybank. FH committed to submit for Strata Title application within 6 – 12 months on VP delivery. Target to receive CF in 2 months time from submission to local council, KPKT is in the loop on the progress of construction and subsequently application for CF, VP & Strata Title.

7) FH has received permit to sell the terminated units and target to begin the selling progress by early APR2013, showroom will be construct to attract buyer. Indicative selling price of MYR 220K onwards. Please contact FH if interested to purchase.

Next meeting will be held in May prior to completion of the construction.




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  1. 1

    Mss said,

    Thnks vincent for the updates .
    For Item 6 . = when will cf comeout ? When can we move in … tqvm

    • 2

      Vincent Leong said,

      Hi Mss,

      Target completion as per contract to Conlay will be MAY2013 therefore application for CF to local council-MPAJ will take approximately 2 months with another 1 week for VP & key handover thereafter you are good to plan for the move in.

      Subsequently, FH will coordinate the voting and appointment of Joint Management Body (JMB) comprising purchaser and follow by appointment of Management Company (MC) to manage our property moving forward as require by new regulation. Details to follow once available.


  2. 4

    Sean said,

    May i know who is the developer?

    • 5

      Vincent Leong said,

      Hi Sean,

      The appointed liquidator is Ferrier Hodgson and contractor is Conlay Construction Sdn Bhd. The 18 months defect liability period remain in place where bank will only release the final 5% after this period.


  3. 6

    redza a-3-07 said,

    Dear all committees

    Thanks a lot for your assistance and work hard……also to FH….

    If the construction can be completed in may 2013….n CF around july 2013…..seems that…..muslim puchasers can have hari raya in a new house….great…..

    It is a gift……..raya with a new house…..

  4. 7

    SowChan said,

    Since the unit is a lease hold, is it possible for us to apply start at 99 years, we are wasted more than 10 years.

    • 8

      Vincent Leong said,

      Hi Sow Chan,

      I share the pain however it’s not possible to do so since the tenure is based on the initial period when land title was issued. Irregardless believe the tenure still good for price appreciation upon completion.


  5. 9

    IDA PPUM said,

    Tahniah atas kerja keras anda menyiapkan apparmt. utk diduduki sebelum hari raya ini..nak tanya harga julan rmh yg terminate tu rm 220,ada kouta utk bumiputra beli ke ..jika bumiputra beli rmh baru tu tolak berapa % dr harga belian..ingin tahu

    • 10

      Vincent Leong said,

      Hi Ida,

      As advised by FH, there will be no allocation nor discount for Bumiputra since the units are basically resell. More details on available unit, price and showroom readiness will be share once available.


  6. 11

    broken Heart said,

    Dear my not so neigbors,

    Last time i though that i will never visit this Nusa Pandan Mewah site anymore..but as pepatah melayu said ‘ tempat jatuh lagikan dikenang, inikan pula tempat yang membangkrupkan saya’..ermm

    First of all, Although i’m not the unit holder anymore, i still need to congratulation to commitee espcially Vincent – good job bro…biar pun lambat, masih ada sinar untuk projek ini complete..

    Honestly, i have no longer interested to write any comment here.. however when i saw Sow Chan appear here, i can’t stop myself from writing ..i have write a joke by referring to the comment above by her but after a minutes, i feel that better for me to reserve it first..hehehe..

    I like to write longer but i’m not office worker anymore..time is money for me..will be here when i have time..

    miss given comment here
    Broken Heart

  7. 12

    IDA PPUM said,

    untuk pengetahuan pemaju saya dah 5 kali berpindah untuk menunggu projek ini nak siap,setiap kali berpindah deposit 2 bln rmh ,upah org angkat barang & lori berjumlah rm 2,000.Saya terpaksa berpindah kerana tuan rmh nak jual rmh tersebut & ada yg nak nak duduk sendiri.Kebetulan saya ada buat rawatan hospital IVF utk mendapatkan anak, rawatan itu memerlukan rm 20,000.menurut doktor saya tak boleh berjalan & perlu berehat panjang.Oleh kerana setiap kali rawatan saya kena berpindah rumah ,ini menyebabkan rawatan IVF yg baru 2 minggu gagal kerana saya terpaksa bergerak dan mengangkat barang utk berpindah, apa nak buat duit habis, rawatan gagal kerana stress & banyak bergerak.Dalam masa yang sama suami 2X alami ‘Heart Attack’.Jika terjadi apa dimanalah saya akan menumpang memandangkan rumah tak siap2 lagi,Syukur akhir dapat juga di siapkan projek tersebut,walaupan terpaksa berhutang sana sini untuk dapatkan loan.Itulah pengalaman pahit saya untuk menunggu rumah siap selama 12 tahun penantian.

  8. 13

    JChia said,

    Dear Vincent,

    After more than 10 years of waiting of our apartment, I cannot help thinking but to voice this out to all purchasers what would be our next step after taking delivery of our unit?

    Can we take up the legal matter to court? To sue and charge the previous developer and all the board of directors who failed to fulfill their responsibility to construct and complete the project of Pandan NUSA MEWAH.

    I truly sympathise Puan IDA PPUM and broken Heart for their loss. I believe all of us have gone through a lot of stress, pain and hardship.

    By taking these people to court can only bring us justice and our losses.


    • 14

      Casey said,

      Hi Chia,

      mudi angkasa is a sdn bhd company, they have been wound up in court. The company liability is only limited to the amount of shares paid up in company by the owner of the company. Unless the director sign a personal guarantee agreement for the completion of this project, i dont see if we can take action against these directors. Maybe we should advise other to refrain from buying from their parent company @ Talam (now rename to Trinity Group).

      • 15

        ed said,

        i agree with Casey suggestion. Use social media to inform the world Trinity is Talam and Talam is Trinity.

      • 16

        ed said,

        What makes me angry is that this Talam (Trinity) just completed a huge project call Zest besides the LDP highway (just before you reach Kinrara). They started this project somewhere 2009 or 2010 so this proof they have the money for new project but choose not to complete our condo.

  9. 17

    allen cheong said,

    hi vincent,

    i m interest the condo here, kindly inform me if this condo start selling by via email me at

    thanks in advance

    Allen Cheong

  10. 18

    Vincent Leong said,

    Hi Allen,

    Do visit the blog regularly for the update on available unit for sale, should be by next month or so.


  11. 19

    Vincent Leong said,

    Hi Casey / Ed,

    Seem there is some confusion here, Talam is now known as Trinity Corporation Berhad and they have lost court case on usage of Trinity to Trinity Group (developer of Zest, Kinrara), this mean Trinity Corporation Berhad will have to change their company name moving forward.


  12. 20

    Chia said,

    May I have the sales office contact num?

    • 21

      Vincent Leong said,

      Hi Chia,

      Feel free to contact Jason / Kumar / Yi Wen at +60 3 2297 1150. At the moment, they have yet to advise on commencement of sale for terminated units.


  13. 22

    Lee Shereen said,

    Dear Vincent,

    Interested to buy the unit, please kindly provide me info where to contact.

    Thank you very much!

  14. 25

    ezanna said,

    at last….there is a light at the end of tunnel..

  15. 26

    Blog_B said,

    Condo tu dah di cat ke belum. siapa pernah melawat. Harap maklum

  16. 27

    zaliruby said,

    Any news, please update..tq

  17. 28

    wong said,

    Very slow, I don’t think it can be completed by end of may….

  18. 29

    Chin said,

    I just visited the site yesterday, Block A looks completed externally, and they just started the paint job from 15th floor down, the tower crane has been removed. I also saw some workers moving in the pile of metal case for storing cables, so i guess works are still being carry out inside.

  19. 30

    IDA PPUM said,

    bulan 5 katanya nak siap kenapa masih slow progress nya..eeeee ni nak kena niiii…ikutlah seperti penjanjian tersebut..please take note FH

  20. 31

    Vincent said,

    Dear all,

    I share the axiety oven the completion, there be a meeting next week between FH & Conlay which will give us clearer picture. Will update once details are available.


  21. 32

    Rahim Sham said,

    To remind everybody on project status schedule;
    Restart date : 1 Aug 2012
    Promised project completion date ( 10 mths) : 31 May 2013 ( as per FH letter)
    No of days to project completion : 31 days


  22. 33

    Vincent Leong said,

    Dear all,

    The schedule meeting with FH & Conlay has been reschedule to month end however work is still on progress. Will update details as and when available.


  23. 34

    idappum said,

    Vincent..u make me nervous with the above statement ‘work is STILL on progress’ ..can u explain the meaning…did u heard any bad news from FH ???..

  24. 35

    Alan Tham said,

    the external painting is 50% done on site.

  25. 36

    IDA PPUM said,


    • 37

      Mss said,

      Dear committe.
      Any updates … my self are counting day a day , to see this house ready . Either can move in or to sale.. saving almost zero … pls update the status … tq

  26. 38

    nor azlin said,

    May I know why some unit were terminated? Adakah mereka tdk bayar top up sum atau bank?

  27. 39

    Vincent Leong said,

    Dear fellow purchaser,

    FH updated that there is some roadblock in obtaining the approval from Syabas on pipe specification as they insisted for the requirement to follow the latest amendment gazetted in 2008-2009. FH is currently working with KpKt to push for the exceptional approval.

    More details will be furnish by FH via circular to all purchaser targeted by this month end.

    @Terminated units are due to non-participant on the Top Up Scheme which is the key factor in project revival.


    • 40

      Mss said,

      Vincet ,
      Meaning . The schedule to complete this house is effected ..???@$$/^&&**

      To me .. the purchaser cannot be a victim for all this reason .. I think u should ask help from media to publish this issue .. or we politic kan this issue
      I I dont care Barisan Nasional ker .. DAP ker .. PKR .. where are them???, seriusly I dont knw this area belongs to which party?? Why we dont involve themmm???? We cannot ” tanggung beban ” ini…

    • 41

      Chin said,

      Can you explain further on this? Why must this exceptional specification take place? Will it affect our water supply in future?

  28. 42

    IDA PPUM said,


  29. 43

    Rahim Sham said,

    Ini rumah was approved for construction and built before 2008. Kurang masuk akal kalu developer has to follow new amended ruling…

  30. 44

    Vincent Leong said,

    Dear all,

    I strongly urge everyone to maintain calm while facing the challnges (dugaan), this situation is unlike previous where the construction was totally stopped. Conlay is still working on the site and they themselves will want to complete the project asap as part of the payment will be in form of contra unit and there is no way for them to moneties the unit unless the project is complete and handover.

    The issues concerning the approval now on hand of KpKt which has been very supportive by issuing letter to respective party i.e Syabas etc. There is also a meeting today which FH will be able to update the progress by this week.

    Hold the breath as we brave through the challenges.


  31. 45

    Thamby Manimaran hubby of idappum said,


    Dugaan or kesabaran itu ada limitnya..jika kita berkali2 diberinya janji2 palsu, mana mungkin purchaser boleh bersabar selamanya..

    Saya dah pergi tengok site..tanpa isu penyambungan air dengan syabas ni pun Conlay tidak akan dapat siapkan projek sebagaimana yg dipersetujui iaitu selewat2nya pada May 2013..banyak lagi kerja luaran yg belum selesai (plastering etc) manakala kerja dalaman tidak diketahui statusnya…pada saya, FH dan Conlay sengaja nak jadikan Syabas as their scapegoat bagi mengelak kemarahan purchaser..

    Saya percaya, jika kontraktor sebelum ni Kamuja diberi peluang untuk menyiapkan projek..besar kemungkinan yg projek ini dah pun siap..dalam meeting purchaser dengan Kamuja..mereka janji nak siapkan projek ini mengikut tawaran..namun Conlay jugak yg jadi pilihan FH walaupun ramai purchaser setuju dengan Kamuja..Akhirnya pembeli sekali lagi menjadi mangsa..di permain2kan entah untuk kali yg ke berapa.

    Saya dah tak mampu nak bayar ansuran bulanan sebanyak rm650 sebulan yg telah dibayar sejak 2002..di tambah dengan ansuran amount top up sebanyak rm700 (pinjaman peribadi..5 tahun) serta sewaan bulanan rumah rm650 sebulan. Dengan gaji tak sampai rm4K sebulan, ianya cukup membebankan…hutang kereta , perbelanjaan anak2..semua kena tanggung jugak..

    Saya jugak teramatlah hairannya, bukan ke meeting dengan KPKT & FH tu telah pun berkali2 diadakan. Macamana .penyambungan air ni boleh jadi isu pulak…berapa lama pulak nak dapat Approval dari KPKT?..1 bulan..2 bulan or sampai tahun depan…

    Saya sangat sakit hati lah…

  32. 46

    nor azlin said,

    mana boleh u terminated this contract sesuka hati. bagaimana interest yg kami telah bayar dgn bank x pernah miss walaupun sebulan?

    • 47

      Vincent Leong said,

      Hi Azlin,

      Not sure of your actual scenario however you can always approach FH shall you feel your unit was terminated without sufficient notice.


  33. 48

    IDA PPUM said,


  34. 49

    nor azlin said,

    As a gvt servant u fikir kami boleh buat pinjaman sesuka hati ke utk bayar top up shceme tu? 4 yr info pinjaman peribadi hanya boleh diluluskan depend on yr basic salary and can’t exceeded 40% onyr basic salary..u ingat kami ni cop duit ke? U suppose complete that project w/o give burden to the purchaser…

  35. 51

    IDA PPUM said,


  36. 52

    aizah said,

    So…when exactly we will receive the unit keys?

  37. 53

    Rahim Sham said,

    Saya Teramat terkejut besar dgn keluhan Cik Nor Azlan.. Ngape skrg baru issue termination timbul.. FH pls resolve this heart burning issue amicably…

    • 54

      Vincent Leong said,

      Hi Nor Azlan,

      FYI there was a terminated unit purchaser that went to FH on 15MAY2013 for discussion over the terminated unit. You may want to do the same.


      • 55

        Kah wai said,

        Hi Vincent,

        I m one of the terminated unit purchaser too. Can u tell me the method to approach FH for discussion? I wish to settle this problem as soon as possible. For your opinion, do u think we can get back our unit successfully? I m really worried on it..

  38. 56

    IDA PPUM said,

    Bila kami pembeli boleh pergi tengok unit rmh kami tu..tolong bagi jawapan

  39. 57

    nor azlin said,

    Brp unit yg tlh diterminate? Ade mane2 purchaser yg same teraniaya? Selama ni sy x tau pun unit tlh diterminate coz tiap2 bln bayar interest bank. Bank pun x inform ape2 pun. Sy nak tanyer maner duit yg tlh bank release pd pemaju tu? Abis yg sy bayar tiap2 blntu utk ape!

    • 58

      Vincent Leong said,

      Hi Kah Wai / Azlin,

      Please contact FH @ +60322971150 and look out for Kumar / Jason / Calvin / Yi Wen for issue concerning the terminated unit.


    • 60

      Kah wai said,

      Hi, Azlin, keluarga saya sama situasi dengan anda… We need to think of solution to solve this… sudah banyak duit spend on monthly installment 9 tahun dah ! Apa tindakan yang anda ambil?

  40. 61

    panther1434 said,

    pls listed here which unit has been terminated by FH. I do believes some of the purchasers didnt know their unit has been terminated even tho their are still paying interest to bank wjthout fail . Pity to them lo…..

  41. 62

    ezanna said,

    My unit has been terminated last month… I manage to spoke to Kumar and he agree to reistate back my S&P but unfortunately i have to pay RM4,724.61 as a late payment interest.

    Very difficult situation and i have financial burden to pay the interest but what to do…

    I really hope that this project will be completed this year…

    Kah Wah,
    Listed down their email add:
    Jason Chin Wai King (
    Kumar (

    • 63

      Kah wai said,

      Thanks Ezanna ! Btw, wat is the terms and conditions to reinstate the S & P ? and how bout the RM 30000?

      Thanks for your Info.

      • 64

        ezanna said,

        I think you should talk to them. It’s a case to case basis.
        In my case, I’ve secured loan for RM30k from my office (staff loan) but the delay come from my HR department and external lawyer…about 1 year after approval from my chaiman!!!!
        Fyi, Mr Kumar is very professional and a good person. Maybe you can discuss with him before your unit terminated.

        Kah Wai – pray the best for u…

      • 65

        nor azlin said,

        i’ve cal mr jason yesterday, but he told me that non participant purchaser their unit automatically terminated. i’ve ask them to send me a copy of terminated letter but until now there was no action. he told that those unit that have been terminate will get back their money but have to wait until the condo was completed.

  42. 66

    Rose Sapinah said,

    Hi Vincent,

    How can I contact Ferrier Hodgson about my unit at this Nusa Mewah? I tried to call using their office number somehow, it is no longer registered in the system. If you have their number, would you let me know?

  43. 68

    Anti Penipu & Pembelit said,

    Last saturday saya pergi tengok site..banyak lagi lah kerja-kerja kat site yg masih belum complete..Blok A dinding plaster pun belum siap..cermin sliding pun kelihatan masih belum terpasang..itu yg jelas pada pada mata tapi yg diwar-war di sini cuma masalah dengan Syabas ..slow progress kat site macam cuba disorok…ermm..that’s from my observation..

    UNTUK PERINGATAN BERSAMA..based on persetujuan FH dan Conlay, kerja2 pembinaan sepatutnya siap selewat-lewatnya May 2013..

    Although Ezanna need to pay denda lewat bayar, adakah Conlay juga akan dikenakan tindakan yg sama..gagal menyiapkan pembinaan dalam tempoh yang dipersetujui??..FH tolong jawab ye (harap komiti/Mr. Vincent dpt penjelasan dari FH)..

    Pada FH, please lahh..tolong lah rasa BERSALAH kerana anda gagal melaksanakan janji anda..anda jugalah yg bagi jaminan masa meeting purchasers/FH/Kamuja yg contractor yg ANDA pilih (accessment langsung tidak melibatkan komiti yg purchaser lantik) akan siapkan projek ikut masa yg dijanjikan..

    Ikutkan pepatah melayu..manusia dipegang pada janjinya..tapi FH tak tepati janji..dah berkali-kali..mungkin FH bukan manusia tapi babi..sebab tu tak kisah kerja menipu berpanjangan nih..

    Cukup-cukuplah lah FH..Jika Nor Azlin kecewa tentang unitnya yg telah terminated, macam mana pulak KAMI yg telah ikut segala kemahuan dan syarat FH..terseksanya kami demi merealisasi kemahuan dan syarat FH tu sebab nak kan sangat unit ni, hanya Tuhan saja yg tahu..

    Pleaselah FH..deliver your role such as what u promise to us..tolonglah jangan kira pasal UNTUNG saja..

    I don’t know about other purchasers situation but SAYA AMAT SENGSARA..kereta buruk yg selalu meragam perlu dibaiki juga..makan pun tak cukup inikan pula nak pergi holiday dsbnya..cuti sekolah pun anak2 main kat rumah sahaja..mahu balik kampung tengok keluarga pun 100 times kena fikir…

    Saya selalu berharap yg staff FH yg bertanggungjawab (lebih tepat..mereka ini tidak bertanggungjawab) menguruskan projek ini jugak merasa seksa & peritnya sebagaimana yg saya tanggung..

  44. 69

    Rahim Sham said,

    In March 11, the construction progress was reported to be 0.6% ahead of scheduled. It was only 2 months back and today we hear something upsetting. What went wrong in April and May.. Something all excited purchasers surely wanting to understand.

    penantian adalah harapan.. Still hoping the project can be completed as soon..

  45. 70

    Rahim Sham said,

    FH promised for project completion 31 May 2013, which is another 3 days..

    I believe It is a good time for FH/ Committee/Conlay to meet to share project progress with purchasers in early June 2013. At least we all can hear from the horses’ mouth and clarifying the issues surrounding the completion and the CF issuance..

    It was a good discussion forum held June 2012..

  46. 71

    VICTIM said,

    1-agreed with Rahim .

    2-as i went there on 27.5.13 ( true as what anti penipu said) . is that what FH promised us … Y ??????? FH .. u are carrying international name … please dont talk and act fool like this!!!!

  47. 72

    APP said,

    Posting no.43 oleh En. Vincent mengatakan yg meeting FH/Conlay dan Comittee ada di adakan pada 13/5/2013 yang lalu. Boleh En.Vincent nyatakan status dan isu yg dibangkitkan di dalam meeting tersebut untuk dikongsi bersama.


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