Meeting Minute with KPKT on 28th February 2011 // Target Completion Date: 1st February 2012

Dear all,

Please find attached meeting minute on 28th February 2011.

Download below:

FH – Minute 28FEB2011




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    khairul said,

    Recently (12/4/2011), I went to Condo site and found out as below

    1. Working progress very slow
    2. Nor many workers are there in site
    3. Not sure the building can be completed in time (1/2/2011)..

    Hope commitee can follow up with FH & Kamuja..


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      Munte said,

      If im not mistaken, now they’re doing internal that, we cant see what they have done inside the site..But, if u there nw, u can see they started to do formwork at Block A

  2. 3

    Christine said,

    Hi Comittees,

    The personnel at the site informed us this project will only able to be completed by mid of 2012 due to less workers, they have another project going on other site. They keep on delay the project as what I can noticed because when we visited the site by early of this year, they promised will complete by August this year but seems like just a joke for us. Please visit them & look into it.

    Thank you.

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      Jess said,

      August this year will be completed?
      as i know, they promise will complete the project end of january 2012

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    bukitpandan said,

    Dear all,

    I shared all the concern on whether the target completion date on 1st February 2011 can be meet? For the contractor, they will emphasize on completion of project which can bring income to them and for our scenario at the moment only 4 banks have approved the top-up request (disbursement still pending).

    The committee is working closely with FH to organize the meeting with remaining banks to ensure the top-up request can be approve.

    Let pray for thing to move soonest.


  4. 7

    TL said,

    Hi, dear committee,

    I hope that FH will monitor closely on the site progress before releasing of progress payment from our top up amount to Kamuja.

    Thank you.

  5. 8

    Broken Heart said,

    Saudara2 sejiran in future,

    Seeloknya progress payment & lain2 fees dibayar hanya setelah projek siap…pihak pemaju langsung tidak rasa bersalah melewat2 kerja2 pembinaan..alasan yg diberi (they have another project going on other site) langsung tak munasabah. Dulunya pihak Mudi Angkasa sekarang ni FH pulak, promise macam2 kat kita tapi realitinya hampeh…nak siapkan middle of 2011..lepas tu early 2012 sekarang ni middle 2012 pulak…nanti2 entah apa pulak yg dijanjikan mereka…duit kita nak macam kilat tapi nak siapkan pembinaan cam kura2…fed up hoiiiii…entah2 sampai aku mampos pun projek ni tak settle2 jugak…huhh

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      Jess said,

      i never heard about their promise to complete this project middle i know, they promise to complete on end january 2012

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      alice said,

      hye broken heart, u should read comment from Kamil..act, dont just complaint and blaming other parties..what we need to do is, try to find sources to top up sum in order to support FH and get our house next year. If fees and progress payment will paid only after their finished their work, i think the project will keep on delay and we still berputih mata..lets be fair and support in order to help them complete their work.

  6. 11

    Vincent Leong said,

    Dear all,

    Spoken to Elsie earlier and she was in communication with FH and Kamuja on our project status. Works is ongoing smoothly on pool area as well as the remaining 3 floor for Block A.

    Work will progress even faster once Citibank & RHB Bank release the top-up sum and let hold our hand together on smooth work ongoing.

    Hold our breath and frustration here.

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      Lee said,

      No frustration, but left disappointment & speechless. We’ll sit here & wait, see how good how fast the project can be completed & what FH can actually do now.

  7. 13

    Homeless said,

    Sigh…I pray at least next visit the lift is ready then I can see my unit at high level. Must be completed by now since paint work is almost up to the roof.

  8. 14

    Elsie said,

    For your info every two weeks FH will have meeting with Kamuja at the site office. There are workers at the site working and we committee is arranging a site visit by month of May. Please have faith in FH to complete this project and I really need all your support to let this project keep on moving by finding ways to look for the top-up sum. There are purchasers who even paid the whole lum sum of RM30,700-00 to FH because they want their unit to be completed at the soonest possible. IF the $ is flowing in fast then the project will be completed fast……….well FH is giving 18 months to the contractor to complete this project. As for citibank loan there are some purchasers have already sign their loan documentation at the lawyer office and soon the to-up loan sum will be release soon……GOD is there to oversee the whole project and I believe HE knows the pain and suffering that most of you have gone through but never give up….trust in HIM and everything will be ok …….KEEP ON PRAYING……

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      kamil said,

      Dear all,
      My father is one of the victim here…our family had accepted our `fate’ and thought of moving on with our lives (nasi dah jadi bubur).But alhamdulillah God is merciful..FH has came into picture with a revival scheme, which brings back hope to our family,particularly my poor old dad.We are trying to be as positive as we can and hope to get our completed unit as promised soon.In the mean time ,i think we should do our best to push the banks to disburse the top-up sum to FH, for those not eligible for the top-up sum..probably should try to find other means to pay…we are all worried…what if we kena tipu again…but not doing anything pun we wont get our unit.So the faster we pay the top up sum,i believe FH will be able to push for the work and completion.Lets work together with FH for the succes of this project.I dont think the contractor delay work just because they have other project (sounds a bit ridiculous,isnt it)…everything is about money.Lets be fair to FH and Kamuja…(i’m trying to be positive here..positive energy..).

      • 16

        alice said,

        yeah!im totally agreed with kamil..
        let us try to find and push bank in order to help us to get our top up sum to FH, and let Kamuja doing their work at site..i believe that Kamuja will be able to finish the project on track

  9. 17

    Suresh said,

    Dear all,

    I am sure all of you are still in a puzzle whether the project is progressing and can be completed as per plan. Perhaps my explanation below will clear some of your doubts.

    We on the committee’s side have been in constant communication with FH on the progress of the project. We have requested FH to allow us to visit the project site to see the progress. They have agreed for it and the date is tentatively scheduled to be on the 2nd week of May. But this round is going to be only the committee members strictly.

    The contractor is suppose the complete the project by Feb 2012. If he fails to complete by then, he has to pay a penalty to FH for the delay. I am sure he doesn’t want things to go to that extend. FH holds meeting with the contractor in the project site every 2 weeks to monitor the work progress.

    On the top-up loan matter, Elsie has been liasing with the Citibank officer to speed up the entire process. We believe that Citibank would be releasing the fund soon. In the meantime, the response from the buyers who choose to top up using their own money is overwhelming. So far FH has collected from more than 80 purchasers.

    The rest of the major end-financiers namely, RHB and Ambank are also in the final stage of processing the application. Situation is still under control and buyers need not worry so much unnecessarily. Do remember that the committee members are also fellow buyers like all of you. We certainly would not want to give any false information down here.

    On the other hand KPKT is also closely monitoring the progress of the project. So now its for us to decide whether we want to choose to wait and see or join hands together to help the contractor and FH to complete the project as per plan.

    If you prefer to hear from FH directly on the status of the project, you may by all means call FH at 03-2273 6227 and look for Ms. Yi Wen or Mr. Kumar. Thats all for now.

    Thank you.

  10. 18

    Elsie said,

    Dear All,
    Please continue to be positive towards this project. We are always praying that this project will be completed on time. For those of you who had voted for the scheme to top-up please find your ways for the fund. As you are aware during the voting meeting the contractor did mentioned that ” Ada duit projek boleh jalan tak ada duit projek mana boleh jalan” ! Every payment released to the contractor will certified and checked by FH before releasing it . Talam is no more in the picture of thiis project and please move on with this plan which this project will be completed soon. Our property has increased in value because it is located at popular demand location plus with covered car parks and low density. As you are aware that the Monte Bayu Condo and Glen-view Condo that the value of this property has gone up to200K ++ (location of this 2 condo is very near to our project site) Well I respect every purchasers opinion, suggestion and decision but if we put our hands together for the top-up sum , I foresee we will be getting our keys to our condo soon……………….Please take note our condo (1) 1 km Pantai Cheras Medical Centre (2) 4 km to Jusco Maluri (3) 3 km to Leisure Mall (4) 1.5 km to primary and secondary schools (5) 3 km to Sedaya college (6) Middle Ring Road 1 km and etc……………

  11. 19

    Goh Hock Bee said,

    Thanks to the all committee member who are helping us to follow up the project ! Everyone needs to be positive now. I really want my unit badly and so do everyone here.

    Cheer !

  12. 20

    Hoe said,

    Hi Suresh / Elsie,

    Thanks for the updates and efforts. Two question here :-

    1). Will FH allocate the penalty fund back to all purchasers after FH collected from contractor when they delay the project even one single month or even a day ? How much percentage of penalty FH will charge to the contractor please and are they calculate by daily ? Please stated clearly.

    2). As promised, project complete by Feb 2012, otherwise FH will penalty contractor. Does everyone aware of the meaning of ‘completed’ here ? In generally, project completed means we are getting our key by Feb 2012 instead of only the condo itself being completed but we still have to wait for few more months to get the key which may due to delay of CF & etc. In this case, are we still getting any compensate or FH can penalty related party when the key is NOT passing to us by FEB 2012 please ? We are all being so kind for not ask a single cents from previous developer. What if all purchasers pay up the top up and yet project still in delay progress, for fare we should ask back some compensate this time.

    What you guys think ?

    Need your prompt comments here.
    Thank you.

  13. 21

    khairul said,

    Anybody went to Project site?..How is progress…pls share..

  14. 22

    edwin said,

    Hello committee,

    Can you please update us if you have done the site visit. We were told in this blog that FH has arrange for a site visit but only for the commitee.

    I went there last week and cannot see anything from outside. It was a Saturday and the workers staying there shut the main entrace door when they see me hanging around shooting pictures.

  15. 23

    kae el said,

    Dear all,
    Has anyone ‘liked’ this blog? I think this is a good platform for all of us to share news, be it good or bad. I don’t know about other abandoned projects but I feel kind of close to my friends my future neighbours after going through this unfortunate situation. Our mutual support and comforting words really made this situation bearable. The one thing that makes this perfect would be the keys to our units. Let’s keep this ‘positive thinking’ going and hopefully will be true neighbours by dd/mm/2012. Long live BPNM web blog! TQVM committee for the good work done.

  16. 24

    Suresh said,

    Dear all,

    Just a quick update on the site visit. The site visit tentatively planned to be on the 2nd week of May has been deferred to somewhere in June. Date to be advised later.


  17. 25

    Broken Heart said,

    U mean somewhere in June 2011 or June 2012??..orrr June 2013 ..hehehe..just joking from me whose failed to commit monthly payment to bank loan since last 2 years. Might be we will be neighbour in the heaven…yen na dey

  18. 26

    Ms Ng said,


    May I know if anyone has managed to get their loan approved by Citibank?

    I just received an email from FH that they are expecting the top up payment to be paid latest by 18 June 2011, else a penalty will be imposed.

    Please share. Thanks

  19. 27

    Hoe said,

    Hi Ms Ng,

    I am one of the purchaser, would like to know how you managed to get info via e-mail from FH & who are you contacting with please ? As I am not staying in KL anymore and hardly for me to get all the mailing letter from FH, I wish to be direct contact by FH thru e-mail instead if possible for any latest info.

    Thanks in advance for sharing the e-mail address here.

  20. 28

    confucian6a said,

    hi Hoe,

    Please contact with Mr Kumar or Ms Ngi Wen from FH at :-

    Ferrier Hodgson MH 22-M, Monteiro & Heng Chambers
    Jalan Tun Sambanthan 3
    Kuala Lumpur 50470

    P: +603 2273 6227
    F: +603 2273 7503

    Please call them as soon as possible and they shall assist you on how to change your correspondent details…

  21. 30

    Casey Yong said,

    is the visit to the site in JUNE still on?

  22. 31

    KKChong said,

    Dear All,

    Is there any further status for the site? As i know, my bank will going to release the top-up loan soon.
    Worry the porject delay again.

    Kindly please do update further information here to share with others.

    Thank You

  23. 32

    Broken Heart said,

    Dear Casey Yong,
    Site visit to your purchasing unit still on as stated as reply by Suresh. But the date is slighly change to June 2012.


  24. 33

    khairul said,

    Hi Suresh ..

    Pls response..

  25. 34

    buyer said,

    nampak macam tak jalan jer projek nie?

  26. 35

    khairul said,

    Any progress? Pls update..dah lama senyap jea..????

  27. 36

    dissappointed buyer said,

    What’s happening? Have they stop constructing? W’ll like to know the progress?

    Will you please give us the update, Ferrier Hodgson?

  28. 37

    Broken Heart said,

    Dear Dissapointed buyer,
    I just made call to FH regarding to the contruction progress. The FH staff said that they have monetory problem . Other purchaser & u need to topup extra amount around 50k plus the 37k u paid previously. The project will continue after they get enough fund. If everything fine, we will get out dream unit around year 2020…hihihihi…just joking from the frustrated buyer.

  29. 38

    Vincent Leong said,

    Fellow purchaser,

    Whenever comment / input are posted into the blog, please identify yourself instead of merely your nickname. We should be proud of our identify unless you have any hidden agenda. Yes, the construction was on slow pace currently which mainly due to fund from CITIBANK and RHB not release yet ( expected by August 2011).

    For those unable to secure loan for the Top-Up Sum, please approach Ferrier Hodgson and they will try to assist further. Bank Negara has came up with recommendation to all banks to approve the Top-Up Sum (this still subject to individual credit record).

    Do feel free to contact Ferrier Hodgson / Elsie as and when you are in doubt of the construction process.

    Vincent Leong

  30. 39

    Elsie said,

    Dear Broken Heart,

    I understand and I know how angry and frustration you are because myself also a victim of this project. All of us are on TITANIC and of course we do not want our TITANIC to sink. Well please let me know who you have spoken to during your conversation with FH regarding the to-up sum and completion date. As far as this project is concern everything is moving well but slow as mentioned by Vincent Leong above. To complete an abandon project like this is not easy for FH and the Contractor because they got to look at every point of this project. But I have faith in them to complete this project. If any one of you having problem for the to-up sum from your end-financier please feel free to contact FH. For your information I have being following this project very closely with FH, Citibank and etc………because I want to do my best for all of you purchasers and also I have paid my full to-up sum and I am trusting and believing and praying I will get my key soon………….

  31. 40

    Sow Chan said,

    Dear All,
    Thanks Elsie and Vincent for your clarification. For those who want to make the joke, please dun go thru this blog, I am seriouly and closely getting the info from this blog, please…..

  32. 41

    buyer said,

    I just nak tanya boleh ker project nie complete pada 01/02/2011?

  33. 42

    buyer said,

    typo errror ………….. 01/02/2012

  34. 43

    Vincent Leong said,

    Hi Buyer,

    Which unit do you own? Let FH advise further on the completion as they will gather contractor and relevant party involved for site update soon.

    Finger cross we will get our longunit soon.

    Vincent Leong

  35. 44

    Casey Yong said,

    I have called Citibank today & they confirmed have released rm30,700 to developer on 29/7

  36. 45

    buyer said,

    Semalam saya pergi site visit di condo kita…. nampak ramai jugak pekerja2 sedang berkerja di site…..harap2 semua berjalan dengan lancar dan condo dapat disiapkan mengikut jadualnya.

  37. 46

    Vincent Leong said,

    Hi Buyer,

    Terima kasih di atas update, committee akan updatekan perbincangan dengan FH yang diadakan pads Sabtu lepas.

    Vincent Leong

  38. 47

    buyer said,

    Hi Vincent.

    ya.. hope our committee can update recent discussion with FH in this blog and hope there is a positive output from the discussion.


  39. 48

    khairul said,

    Yes, recently i went to condo site..Happy to say there are many workers there..Hope we will get our condo follow the schedule on Feb 2012..

  40. 49

    redza said,

    syukur…ambank has released my additional loan to FH…hopefully semua jalan lancar….but hutang bertambah…mudah2an projek berjaya disiapkan february…jika tidak hutang akan bertambah2

  41. 50

    Vincent Leong said,

    Hi Redza,

    What I’m doing now is withdrawal from EPF Account 2 on yearly basic to reduce the loan amount. In additional, I have also withdrawn the whole balance in EPF Account 2 to reduce the loan 2 yrs ago.

    Vincent Leong

  42. 51

    Elsie said,

    Dear All,
    First of all, Selamat Berpuasa to all my muslim friends.Here are the updates of the site visit and meeting on 30th July 2011:-
    (1) Rooftop of Block B 90% completed;
    (2) Structure work will be completed by end of August 2011 for Block A;
    (3) From the pool side view there is still one more floor to be up for Block A;
    (3) Pool side partition is mostly done;
    (4) Once the structure work is all done; the partition and plastering work will be moving very fast;
    (5) Completion of this project will be february 2012 if everything is moving well………pray hard…..
    (6) Citibank has already release the to-up sum to FH;
    Well, I foresee we will be getting our keys soon if everyone of us do our part for the to-up sum………We need team work……GOD BLESS!

  43. 52

    buyer said,

    Dear Elsee.

    Tq for updating us…glad to here the working is on progress. hope all in order and we will get our condo key by this feb 2012.

  44. 53

    Wong said,


    Can i know how to withdraw EPF on account 2 ? What is the procedure and what shd i do at EPF & bank to reduce the loan ? Thank you.

  45. 54

    Sow Chan said,

    Dear All,
    I received the next progressive payment from FH to bank, another 10% for Stage 6 – Internal & External Plastering. The due date is over and bank yet to process the payment. I believe bank also need sometime to verify as this project has been abondon for so long. I will request for the waiver of the panalty if FH ask for it later.

  46. 55

    Vincent Leong said,

    Hi Wong,

    FYI, you may withdraw all your EPF Account 2 to reduce the housing loan with subsequent withdrawal permitted once a year. To start, please approach your bank and have them to prepare the Housing Loan Outstanding Statement as per EPF format (bank should know the format or visit EPF website for guideline. Then you need to visit nearest EPF branch for submission and bring along the Original S & P Agreement, IC and Housing Loan Outstanding Statement.

    EPF will take approximately 1 week to process and they will credit directly into your housing loan account.

    All the best.

    Vincent Leong

  47. 57

    azril isha said,


    any idea whether MBB agreed on the top up?

  48. 58

    exnusa said,

    Hi everybody,

    Not to be busybody, but few years ago I Plan to buy this condo. But then I change my mind and get myself a condo at Monte Bayu above nusa mewah.
    Everyday I keep watching nusa condo and wondering when it will complete. From my view seem the contractor will be complete soon.

    Just wondering if you all interested to see the latest development of your condo please drop a email, as i have few picture of your condo from my balcony. I know how happy your all when your dream house will be finished.

    From my view.
    1. Second building is complete almost top floor.
    2. Seem worker start plastering inside house.
    3. Worker is concentrate 1 area at a time so the task will be faster.

    My hope goes to you all…Best of luck….

    change % to alias and 4 as a.

  49. 59

    Vincent Leong said,

    Hi exnusa,

    Thanks for your updates and would appreciate if you can e-mail me the photos for my onwards update into the blog.

    P/S: Trust you enjoying nice view from your unit @ Monte Bayu

    Vincent Leong

  50. 60

    Hoe said,

    Hello Exnusa,

    So glad to know the great progress thru you ! I just managed to paid my top up in full amount with my own saving last month without getting any loan from bank & I really really hope they can get their job done as scheduled. I myself not staying in KL anymore so hardly for me to check on their status. Hope that I can hear from you again soon on their progress when you have time. Really appreciated !!

    P.S : You made a good & smart choice for choosing the condo that you are staying now !! All the best to you & your family 🙂

    • 61

      Exnusa said,

      Hi all..

      Sorry for delay regarding the pictures..Below are the link..
      Day by day pictures…

      Vincent… send me your email for me to upload next time.

      p.s sorry for bad quality pictures… my current phone cam drop at monte bayu swimming pool…

      No cam for time being..

  51. 62

    jeffri said,

    Hi suresh/ elsie,
    Can i now whether MBB agreed on the top amount.

    Please update.


  52. 63

    Vincent Leong said,

    Hi Jeffri,

    It will be best to contact your loan branch to check on the status or alternatively Maybank HQ for status.


  53. 64

    Exnusa said,

    Hi all..

    Sorry for delay regarding the pictures..Below are the link..
    Day by day pictures…

    Vincent… send me your email for me to upload next time.

    p.s sorry for bad quality pictures… my current phone cam drop at monte bayu swimming pool…

    No cam for time being

  54. 65

    Vincent leong said,

    Dear fellow purchasers,

    I received an important yet shocking registered letter from FH, a final reminder to pay for Top-Up Sum by 27th September 2011 otherwise they will cancelled the S & P Agreement and we will become unsecure creditors.

    For those who have yet pay, let work out something urgent as the deadline was due in a week time.

    Vincent Leong

  55. 66

    Chin said,

    I received the same letter, have called them (FH and Bank) to find out. The FEELING i get is this, FH is not enthusiastically helping us to get the additional loan, they are more to finding ways to make us losing our unit, so that they can make more profit selling our unit at market price later. No company in this world would do anything that do not give them profit at all, else we should not be paying top up…

    This is the only thing that i am glad if someone can convince me that i am D*** wrong. Once in a while sending out letter such as this is disappointing, it is not us the house buyer not doing anything, it is them (FH and bank) who are not being “helpful” enough.

    I’m saying this because I’ve already been following every instruction that the Scheme of Arrangement needed, already got approve for top up loan, already do this and that.. still.. this letter came to me.. saying i didn’t want to pay anything..

    Frustration, YES! Disappointed, YES! but what to do? We are nothing more like meat on the table..

  56. 67

    Vincent Leong said,

    Hi Chin,

    I shared your feeling when I saw the letter, well too late. What I have done now are pressuring my bank (Public Bank) to expedite the approval meanwhile I have also faxed to FH to update them on my status.

    You may call Jason of FH to update your status.


  57. 68

    Lai Fun & Lai Ling A-11-03 & B-10-20 said,

    Hi, all friendly purchaser,

    I am unit of Block B-10-20, have any top-up loan from RHB i submitted the loan application 2 times the bank no information to me. and only photostate the documents please inform any help of the other Bank.
    All for those not yet appprove the loan please contact together apply again. Best regards.

  58. 69

    Vincent Leong said,

    Hi Lai,

    Do call Jason @ FH to find out who is the PIC at RHB HQ then call them urgently for your top-up loan status.

    It will be rather too late to reapply from another bank now.


  59. 70

    Goh Hock Bee said,

    today I went to the site, so happy to see the workers working on it. hopefully we can get our unit as promised by them. I did took some motion picture to share in this page but cant find the button to share it.

  60. 71

    redza said,

    AmBank has approved my top up loan…but due to some technical problem…the disbursement will be delayed as only 96% of top up amount approved by the bank….i have to pay about RM1.5k to FH and with the receipt Ambank will disburse the remaining top up amount…..

    Really shocked and disappointed when Ambank’s lawyer informed me that FH will start to impose 10% daily interest on the remaining top up effective on 27 September 2011 to me due to the delay in the disbursement of the top up amount….

    What is this peng aniayaan to the purchaser….we already committed to ensure the project will be continued….and some delay should be expected with the current economic situation….

    If they charge me 10% daily interest on my remaining top up…what will be the rest of the purchasers who unable to prepare or ready to pay the top up amount?

    So now the purchaser have to serve their current loan….plus top up plus 10% daily interest due to the delay….

    Can the committee submit an appeal on this situation…at least to assist purchasers who are committed to ensure readiness of the top up and some delay cannot be avoided due to unexpected event….

    really need committee assistance on this matter.

  61. 72

    Hamidah J said,

    How about if FH failed to complete the constuction on Feb 2012?. Did they also been penalty for the late delavery?..anybody can answer it for me… I’m still can’t forget what William (ex- Mudi Angkasa rep) said around 2006 ” u jangan risau le..nanti u dpt semula u punya late delivery charge”…

  62. 73

    Boon said,

    Hamidah J

    I think you still don’t understand the agreement that was signed once you agreed to proceed with the revival of the project. I suggest you go through the contracts line by line. You will find the answers that you had asked. Promises mean nothing. All that matters are the contract.

    There are those who “promote” or I would say influence all the buyers to proceed with the revival scheme as it is and I hold them responsible.


  63. 74

    Hamidah J said,

    Thank’s lot..I’m know nothing about legality. I also not signed any aggrement because never received the new contract document as u said. However, i still commit to release the top up amount after i spoke with FH rep previously early this year. Can u help me to explain ‘meaning’ that u understand with the containing of the agrrement.

    Besides that, i hope FH/the purchaser commity can list out the list of purchaser that already made the top up amount to ensure FH keep proper record & as our reference. I made the payment but until now, i never received any letter from FH to confirm that they recorded the transaction.


  64. 75

    Vincent Leong said,

    Hi Hamidah,

    Noted that you have paid for the top-up sum as required, great co-operation. Do get in touch with Ms Yvonne of FH to request for your payment receipt.


  65. 76

    zack said,

    anybody know how to culculate the interest FH will charge us?

    • 77

      Chin said,

      Hi Zack,
      Forget about calculating the interest, you better check with them the cut off date, as the letter i received recently, they said according to the scheme we agreed, if we don’t pay at certain time, they will just take our unit, then we will become unsecure creditor (if i’m not mistaken). That means you unit will be sold by them..


      • 78

        zack said,

        Oh my, will they do that…seem this going to be a very long story, cause the bank say they also have the rights to the house….

  66. 79

    Broken Heart said,

    Dear Zack & Chin,

    We are mentimun..Developer & Banks are durian opps mistake like ‘penyamun’..ermm…Just like Chin said, FH will take your unit if u can’t paid the top up amount…Bank still want their money back ‘from u’ every RM including the interest that they already release to developer..Don’t know either the ‘new developer’ will give back the money or not. I believe if they return back the money, they will use certain formula to benefit their side..and we as usual be the victim…ermm…

    The unit gone with the wind. Blacklist titile in CCRIS for sure if u don’t pay back to the bank , worse cases we get ‘bancrupcy’ title.

    Welcome to the Club.

  67. 80

    edwin said,

    dear all future neighbors,

    dissapointed to hear about FH charging 10% interest. i hope for those who got the loan approved, pls prepare evidence that the bank are actually delaying the top-up loan and not you.

    on the positive side, we can see steady progress of construction. this means money is flowing into the developer pocket. i have the following assumption, hopefully someone knowledgable can confirm this:-

    now contruction progresses from the stage where talam stops. example: talam stop at stage 6 in 2006 but now FH complete stage 7. will our bank release money for completing stage 7? i am referring to the money we originally loan from the bank (not the top-up). if i am correct, then we have a good chance the condo will complete soon because money from our original loan will keep coming in to fund the construction.

    i am not saying we should stop paying the top-up, but at least more purchasers will feel confident to pay the 30k when seeing good progress. the bank will also be confident to approve the top-up.

  68. 81

    Vincent Leong said,

    Hi Edwin,

    Bank will release remaining loan as per the stage done, pending that FH will utilize the top up sum for pay the contractor. I myself paid the 10% of the penalty and I guess that without the penalty I will still have my sweet time to work out the top up sum.

    To be fair, everyone will have to play a part to ensure we get our project by mid 2012. Once the CF are obtain, then we can approach any bank to refinance the property and pay off whatever loan taken for top up some.


  69. 82

    Justin said,

    Don’t play with fire. Are you sure that FH will allow us to pay the 10% interest and take our sweet time to settle the top-up sum?

    As you know, this project has no money and they have already sent out the letter informing who did not pay-up, their S&P will be cancelled and become unsecured creditors.

    It is only safe if you check with FH before it is too late to find out that your unit is gone.

    I thought the project can be completed by Feb 2012? It is so frustrating to hear about the delay.

    Best regards,

  70. 83

    Vincent Leong said,

    Hi Justin,

    Yes, FH might allow extension with interest charge for those who can commit on payment timeline otherwise they will proceed with action as stated in the letter.

    Do visit the site for update on the progress.


  71. 84

    mama said,

    I agree the developer & bank is the ultimate penyamun. & our government do nothing about this. In our situation, the original loan have not utilised fully. there are balance of 30% to be released to the developer but when we applied for top – up loan, the bank of course will not grant u 100% loan. Why on earth they did not release the balance of 30% to the new developer ? the worse the bank ask the purchaser to fork out the money to pay the balance of RM1000 to mudi angkasa & show them the proof then only they will release the top-up amount to mudi angkasa.
    This project really kikis our money.

    What is our right if the project delay again??????????????

  72. 85

    mama said,

    I am very positive about rehabilating our condo.. as our pocket and bank account go thinner to ‘bela’ the condo. We serve the interest monthly ,hv applied for top up sum with additional interest..with all the hassle and problems…+ pray to god that everything to go as plan.

    sincerely, please ask FH what is our right if they fail to complete the project on time??

  73. 86

    kae el said,

    Dear Government Loan purchasers,

    If you haven’t paid up the top up sum, and would like to apeal to the Treasury Department to help out with the tope up sum please be informed that there will be a meeting with them at the following time and place:

    Date: 19/10/2011 (Wednesday)
    Place: Bahagian Pinjaman Perumahan, Putra Jaya
    Time: 10.00 a.m

    For further information please contact Cik Rose (016-6655042). Sorry that this information seems to come a bit late but it’s still a glimmer of hope for those who have a problem with paying the top up sum. Let’s do our bit to get this project completed.

    Thank you and with regards.

    • 87

      kae el said,

      Sorry about the incomplete address. The details of the address are as follows:

      Bilik Perbincangan
      Bahagian Pemulihan Projek Terbengkalai
      Jabatan Perumahan Negara
      Kementerian Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan
      Aras 32, No.51
      Persiaran Perdana, Presint 4
      62100 Putrajaya

  74. 88

    Leong said,

    Hi All,

    Just to share my feeling on the site construction progress.

    Actually am almost every weekend to have a visit on the site to monitor the progress since I agreed to proceed the top up.
    Initially the progress made me disappointed and unexpected slow,can say nothing built up from Block A nor outside plaster or painting in Block B.
    On that time,Blk A only build up to 12 floor and still left 3 level to go.This is worry me and do have some negative feedback from others in this blog.
    Now,the condo still look like not complete and under slow construction(if you compare other branded developer construction progress).After I think back about the previous progress compare to now,I just realized that the Blk A already built until level 15 and thereafter is left the top roof to go.Blk B almost complete the roof cover and outside wall painting in the progress.

    My personal point of view,the developer progress is slow but they are delivery.We need positive energy from the developer and committee feedback on the progress.


  75. 89

    HeadacheJay said,

    Hello Vincent,
    Now u said the project ‘predict’ to complete mid of 2012…from where u get this news?? u FH crony hah??..what the hell is going on???.. it mean it will delay from the original plan to delever on feb 2012….please la FH, many of us really in suffer now…delay mean we still need to commit sewa rumah for along long time…
    U used the court order to get money from us, but what can we do to ensure u take responsible to delever the project as promised?…
    Please la FH..don’t make we continuing in tense..
    Dear u have any comment?.

  76. 90

    Vincent Leong said,

    HeadacheJay….by all mean e-mail to FH ( / / to get the confirmation on completion date on yourself. Labeling me as FH crony is certainly RUDE.

  77. 91

    HeadacheJay said,

    Nusa Mewah Committee,
    Any plan for purchaser to visit the site?..Did any parties responding to monitor the development progress?. I’m admit be emotional in previous comment..appologise me Vincent..


  78. 92

    Andis moh said,

    X tau nak ckp apa……………… frust sgt,,, anak dr baby dah menengah………

  79. 93

    edwin said,

    I remember somewhere in this blog one government department agree to monitor this project. Commitee, please confirm if this is correct. If “yes” did the government officer visit the site?
    I also remember there is also a group of people act as “quality control” comprising members from the commitee, FH and relevant government officers. How is that coming along?

  80. 94

    edwin said,

    Hi Elsie,

    You said you worked in a law firm, and agreed to check with your collegue lawyers whether the bank will utilized the money from the original loan still undisbursed. I know that was few months back but please check because there is still a lot of money.

    Look, the 30k top up is not going to last because there are still people not yet paid. The top-up sum is just to start the engine and once the car start to move, you need petrol to sustain the construction momentum.

  81. 95

    Elsie said,

    Dear Edwin,

    For your info now most of the banks/financier are joining in for the top-up sum ever since Bank Negara came into the picture. As for the balance loan sum that are still undisbursed, it will be disburse accordingly to the S&P progress payment schedule. Once the court order is issued we have to comply with it . So if you really want your unit please do so and do your part to settle the to-up sum or contact FH for more information about this. My prayer is soon we will be getting our keys to our condo……….we will I know for sure………….

    • 96

      Edwin said,

      Hi Elsie,

      My top-up sum already approved, had been released to FH and now started paying the monthly installment.

      I am trying to see the big picture because focusing on myself will not achieve everyone’s objective. That’s why I did not mention I have already done my part.

      Based on Suresh and your explanation, my understanding is after a stage is completed as per the S&P, architect will validate the work and upon their satisfaction, the bank will release the undisburse money for that particular stage. Correct me if I am wrong or silent means agreement.

      As of last weekend, Block B have completed with roof covered. Units facing KL already painted while units facing the hill without paint. Block A, construction on 15th floor is on-going with pillars done, no walls yet. Comparing 1 month ago, they progress 2 floors. No bad although not as quick as I would expect in order to meet the June 2012 deadline.

      I will give update regularly since I am staying in Cheras.

  82. 97

    Suresh said,

    Dear all,

    I have been following the comments posted in the blog. Majority of the purchasers are kind of worried on the progress of the construction. To make things clear, the existing committee members are a group of purchasers who volunteered themselves to be part of the pro-tem committee which represents the entire purchasers.

    KPKT is the goverment body which is monitoring the progress of the entire project. KPKT has organized a meeting with all the end financiers and got Bank Negara to give clear direction to all the banks to agree with the scheme. Persuant to that, all the banks have agreed to support the scheme but the approval will be given on case to case basis.

    As for the existing undisbursed amount, the bank can only disburse the sum upon completion of a particular stage stated in the S&P. The reason why we are required to top-up is because, when the project was abandon previously, a lot of metal grills and electrical wires got cut and stolen. On top of that, there were some price increase in the building materials. In order to justify all this costs, the contractor did survey and estimated the total project cost. After minusing the undisbursed amount from the end-financiers, an additional RM11mil is needed to complete the project.

    The breakdown of the RM11mil was clearly stated in the ES report. The ES report was posted to all the purchasers prior to the balloting session. KPKT only stepped in after the court approval was granted. The committee did approach KPKT requesting for some financial aid. But since our project is classified as high cost condo, we were told that the goverment gives more priority to low cost abandon projects. However they agreed to assist us to do the talking with the end-financiers to agree with the scheme.

    Now, some of the banks have already released the top-up sum. Some in the stage of preparing the loan aggreement and some are still in the process of drafting the offer letter. Whatever it is, if you can provide sufficient details to FH that your loan application is in progress and the delay is on the banks side, FH will allow you some extension. But in order to show some committment from the purchaser, they want the purchaser to pay some amount pending the bank approval.

    I suggest those who need further information on the progress of the construction and the status of your loan application to regularly check with FH at 03-2273 6227. You may talk to Yi Wen or Kumar.


  83. 98

    Justin said,

    Dear Suresh,

    As much as you know, we the purchases are considered part of the financier in this abandon project when the court order was issued. I believe we all have the right to know the progress as well as how much funds was collected and disbursed during the revival construction periiod todate.

    In this way, we know the status how well the project is being carried out and time-taken to complete each stages of the project. FH, please update us and don’t keep us in the dark.

    The project has been taking too much time. So many of us here are struggling for too long. We trust all of those concern and involve in this project to do their part and speed up the completion of the project.

    Have some mercy and help us all. May God Bless you and all.


  84. 99

    TL said,

    Dear All,

    Today I pass-by our condo site, there is activities going on at Block A.
    Block A formwork have reached the roof level but still in progress,there are workers lay bricks at level 14.

    While at Block B the external wall facing the swimming poolside not yet plaster. Carpark block not yet plaster.

    That’s what I able to see from outside the fence.Seem like the site work progress is really slow and unable to complete by Feb 2012. I hope that FH will look into this matter.

    Thank you.

  85. 100

    Chin said,

    Dear All,

    Correct me if i’m wrong, i remember when FH called us for a big meeting with the developer also there, telling us that the appointed developer has passed the standard required by FH, and that they can finish the whole building without the need for us to fork out a single cents. Right?

    I do understand that we must pay the top up and I’ve already got my additional loan and serving 2 loans for my unit now.. Burdensome, i would say, frustrated, definately. But should we not worry about others who have not paid in? Since the developer will still complete it anyway? Let us be more understanding, and show some empathy for those who still struggling to get the additional loan approved.

    Of course, I would not discourage other from getting or paying the top up loan, it is just that i really think it is not necessary for us who have paid the top up, to pressure those who have not paid yet (but are trying very hard to get the loan), and also there is no point passing negative remarks here, we are all in the same boat..

    I’m waiting just like all of you, paying 2 loans and house rental like all others, supporting the family with less than average pay, it would help if we encourage one another, helping one another in these time of need. Is this blog all about??

  86. 101

    redza said,

    Hi…agreed with you mr chin…

    by the way, the rest of the purchasers must do their best arrange for top up or clear the obstacle in getting the top up and remaining financing amount. otherwise they will loss their ownership against the unit…as majority has agreed with continuation of the project.

    with a majority rules, minority must “all out” secure the top up….

    now, i have to serve two loans top up and new financing amount as FH already start to instruct bank to disburse RM14k for tiling (eventhough my unit already tiled during visitation together with Teratai ADUN…..)

    ……from first financing…big worried with development at site…too slow and i dont think by february 2012 we can get our key for the unit….

    committees……appreciate your comments and feedback at new page and not replying this message as its to length to scroll down and read…..

  87. 102

    Broken Heart said,

    Since I’m signed the S&P agreement on 2002, I heard dozens of promise & ‘good news’ either with Mudi Angkasa ( I thought this company was subsidiary of TALAM ) or now with FH. I also attended the meeting with FH and still clearly in my mind with the statement by the FH representor that they will appointed the qualify developer for this suck project. It’s mean, they can completing it without commitment by the purchaser. That what previously FH said but totally different now..project only can be smoothly running if all purchaser settle the top up amount … ermmm..
    I agreed with u that this project can’t be complete on February 2012. With the progress on site, I also fully confident that it still cannot deliver until mids of 2012. Anyone want to bet with me?. Elsie, Alice or FH Director dare you take my challenge?..pthuii..
    Don’t be shock if FH requested another top up amount after all of u poor purchasers resolve/settle these top up cost . They can create dozens of reason to rob your money like they simply will terminate the S&P of the purchaser whose failed to commit.
    To the Mudi Angkasa Board of Directors, if u read my comment, u should know that u already made me suffer & struggle. I just want to say that I’m praying that u dies with the humblest…

    Broken Heart

    • 103

      Lai said,

      Agreed with you Broken Heart, i’m always praying those bastards from Mudi Angkasa or Talam for their 绝子绝孙. Sure they will receive the biggest retribution some day…They must have to pay back. Just sooner or later…

  88. 104

    miss c said,

    hello guys m one of d buyers with d gov loan.went to FH offc yesterday to fully pay. the topping up on 2.12.2011 by using a personal loan.met with Jason who immediately issued a receipt 4 me.wat i been told was dat the project is progressing as schedule.did went to d site to visit……remarks block A progressing up 2 15 storeys without d individual units..block B completed but no fully painted, swimming pool completed n so is d parking lot.i believe d project will no longer b an abandon one …..but 4 sure 2 those who did not response with d due date wll find the s&p being terminated n if sold(by d liquidator) will get back dollar to dollar xcept 4 some fees.sori cant remember…dat was minuted during our meeting with bpp n kpkt….chaired by MR THANA in October 2011(gov loan buyers)

  89. 105

    Eric said,

    Hi Committees,

    As told by Kumar from FH last time,there should be another site visit between developer & committee on Oct/Nov 2011 and will update to the purchaser.
    Can any one from committee update the status?

  90. 106

    Broken Heart said,

    Miss C,

    Yesterday i went to the site for eyewithness of the progress..i still fully confident that they can’t deliver the unit to us by february 2012. Besides that, what suprised me were the big scrach on the wall ‘ GAJI LAMBAT’ ..’Rokok Habis’ and other protes words by the workers there…
    Hope FH make sure that they care their site workers ..

    • 107

      IDA PPUM said,


  91. 108

    buyer said,

    apa dah jadi???..

  92. 109

    buyer said,

    apa dah jadi…..the real situation is if money coming in as proposed progressing fast and no money progressing slow..some who got d topping up loan made payments,some who got personal loan made payments,some who couldnt got both …..pity them…..curse those involved with MUDi ANGKASA for their doings causing d mishaps but some who got both but wait n see attitude n giving negative comments what can we say……if any of them attented d meeting with kpkt n made reference 2 FH they know dat bank negara had highlighted our project to all gov n non gov enfinancers….and those who couldnt get d topping r due 2 their personal eligibility……now if u we pay we get d house n if we dont pay we dont get the house.The court order still governs……the only thing to do is wait for the house to be completed fast or slow… some wants the house to b completed then only pay eventhough interest will b charged…..those r the scenarios at the moment…….hav u paid ask yourself thats it…..if everyone does it will b ur dream house 2012 …..remember d slogan together we unite …..n together we sink r we all willing to do it……my humble apologies to those who REALLY couldnt and had to let it go. They know dat the house would b resold by the liquidators……i sincerely understood the sorrows n pray with them……there’s always blessings in disguise.

  93. 110

    Broken Heart said,

    Top up & units will be resold by liquidator is another issues..purchasers face suffer also not the developer & my problem…but what i stress & really need to know is the DATE when they should complete this project?..february 2012 ?. June 2012..december 2012, january 2015 or Liquidator still don’t have the date yet.. when it finish it finish laaaa…..Anybody know please answer my question..

    Everybody hate negative responses..but please understand that we alway be feeds with lot of promise but on reality its not…we try to be patient & give commited what ‘the crook’ need..How about the result?..
    Liquidator can give the dateline to purchaser to settle the top up amount..did they also have the dateline to complete it???..

    Might be this is our (puchasers) social obligation for the ghost around Pandan (including Mudi Angkasa Directors) whose don’t have residence..they also rakyat Malaysia…huhh

  94. 111

    Buyer 105 said,

    bersetuju dengan broken heart….bila nak siap?? FH kena kasi satu dateline..

  95. 112

    khalil shariff said,

    i had a problem to obtain top up loan from the bank, pls advise.

  96. 113

    khairul said,

    I tak tau nak cakap la..tapi masa i went there … i saw almost 80 to 90 workers there..but namapak progress still slowwww..external nampak tak banyak berubah…internal tak pasti..

  97. 114

    SARINAH said,

    I have done my site visit on Sunday, 8th Jan 2012. It is impossible to complete the job by end of January 2012. We, as a puchaser have paid RM 30,000 to ensure the job can be continued and as promised to be completed by end of February 2012. What would happen if the developer can’t commit with their promise? Again..and again…the purchasers be a victim. Nobody wanted to know that Nusa Mewah Villa Condominium puchasers was victimised!

  98. 115

    Broken Heart said,

    Dear Sarinah,
    Suprise me that u just today realize that we were the victim…hahaha…who told u that this project will completed by end of february 2012?. Might be u have problem with your eyes..they (the our noble Liquidator) said February 2021 la..huhuhu…delay mean they can ask us another extra cost..delay mean they can ask another court order for top up money from bloddy fool like us and for who don’t want to commit, they can create another exercise to rob the units from u.. If they completed on time, they will lost income…they will lost the opportunity to get easy income…

    The FH,
    As Malaysian, i’m really proud & fully respect yours. Very good strategy in business and can be role model to other Liquidators company in future how to cheat fool purchasers…

    I teach u a tip Sarinah.
    1. tunjukkan awak punya jari ke kepala
    2. then u said ‘ saya bodoh..saya bodoh..saya bodoh’..hihihi

    i’m sure after u practice this 10 will release your tense…

    • 116

      Sow Chan said,

      Hi broken Heart,
      Do you mind to let us know who you are ? which unit you are ? Since you are so aggressive to update us the status, why not you join the committee and help them follow up the status with FH. Putting in real ‘value’ to our house rather than talk so much nonsense in this blog.

  99. 117

    Siti said,

    Hi everyone,

    I’ve been reading all the comments today and I am really shocked. Actually, I am one of the purchaser at block A-2-2 (if I’m not mistaken) and I just came back from my study leaves (not in M’sia). It seems that I’m late or to be precise, the date for me to settle up the top up sum of 30k is already due. However, do FH has the right to take our unit and terminate our S&P? Is this agreed by the bank? Besides our loan is with the bank, not with FH.

    Add to it, from the above discussion/curse/frustration/etc, it make me wonder, is it worth it for me to apply for the top up loan from the bank as most of the comments here had showed that the completion might again be pending. (Especially comments from Broken Heart which he has the point there)

    Seriously make me scared of giving out the top up sum but at the same time I’m also scared that my unit might be sold.

    Pls tell me what should I do!

    • 118

      Chin said,

      Hi Siti,

      Please contact FH as soon as possible, talk to Ms Ng or Mr. Kumar. They will advice you appropriately. Don’t worry, we are all in the same boat.

      • 119

        kae el said,

        Hi Siti,
        I agree totally with Chin. Pls ponder no more and meet up or call FH for the current situation of your unit. Not all are negative feedbacks, we do get positive ones too. So have faith.
        Good Luck and all the best to your unit

  100. 120

    khairul said,

    Broken Heart…jangan macam tu la..saya pun ada pergi lawat our condo ..memang the condo takan siap end of Feb 2012..tapi ramai pekerja masih disana..mereka sedang siapkan tingkat 15 block A
    …Block B pula.. saya lihat tingkap & atap sudah dipasang.. Kalau FH nak tipu..tak payah lah mereka susah – susah nak pasang tingkap & atap..nak buat aper..

    Kalau i tengok progress sekarang…rasanya middle tahun ni rasanya boleh siap..sikit lambat..tapi yang penting siap..So pls be positif..dari tiada harapan langsung..macam u..I rasanya u ni mesti one of purchaser yang tak bayar topup 30K..betul kan???? then terus kacau..bla bla bla…pls respect sikit pada all purchaser yang masih ada menaruh harapan..


  101. 121

    Bonggo said,

    Broken Heart, I know the frustation. But please talk with manners. Jangan cakap biadap dalam blog ini. We’re all going to be neighbors. I know we all got cheated the first time but now the target is to minimise the loss and hope for the best on the project.

  102. 122

    Vincent Leong said,

    Dear all,

    Latest update is FH will sent out letter in February 2012 to update on construction process. Till then please hold your anger and frustration. Those who have challenge or yet to settle the top-up sum, please ensure constant contact with FH.


    Together we pray for the positive update in the letter.

  103. 123

    Sow Chan said,

    Hi all,
    Agree with Khairul, Banggo, this blog is for us to share the information. I am checking this blog everyday, but really cannot tahan this broken heart, talk lots of nonsense. We still have the hope on this house. If you are not willing to top up tht is your choice. Please do not miss use this blog.

    For all, just to share with u, the value of condo become better, especially the location near to KL town, if you r one of the investor, u should understand, u will get nothing if u dun want to top up, if u take the risk to top up another 30k, end up u may get your house for market value >170K. If u r those purchaser already paid for 70%, the best choice is top up.

  104. 124

    Broken Heart said,

    Dear Sow Chan @ Sow Hai..hehehe;
    Firstly, thousand apologies for making u ‘cannot tahan’ with my preveous comments. 穷人 for me when u be my sister neighbour in future…hehehe…another jokes from me..if u feel my comment is totally nonsense, just ignore it…

    U right Khairul when u said i’m one of the purchases that cannot commit with the 30K.. i also not made any loan payment to bank since 2009..with my salary around 2.5K, i don’t have ability to continueing payed to the project with no direction (on that moment). Because of that, i’m becoming black listing & process to become bankcrupcy on progress…huhuhu

    Besides me, my sister also was one of the purchaser. We plan earlier to leave side by side unit..we dream lot , but IF (iiiffff) this project completed sooooooonnn, i’m only can be the vositor..

    What do u mean with ‘cakap biadap’??…Did with said that the Liquidator do not delever what with they said mean ‘cakap biadap’ ya?..

    Ok..i don’t want and don’t like to argue with both of u..i know that all of u also realize that u were the victims just i am..butttttt…

    i. I don’t want my belove sister become another victim like me, face with lots of problem ..with bank..with legality..with wife.

    ii. FH as the liquidator did not deliver like their promise during the early meeting with the purchasers.. I attended the meeting with FH and still clearly in my mind with the statement by the FH representor that they will appointed the qualify developer and fund is not the fact ??? pthuiii

    iii. U as the puchaser have the dateline on Top up payment…did FH have their date line???…I call Kumar (FH) earlier but he also cannot give me the date with unreasonable explaination…but last time they simply said…we WILL completed this project on February 2012. Did the decicion on completing on that date is legal documented?.deyyy..pooodahhh..for sure it not..Liquidator is enough smart on covering their risk & weaknesses.

    iv. My last question TODAY..hehehe… Did u as the puchaser whose commit 30k extra were covered by Legal?.. What happen to your top up money if FH like Talam/Mudi angkasa cannot complete this project?..

    one mre time sorry & see u again next…hahahehehuhu

    • 125

      Bonggo said,

      Broken Heart, maybe biadap is not the proper word but that sentence was directed when u making ‘saya bodoh’ joke to one of the purchaser. We are all already down, don’t need another ‘negative support’ from fellow purchasers.

      Whatever comment u want to make to FH or Talam – go ahead, thats your voice

  105. 126

    ed said,

    What to do when purchasers are like a meat on the chopping board. The government is not doing enough to protect the purchasers.
    By right government should confiscate all assets of developer, sell them and use the money to fund abandon projects.
    Developers are rich..they have money to hire lawyers to find loop holes in the legal system. If we challenge them using legal system, for sure they will win. People say dont fight with people in their own backyard.

  106. 127

    buyer said,

    miss block b ,
    guys i contacted Elsie to get some progress.She said it will b completed by mid of this year.I also contacted En Amir d contracter,He also mentioned mid, reason being top up payment not being paid as progressed so slow project movement..He said after CNY FH had confirmed that most buyers {gov n non gov loan} had their respective top up loan approved n had d details fr those who terminated their condo….fr there they will proceed as wat is left 2 finish with d cash flowing in.2day i went to the site, block b fully painted in white, block A 15th storey a few individual units to completed b4 putting the roof,Pray hard guys it certainly wont b an abandoned project but bear a bit of d delay due 2 constraints reasons from d buyers who eventually got d top up loan approval n slow but constant project movement which with god willingly we will eventually get our condo.More details contact FH personally ……..

  107. 128

    buyer said,

    miss block b.
    helo sow chan jz want 2 share something with u.i attended a meeting with FH ,En Amir and Mr Thana from kem prmhn @ putrajaya mid of Oct 2011 abt wat governs d court order(gov loan buyers) …..anyway Mr Thana asked abt d value of our condo…b4 completion as it is now RM145K but after completion RM 170 to current market value.Mr Thana advice was pay up if not lose d condo but still retain monthly payment to pinjmn prmhn and r still at loss bcause there’s no more condo @ kl vicinity at that price….pemaju cannot uphold d promises to complete in Feb 2012 …no cash flow.most of us paid up b4 31/12/2011

    • 129

      Sow Chan said,

      hi, thanks for your sharing, is true I believe we can get much more better price if we hold the house abt 2-3 years after completion.

  108. 130

    Broken Heart said,

    U are right Sow Chan/Hai,

    Yess we can get better price when we hold the unit after 2-3 years completion..location nearest to city centre and the grave beside the mosque, u just walking to klcc…If u can hold after 10 years are better dear..huhuhu…completion date ..1 june 2020..sold on 2023 after 3 years..2023 and half purchaser passed away…

    Disgust with statement u made dear..just confort & nice in hearing..but nothing ..uwekkk… u talks nonsense Sow Chan..hehehe

  109. 131

    CJ said,

    i think there is not only 1 broken heart, there r broken heart I, broken heart II, broken heart III…

    i share ur feeling, broken heart.

  110. 132

    IDA PPUM said,


  111. 133

    TL said,

    Hello everybody, since we all knew that our condo cannot complete in february 2012. Can FH give a new completion date?

    • 134

      Vincent Leong said,

      Hi TL,

      As per my message earlier, FH will send out the letter on site progress and completion date by next month.

      Wishing all future neighbor Gong Xi Fa Chai and happy holiday.


  112. 135

    TL said,

    Hello Vincent,

    Thank you for your info.

    Here I also want to wish you and our future neighbour Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy Holiday.

  113. 136

    Chin said,

    Dear neighbors,

    Just visited the site, and judging by outer view, the condo definitely cannot be ready in February, but i can see the some progress from my last visit.

    Block A final floor roof thrust is taking shape, and block B looks completed to me. it can be completed this year if everything still moving.

    Cheer up everyone, its gonna be a great year this year !!

  114. 137

    Broken Heart said,

    Dear Vincent (web blog moderator),
    I try to download the minute of meeting between FH & KPKT (28/2/2011 – Stated that Target Completion date 1st Jan 2012). However message ‘file not found’ displayed. I would like ask help from u to attach it back if u still kept the copy. Might be something interesting inside the minute.

    Last night on TV3 news shown frustration protest of Pulau Indah purchasers. I’m imaging of Chin, TL, CJ, SOW CHANN, Binggo & me when i saw the protestors..hihihi. Although I was wide-open, but I realized the fate of all of you are better than them. I hope the committee can close monitor their case. Might be u can get something from them because it look like simular case with us.

    Late but still want to wish Happy New Year (Water Dragon) for all of u. Hopefully u can celeberate it at Bukit Pandan Mewah Condo next year.


  115. 138

    Broken Heart said,

    Latest news..Shocking to hear that FH will terminate the current contractor because they cannot deliver work as stated in project timeline. Besides that, MPAJ had send ‘warning letter’ to FH because of the contractor employed illegal worker from Africa. FH on process to take legal action to sue this company..

    Besides that, FH request purchaser to be patient because they will replace the contractor with the new one. They promise that it will settle ‘appointed’ of new contractor before december 2012(construction complete don’t know yet) ..ermmm

    hehehe..can’t wait until April to made ‘April Fool’..i made February Fool first…huhuhu…Sow Chan admit that she check this site every day…so u can read something new dear…huhuhu…february fool..february fool

  116. 139

    Jason Lee said,

    Dear all,

    I have just got a reply from person in charge from FH regarding the rumours of the termination of the current contractor :-

    “Must say that we were as ‘shocked’ as you by theshocking news from your blog. Works at site were slow due to the festiveholiday and we didn’t terminate kamuja. We are working on some plansto expedite the construction works.

    For your info, we didn’t receive any warning letter from MPAJand there is certainly no plan to take legal action against the contractor.

    We shall update the purchasers on the site progress once alldetails are finalized. ”

    Hence, dear all purchasers, please stay calm and do not interfere by unnecessary rumours that affect our emotion towards this project.

  117. 140

    Broken Heart said,

    Hi Jason,

    I just made ‘stupid joke’ on comment number 138. Did African came here to be the field labour at contruction site?.. hihihi.. they (the Africans) either came here to involve in drug syndicate or cheating fool local girl…i told u there..that only my February Fool before April fool come..hahaha

    But its ok Jason. Immediate response from u to contact FH for updating the project status was very good…hihihi..i’m appreciate that..others too..

    Response from FH when u highligted the rumours/stupid joke was ‘ We are working on some PLANS to EXPIDITE the construction works’ … i hope u can ask follow up from FH what plans they have to expidite the contruction work and what they mean with expidite the construction..2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months or 1 year???…better give preassure to FH with such questions like that..

    have plans..expidite..have plan..expidite…another promise from FH to the fool purchasers..hihihi..huhuhu…

    I miss comment from Sow Chan..hehehe

  118. 141

    Jason Lee said,

    Thanks for your response Broken Heart, person in charge from FH saying that they will send out a letter for the latest updates of the project by March (early or mid of March).

    If we do not receive any update by March i believe our committee will follow up closely with them.

    Stay tuned. Thanks.

  119. 142

    IDA PPUM said,

    bukan broken heart saja yg respon masalah ini ,semua pembeli nak projek tu siap tahun ni…duit dah top-up 30,000lebih tunggu apa lagi..kami nak pembelaan,perlindungan..tolong lah kami…sampai bila kami nak hutang dgn bank,duduk menyewa..mati mcm ni…

    • 143

      Loyalty Waiting.... said,

      Hi All,

      Hope the property will complet soon. Anything info, hope Commitee can update in this blog for all owner of property wil get the correct info about the status of this project.

      Anyway, please read only the commitee info. If not please direct call FH for the info and please get the name hows was give the info to you.

      Thank you

      Loyalty Waiting….. 🙂

  120. 144

    Loyalty Waiting said,

    We all are know sufer but after the property completed….hihihihi….will come better and better to your life and all you family…..

    Hope all can pray for this property can be completed….

    Thank you

    Loyalty Waiting…. 🙂

  121. 145

    pembeli kecewa said,

    tengahari tadi saya pergi ke site tengok tak ada lak pekerja yang sedang bekerja…..kalau macam nie bila nak siap nyer…..FH kena bagi satu dateline bila nak siap kalau tak it is not fair to buyer.Duit tambah RM30,000 pandai pulak bagi dateline kalau tak kena late interest..projek bila nak siap tak ada dateline pulak…adil ker???

  122. 146

    Broken Heart said,

    Pekerja Kamuja tidak bekerja sebab mereka masih lagi dalam mood festival holiday…hahaha

  123. 147

    exhauster said,

    Just called FH this afternoon and informed that the TARGETED completion date will be on END OF 2012.
    I don’t want to write the reason given here as they can give many reasons behind….!!!
    Another delay & delay by their stupid way of project management and reasons..!

  124. 148

    Broken Heart said,

    They already get top up RM from yours..that their target..just wait another top up request from FH after this .. Mudi Angkasa = Talam = FH…no different between them….I lack the suitable sentence to describe this kind of beasts…fools always been cheating..don’t pay top up will loss the units..when u payed..they take oputunity to cheat u again & again..huhh…might be Pandan Mewah Condo born to be a loser…pity yours & me too…

  125. 149

    Broken Heart said,

    Commitee or Sow Chan…i miss your info & comment..don’t be dumb & deaf after top up not already the issues right now… please be responsible

  126. 150

    Broken Heart said,

    To expidite the project????…have plan???…你他妈的 to FH

  127. 151

    khairul said,

    commitee..pls call FH and ask them bila rumah boleh siap? Susah loo macam ni, apa sudah jadi…

  128. 152

    khairul said,

    Baru call FH, Mr Kumar, dia update memang projek ini sekarang memang sangat – sangat slow, tiada cash flow..hanya 50-60 % saja yang bayar topup itupun kebanyakannya tak bayar penuh… ada lebih 100 buyer yang tak bayar langsung.So FH telah terminate S&P mereka iaitu pada Dec 2011. Sekarang FH tengah cari buyer untuk membeli kesemua rumah tersebut. Dia kata ada lima buyer telah hantar proposol, so FH tengah nilai mana yang memberi pulangan setimpal. Buat masa ini, dia kata projek ni dipantau oleh orang Kementerian dan FH selalu sentiasa memberi update kepada mereka. So dia kata jangan risau FH tetap akan menyiapkan projek ini…boleh percaya ke!!!!!

  129. 153

    Hoe said,

    To FH,

    I am one of the purchaser who didn’t able to get loan from bank for the top up. I have no choice but take out all my saving just hope the miracle will happen ! Please don’t dispointed us & pls make it complete within this year ! I believed many of us in deep trouble now with finance & the only hope we have now is you – FH. FYI, I am not going to pay another top up for the second time & I am sure many of us won’t too.

    FH being told that the project will delay from Feb to June 2012 when I tried to ask during Sept last year. Now we are being told that project delay AGAIN & might be complete by end of 2012 but we didn’t get any bonus from the delay and the only thing we got is ‘WAIT’…..we are being too kind to them !! Anybody can tell us what we can do now to get back what we suppose to get asap without waiting anymore ??? We are patient enough to wait for 10 years.

  130. 154

    mama said,

    Ooii..bila mau siap ??? delay delay delay..minta duit tak sempat -sempat, kerja macam siput babi…

  131. 155

    Broken Heart said,

    Dear FP (fools & poors) Pandan Mewah Purchasers,
    Although i’m don’t have ability to commit with this saviour/RESCUER scheme propose by the your hanoured liquidator, i still shared your feeling right now with the current situation that u face with. I never expected that previously joke i made suddenly become a reality.

    I realise that already lost my unit but i fully hopes that this project completed as targeted. Just like i said before, my sister also the purchaser and no big different between she & me..suffer..impact from this sick project.

    Dear commitee..i like to share my opinion here…

    1. u should get project status report from FH & share with the loyal puchasers here by updating periodically in this blog..
    2. u also should get & kept the original copy from FH regarding to the their proposal paper and the court order..this document will useful as the avedence when u need to take futher action in future.
    3. Any decision or minuntes made between FH, KPKT & others related parties also should be properly kept by the comittee.
    4. The project plan & the project timeline should also been keep shared with the purchasers for close monitoring & tracking purpose.
    5. Any issues rises during the execution this project must be log and immediately highligted during your meeting with FH & the related parties.
    6. Commitee & puchasers also have right to know and be inform with what & how FH manage the top up amount they get.

    Besides that, committee also should get the LIST of purchasers whose already commit to lets FH SAVESSSS their property by follow ALL FH requirement & needs..PLEASE attach the list here, so early & immediately action can be made if their name missing from the list.

    Dear appointed commitee..please deliver your role..u will be appreciate not by me but from the FP (fool & poor purchasers).

  132. 156

    khairul said,

    I support what Broken Heart suggested, Commitee please be more active and deliver your role. Pls don’t just senyap jeaaa…where are u now???? Please update the latest info in this blog as what you all know..about FH, about Kamuja, about topup list, about FH plan and bla, bla, bla…pls share

  133. 157

    nicky said,

    FH contact email or person in charge is ??????

  134. 158

    DecadeGeneration said,

    Hello all,

    New completion date given by FH as mentioned by Exhauster will be End of 2012.

    FH do not simply give a completion date to make all of us to feel happy, without any commitment, without any black and white written.
    How can we trust this given date?

    10 more months left for this year 2012. If you (FH) are serious about this date, should inform Kamuja to add more workers, at least 100 workers. Then only can see the progress.

    FH you have a good track of record for handle a lot of abundance projects and able to complete but we are wondering actually you take how long year to do so?

  135. 159

    Suresh said,

    Dear all,

    I just called FH and spoke to Jason. I was told that the workers have stopped work for about 2 weeks now in order to allow the QS team and the consultant to do the evaluation.

    I have explained to them that if there is a change in the completion date, its their responsibility to inform all the purchasers in writing. He explained that they will be doing so once the QS report is out so that they can estimate the remaining work pending.

    Thats all for now.


  136. 161

    Broken Heart said,

    Thanks to Suresh too…so when they will continue their work?.

  137. 162

    CJ said,

    stop work for 2 weeks? QS evaluation? hehe, i just afraid another top up needed.

  138. 163

    nicky said,

    any 1 can give me contact of FH ?

  139. 166

    Broken Heart said,

    I’m predict that Nicky will headache after made call to FH…err

  140. 167

    Jiwa Kacau said,

    Tolong le pemaju. Perbelanjaan bulanan saya melebihi pendapatan gara-gara nakkan juga rumah ni.

    Ogos 2011, saya buat personel loan bagi bayar top up. Loan terpaksa dibuat bagi mengelak kehilangan rumah yg dibeli. saya sanggup minum saja tanpa makan pada waktu bekerja sebab duit memang takdak akibat keperluan luar jangka bagi bayaran balik pinjaman. Sangkakan saya, bulan february 2012 dah boleh duduk..jadi masalah saya boleh dikurangkan apabila dapat duduk rumah sendiri.

    Namun dari perkembangan projek, nampaknya lama lagilah rumah ini akan siap dan dapat diduduki. Nak cukupkan perbelanjaan terpaksa hutang..tiap2 bulan hutang dari sept. 2011 sampai sekarang dah tak der sumber nak berhutang pun lagi dah ni. saya rasa tersangat tertekan. isteri tidak bekerja manakala perbelanjaan anak2 perlu disediakan seperti biasa. tak tau nak mengadu kat siapa dah, tolong lah pemaju, siapkan projek ini segera. Nak marah pun tak tau nak marah pada siapa. Harap saya tidak sampai jadi gila.

    Tolonglah pemaju penyelamat. Siapkan segera projek ini.

  141. 168

    Jiwa Kacau said,

    Dulu FH janji akan siapkan projek pada Februari 2012. Tapi sekarang ni dah jadi disember pulak. Pada saya ini semua MENGARUT (ridiculous). Kalau Jun 2012 ke masih lagi boleh diterima. Tolong lah jangan seksa dan dera kami wahai Pemaji Penyelamat FH. Tolong lah….pleaseeee

  142. 169

    Jason Lee said,

    Ya.. Jiwa Kacau, saya memang memahami perasaan anda… sebab saya berada dalam boat yang sama ni… saya sudah contact pada committee project kita dan mereka akan mengadakan satu meeting pada March nanti, saya rasa FH akan mengemukaan jadual yang baru, haraplah jangan disember lagi… saya akan update blog ni dengan berita yang baru nanti… harap maklum…

  143. 170

    Ed said,


    FH said only 50-60% paid top-up, can they give us any proof? Whatever reason or excuse they give, please ask them to show evidence so that they don’t simply promise. We purchasers also need something to hold-on to. Some of the things FH can give is:

    1) list of purchasers already paid top-up. If name is sensitive, just put the unit number. Put this list in this blog so that whoever paid will make sure their unit is there. FH to provide an updated list monthly

    2) cash-flow statement for the project so that we know how FH spent the money. FH have to provide this monthly

    3) FH must allow committee to enter the site anytime to do site inspection. Take pictures and post into this blog. Do this spot check especially after FH cash-flow indicates payment has been made to contractor for job done. Go on-site to validate if the job is really completed.

    4) committee to proactively provide KPKT the above 3 status reports so that the government will also know whether there is any progress. Do this monthly.

    5) make FH to commit the new deadline. And this commitment has to be not only to the purchasers but also to the relevant government agencies as well. ie:KPKT.

    6) find out what sort of KPI the government agency KPKT have related to reviving abandon projects. Make this project as part of their KPI to meet.

    I know point 5 and 6 will be a challenge. We are already broke or near bankrupt so besides our lives, we have nothing more to loose by trying anything.


  144. 171

    Chin said,

    Ed , very good suggestion!

    FH already said before that the developer meet their stringent requirement, where one of the criteria is able to build up the whole project without any fund from us.

    I believe Broken Heart already s**t on this statement long ago, and whatever has been said so far does not come into reality, except the part where they help us to get the top up loan.

    Now.. we wait.. again …

  145. 172

    IDA PPUM said,

    Bila la derita akan berakhir….saya sedih sangat, dengarnya bulan december pula baru siap…bila tahun akan berakhir…tiada ke pihak mana2 boleh diadukan….

  146. 177

    momo said,

    Refer to Broken Heart comments on page 137,the Pulau Indah purchaser also encounter the same case as Bukit Pandan…they are report to SPRM to investigate the developer & contractor…maybe you also can report to SPRM (Suruhanjaya Pencegahan
    Rasuah Malaysia) for this case..!

    Blok D6, Kompleks D
    Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan
    Peti Surat 6000
    62007 Putrajaya, Malaysia

    Tel : 03 8886 7000
    Faks : 03 8888 9562
    Emel :
    SMS : 019-6000696

  147. 178

    Broken Heart said,

    Dear Friends,

    Firstly i tried to quote in order from beginning the response by FH /commitee when purchasers asking them regarding to the project status. However it a long list..might be bore for reading and 只有恼人..

    Explaination by FH said that they already have proposal from 5 (FIVE) buyer to take over the units. They on valuation stage to identify the best buyer..but what i try to highlight here..with this 5 buyer have interested to take the units mean no more issue on fund. They can select buyer who offer higher..problem only rise IF (IFFF) NO PARTY INTEREST to take over. For sure buyer have enough fund when they propose their proposal. What else problem with FH now?….hope commitee will get info with the price offer by the buyers…i afraid FH give reason that their offer less..or other f*** reason for them to delay completeness ..huhh

    FH should have no reason to complete this project If the topup amount plus the price offer by buyer more then 11M.. unless they want to make more profit..i don’t know either social obligation also one of the criteria for liquidator on delevered the court order..

    Just quote from what Suresh said on 22/2/2012 ” I just called FH and spoke to Jason. I was told that the workers have stopped work for about 2 weeks now in order to allow the QS team and the consultant to do the evaluation.”

    2 weeks just passing by…did Kemuja continueing back their field work? about their evaluation result?….ermmm..i have lot of question but that there is still no answer..not just Sow Chan, Kumar FH also already start to hate me..did i do wrong for asking??..

  148. 179

    pembelikondo said,

    alo broken heart apa kata awak jadi committe …nampak awak banyak idea dan selalu follow up kat sini…bising2 pun tak guna jugak …suruh committe buat itu buat ini…..bila awak dalam committe so awak boleh contribute your idea dgn semua apa yang awak cadang nak buat…jangan pandai cakap saja buat tak tau.

  149. 180

    Broken Heart said,

    Dear pembelikondo,

    I agree with your point of view that I should get involved as a committee. I’m not sure whether the committee is appointed or any buyer can be the committee. I would like to sit in the next meetings between the committee, KPKT and FH if it allowed. When & where?.

    Although I already lost the unit but i’m still hope that this project be delivered as promise.

    U should dedicate your statement ‘jangan pandai cakap saja buat tak tau’ to FH..ermm.. they promise lots mean THEY ‘yang pandai cakap & pandai tipu’..Sometime i feel that some response here are coming from FH and u are the one. Because of that u wanted buyer just keep silence..might be i’m wrong…did pembelikondo & Sow Chan is the same person?..ermmm

  150. 181

    IDA PPUM said,


  151. 182

    Vincent Leong said,

    Dear all future neighbours,

    A e-mail was sent by Suresh to Mr Andrew Heng who is the Managing Partner of FH today and will update once Mr Andrew reply on the project status.


  152. 183

    Eric said,

    Hi Vincent,

    Since you are one of the committee, can you organize a meet up for all of the purchaser with FH & the contractor?

    We want to know the status from them and how is the fund go for since they are claim that not enough fund to go further on the current project.

    BTW,is the funding audit? How transparent they are?

    We are paying the money and we have the right to know all about this.

    Since election is coming soon,can we take this chance to get that area YB to look into this issue?


  153. 184

    Vincent Leong said,

    Hi Eric,

    The meeting with purchaser and FH is one of the agenda in the e-mail. Should not opt for politician interference to avoid further complication to our project progress.


  154. 185

    Elsie said,

    To all my beloved purchasers of bukit pandan
    Just for your info, we committee will be arranging a meeting with FH soon,
    We will keep you guys update regarding the out come of the meeting. Well I hope and pray that it will be a good news from the meeting…….never give up till you get your keys to your condo through prayer and faith……….

  155. 186

    b2-02 said,

    betul ke saper xbayar top-up xdapat rumah? kalau camtu, FH nak settlekan loan buyer ngan bank ker?

    • 187

      Vincent Leeong said,

      Hi B2-02,

      Maklumat lanjut akan di beritahu selepas meeting dengan FH tapi pastikan ansuran bulanan dengan bank masih di bayar kerana perjanjian adalah di antara anda dan bank.


  156. 188

    khairul said,

    Harap cepat – cepat meeting,,,tak sabar tunggu good news..
    bila construction work can start again?

  157. 189

    IDA PPUM said,

    Semoga tahun ni kita boleh pindah yeee semua pembeli….sudah sekian lama kita menderitakannn…Syabas FH..

  158. 190

    Yang Dah Sakit Kepala said,

    Kerja tak siap pun u ucap SYABAS ler pulak..wakaka

    Tips from FH for today..sekiranya anda mahu dihormati dan di Syabas oleh orang lain…lewat-lewatkan le kerja anda..kalau tak disiapkan lagi ler gooddd…

  159. 191

    khairul said,

    Hi All

    FH promised to have meeting or send us progress update letter to us this month? So when…next week, next month or next year?

  160. 192

    Yang Dah Sakit Kepala said,

    Selamat pagi En. Khairul,

    Encik jangan marah ye..FH tak menipu lah encik..masa januari dulu saya ada call Kumar FH..dia cakap progress letter tu akan dihantar kepada purchasers SELEPAS tahun baru cina…selagi belum sampai next year punya chiness new year, u boleh consider FH masih pegang pada janji..
    Good job FH..SYABASSSS…

  161. 193

    Jiwa Kacau said,

    Yang sakit kepala,

    Saya pun ada call FH. Mr. kumar juga. Dia cakap kerja berhenti 2 minggu sahaja kat site bagi proses valuation. Masalahnya, sejak januari kerja dah berhenti, bila saya pergi baru-baru ini (dah lebih 2 bulan), masih lagi belum ada kerja yg bersambung. Tolong le FH, siapkan segera kerja2 tu. Saya tengok crane masih terpacak kat sana. Kos sewa crane tentunya termasuk dalam cas ke atas pembeli sedangkan kerja tak jalan-jalan. Yg untung penyewa crane…kos pembeli tanggung walaupun tak perlu kerja.

    Betul lah sebagaimana tulisan kat atas…pembeli yg tak bayar topup, unit mereka diambil alih manakala pembeli yg bayar topup entah sampai bila boleh duduk rumah tersebut sedangkan duit tambahan dah pun diserahkan. Dah dapat duit topup, kerja terus terhenti. Ada ka patut?…memang tak patut..memang tak patut..

    Saya dah rasa tersangat marah tapi tak tau macamana nak diluahkan…

  162. 194

    Mau rumah said,

    Dear Committee …bila mahu meeting, sudah mau masuk bulan April ni..

  163. 195

    IDA PPUM said,

    kenapa committe tak ada bagi apa2 feedback ..diam aje..ada apa2 masalah ke….kesian kami pembeli …jgn biar kami menunggu..

  164. 196

    Broken Heart said,

    Alaa ida..sudah 10 tahun u boleh tunggu..ini 1-2 tahun lagi tunggu apa masalahnya…

    U tak faham ye..FH dah maklumkan yang mereka ‘ We are working on some PLANS to EXPIDITE the construction works’ …

    Plan asal dia org nak siapkan rumah u 4 tahun selepas u bayar top up..tapi dengan plan to expidite that project..dijangkakan selepas 3 setengah tahun selepas u bayar top up..dia org akan sambung pembinaan…u tunggu le..jangan bising2..nanti Sow Chan marah..

    Itu progress punya update letter (peace of paper) pun FH lambat2kan send (janji february) to purchasers ini lu mau bising pasal bila rumah mau siap pulak…tunggu laa..u tak faham ke?. Our QS Evaluator masih lagi kira pasir sama batu kat site..lambat lagi mau habis kira pasir lah…u sabar ye…SYABASSSS..hihihi

  165. 197

    decadecentury said,

    Hai, since some of us have paid up the top up sum and the contruction work have stopped again. We feel like no protection. Can we make a police report under commercial fraud? Committee any comments?

  166. 198

    hussien said,

    hello……hello…..semua pembeli rumah.tolonglah jangan cakap yang bukan bukan.bersatulah dengan committee dan settlekan semua halangan.bukan cari pasal sesama pembeli.kita semua adalah manggsa.fikirlah baik baik mahu tak mahu rumah ini.kalau tak mahu .diam sajalah.kalau mahu.ikut saja sama committee.bising bising apa u dapat?

  167. 199

    Broken Heart said,

    U bising or u tak bising or u made top up payment or u not..the result still same..

    I’m agreed with u purchasers should BERSATU..because of that we agree FH be our penyelamat..because of that we commit with the top up scheme..

    Commitees should more aggresive to give info..i’m sure it can stop nonsense comment if puchaser get correct & timely information..

    April passing by..we the purchasers still do not receive the progress letter as FH promised before..don’t talk about promise to deliver the units on march 2012..just a peace of paper but it also late..i’m sure purchasers need FH or commitee give justification or explaination about it..

    Mr. Hussein..Re-start back work on site will close the puchasers mouth..

  168. 200

    frustrated buyer said,

    totally agreed with broken heart…you got point here dude…commitee tak buat kerja ….sokong sangat FH ….apa pun tak boleh harap..

  169. 201

    IDA PPUM said,

    FH kenapa diam aje …macam2 org cakap pun diam….diam2 ubi berisi juga ini diam apa …..saya harap maklum dr FH …beri khabar gembira pada kami pembeli…

  170. 202

    Justin said,

    Dear All,

    The project is temporarlily stop due to 50% of the buyers (source from FH) did not top-up and had caused the delay. This project needs 100% commitment, meaning your votes and also the funds of RM30,700 top-up to complete this project.

    If only 50% paid up, you will only see 50% of the work completed. Can all of you understand how important is when you did not top-up. FH will have to get new investors (white knight) to inject funds to this rescue. We can only hope that FH will quickly get the right investors to continue and complete the project.

    Will the committe members, please follow-up with FH and update us the on the progress of this project. Some transparency or proof is good enough to built trust and confidence.

    Appreciate all committee for their kind assisstance and hard work.

    Thanks & regards,


  171. 203

    khairul said,

    Dear Elsie..

    Bila meeting dengan FH akan dijalankan…hope for your feedback..

  172. 204

    Broken Heart said,


    I’m totally believed that FH already calculated the risk that they cannot get 100% commitment from purchasers when they accept to be the PENYELAMAT earlier. During the first meet to seek the approval from purchasers to continue this project, they NEVER (repeat NEVER) inform us that project only can be completed with commitment from 100% purchasers. What that they stress in the meeting was the approval from partial percentage of purchasers (i can’t remember the accurate figure..60 or 70% but NOT 100%). They act and spoke confidently like without comittment from purchaser, they still can complete it.

    After that, series of target completion date promise by them before..June 2011..August 2011..January 2012..February 2012..June 2012..but finally now, no more promise of completion date be heard.

    What i’m dissapointed…at the end, Purchasers be blame..they easily said, purchasers was the responsible why FH cannot complete on time (or forever)..does it fair to us?.

    I’m worry FH will find a way after this to create conflict with the purchasers to enable them to leave this project in the abandoned..the already get top up money..they lost nothing..

  173. 205

    Justin said,

    Dear Broken Heart,

    We all have already lost in the 1st battle on this project. There was no fairess and we don’t have a choice here. All of us have come this far and we wanted our unit to be completed real bad.

    We only have to trust FH and yourself. If you don’t top-up and 50% of the buyers did not top-up, how can the project be carry on?

    Yes, FH did says if they get 80-90% of the buyers votes, they will proceed to call for the scheme and the rescue of this project. 100% commitment means when you voted to continue the project, you have to top-up with the sum no matter how you come out with the money or worse lose the unit if you don’t. That is the court order per the scheme.

    You can argue until the cow comes home, but what is the point here when the most important issue cannot be solve. Do you have a better choice or rescue plan to help us all?

    Thanks and regards,

  174. 206

    Justin said,

    second para should read:

    We only have to trust FH and ourselves. If you don’t top-up and 50% of the buyers did not top-up, how can the project be carry on?

    My sincere apology for the typo error.

    Trust God and those who trust themselves, will see the shining star soon.


  175. 207

    Broken Heart said,

    Dear Justin,

    Your response similiar with what i’m heard from Kumar FH…’50% of the buyers did not top-up, how can the project be carry on? ‘

    My concern is what happen to rest ( another 50% that give their comitment ?.).

    What i’m understand, FH already had exact number of terminated puchasers..they also already send legal letter to the effected nominee end of last find new investor also not the dificulties because our kondo just ‘beside’ klcc not in bukit Beruntung of Ulu Bernam. Since January, we heard that 4-5 parties interested to invest.

    Constuction stop at site since Chiness New Year (23/1/2012)..when we ask , they told that the workers have stopped work for ABOUT 2 WEEKS now in order to allow the QS team and the consultant to do the evaluation..then festival season..NOT because of not enough fund to continue work..

    We being inform that 50% made top up..when we ask for the LIST of commited purchaser or units..they can’t produce..Progress Update letter until now we still not receive it..i’m also believe that FH also will NOT share with us the new investors & the fund amount they agreed with this investors.

    I don’t care how much FH get profit from this project..what i’m concern is.. they should delivered as promise..They are frequence said that the have expirence on manage sick project previously..If they said the truth, we will should not face situation like this..


    About your question ‘Do you have a better choice or rescue plan to help us all?’..I don’t think now is the right time for me fo find out new solution after ‘FH already get 80-90% of the buyers votes’ to rescue this project..beside that FH also said ‘ We are working on some PLANS to EXPIDITE the construction works’..

    But for the contigency plan..i have it…i will share with u when the time has come..Just need confirmation from commitee..did FH insured this project?. Hope response from committe too..



    • 208

      Vincent Leong said,

      Dear all,

      Do hang on there as there will be an detail updates to be post here after 20APR2012.


  176. 209

    Justin said,

    Broken Heart,

    You got the points there. But we can never understand why they take so long to complete. In the first instance, it involves so many parties, and moreover as I said, if 100% commitment from all buyers have top-up the sum by now we should have our units.

    Maybe, it could turn out to be a golden opportunities to them and the new investors, we never know. But this is the real world. I am just sad that 50% of the buyers that could not come out with the sum lost their unit.

    Yes, please by all means share it with all the buyers here. If your contingency plan can help us, why not? Otherwise, if it is not, please don’t. Thanks


  177. 210

    mrwait said,

    justin and committee…dont ever blame buyer who did not come out with top pup amount, 30k is not a small amount of money..the also have a right not to continue this project on what ever reason.

    once FH start doing construction on work site they should have enough fund to complete it regardless how.

  178. 211

    KKChong said,

    Yes, agreed with Mr Wait.. ..

    My financing bank had released further RM11k++ of progress payment to the construction work done for wall last month. I really dont understand why the bank approved for the release as the work at site had stop & FH previously had mentioned they unable to get the progress payment to be release from the bank.

    If FH able the get the loan release from the bank, it should have sufficient fund to carry on the remaining work + the top up sum from certain purchasers.

    After the progress payment released + the top up sum paid, i have to pay extra RM250 for monthly interest. Total interest i going to pay every month become around RM400+-. This had make me very dissapointed after i found the work stop again.

    Hope committee able to get latest information from FH for they planning on our project. Dont let us to get “hurt” again after paid the top up sum & the released of the progress payment.

    If keep delay the project, we may need to have another top up as the cost to complete are keep on increasing yearly or even monthly.

    Hope committee may closely follow up with FH or i may assist too if needed.

    Thanks to all committee on your contribution to our project

    • 212

      Vincent Leong said,

      Dear all,

      The earlier arrangement was to utilize the top-up fund as any request to obtain release from remaining bank loan will be thereafter. I have not receive any notification on additional release from my bank-when do you receive the letter?

      Rest assure on committee commitment to keep close monitoring and update.

  179. 213

    chewan said,

    KK Chong,

    Your case is worry me as this is the sign and behavior of the Mudi Angkasa before they planning to declare bankruptcy…!

  180. 214

    tunggulamasangat said,

    Hello, Mr. KKChong.

    The road,road kerb, and drain not done properly the axitect also can approved and the bank also release payment tutupmata saja.

  181. 215

    Suresh said,

    frustrated buyer,

    ur comment below is quoted:-

    “totally agreed with broken heart…you got point here dude…commitee tak buat kerja ….sokong sangat FH ….apa pun tak boleh harap..”

    If you feel you can do a better job, why do you wanna hide yourself behind there. Come forward and help the rest of the fellow buyers.

    I was not a committee member when i actively spoke out previously.

    You need not be a committe member in order to speak out. You are also one of the purchaser like the rest of the committee members.

    Come forward and buat kerja so that the rest of the purchasers can harap on you.

    If you feel you can only buat kerja if you become a committee member, you are most welcome to join the committee.

    Dear all,

    This is a self rescue project. If at least 2/3 of the total buyers had paid the top-up sum by now, all of us would not have been in this situation.

    I totally agree that this is not a small sum. The banks had delayed the entire process. On the other hand, some purchasers who didn’t apply for financing choose to be on the group who just want to wait and see.

    If everybody want to wait and see, who is going to fund the project? The contractor can only fund the project to certain extend. FH is just a liquidation company, they are not the developer.

    If you have no faith in the committee members, please call FH directly at 0322736227 and look for Yvonne. She is the project director. It is not necessary to listen to what the committe has got to say.

    Thanks and Regards,

  182. 216

    Jiwa Kacau said,

    Committee / Suresh,

    Saya sejak November 2011 hanya sarapan kuih yg dibuat isteri, bawa bekal (kiranya ada) dan minum air kosong sahaja setiap hari bekerja sebab perbelanjaan telah pun melebihi pendapatan apabila buat personal loan bagi top up sebagaimana yg diperlukan oleh FH (RM700 untuk 5 tahun = RM31000) . Pada masa2 tertentu..untuk isi minyak motosikal pun dah timbul masalah pada saya.

    Sebelum ni saya ada hanya RM300 extra dari income..tetapi bila saya buat top up loan..pendapatan bulanan saya dah jadi negative RM400. 1-2 bulan pertama, saya masih boleh hutang dengan kawan2 & saudara bagi mencukupkan perbelanjaan..tapi sekarang ni saya dah malu nak pinjam kat mereka sebab hutang lama pun masih belum diselesaikan..

    Saya menjangkakan apabila projek ini disiapkan pada Mac 2012 lalu sebagaimana yg diwar-warkan..saya akan ada pendapatan tambahan sebab tak perlu sewa rumah lagi..namun harapan saya hancur..terbaca pulak penjelasan dan ding-dong-ding-dong kat sini, saya jadi bertambah takut…

    Bagi pembeli yg punya income berlebihan dah top up amount tidak menjejaskan kewangan mereka..mereka mungkin boleh bersabar..tapi kalau berada dalam kedudukan sebagaimana saya sekarang..mungkin boleh gila…anak2 perlukan perbelanjaan harian..isteri pula tidak bekerja..saya juga tidak mahu kehilangan unit yg dibeli begitu sahaja..

    Saya telah pun buat top up sebagaimana yg dikehendaki..saya tak tahan lagi sebab terasa terus menjadi mangsa keadaan..

    Sekiranya saya tahu begini jadinya kesudahan projek ini, saya rela kehilangan unit tersebut daripada menanggung beban yg begini berat…

    Saya terasa sudah putus asa…isteri hari2 berleter sebab tak cukup perbelanjaan..motivasi untuk bekerja teruk menurun..saya rasa mau terjun bangunan saja..mungkin masalah saya akan selesai…

    • 217

      Vincent Leong said,

      Saudara jiwa kacau,

      Kita semua berada dalam keadaan yang sama, doakan agar project dapat di siapkan tahun ini. Sebagaimana yang di jelaskan, keadaan ini berlaku apabila tidak mendapat sokongan penuh dari para pembeli.


  183. 218

    khairul said,

    I tak faham le..sesiapa yang ada call FH, just minta update dalam blok ini, so semua dapat tahu berita terkini dari just buat buat andaian kosong aje..menakutkan para pembeli semua…apa u dapat..

    Terpulanglah FH nak kelentong apa…asalkan cerita datang dari FH, Kamuja..mungkin boleh jangan buat andaian dan spekulasi sahaja..

  184. 219

    Solution needed said,


    FH, how are you going to solve this matters (not all top up the amount)?
    Please say something, don’t keep us in the dark.

  185. 220

    Broken Heart said,


    ‘Workers have stopped work for ABOUT 2 WEEKS now in order to allow the QS team and the consultant to do the evaluation..then festival season’..both reasons are coming from FH.

    Dear Committee,
    Just like previous requested, hope we can get accurate info list of units that the purchasers already made settlement.. which units made full settlement, which partials & which one the terminated units. This accurate info might help us lots.. hope committee will get this request from their next meeting with FH.

    Dear Jiwa Kacau,
    Saya sangat bersimpati dengan masalah anda..bukan awak seorang sahaja menghadapi masalah ini….kakak saya pun sama..dan saya apatah lagi..namun setakat simpati tidak menyelesaikan masalah awak & saya….

  186. 221

    Block B said,

    Updates from fh:
    Kamuja is asking for extention till dec 2012. They r getting their board of condultants to do d assesment whether it is justifyable or not. Outstanding work is around 20 – 25%. We shld be getting d update letter once they firm up d dates.
    To me, while waiting for CF n all, earliest may be can get d key in Q2 2013.

  187. 222

    frustratedbuyer said,


    Why should i become committee member when the project is already delay and disorganized?.Are commitees do not have any solution how to tackle this problem?.Frankly speaking committe should be more protective to buyer when they deal with FH on early stage.

    Who said FH only can work up to certain stage depending on fund received???. I never heard or read this term.Once they have start work they defenantely have the overall calculation in order to complete the project. one other thing , FH will sell the unit which owner are not willing to toppup…arent they??.sure they will have fund to continue the project.

  188. 223

    wong said,

    Hi Suresh,
    Wishing you and family good health and happiness this Vaisakhi. Pray that this Vaisakhi will bring us good news regarding the condo too.

    Happy Vaisakhi too to Kumar and all Hindu future neighbours.

  189. 225

    Broken Heart said,

    Block B,

    What FH mean with ‘extention till dec 2012.?.’. Extention to complete or extention to start work on site?. 9 month from the target completed date ( February 2012) is too long sir..

    Dear frustrated buyer,
    I don’t think good for u to blame Suresh..he only one of the comittees and from my personal view, he still sincere deliver his duty..we the puchasers not not payed commitees, of cause they can’t give full commitment to monitor this project. Its difference compare to FH..they offer themself to be the saviour..they promise lots..but what we regret, they used cannot get top up from several purchasers as the shoes stopper to delay / stop the construction..

    My friends,
    Saya sebenarnya telah rasa fed up untuk terus luahkan rasahati di blog ini. My comment not effected the FH dicission..they rules this project..direction is on their hand..either we commit or not, we the purchasers looks like what Suresh said, ‘only can wait and see’.. We are mentimun..FH, Developer & Banks are durian..

    Beside that, i’m already receive summon from bank because not regularly made monthly payment since 2008..i will be on court this 21st units already lost and not only that, i will get bancrupcy title soon.. i though if this project deliver on Mac, i will get certain amount for backup payment to bank..for sure i cannot get any chance to apply loan from bank after my name becoming will effected lots to my life with what happen to me..thank’s lot Mudi Angkasa, Talam, FH & to the purchasers whose vote for this saviour scheme..

    For frustrated buyer & jiwa kacau, your fate are better than me..

    Apologize to all if any of my comments made you feel uncomfortable ..

    Broken Heart ..

  190. 226

    khairul said,

    Block B,

    What FH mean with ‘extention till dec 2012.?.’. Extention to complete or extention to start work on site?
    Block B please answer this Question..your statement make me “sakit jantung” if Kamuja requested to start work in DEC2012…

  191. 227

    IDA PPUM said,

    Tunggu ajelah meeting 19 Apr. ni..sakit jantung ke tidak ..penat rasanya dengar cerita ..

  192. 228

    Solution needed said,

    hi, Broken Heart you ada top up itu amounkah?

  193. 229

    Block B said,

    The extension is on d completion of d work. Supposed to complete on feb but due lack of funds n their contract stated that it ends on feb, so they stopped working. Kamuja n fh supposed to renew their contract based on the outstanding work. So, kamuja is asking till dec to complete d work. I told the fh that the earlier contract shld indicate that they shld complete d work by feb n not stopped until d work is done. And not to stopped working till work is done. Someone in fh shld closely monitor d progress n they shld hv enough experience to preempt that kamuja will not make it in time n work on renewing d contract before it ends. Anyways, d good news is, fh won’t be asking for more money. They said that they will work based on the amt

  194. 230

    Rahim Sham said,

    Everyday I used the same road to go the office n watch the condo on completion progress..last week the crane has gone……. Does it’s means the project Stopppppppp.

  195. 231

    giler rumah said,

    IDA mana u tahu ada meeting pada 19 April ni..siapa bagitau..takde siapa yang update…?

  196. 232

    IDA PPUM said,


  197. 233

    CJ said,

    the crane gone?! is it means that Kamuja no more the contractor? that’s why FH did the QS valuation! will appoint a new contractor? somemore top up needed????

  198. 234

    Vincent said,

    Dear all,

    Please do not speculate as details will be announce after the forthcoming meeting.


  199. 235

    Rahim Sham said,

    Can I join the meeting as an observer.

  200. 236

    giler rumah said,

    Lepas ni kalau FH minta topup lagi, sudah tentu siapa pun tak mahu bayar…

  201. 237

    IDA PPUM said,

    kalau minta toup lagi bom aje dia..menyusahkn hidup orang…boleh giler dibuatnyeee..dah la cari duit utk toup bermatian2 kerja siang malam…siapa yg tahu…

  202. 238

    Vincent Leong said,

    Dear all,

    The meeting today went well with most of queries answered, we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

    Concrete plan will be table and share by early May, FH do have various plan in place to ensure project completion.

    Together we hold hand and look forward to the positive update.


  203. 239

    Siti said,

    Dear Vincent,

    The meeting is handled without the purchaser is it? Why I didn’t get any info bout the meeting? I’ve been the silence reader all this while and saw IDA PPUM said about the meeting but no announcement on the exact time and place.

    Pls advice… thanks

    • 240

      Vincent Leong said,

      Hi Siti,

      The meeting was initiated by the committee to obtain the update from FH / Kamuja, due to space constrain we are unable to extend to all purchaser to attend. Look out for the update soon.


  204. 241

    block b purchaser said,

    this is the problem where purchaser do not have info regarding what happen?. Hope committe can update?

  205. 242

    Elsie said,

    To all purchasers of bukit pandan project,
    We had a meeting with FH and Kamuja on 19th April 2012 at 2.30pm at project site office of bukit pandan:-

    The project is temporary stop due to only 174 purchasers have settled the top-up sum. It is because of this it cannot be completed by February 2012 which FH is given 18 months for Kamuja to complete it. It is confirm and guarantee during the meeting that there will be no more top-up sum incurred and this project must be completed and will not be abandon due -to the undertaking letter which FH has given to the banks and our end-financier. At this moment Kamuja is applying a loan from Affin-bank to finance and to complete this project by not waiting for the rest of the purchasers to-up sum. By next week we will know whether the loan will be approved or not but FH will have another plan B if this loan is not obtain.Well for your info we are giving FH to settle this issue at the soonest possible because the project site cannot be stopped for too long.The loan from Affin Bank is secured by 76 units of bukit pandan condo that are terminated. We committee are giving FH to resume back the site work by 15th May 2012. The market value of our condo is RM230,000-00 from the valuation report. We committee will arrange another meeting soon with FH and the Contractor but please be patient with us ! we are trying our best to solve all this problem and I understand the frustration, anger and bitterness all of you guys are going through…….GOD KNOWS AND HE UNDERSTAND …..AND HE WILL NEVER FAILS HIS CHILDREN ………PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP….PRAY…..

  206. 243

    bukitpandan said,

    Dear all,

    There are a lot of replies and posts in this page for the past 1 year, kindly i’ve moved to a new topic, please post and reply your comments here :


  207. 244

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    designed for me, keep up posting such articles or

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