Show room visit on 8th Jan 2011

Dear all,

We were invited by FH & the new contractor on 8th Jan 2011 to visit a newly completed show room unit on the 1st floor of Block A. Our committee had taken some photos of this unit, since this unit is a corner lot, you may find additional windows at the master bedroom.

Below are the photos :-


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  1. 1

    Sam said,

    I went to the site on Thursday 13th Jan 11 at about 1030 am… I saw 3 workers squatting on the elevated car park doing nothing.. I hope the project is not on halt or something.. but last week… on weekend, I did saw some workers installing the drainage pipes on the units..

    Just worried…

  2. 3

    KKChong said,

    Dear committee,

    Thanks for the photo sharing.

    May i know did they mention when the revival work will get start and completion date? As is seen from the site no progress work is carry out.

    As currently i still waiting approval for my top up fund from RHB Bank. Is the new contractor will only start work after receive the 1st payment from us/bank?

    kindly please advice.

    • 4

      Munte said,

      Hye Mr Kk Chong..

      If im not mistaken, the completion date of this project mayb january 2012..
      As i know, mayb we dont see any progress at site because they now doing internal that, we can see what they have done inside the site.But, if u noted, that they had start painting at Block B and now they start formwork at Block A

  3. 6

    Siti said,

    Dear KKChong,

    May I know what is the procedure to deal with the bank to top up the loan amount? What shud I bring along to the bank?

    Thank u so much.

    • 7

      KKChong said,

      Dear Siti,

      For the RHB, documents they request is recent 3 months payslip, Latest EPF statement (which you can print from EPF branch or some of the PBB branch with the EPF machine), Letter from FH regarding the revival, Bank statement or passbook, previous loan statement from Bank.

      If the loan you get from different bank, is better for you to contact them for what they needs. So it will safe your time by submit all related document in once.

      As i applied on 05/01/11 but till today still no status yet. As the RHB interest rate is BLR-1% for all the tenure years with charges around RM300-RM500 for the agreement.

  4. 8

    Edwin said,

    Dear committee,

    Has anyone from the committee pass the message to FH that we requested them to reveal how many of the purchasers had their top up loans approved by the bank?

    It is only fair to be transparent especially for purchasers who has successfully getting the top up, they are actually increasing their liability or debt.

    • 9

      Christine said,

      Agreed…..I am sure some purchaser paid by their own saving instead of getting the top up loan from bank as we are paying extra fee for the application and some not able to get the loan top up. If possible, reveal the number of purchaser who paid the 1st installment by weekly here for eveyone acknowledgement.

  5. 10

    edwin said,

    Dear all,

    So far there has been silence about transparency of who has paid the top-up. I can imagine the advantages and disadvantages of being transparent and not to be transparent. To avoid the “wait and see” attitude, why not first use the balance of loans still undisburse in the bank? Construction can start immediately while people have more time to apply for top-up. When people see actual construction activities on site (the show house is not convincing!), people will have confidence. When confident is back, the “wait and see” attitude will disappear.

    There has been some explaination from Suresh why the undisburse loan cannot be use now. But ask ourself “why we care about rules” while Talam is also not following rules in the very first place?

    Why not we bend the rules just a bit to achieve a win-win situation. Even the bank wants to see the project to be complete because this will mean the full loan will be disburse plus the top-up and they will earn more interest from us. The contractor also make profit, FH also get their commission and we get our house.

  6. 11

    Vincent Leong said,

    Hi Edwin,

    Appreciate your understanding, as much as we would like to bend the rules we are not allow to do so otherwise law suit may fall on us. Talam is already a long gone story, pointless for is to hap on this anymore.

    Work within our resources to ensure timely completion.


    • 12

      edwin said,

      Hi Vincent,

      The problem is we are lacking resources for us to work.
      If the law is efficient, we would not end up being victimised while the real culprit is still out there.

      Cheah Sai Yoke said in (blog 59, Letter from Citibank) that Talam skipped the stage of internal and external plastering (10%) and went to the next stage of roads and drains (15%). You can clearly see this on project site. Not sure if this is against the rule or law but Talam managed to get the banks to disburse progressive payment via the architect. Under such circumstance I would assume it is legal and possibly due to loop holes in the S&P agreement.

      No intention whatsoever to encourage people to do anything unlawful. But by being creative and look for loop holes in the S&P we may be able to do something similar by going to the next stage to get the bank to release the undisburse loan.


  7. 14

    Lai Fun & Lai Ling A-11-03 & B-10-20 said,

    My young sis Lai Ling loan from RHB no new to her for top up loan. She make so many called to them (HQ Jln Tun Razak) only said wait and call to branch of Pandan Indah RHB bank Please help did anybody have this situation. Thank you.

  8. 15

    Chin said,


    I’m also one of the buyer who took RHB home loan. Its the same old saying, waiting for approval…So what i do now? Wait loh.. and I’m not paying FH anything on my own at the moment.

  9. 16

    edwin said,

    Dear committee,

    After reading comment from Chin, it is getting more obvious now that people start thinking whether the top-up collected so far by FH is enough to get the project moving.

    Anyone out there who is familair with law, can you advise whether the S&P agreement is still in-force? Reason being Talam is no longer relevant and we (the purchasers) are now the so-called developer. If not in-force, can FH help draft another agreement to fit to our purpose and at the same time aligned with the banks loan disbursement conditions.

    Please don’t misunderstood my intention. I have voted in favour of the top-up, Ambank already approved my top-up. Ambank even ask if the committee can help to reach out to all purchasers taking Ambank loan to approach them as they have a team ready familair with our case in their headoffice (Mortgage dept), Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, KL. Call Kelvin Ng Meng Wai (email:

  10. 17

    Vincent Leong said,

    Hi Edwin,

    Great update, perhaps the best person you can contact is Elsie. She work in legal firm too:)

  11. 18

    Redza said,

    Hai all my future neighbours……

    Good news for AmBank purchasers.

    My wife managed to contact them seeking for help regarding this project. AmBank actually has formed special unit to handle rehab project and they are very helpful in giving advise.

    For top up amount, all purchasers can request for additional loan but subject to current financial standing.

    They are willing to assist as the party that they will disburse now is no longer Muda Angkasa but the liquidator. I believe they already studied our liquidator and satisfied with their track records.

    All of you can contact Cik Noraini or Encik Anuar for enquiries and at the same time prepared the following documents for top up loan application.

    But remember….your name must clear from CITOS and has good financial standing…..

    Ms Noraini or Mr Anuar Dasak of AmBank in regards to the Mudi Angkasa project.

    They can be reached at – 03-21673000 ext 81239/81288.

    Documents required ;-

    1. The latest salary statement (3 months) husband and wife for joint name

    2. The latest EPF statement husband and wife for joint name

    3. Correspondence from liquidator to purchaser

    4. Original sited court order by liquidator certified true copy from liquidator

    All the best to all of you…..

    You can contact me at 0162075860 if need more info….


  12. 19

    edwin said,

    Dear future neighbours,

    I got feedback from Ambank about possibility of releasing progressive payment from the undisburse loan amount. They said as long as a stage is completed and certified by architect, money can be release. Money can also be release from the top-up 30k if work has been done as per the Scheme we agreed with FH. In other words, if we want the bank to release money from the undisburse loan, our new contractor should carry out work to complete the internal & external plastering stage (15%). Talam skipped this stage and went on to do the next stage in 2006. Remember? Therefore it is possible to utilise available funds from the bank. Referring to the S&P, do you find any clause saying we MUST follow the development sequence?

    Commitee, Elsie, please double check to confirm this as I believe we have a good chance to make use of funds in the bank that all of us have. Applying for the top-up will still be carried out by everyone but at least this buys us a lot of time. Take advantage of this. Something we can learn from Talam!


  13. 20

    Vincent Leong said,

    Dear all neighbours,

    Happy Prosperity Chinese New Year!!!! Let have our CNY at the pool area next year. Cheers.

  14. 21

    TL said,

    Dear all neighbours and committee members.

    GONG XI FA CAI !!!

    The tower crane not put up yet ???

    Why Kamuja need so long time to put up a tower crane ???

    • 22

      Munte said,

      As i know, the procedure of using tower crane is not just put and install when tower crane on site.There’s some procedure to follow before use tower crane.They have do some NDT Test, and waiting for JKKP Inspection and Approval.Pls Noted

  15. 23

    Casey Yong said,

    Hi all,

    last week upon passing kesas hiwaylooking towards our condo, if i not mistaken i saw a tower crane is already up. pls verify

  16. 24

    louis suarez said,

    Second day of CNY…i drove to condo site….tower crane already erected…new contract site signage had been installed….

    look confident the contract work will be started…..

    i would suggest FRH or committee to organize open day for the purchasers to meet the bank…open day for the purchasers to apply additional loan or need financial assistance from the financier….ambank for example keen to meet their purchasers as they are now obliged to disburse remaining loan to Kemuja, a new developer…

    by having this open would expedite disbursement of the fund from existing loan and additional 30k…and this would expedite the construction work…

    i believe most of the purchasers are still looking for the jalan and some are still tercari cari how to start looking for 30k…as most purchasers are coming from different background and level of education…this open day would assist to clear all issues and find a way for top up…

  17. 25

    Ho said,

    I’ am agree with louis suarez said…… good suggestion!!!!!!

  18. 26

    liverpool fan said,

    i was informed by the bank…loan processing for 30k wont take much time for approval…however disbursement of the remaining loan…need long way to go…as there are now new entity involve….kemuja or FRH…..some bank have different view on this matter…ada kata can and ada kata cannot…

    from legal perspective ada some difficulties….i believe this open day with the financier can clear this issues…

  19. 27

    bukitpandan said,

    Dear all,

    I have posted 3 latest photo taken from site yesterday, 8th February 2011 showing external painting on Block B, crane erected on Block A and new work board on contractors.

  20. 28

    Goh Hock Bee said,

    Hi everyone,

    Public Bank already turn down my request and I actually paid to FH by my own. They took the 1st payment from me. And I did saw some progress from the site. Hopefully we can get our unit as soon as possible. Happy CNY !

  21. 29

    bukitpandan said,

    Hi Goh,

    Regret to heard that Public Bank rejected your request, do they share any reason for turning down your request?


  22. 30

    khairul said,

    I have submitted application form to Citibank 2 week ago..but until now the BANK still not replay anything..
    Anybody have got topup approval from Citibank? pls share

  23. 31

    Goh Hock Bee said,

    Hi Vincent,

    They just told me Public Bank wont entertain this type of case. They not even bother to check the latest situation. And I wonder why their officer call me to ask the situation after turn down my application. I cant understand why they cant approve the application because all the while I never stop or late to serve their loan. No more Public Bank for me !

  24. 32

    azril isha said,

    anybody has a loan with MBB and has apply for the top up?

  25. 33

    Sam said,

    Greetings to all neighbours,

    I have just called KPKT today and being told that they are organising a meeting this coming 28th Feb to discuss issues pertaining the top up scheme. All end financier including banks and the government treasury will be involved. We will be represent by the committee member. Hope that the committee and KPKT can facilitate and convince the financier to extend the loan amount for benefit of all. Good luck.

  26. 34

    Elsie said,

    Due to so many of the purchasers who are taking Citibank loan the bank needs sometime to prepare the documentation and arrange the panel lawyer to assist the borrower for the top-up loan. In fact Citibank had informed FH about the delay of the top-up amount and hopefully it will be done soon. Well some purchasers must be wondering why can’t FH advise the financier for the release of the balance loan in most of the purchasers account instead of waiting for the top-up amount. The balance loan that is still in my account is to be released upon handing over of vacant possession of the unit and it cannot be released upon the unit is completed. Please refer to the clause of the Sale and Purchase Agreement under the clause of the progressive release of the payment you will understand why FH can’t advise the financier for the release of the payment. For all purchasers information the project at the site is running very smoothly and I am praying that by the end of the year we will be able to collect our keys to our unit. Pray hard and all the best for those who are still waiting for the approval of the to-up loan………..never give up there is always hope in everything……………

  27. 35

    Chin said,

    Hi Elsie,

    Since all our end financier is taking some time to review our loan, preparing documentations, and also arranging panel lawyers, is there any official statement from FH that they will waived all the late payment interest, which is the 1st (long due) and the 2nd one (due 18th Feb)?

    Should we get them to issue the statement just to assure those of us who are really trying hard to get the top up fulfill?

  28. 36

    bukitpandan said,

    Dear all,

    I have uploaded 2 more pictures taken from a different angle into the gallery. If you can see clearly, the external painting in Block B is already in progress. As for Block A, the tower crane has been erected and we should be able to see the construction of the remaining 3 floors soon.

    On the meeting between KPKT and the banks, it is scheduled to be next monday, 28/02/11. Only selected committee members are allowed to represent the buyers. I will update the outcome of the meeting.

    In the meantime, i already get an offer letter from Alliance bank on the top-up loan approval. I believe the rest of you with Alliance should not have any problem provided you are eligible for the top-up.

    Keep following up with your respective branch on the status. Good luck and all the best.


  29. 37

    Elsie said,

    Hi Chin,
    In fact I have spoken to FH regarding those who are still waiting for the approval of the top-up loan and FH advise that each individual purchaser needs to write to them so that FH will not charge any late interest payment. To protect yourself for any late interest payment it is better to write to FH informing them about the application of your to-up loan. Even Citibank had informed FH about the delay of the to-up loan but we also need to do our part to inform FH about that. I will follow up with Citibank regarding the to-up loan amount. That’s for all….All the best….

  30. 38

    edwin said,

    Hi Elsie,

    Referring to your comment No. 30 and my comment No. 16, we are talking about the same thing. My unit is in block A 8th floor. Talam skip the Internal and External plastering stage and instead do the road, drain & sewerage. I double check and confirmed bank did not release payment for the plastering stage. Double check with bank and they confirmed will release payment from the original loan if contractor resume work on the plastering stage.

    Conclusion is it is possible to use money from the original loan for units that plastering is not yet done until today.

  31. 39

    Elsie said,

    Hi Edwin,

    Regarding the progressive release payment I will find out more info from FH and my lawyer. Well done Edwin ! will get more info about this ……… everything there is always a way to solve problems……..right don’t give up……..contribute to committee if you guys have any suggestions,ways and info to help this project which is now moving……….

  32. 40

    Vincent Leong said,

    Hi Edwin / Elsie,

    What a wonderful update / news, this will definitely lessen the burden on FH especially since Kamuja Corp have submitted claim for 2 progressive payment and our end financiers are still processing our top-up request.


  33. 41

    KKChong said,

    Dear all,

    To inform that RHB had approved my top up loan by this morning (28/02/11). I will going to sign the agreement by next week.

    Anyone with problem from RHB may try to contact Ms Bawani (from TTDI branch) at 03-7726 4303/7722 1284. Maybe she can provide some related info.

    Really hope that our houses can be completed by this year…

    Thanks for the committee efforts

  34. 42

    Leong said,

    Hi Elsie,

    Do you have FH contact person email address in order for me to write an email to them for the late payment from my end financier?



  35. 43

    edwin said,

    Hi KKChong,

    If you are getting an unreasonable interest rate, eg: BLR + x% and have not sign any offer leter yet, I suggest you to wait. Offer letter usually valid for 30 days.

    Please read the minutes of meeting between KPKT, FH, Kamuja and our committee and also my comment about the outcome of the meeting. There is an action to discuss with the bank to restructure our loan.

    • 44

      KKChong said,

      Hi Edwin,

      Thanks for your info. As spoken with the bank officer, she mentioned the interest rate will be BLR-1% for the whole tenure loan period.

      I think it should be acceptable, am i right? Kindly please advise if the KPKT able to offer lower interest rate. As i will going to sign the agreement on 10/03/11.

  36. 45

    Elsie said,

    Hi Leong/Edwin,
    As for the email of FH please contact Kumar/Yi Wen at 03-22736227. Edwin, regarding the progressive release which have not release yet from some of the purchasers financier for the plastering work, FH will advise accordingly from the architect who will certified it. FH will advise the bank/financier to release payment once work is done and certified by architect. To keep the project moving $ is very important because FH need to monitor payment to contractor while waiting payment coming in from those purchasers who are still waiting for the top-up loan. We need to top-up RM30,700-00 even though there is still 20% or 30% balance in our bank which have not release yet because this is base on the calculation of the Explanatory Statement To The Proposed Scheme Of Arrangement under Schedule A (Notice Of Court Convened Meeting Of Scheme Creditors dated 17th June 2010) from FH. Please do contact me at 016-2806906 if you need any clarification and information about this matter. Those purchasers who are taking Citibank loan please do contact me if you need any information about your loan or any help.

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