Meeting with FH, Conlay Construction, EA & KPKT

Dear all,

We have the meeting at the project site yesterday and given the progress report as attached. Overall there was close to 100 workers and more to come. The tower crane has been installed and now pending for approved permit. Overall, the progress was convincing and at the moment work was ahead of schedule.



Link to progress report: FH CC

photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1


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  1. 1

    Leong said,

    Hi Vincent,

    Appreciate & thanks for the update

  2. 2

    buyerb said,

    Good..but i still have not give fh 30k…until they complete the condo..once they completed it. I give them 30k. If they say cannot or its too late, they pay back to me whatever i have paid.

    • 3

      Vincent Leong said,

      Hi Buyerb,

      I shared your concern but have you spoken / liaised with FH on the top-up. Regret that purchaser who did not pay the top-up will consider as non participant and will have the S&P agreement terminate. Shall you wish to reinstate / have your unit back upon completion then it will base on market value currently at MYR 230K.

      Whatever your decision, do contact FH and let them know your decision.


      • 4

        buyerb said,

        Hi vincent

        I do not call fh on this matter. For me either i got the condo or not it is not a concern anymore. They can selll unit to someone else. They are making easy money from our tear and hardwork.bottom line they must pay back to me every cent i have spent.

  3. 5

    Vincent Leong said,

    Hi Buyerb,

    Okay, in this case you need to contact FH and share with them 1st then on project handover they will update you on the repayment. Bear in mind, the payable sum depend on remaining sum available.


    • 6

      buyerb said,

      Hi vincent

      Noted n tq

      • 7

        Azril malek said,

        Im one of the non parpticipant..i hv contacted FH but due to inability to pay 30k, no choice but to let enlighten what we need to do to clear my name with the bank. At the moment i cant secure any loan coz of this housing loan

  4. 8

    christine said,

    Hi Vincent,

    Saying that our condo’s market value is RM230k at this moment. This is basically why we need to top up another 30k. Do you think we can sell it off at higher price upon completion ? Says like 260k-280k ? We can’t wait that long period for a place to stay, already get other option. So, we need to get it sell off when done to get back some money if can in order to cover back our losses. Which way should be the faster way for us to get potential buyers please ?


    • 9

      Vincent Leong said,

      Hi Christine,

      The price will definitely increase however final price will depend on the market condition. At the moment, no transaction is possible as the project is yet to complete however you may do so the moment CF is issue.


      • 10

        christine said,

        Hi Vincent,

        Will start looking for potential buyers for the moment when CF is issue then. Thanks Vincent for the advice.

  5. 11

    khairul said,

    just visit the site, saw several workers installing the crane to be more higher than before.

  6. 12

    fk said,

    Refer to the contractor site progress report.
    Many items was not mentioned and OUTSTANDING as follows which is need to be complete for CCC inspection:

    1)Lifts, swimming pool system, fire fighting system, water tank & pump?
    2)Master program withOUT work breakdown structure?
    3)Water recticulation for Syabas and BOMBA?
    4)MDF room for TM?
    5)Genset ?

    • 13

      Vincent Leong said,

      Hi FK,

      Thanks for highlighting the points, will put forward to FH for reply.


  7. 14

    khairul said,

    Anybody go to site…please update

  8. 15

    Rahim Sham said,

    Just to remind all parties, as per FH letter of completion.
    Start date : 1 Aug 2012
    Completion date (completed in 10 months) : 31 May 2013
    ( total days to completion : 304 days)
    As of today; 10 Dec 2012> 132 days have past.

    Hope soooo much the condo is completed ahead of above schedule.

    Cheers EVERYBODY..

  9. 16

    JK said,


    I have visited the site last week..many workers there and work progress look positive..however, from my observation and personal evaluation, i don’t think it can fully complete within 4 months..besides lot of work on block A & B such as plastering, contruction on block B also not completed yet (on top of the block..look like preparation for lift installation)..

    However, from number of workers & the contruction equipments on site, i positive thinking that we can get our unit soon (this year)..let pray for it..

    Ida PPUM huby

  10. 17

    Rahim Sham said,

    JK.. I was there last weekend too, passing by near to project site. Saw tower crane and mobile crane working on Block A. Cannot say much on the project progress but very positive about it.

    As of Dec 17, 2012; (promise 10 month completion)
    PROJECT WILL BE COMPLETED IN : 165 days (about 5 1/2 mths)

    I believe the committee/FH should provide fortnightly project progress update and to address short coming, if any.
    Cheers !!!

  11. 18

    Vincent Leong said,

    Dear all,

    Fortnightly update is not feasible however there will be another meeting with FH & contractor after Chinese New Year holiday where progress report will be share.

    Looking at the work done the project shall be complete on time.


  12. 19

    ed said,

    I was there last weekend. Quite certain project can complete this year. Since we have waited for so many years whether or not meeting the May 2013 deadline is insignificant.

  13. 20

    fk said,

    i dont think the project can complete in 2013 with CCC.
    All the common facilities were outstanding and not in order.
    eg.TNB substation, MSB room, TX room, bulk meter, hose reel tank,LIFTs, water tank,etc…

    Do see this things on surface, the building will not able to function without the above…..

    contractor or FH aware of this?

  14. 21

    Vincent Leong said,

    Dear all,

    FH will update the committee with site progress and photos, will upload once receive. Meanwhile target to have the meeting along with contractor by early March.


  15. 22

    Rahim Sham said,

    As of 17 Feb 2013,(10mth promised by FH)
    Project will be completed in : 135 days ( 4 mths 15 days)

  16. 23

    pl said,

    Hi Vincent

    Have any update status , is that will complete by this year ?

    • 24

      Vincent Leong said,

      Hi PL,

      The committee have touch base with FH and we are expecting the progress report as well as site photos. As Conlay is pushing ahead of the construction, they will share the requested item at the soonest which in turn will be upload in blog.

      Finger cross on the construction progress.


  17. 25

    bukitpandan said,

    Dear all,

    Credit to Cikgu Rafidah for sharing the latest photos taken from site. She managed to bump into the contractor and currently external plastering work is ongoing for Block A. More workers have been deploy partly to expedite the progress and at same time to cover the shutdown during Chinese New Year holidays.

    More updates to follow.


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