Meeting with KPKT on 28th Feb 2011

Dear all,

There was a meeting with KPKT (Kementerian Perumahan & Kerajaan Tempatan or Ministry of Housing & Local Government) on 28th Feb 2011.

Attached is the minutes from the meeting, please go thru the details.

Download here  -> Bukit Pandan Minit Mesyuarat Apt. 360

Thank you.


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  1. 1

    edwin said,

    Dear commitee,

    Overall, this is a very positive progress for our project. 2 points I pick up in the minutes:

    2.2 block A stated 20% complete but my bank Ambank already disburse 80k. Not sure if this statement in the minutes carries any weight but I hope the commitee take note of this.

    3.6 Any explaination given about what kind of loan restructuring the minutes is talking about? At what interest rates will the bank offer for this loan restructuring? Myself & some of those who already got bank approval for the 30K top-up may have got very unreasonable interest rate. For my case, Ambank charge me BLR + 1%. If this loan restructure gives everyone a much better rate (eg: BLR – x%), then what the bank can do for purchasers who had tried very hard to meet FH deadline and got penalized indirectly.

  2. 2

    Vincent Leong said,

    Fellow neighbours,

    There was error, the minute Was referring to initial 1st meeting in Dec 2010. Latest minute for 2nd meeting on 28th February 2011 will be upload once available.


  3. 3

    Mr Yee said,

    Dear Commitee,
    I’m not eligible for the top up loan by Citibank as i do not have doc to prove my income. Anyone know there is other way to get the top-up loan?
    If i’m not top up the loan, what happen to my property? Citibank still will release the balance to the liquidator? The liquidator has the right to sell my property to 3rd party?

    Thank you
    Mr Yee

  4. 4

    Vincent Leong said,

    Vincent Leong says:
    March 27, 2011 at 6:37 pm
    Dear all,

    Went to our project site today, the tower crane are on 13th floor of Block A while the painting at Block B have complete for the front portion facing MRR2

  5. 5

    Leong said,

    Hi Vincent,

    Just wondering when the latest minutes can be upload to this blog as the link above still in Dec 2010 version.

    BTW,I heard from my friend friend and said that some of the abandon project with Talam @ Ampang area (near the Bukit Antarabangsar there),they are now support by Selangor government as previously Talam own they a lot of money and now all the land and property compensated to the Selangor government.
    Now,Selangor government was support to the purchaser in term of money refund for those who are not willing to continue the project or support to revival the project.
    Thus,if who is knowing well of the Selangor government party from our commitee,perhaps can check with them now is this true are the Selangor government willing to support our project as well in term of the top up amount?

  6. 6

    Christine said,

    Hi Commitees,

    Can we all have a updated list from FH of how many purchasers in number or percentage who yet paid the top up please ?

    Thank you.

  7. 7

    chiew_esther said,


    citibank offer top up loan interest rate BLR+2.5, rates so high, whynot BLR-, any suggestion.

  8. 8

    Ho said,

    My aunty condo almost 20 yrs completed but they no need to top-up any cents.

  9. 9

    KKChong said,

    Dear All,

    Kindly please advise for the below:

    For the top up loan i applied from RHB has been approved and i signed. Before i sign for the agreement, i did ask the bank official and she told there will do not have any charges incurred for the top up matter.

    But today the lawyer firm – Yeap, Yong & Amy (previous panel lawyer of Talam) call up and ask to sign for the Statutory Declaration letter & ask payment for they Legal Fee of the top up issue. It cost me RM900 for the top up sum of RM27,630.00 (which the RHB will only allow the top up loan of 80%/90%)
    Charges Details as below :

    1. Facilities Agreement – RM300
    2. 6% Service Tax – RM18
    3. Stamp Duty on Facilities Agreement – RM147
    4. Stamp Duty on Letter Of offer – RM10
    5. Title Search (master) – RM30
    6. Official Assignee Search (purchaser) – RM12
    7. Official Assignee Search (borrower) – RM12
    8. Affirmation Fee on Statutory Declaration (bankruptcy) – RM8
    9. Affirmation Fee on Statutory Declaration (owner occupation) – RM8
    10. Miscellanuos – RM50
    11. Prinitng, Photocopying & Stationery – RM130
    12. Telephone, Facsimile, postage & courier – RM60
    13. Traveling expenses (stamp office, land office, official assignee, follow-up, developer, existing financier etc (whichever applicable) – RM115

    Total = RM900

    May i know anyone of you been billed for the above legal fees due to the top up loan matter?

    Pls advise do i need to pay them for this? If they bill at RM200-300 maybe i will pay but not RM900.

    Your kind advise for the above would be deeply appreciated.

    thank you

    • 10

      Chin said,

      Hi KKChong,

      I’m taking RHB bank loan and has been approved, its a 90% margin loan and i need to pay the lawyer fee. It has already been explained to me before i signed the offer letter. And yes, the fee is around RM900…

  10. 11

    Ng said,

    Dear purchasers,

    You might like to download this preaching video of Tan Sri Chan Ah Chai during his trip to Melbourne last week.

    For those who are having difficulties with their top up payments as well as those who will be losing their apartments to the banks if they can’t pay up, you may appeal to him directly. According to the video, he is a changed man and should surely help if he is able. Talam is also a Christian organization now and they will only follow God’s ways and do Godly things, according to his preaching.

    I have tried to approach him through his Church Pastors but have been unsuccessful. But collectively, perhaps you can do something as many are still having problems with the top up payments. In the video, he says that he confesses and repents every morning and anyone can just go and see him these days.

    I hope that he will consider your requests and ‘help’ if he is able. Talam has properties that it can dispose of. It is my hope that Tan Sri will do the least he can do, i.e. to VOLUNTARILY do the right and Godly thing and compensate the victims for the 30k top up. The victims have suffered and lost the LAD claims. The victims dont have any legal right but can only approach him on moral and Christian grounds.

    I hope that he will practice what he preaches. I hope that he will be a good example to other Christians and non believer purchasers, in order to win souls for Christ.

    God bless,

  11. 12

    khairul said,

    Citibank topup legal charges..also same..RM900.00

  12. 13

    edwin said,

    AMbank lawyers charge me RM 900+. The Ambank interest is BLR+1.xx. This is the world where the disadvantage get bullied.

    Its a take it or leave it atitude.

  13. 14

    Christine said,


    Hi Commitees,

    Can we all have a updated list from FH of how many purchasers in number or percentage who yet paid the top up please ?

    Thank you.

  14. 15

    Lily Ning said,

    Hi All, may I know when the latest minutes meeting will be upload here? Thank you.

  15. 16

    TL said,

    Hi, dear committee,

    How is the site progress ? Seen like very slow. Can Kamuja complete by this year 2011?

    Thank you.

  16. 17

    Chin said,

    Visited the site last month, according to the guard there, they said Kamuja will pump in more worker once they finish project in Bangi. Well, should be starting full force this month now, i wonder how they doing?

    By the way, I just received FH letter regarding the extension of dateline until 18th Apr, what they suppose we could do if the bank already approved but not processing anything yet?

  17. 18

    Christine said,

    Hi All,

    The personnel at the site informed us this project will only able to be completed by mid of 2012 due to less workers, they have another project going on other site. They keep on delay the project as what I can noticed because when we visited the site by early of this year, they promised will complete by August this year but seems like just a joke for us.

  18. 19

    TL said,

    Hi, dear committee,

    I hope that FH will monitor closely on the site work progress before releasing any progress payment from our top up amount to Kamuja.

    Thank you.

  19. 20

    Sherry said,

    Hi all,

    Its already 15th March, what happen to our house?

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