New Contractor Appointed-Conlay Construction Sdn Bhd

Dear fellow purchasers,

Please to update that Conlay Construction Sdn Bhd has taken possession to project site on 1st August 2012 and the completion will take 10 months as stipulated in the contract. As per the meeting earlier, they are self funding until the project completion which by then banks will release the remaining loan sum according to schedule.

FH will sent out the circular accordingly.



Circular to Purchasers.Conlay Appointment


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  1. 1

    Goh Hock Bee said,

    It’s a good news ! Can’t wait to see this project start to move n complete it.

  2. 2

    khairul said,

    yesss..good news horryyyyy

  3. 3

    Ka Long B13-17 said,

    very good !

  4. 4


  5. 5

    khairul said,

    check..conlay conscrution tu agak strong company..have good track record..

  6. 8

    Jiwa Kacau said,


    Besides crane expected to be deploy by END of August..did currently Conlay workers already on site or need to wait until crane deploy, the nonly they can start their job?..

    It look like not good sign when project begin with DELAY ‘due to need necessary approval from authority’.ermm…10 month to complete now becoming 11 month if delay site working to september…

    Just need clarification from committee…10 month to complete mean what ?..development complete or within 10 month purchaser get their key?..

    My income every month if negative around RM400 permonth..i’m suffered..i’m tired…i fully hope not be fool by FH & contractor for all the time…

    • 9

      Vincent Leong said,


      As highlighted, contractor is now clearing the site before commencing physical work. 10 months contract is to complete the construction and VP will take 2-3 months thereafter so we should be looking at August / September 2013 to receive the key.


  7. 10

    sonofthegun said,


    Since there is no black n white.ireserve my comment ..until all work completed then only is happy time for me. I sincerely not trust the developer. They promised the project wont delay now look what happen?

  8. 11

    Suresh said,

    Dear all,

    Please find the following email sent by FH on 1st August. Please take note of their new address and contact number. Tq.

    On Aug 1, 2012, at 4:42 PM, “Jason Chin” wrote:

    Dear Purchasers’ Committee,

    We wish to inform that we have appointed a new contractor, Messrs Conlay Construction Sdn Bhd (“the Contractor”), to undertake the completion of the remaining works of the Project commencing on 1 August 2012, with a contract period of 10 months ending 31 May 2013.

    The Contractor has taken over the Site Possession and they are in the midst of clearing the debris from the Project Site. Accordingly, we will be issuing a circular to all the Purchasers in regards to the appointment of the Contractor shortly.

    Should you have any queries on the above, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Kumar Jai, Ms Ng Yi Wen or myself at this office.


    Jason Chin


    Ferrier Hodgson MH Sdn Bhd

    Baker Tilly MH Tower

    Level 10, Tower 1, Avenue 5

    Bangsar South City

    59200 Kuala Lumpur



    General: + 603 2297 1150

    Fax: + 603 2282 9982

  9. 12

    redza said,

    construction site is very quite… guards or watchman at site when i dropped by after visited muslim cemetery nearby last friday……little bit worry about security…hope no valuable items missing at site…..

  10. 13

    KKChong said,

    i think shouldn’t worry as last 2 days when i go the site in the morning, there are many worker there to clean the site… hope this time really can get our house by next year without any further delay….

    • 14

      Vincent Leong said,

      Dear all,

      Conlay is an established contractor and trust they will do all possible to safeguard the project site which also mean safeguard their interest as any lost will mean additional expenses for them.

      Together we pray for timely completion of our project.


  11. 15

    ARI said,

    good news. Let pray for it.

    • 17

      Vincent Leong said,

      Hi Leong,

      The circular already posted on main page underneath the post.


      • 18

        mss e said,

        Thnks God . Alhamdulilah . Hope everything will goes smoothly as plan . We have suffered enough with all this . May year 2013 will bring us happilly ever after. To all future neighbours . Lets pray····

  12. 19

    ari said,

    Hello.. Any good news or progress at site? How many workers they have? What is percentage at site?

  13. 20

    JK said,

    Rakan-rakan sejiran infuture,
    Semalam, 1/9/2012, saya & keluarga telah melawat ke site. Pada masa ini terdapat lebih kurang kurang 30 orang pekerja sahaja sedang melakukan tugasan di sana. Kren masih belum ada, walaubagaimana pun site telah pun dibersihkan.

    Saya cuba mendapatkan sedikit info tentang progress pembinaan. Maklumbalas dari pekerja tersebut, perancangan penyelesaian kerja adalah dalam tempoh 1 tahun 5 bulan, bukan 9 bulan sebagaimana yg dimaklumkan. Saya cuma nak dapatkan kepastian, mana satu yg betul?. Harap pihak kontraktor & FH tidak lagi sesuka hati delay projek ini. Saya berharap sangat agar ianya disiapkan sebagaimana yg dijanjikan dan seksaan untuk manage financial saya cepat berakhir…

    Saya yg hidup dlm negative income..JK

  14. 23

    Tony Teo said,

    Hope this time will complete… more delay… Very happy to hear that…

  15. 24

    khairul said,

    Hi All

    any updates at site?

  16. 25

    ANISMOHD said,

    Proses sgt slow…

  17. 26

    khairul said,

    How about crane, is it already install..

  18. 27

    wnawawi said,

    ha ha ha… the crane! the crane! remembering Mr Tattoo Fantasy Island (end 70’s or early 80’s?) <>

  19. 28

    Vincent Leong said,

    Dear all,

    Conlay is deploying alternative method to complete the roof at Block A therefore there will be no crane to be install. The committee is working on scheduling meeting with FH & Conlay for the work progress.

    Details to follow.


  20. 29

    buyer said,

    are sure?can we have progress report?

  21. 30

    IDA said,

    Selagi tak masuk crane..selagi tu projek DELAYYYYY..ummmm boleh ke siap niii..satu persatu masalah datang

  22. 31

    Vincent Leong said,

    Dear all,

    The committee is finalizing the meeting schedule in mid-October 2012 whereby we will have clearer picture on project progress.

    Stay tune.


  23. 32

    Leong said,

    I saw the Blok B had built some scaffolds….maybe for the worker plaster or painting the external wall.
    Beside, there have some lighting on during the night time at the Blok A & B staircase.

  24. 33

    Vincent Leong said,

    Dear all,

    Attached photos taken from site today, Block A window has been installed up to 14th floor while Block A has completed till 15th floor, pending installation of roof top.


  25. 34

    leong said,

    Now at the site and saw they are moving in the crane and install the crane.
    They also inform that innner also hv worker doing plastering jobs there..

  26. 35

    IDA said, nyeee semoga berjalan dengan lancar……hujung tahun depan 2013 kami boleh berpindah masuk rumah baru

  27. 36

    yg dah menyewa selama 22 tahun said,

    Vincent & committee,

    Can committee ask the detail project timeline from FH or the contractor. It’s effective if commmittee can compare the gaps bettween progress and the plan. Any delay will early identify and the solution can be discuss before it becoming late like what we face with KAMUJA.

    Elok sekiranya ‘project timeline’ dikongsi bersama dengan meletakkan schedule kerja , from beginning until completed pada blog ini.

    Harap komiti boleh beri perhatian & response dengan saranan ini.

  28. 37

    HAMIDAH said,

    kawin dah 15 thn..tunggu rumah siap 10 tahun,pindah dah 6 kali…ni tunggu masa rumah sewa nak diruntuhkn..harap2 sempat lah pindah ke rumah baru ni….IDA DILEMA…

  29. 38

    Vincent Leong said,

    Dear all,

    As shared earlier, we will have clearer picture on the progress during the upcoming meeting with FH & Conlay Construction where Mr Jana from KPKT will also presence.

    Will share the details after the meeting.


  30. 39

    prncsrr r said,

    mcm GOODNEWS tpi blum grntee HPY.. i’m totally give up need my DEPOSIT back… $$ MoneyBckGrntee?…
    Who i should ctc for CLAIME MY DEPOSIT?

  31. 40

    prncsrr r said,

    Projek ini perlu TERMINATE..Dah makn banyak duit, masa n perasaan ramai orang..Pulangkan smua DEPOSIT ..PULIHKAN dan BERSIHKAN smua NAMA PEMBELI yg DH BLACK LIST gara-gara PRO nieh…
    Utk pgetahuan smua.. ada Pemaju yng Unable to finish their project angkat tangan, declared pulangkan smua deposit pda pembeli..
    Dia orng boleh buat knpe TIDAK utk Pemaju ni?

    • 41

      Vincent Leong said,

      Hi Prncsrr,

      Which unit do you own and have you receive the termination letter from FH if any? FYI, your refund is only possible upon completion of the project and the said unit is sell off.

      Project is progressing and will not be terminate as the contractor is self funding-no payment js release until completion and Ministry of Housing and Local Government is also involve in monitoring the progress.


  32. 42

    Rahim Sham said,

    Halo Prncsrr… Ape awak cakap ni.. You know who the pemaju for this project???.

  33. 43

    prncsrr r said,

    Hi All,
    Why Fade up?
    1) Projk Terbengkalai – Lebih 10 Tahun
    2) Contractor – Lebih dari 4 contrctrs
    3) S&P Lama – Tak Valid langsung – Mana hak bersuara?
    4) Liquidtrs – Reissue S&P baru
    5) S&P Baru – Top up RM30k dan Tak ade Payment GNTI RUGI
    6) Bank – X byr Blacklist – Mendesak sampai mati
    7) Kesimpulannya –
    * X Harus Wujud Top Up Scheme
    * Perlu calculate Ganti Rugi yg ditanggung Pembeli – Mana calcultns?

    Buka mata jap..renung renungkan dulu yea..

  34. 44

    Rahim Sham said,

    Hi Vincent and FH

    I believe it is good that the so called “active” buyers to get regular update on the completion progress. Fortnightly report at least is good enough to be reported on 1st and 15th of every month. If we can get weekly progress this is wonderful. Report should also address areas of concern so that we all know the implications..

    being too quite can mean many things.. We request for true transparency.

    Appreciate very much all the effort. Still hoping..


  35. 45

    Rahim Sham said,

    Dear Vincent/FH

    Appreciate very much to get update on the project completion progress…

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