Meeting with FH and Kamuja on 19th April 2012 at 2.30pm at Bukit Pandan

The project is temporary stop due to only 174 purchasers have settled the top-up sum. It is because of this it cannot be completed by February 2012 which FH is given 18 months for Kamuja to complete it. It is confirm and guarantee during the meeting that there will be no more top-up sum incurred and this project must be completed and will not be abandon due -to the undertaking letter which FH has given to the banks and our end-financier.

At this moment Kamuja is applying a loan from Affin-bank to finance and to complete this project by not waiting for the rest of the purchasers to-up sum. By next week we will know whether the loan will be approved or not but FH will have another plan B if this loan is not obtain.Well for your info we are giving FH to settle this issue at the soonest possible because the project site cannot be stopped for too long.The loan from Affin Bank is secured by 76 units of bukit pandan condo that are terminated. We committee are giving FH to resume back the site work by 15th May 2012. The  market value of our condo is RM230,000-00 from the valuation report.

We committee will arrange another meeting soon with FH and the Contractor but please be patient with us ! we are trying our best to solve all this problem and I understand the frustration, anger and bitterness all of you guys are  going through…….GOD KNOWS AND HE UNDERSTAND …..AND HE WILL NEVER FAILS HIS CHILDREN ………PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP….PRAY…..




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  1. 1

    bukitpandan said,

    Thank you Elsie for posting the update, we, as the committee, always strive to make our effort to follow up very closely with this project, as we are the owners too.

    Hopefully we would have all the supports from all purchasers in this revival project.

    United we stand, divided we fall.


    • 2

      projekbodoh said,

      give me completion due date elsie??????? takkan meeting tak tanya bila nak siap???? dah lah meeting senyap senyap……buat keputusan sendiri ker????…apa daa

  2. 4

    bukitpandan said,

    Hi projekbodoh,

    Kalau project start pada bulan Mei, ia akan mengambil masa selama 6 – 9 bulan untuk menyiapkan projek ini…committee akan mengadakan satu lagi meeting dengan FH untuk mendapat maklumat tentang START DATE yang confirm. Trimas.

  3. 5

    khairul said,

    Hi committee…

    What is FH plan B…can you share with us..(incase the Kamuja loan rejected)

    • 6

      bukitpandan said,

      Hello Khairul,

      FH will announce the outcome soon, within these 2 weeks. Please wait for the announcements. Thanks!

  4. 7

    Rahim Sham said,

    I’m sceptical in FH managing this project.. Dalam project masa yg same orang lain dah siap complete high storey condo tapi COndo kita progress lebih slow dari Turtle lagi.. Punca nye saya rasa manpower loading issue.. Tower Crane owner making tones of money. Roofing block A tak siap2 jugak. Wish to see Block A roof tak kesampaian..adohai..

    • 8

      Vincent Leong said,

      Hi Rahim,

      At this stage we have to united and pray for the completion, pointless to look back. We will definately know within this 2 week on the outcome to move forward in completing the project.

      As committed by FH, there will be no additional top-up sum and they have the obligation to complete this project since they have signed the undertaking letter.


  5. 9

    redza said,

    thanks for the update. big worry about site now for theft cases as project reabandon. tough life now as to serve two loans; existing n top up. what is the main reason to disqualified the 76 unit owners? apart for not able to top up? what about the recent request from FH to release progressive loan which i not entertain at all? i pun kena disqualified?

  6. 10

    hahaha said,

    malas lah aku nak comment nie semua tak boleh pakai punya….asik delay jer…siap nyer tidak…..bagi black n white lah oiiii

  7. 11

    Jiwa Kacau said,


    agree with u…besides that either they give black, white, yellow, green or pink too tiada maknanya kiranya project berterusan tak berjalan sebegini..saya sebenarnya telah pun hilang keyakinan dengan janji2 manis FH..saya call Kumar SEBELUM chiness new year on january..he said FH will gave progress letter to purchasers AFTER CNY but until now nothing…

    Just like they promise before..project will completed on February 2012 but like u saw..bukan sahaja projek tidak disiapkan sebagaimana yg dijanjikan malah ianya teberhenti lah pula…saya berasa sangat sakit hati dengan alasan HANYA 174 purchasers sahaja yg settle full payment for the top up ..Now they said they TRY to continue it back on 15 May..awak tunggulah sahaja nanti..saya TAK PERCAYA ianya akan start back on the date as stated huhh..

    Bagaimanapun saya ingin mengucapkan terimakasih kepada pihak committee kerana terus bekerja biarpun banyak rintangan yg perlu ditempuhi..

    Dear friends,
    Market value going to RM500K for the unit also useless if project still terbengkalai..don’t know when we can move there..if the project complete, we still need to wait the take time too..but what i consider now is the continueing of the project progress..

    Tomorrow is my salary day but saya benci dengan hari gaji ni…all gone because of loan for top up make me need to bayar tambahan bulanan RM700..this amount is comitment luar jangka yg saya perlu buat…saya hidup dalam negative income now..entah bila tekanan ini berterusan…saya mahu hidup..

  8. 12

    Marygoround said,

    One thing really upset me now… Why the crane tower been remove… If the project going to start again, developer won’t remove it…
    Start project install…
    Stop project remove….
    Until when this thing worked?

  9. 13

    FFK said,

    Ref to letter dated 22th May 2011 was misleading. FHMH mentioned as at 13 May 2011, the overall completion of Block A was 76.7% and Block B was 89.9% without supported by certificate sign by Architect or Engineer in charge according to Sale and Purchase Agreement item…… and Third Schedule(Clause 4) Schedule of payment of purchase price. Please justify your claim and payment to contractor of Block A was 76.7% and Block B was 89.9%.

    FHMH has been requesting top up sum in which was irrelevant without certificate of stage completion by architect receive to date. To date, schedule of payment of purchase price item 2(c’), 2(d), 2(e’), 2(f), 2(g), 2(h), 3 and item 4 with total of 85% outstanding.

    How can the bank release money to FHMH???
    The bank have to check and obtain architect certificate of stage completion before release payment to FHMH.

  10. 14

    FFK said,

    Time at large, the liquidated and ascertained damages (LAD) was not impose on Kamuja Corporation Sdn. Bhd. for the delayed?????

    but definitely the bank will impose late payment or additional charges on purchasers…

    Anyone see or obtain the contract document between Ferrier Hodgson MH Sdn. Bhd. and Kamuja Corporation Sdn. Bhd???

    • 15

      Vincent Leong said,

      Hi FFK,

      Banks release progressive loan amounts according to S & P schedule duly certified by project architect. FH have granted the permission for committee to access the project account at their office, we will update when have sighted the document.

      Waiver of LAD was part of the condition when we voted and agreed to revived the project, by insisting to claim for LAD will mean higher cost to complete and in the event we will end up paying higher top-up. Bear in mind, there was zero sum in developer account at time of liquadation. The next will be for FH announcement on n next step to restart and com

    • 16

      Vincent Leong said,

      Hi FFK,

      Banks release progressive loan amounts according to S & P schedule duly certified by project architect. FH have granted the permission for committee to access the project account at their office, we will update when have sighted the document.

      Waiver of LAD was part of the condition when we voted and agreed to revived the project, by insisting to claim for LAD will mean higher cost to complete and in the event we will end up paying higher top-up. Bear in mind, there was zero sum in developer account at time of liquadation. The next will be for FH announcement on n next step to restart and complete the project, schedule to finalize by 15/5/2012.


  11. 17

    Eric said,

    What is the status of the bank loan from the contractor to Affin Bank?

  12. 18

    FFK said,

    Anyone see or obtain the contract document between Ferrier Hodgson MH Sdn. Bhd. and Kamuja Corporation Sdn. Bhd???

    Pls forward,thanks.

  13. 19

    FFK said,

    To Vincent Leong.

    I am refering to LAD to Kamuja(Contractor) &

    Who certify the project completion of 70% or 80%? Not Kamuja, not FHMH….Please show us the Architect Certificate????

  14. 20

    Stresssss said,

    So sad.. Hari ni sgah tgok tapak projek tp da tutup.. Bru je xdtg tgok almost 2month cz brsalin n dlm pantang.. Very2 frust tgok da jadi cmni.. Projek brmula sblm sy mgandung lg now bby da 2bln lbh.. Duit yg diperlukan 30k da lma byr.. Janji feb.. Tp skrg da may.. Tp projekbodoh ni da ditutup plak.. Ckp xserupa bikin msa nk duit sume org di panggil spai sgup gali kelubang cacing.. Now bla nk tutup projek tu sume senyap xreti nk inform pape.. BODOH

  15. 21

    Siapkan Kondo cepat2. said,

    Dear FH,

    Ini apa projek? Twin Tower KLCC kah? Lebih susah nak dibina?
    88 tingkat siap dalam 3 tahun, manakala 15 tingkat perlu lebih 10 tahun.

    Makin di fikir makin tak logik.

    FH, jika projek sambung nanti nak siap dalam 1 tahun agaknya KAMUJA kena ada berapa orang pekerja dalam tapak? 10 orang? 50 orang? 100 orang? Berapa ya?

  16. 22

    Rahim Sham said,

    Sedih Dan pilu. As the project owner, saya rasa House owner perlu tahu the actual detail completion cost so far carried out by Kemuja… I.e crane cost, labour and FH overhead…appreciate very much to the committee for the hard works..

  17. 23

    Vincent Leong said,

    Dear all,

    Please bear till 15MAY2012 for the update on project recommencement, definitely the committee will look into the project book to ensure fund are utilize properly. Details will also be share with all purchaser as meeting will be arrange for debrief.

    There is no point of putting the blame game at this point, we should look forward to the project completion.


  18. 24

    khairul said,

    Thank you Vincent on your positive input..we hope FH will provide the update and start the project again on 15May2012 as promised. Committee please monitor closely.

  19. 25

    Hilmi said,

    To all committee members,

    You are all good samaritans and I respect and value your hardwork and assistance. As you read through the comments above, you will be pleased to know that all of us have nothing but full support for your effort. Most of us are enduring difficult times and these are trying times for us, indeed. Read through the emotional attachments and you will find the strength from it to carry on.

    Law of Attraction says that positive elements will attract positive elements, and vice versa. Imagine if all of us have nothing but only positive thoughts on this. By this I’m not suggesting that by merely thinking about it and the project will be completed! … but more on how we structure our thoughts everyday so that we may cope with the situation and strategizing the ways to get what we want.

    The project WILL finish, and all of us will get ours…. only if WE ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN TO US.

    Warm regards,

    • 26

      Frustrated said,



  20. 27

    b2-02 said,

    s&p yg terminated ape cita? fh xder bg black n white pun?

    • 28

      Vincent Leong said,


      Surat pemberitahuan penamatan S&P kepada 96 pembeli telah di hantar ke alamat terakhir, anda di antara yang terbabit?

      Sila hubungi FH untuk pengesahan / maklumat lanjut.


  21. 30

    buyer said,

    hi, is this condo still available for sale ??

    • 31

      Vincent Leong said,

      Hi Buyer,

      Yes, there will be unit available however the transaction can only be done upon project completion and CF issuance. The price will then in accordance to market value.


      • 32

        buyer said,

        hi vicent,

        the complete date will be ???? and can i get some detail abt it ? thx

  22. 33

    FFK said,


    Please show us the Architect Certificate????

    Who certify the project completion of 70% or 80%?

    Dont try to mislead us with number of terminated units……

  23. 34

    FFK said,

    To all,

    Correct me if i am wrong,
    What Vincent are trying to say, contractor continue to delay the project so more units to be terminated……….

    FH can sell more than 76units, pocket the money and left the terminated units empty handed……

    another scam??? pls think about this……..

    • 35

      bukitpandan said,

      Hello FFK,

      I suggest you to come for the upcoming meeting with FH to clarify your doubts. I heard that FH will be replying the committee on the meeting date by 15th this month. Please come together with the committee.


      • 36

        bukitpandan said,

        We would let you now on the meeting date once the committee get the reply from FH.

      • 37

        Rahim Sham said,

        I don’t see tower crane this morning during my routine morning driving along MR2. I want to be in the coming meeting. Appreciate the meeting schedule be announced early.. Thanks again to the committee.

  24. 38

    Rahim Sham said,

    I’m sure there are house owner will drag this termination issue to court.. This will further delay the project completion..hope this will not happen.

    • 39

      Vincent Leong said,

      Hi Rahim,

      Terminated buyers will not able to appeal as FH has obtained the right to terminate the S&P agreement upon notices sent.


  25. 41

    b2-02 said,

    kalo FH dah terminate s&p, loan buyer ngan bank FH bayar ke?

    • 42

      Vincent Leong said,

      FH hanya akan memulangkan wang kepada pembeli ditamatkan setelah projek siap dan unit berkenaan di jual kerana sekarang unit terbabit di jadikan sebagai cagaran.

      Perjanjian loan adalah di antara pembeli dan bank.


      • 43

        b2-02 said,

        katakan, pinjaman pembeli dgn pihak bank yg telah diluluskan 80% atau dlm RM80k++, FH dpt jual unit yg dh terminate tu dgn harga RM230k ikut current value. RM230k – RM80k = RM150k jumlah untung unit yg FH jual nie pulang pada pembeli atau FH kaut untung semua?

  26. 44

    khairul said,

    Hi committee,
    How about FH planned to continue the contruction? promised tomorrow is 15/5/2012.How about progress letter, how about Kamuja loan, How about plan B…right now still nothing !!!

  27. 45

    Vincent Leong said,

    Dear all,

    Due to unforeseen issued, the update will be share latest by 31MAY2012.


  28. 46

    Chin said,

    Huh? Unforeseen issue? something technical ?? Can explain a bit more?

  29. 47

    Rahim Sham said,

    Today I see no tower crane up yet. I assume no project continuation and no progress after 15 May..

    • 48

      projekbodoh2 said,

      Elsie n vincent n committee..
      Pls stop tell us unsure news..its confusing…b4 u all said something better confirmed it and make sure its true…otherwise pls shut ur mouth..

  30. 49

    Jiwa Kacau said,

    Saya sebenarnya sudah benci beri komen di sini..peribahasa melayu ‘umpama anjing menyalak bukit’ is the right word to justify with what i’m feeling..

    Now THEY highligted us with new issue..’Unforseen issued’..hihihi..don’t know i laugh it either of joke or very frustrated with what we face for a long long time..

    FH with what they ‘gembar-gemburkan’ us dulu was the expirence liquidator..they said ‘by themself’ as a company whose save lots of projek sakit.

    Logic or not if expirence company like FH will face UNFORSEEN issued?..Just wait and see with what issues (macam2 boleh ) will they create to cheat u dear after this to cover their fault..

    Kita diberi harapan..kita dengan sabar menunggu dan kita juga disuruh tunggu..dari sehari ke sehari..dari sebulan ke sebulan ..dari setahun ke tahun berikutnya…bagi FH, mereka tiada masalah samada projek ini lewat atau pun mungkin jika tak siap sekali pun sebab TIADA term dalam aggreement (yang mereka sendiri buat) yg boleh membabitkan mereka dengan perundangan..yang penting top up amount dah masuk kocek mereka..

    lain lah bagi buyer..lewat 2 bulan dikejarnya bank..lewat 3 bulan..surat saman sampai..lewat 6 bulan court jugak jawab…

    F**k u to FH..f**k u to Mudi Angkasa & f**k u to Talam..

  31. 50

    azam aini said,

    im one of the owner to be but dont know when,

    when i contacted my bank about my top-up,they said that nobody from FH called to collect the 30 plus k that was needed for the project and the money is still with the bank as they dont know where to send it.

    can anybody from the commitee help me


  32. 51

    Rahim Sham said,

    Dear FH.. I believe it is the right time now for FH to meet the house buyers to explain the whole things openly. I’m sure you must be checking at those feedback; frustration, anger, impatience, feeling like being cheated, feel FH is not doing anything to save the project, there are opportunist, victims of circumstances, question where and how RM5mill payment went to and how many % goes to FH. some now living poorer, possible Along issue, how can FH convince other non paying owner to come forward for help, how much more money we need to complete the project, what happen to the audit findings, what actually FH responsibility in managing project and collect payment from buyer, how payment is made to Kemuja, how much we spend for the tower crane as I believe the rental of such crane is high, etc etc.

    FH, pls come forward to clarify the whole things and more importantly to assure house owners for clear, responsible and committed way forward.

  33. 52

    FFK said,


    Please show us the Architect Certificate? for billing to bank/purchaser

    Who certify the project completion of 70% or 80%?

    TIME AT LARGE………Show us the contract between FH & KAMUJA?
    Liquidated and ascertained damages (LAD) to contractor(KAMUJA) for late delivery?

  34. 54

    pembelimalang said,

    apalah nasib …….30k terbang rumah tak siap……..

  35. 55

    Elsie said,

    To all my beloved purchasers:-

    Please be informed that there will be a meeting with FH and all purchasers on 30th June 2012 at 10.00a.m. to be held at Auditorium Majlis Perbandaran Ampang Jaya (“MPAJ”) Menara MPAJ, Jalan Pandan Utama 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

    The letter of notice regarding the meeting will be send out to all purchasers by FH soon. In this regard, the meeting has been scheduled to brief the purchasers on the status of the Project as well as to address any queries from all purchasers.


    • 56

      Chin said,

      Hi Elsie,

      I’m unable to attend the meeting on 30th June due to work, but I so hope can know what is going on in the meeting, is it possible that the committee minute down the meeting and post it up here for those who cannot make it for the meeting to follow?

      And may I also suggest that we posted up the question we want to ask, so that the committee can organize them and ask FH?

      Thanks, and May God bless you too..

  36. 57

    Mrs J Chua said,

    Dear Elsie,

    Thanks for the information. Can’t that be held any sooner, 1st week June 2012?

    The date of the meeting is more than 30 days from today? We do not want to wait any longer for the project to be finished.

    We want the construction to restart immediately and complete without further delay so that we can have the keys to our unit.

    Time is of essence and should there be any disputes, disagreements, FH can sort that out with the rest of the buyers thereafter.



    Thank you.

    • 58

      Vincent Leong said,

      Mrs Chua,

      To ensure most if not all purchasers attendance, FH will sent out the notice which require 14 days notice.

      You can ask / seek further clarification during the meeting.


  37. 59

    prncsrr r said,

    I dah give up.. my decision is : Request for the DEPOSIT back.. who i should contact?

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