Letter from Citibank (for purchasers who loan from Citibank)

Dear all,

I believe most of us who loans from Citibank has received a letter from Citibank lately, anyway for those who hasn’t receive it, kindly please attached the letter.

Thank you!

From the committee


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    Ratha said,

    Dear Comittee

    Any positive progress so far?

    Thank you.

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    Edwin Yeap said,

    Hi committee,

    Any update?

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    Suresh said,

    Dear all,

    Please be informed that the sealed court order was already out last Tuesday, 26/10/10. FH has officially awarded the contract to Kamuja Corporation and the contractor has started work on 01/11/10.

    FH will send out letter to all the purchasers informing about the court order by end of next week. The purchasers are required to bring this letter to their respective home branch to apply for the top-up amount.

    The 1st payment will due 30 days from the date of the letter. So, as soon as you receive the letter, please take it to the bank and do the necessary process. If you have any enquiries on how to go about it, please call FH at 03-22736227 and talk to either Yi Wen or Kumar to get assistance.

    As informed earlier, Citibank has sent out letter to all the purchasers who took loan from them. So, you just need to contact the person in charge to request for the top-up. For the rest of the purchasers, you need to take the letter personally to your respective branches to request for the top-up.

    If you do not receive any letters from FH by end of next week, please contact FH. Good luck and all the best to all of you.


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    wong said,

    Dear Suresh and committee,

    Many thanks for the good work done and the latest update. We’re begining to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s pray that everything goes smoothly as scheduled and in a year’s time we’ll proudly say “hey, come over to my condo”! Wouldn’t that be wonderful?


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      wong said,

      Would like to take this opportunity to wish Suresh, Kumar and future fellow Hindu neighbours a very Happy Deepavali!

      Best wishes

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    Suresh said,

    Hi Wong,

    Thank you very much and you have a great weekend too..


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    Christine said,

    Dear Commitees,

    Being heard from you all earlier, there was discussion with Maybank also besides Citibank. Can I know who are the person in charge for Maybank whom I should contact for the top up issue please ? By the way, how much in actual I should ask for top up in final amount ?


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    Suresh said,

    Dear all,

    I spoke to Yi Wen of FH on Friday. They are still reviewing the letter and it will only be posted next week. So, you can expect the letter to arrive by end of next week.


    So far only Citibank has got back to us on the top up. The rest of the banks are still waiting for the sealed court order. The sealed court order is already out and FH is preparing a letter informing about it. Once you receive the letter from FH by end of next week, just take it directly to your home branch. The top up amount will be stated in that letter.


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    Christine said,

    Hi Suresh,

    Thanks for the info. Any update when the project gonna revive mostly please ?

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    Christine said,

    Hi Commitees,

    I didn’t receive any letter from FH until today. Did everyone got the letter & done with your respective bank for the top up ?


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    khairul said,

    NO….anybody have info

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    Chin said,

    Hi neighbors!

    I ‘ve received the letter from FH, the due date for first payment around 9k is on 18 December. I don’t know what FH is going to do with my bank loan top up RHB, and i afraid there is not much time for us to act…

    Can any of the committees help or advice?

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    Adrian said,

    Dear Suresh,

    Would like to know about loan from AMBANK, can i know whom shall i contact to and what document shall i bring for the top up loan application??? Please Help!!!

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    Suresh said,

    Dear all,

    I believe that all of you would have only received the letter today. All you need to do is to take the letter to your relevant branches and request for the top-up. If they turn you down, please call FH at 03-2273 6227 and look for Yi Wen or Kumar. They will advise you on the next action.

    Those who took loan from Citibank just need to contact the person in-charge that was stated in the letter that you all received from Citibank sometime back. If you have done so, you can ignore this letter.

    Please act fast as the 1st payment is due on 18/12/2010.


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    Edwin said,

    Hi Suresh,

    Not my intention to sound negative, although majority purchasers agree to top up but still need the bank to approve the 30k. What if the bank either not approving or delaying until pass 18 Dec 2010, what will happen if the total money collected not enough to start the 1st phase of re-construction?

    Since Citibank agree to borrow the 30k to their own purchasers, I believed they have confident with the project. Will they help non-Citibank purchasers by offering refinancing from other banks or pre-approve personal loans?

    I think FH can help by talking to Citibank. In fact FH should tell the banks that the success of the project is now in the bank’s hand.

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    Christine said,

    Hi Edwin,

    I agreed with you. FH should do the necessary arrangement with each bankers which involved but not only Citibank. This will be easier for all of us when bringing this top up case with our own banker, by telling us who are the person in charge that we should deal directly with. I am sure non of us wanted to delay the project.

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    Chin said,

    I agreed with Edwin and Christine, I’ve been trying to contact FH but it seem Ms Ng and Mr Kumar always busy with meetings. Yes, frustrated, No, not angry.

    I’ve talked to RHB concerning my loan and they told me 2 possible scenarios:

    1. Loan will be approved for the top up, but it will be another agreement, i.e. RM30K, it will definitely take more than 2 weeks to complete all the procedure, depending on the efficiency of the staff, lawyer office, procedure here and there…

    2. Loan will be rejected, as they afraid this will be another “abandoned” project. Because RHB bank (or that particular branch) never handle this kind of case before, and no representative from FH ever contacted them.

    Since FH is able to convince Citibank to approved top up, they should be able to convince other bank for the top up.

    I’m already prepare to pay the penalty for the late payment, but I don’t think it is fair for us, those who apply loan from other than Citibank.

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    xyz said,

    I agreed with chin,Edwin & Christine, why FH never make any arrangement with others banker like Maybank, RHB bank etc ???? Before make 1st payment !!

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    Edwin said,

    Dear all purchasers,

    Instead of depending on FH or the committee thinking how to solve this issue, we should help to come up with ideas. Bank only want to make money with minimum risk. Since Citibank have confident with the project, we get ALL the purchasers together to give Citibank “one big” business.

    Imagine this….. Citibank is also taking a risk because if majority of the other purchasers fail to get loan, the project is going to get abandon again. If this happens, Citibank also lost money by giving the top up to their own purchasers.

    If ALL purchasers from other banks apply Citibank loan (re-finance or personal), they can see that the whole project is now finance by them. There is no risk of depending other banks to approve loans. There is no “if this happen” or “if that don’t work”. Citibank can calculate how much profit they earn when the project is successful.

    Time is running out and further delay means the building is going to rot even more. Top-up 30k will not be enough to cover the repair.

    Please contribute more ideas so that we can pick the best way forward.

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      wong said,

      I agree 101 percent with Edwin, eventhogh I am a government loan purchaser, I might need to take a personal loan from somewhere. It’s a good suggestion, why not think about it? Problem is, time is not on our side so don’t take too long to decide.
      Someone has to lead, so …? Anyone? What say you Suresh?

  19. 21

    Adrian said,

    Count me in Edwin!!! Instead i dislike my existing end financier too… Do help up!!!

    Thank you….

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    Christine said,

    Hi All neighours,

    I am one of the purchaser who took loan with Maybank, HS Lee branch. Would like to know who else taking the housing loan with the same branches as me ? I am contacting Cik Alma all the while, Letter has been sent to them by last week (I aske FH sent me soft copy of the letter as I can’t wait any longer !)

    Maybank doesn’t seems like agreed with the top up case. What I have been told was I have $30k++ amount with Maybank under my loan application which yet fully release due to this abandon project. What Maybank told me was since they are asking amount of $30,700 to complete the project, the new contractor just need to send them letter for money release by stages as when project start kick off. They ever handled similar case before for abandon project, but there was no such top up request being asked by purchasers or contractor, they only need to release the balance amount in order to complete the job. On the other hand, FH told me the money which has not release by Maybank not enough to complete the project, we have to pay extra $30,700 as what they asking now.

    May I know how many of you have the same case as me & how many of you confirm with your own financier there is no more balance yet release from your account please ? This is very important as there might be situation that not all of us pay the same amount in the final since FH asking for $30,700 top up + the un-release amount with individual account.

    Anyone can confirm that we are only asking to pay $30,700 by 3 stages & each financier no need to release anymore balance ? Otherwise for sure each purchaser will be paying in different at the end. Just want to confrim the actual final amount each of us need to contribute. Not only purchaser confused, financiers also confusing !!

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      Sow Chan said,

      For sure we are still have 30% going to pay by our end financial. Other than this, we are still need to top up extra 30K++.
      My loan bank is RHB, submit the letter 2 days ago but nobody call me till today. Even they can top up for me, they will consider this as re-finance, and the charge will be about 5k++.

      • 24

        Christine said,

        Hi Sow Chan,

        Thanks for the sharing……5k for refinance charges quite a lot. Do we really have to pay on that extra charges ? Maybank hasn’t get back to me. I contact the PIC for my housing loan today but they can’t make any decision still. Asked me to call them back 5 days later. Sigh…..

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    CJ said,

    i’ve met w the citybank housing loan agent 2 months ago, they said they only approve the top up amount for the existing borrowers. but they can not approve any new loan application for our project… i agree w edwin, hope that citibank can consider our new application, then can solve the problem.

  22. 26

    Leong said,

    I remembered that during the bollating,the developer said that he was previously work at Maybank and very closed to other banks as well.he can help for those who loan from maybank and other banks.

    Why after he awarded the project but no News update from him to help the purchaser on the loan issue?
    Or he just talk xxxx only to convience us to give support to him to get the reward during the presentation and balloting?

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    razali@B1-15 said,

    hai neighbours, just to share my method.. upon receiving the letter from FH i send an email to customercare@ambankgroup.com stated my full name, ic no , contact no, my loan a/c no, and purpose : to request a topup on current loan due to revival of abandon project. and i include the topup amount and due date of the 1st payment. also i attach the citibank letter posted here. Last friday , i received a call from them and was told fax to them all the relevant document for the topup to proceed. hope this will help you guys with ambank.

    • 28

      syedakil said,


      FH call me last week asking me to contact En. Anuar Dassa from Ambank to submit and discuss the top up. Unfortunately he is on leave until 9th Dec. So I can only see him after 9th which is a bit tigh for the 1st payment.

      If you know the ambank contact person who is handling this topup other than En. Anuar Dassa please inform me.


      • 29

        razali@B1-15 said,

        hai, i didn’t know who the actual person undertake this topup but the one who called me was Miss Chan Mei Teng. hope this might help.

    • 30

      Adrian said,

      Dear Razali,

      Thank you for your sharing, would you mind to provide the person in charge contact number as well. Do forward me at adrian_ngkm@yahoo.com or maybe we can make an appointment together to meet them too.

      Thank and regards.

  24. 31

    Chin said,

    For neighbors who loan from RHB,

    I’ve submitted my letter of request for loan topup to RHB bank HS Lee. The officer told me that re-financing is not possible because the house is not complete, and RHB bank never undertake project condition such as ours.

    I wonder what FH is doing? Are they trying to get the topup loan for us? or they are thinking of pushing the due date further, so that we can have ample time? For sure I can see a lot of us may never get the top up in time, unless they do something!

  25. 32

    Edwin said,

    Dear all,

    It is always faster and easier to just talk to one bank which I think the best is still Citibank. FH just need to talk to Citibank. Instead if the purchasers are talking to so many banks, different bank give different answers and at different timing, we are not going to meet the 1st deadline. Also it is also NOT FAIR to anyone who already get the 30k top up loan, already paid the 1st payment but the project cannot even move because many other purchasers cannot get the top-up.
    It will then be a “wait and see” situation.

    FH need to just represent ALL purchasers to apply for just one bank.

  26. 33

    Suresh said,

    Dear all,

    I have read through all the comments and feedbacks from all of you. Appreciate all the comments and feedbacks.

    Just want to share my personal experience when i approached Alliance bank branch in Jalan Ipoh last wed to discuss about the top up matter. The officer, Ms Moon told me that its something new to them as well. Requested me to submit my documents (latest 3 months pay slip, bank statement, copy of IC, loan offer letter) and to bring along the original S&P for reference.

    She said she will submit my application and if it is approved, it will be a separate loan agreement. The legal fees will usually be around 3% of the loan amount plus documentation fees, etc. She told me to spare about RM1500 for that matter. MRTA for the top-up is optional.

    Talking about the penalty charges for late payment. If you pay later than the due date, it will be 10% per annum. 10% of RM9210 is RM921 per annum. So each month you delay, your penalty charges will be RM76.75. Each day you delay, your penalty charges will be RM2.52.

    Will update further once i get the feedback from the bank. In the meantime, i can’t think of any other alternative instead of a personal loan. Anyone who have info on banks which provide personal loans with competitive interest rate, please share.


  27. 34

    Ng said,


    1) What happens if a buyer cant get approval from bank to top up loan and cant get a personal loan? Do they lose the apartments altogether? Am sure there will be people who have commited elsewhere and have difficulty in getting this top up approved.

    Can such buyers pay the top up balance at the end of the project and before they get the keys to their units?

  28. 35

    Ng said,


    1) What happens if a buyer cant get approval from bank to top up loan and cant get a personal loan? Do they lose the apartments altogether? Am sure there will be people who have commited elsewhere and have difficulty in getting this top up approved.

    2)Can such buyers pay the top up balance at the end of the project and before they get the keys to their units?

    3)Will there be any penalties for such genuine cases?

    4)Is the date of completion still going to be August 2010 as scheduled earlier?

    Thanks to anyone who can help answer these questions. The personnel at FH are always unreachable. I have lost confidence in them as well as in the project. They should be speaking to all the purchasers banks on our their behalf. Agree totally. They charge heaps for being liquidators but are they doing their job??

  29. 36

    Christine said,

    Hi Commitee member,

    1st payment’s due date is around the corner but the sealed court order doesn’t seems to help much for the top up request as we thought. FH informed that they will talk with each end financier after the bollating & we can get the top up easier when court order issued. But what we get here is most of the end financier not being contacted by FH as liquidator, except Citibank.

    Can any buyer who get loan from Citibank share how’s the method for them to pay up the top up sum by stages ? Will Citibank pay direct to the company (Mudi Angkasa) or they do the remittance to buyer ?

    Will contractor revive the abandon project as scheduled even they can’t get the full top up amount from all buyers by 1st payment due date ? Worried too if we pay the top up but others not able to submit & contractor can’t start the project due to not enough fund.

  30. 37

    Ng said,

    Hi again,

    I suggest that those with Citibank loans pay the instalments first in order that project can proceed. Those banks that will not approve top ups automatically per court order and FH request then will have to top up before they get the keys. They may have to pay the interests for those months till Aug 2011 (iif thats still going to be the date of completion). Who knows again??

    If the developer wants all the funds in time, then FH has to speak with all banks and get these top-up pre-approved so this could be a win-win situation for all involved. FH should have done this long ago upon receiving the court order !

    Also, those with RHB loans should not have to pay additional RM5k fees for a new loan. This top up amount should be adjusted into the old loan amount. If RHB have not encountered cases like this before (as a buyer has said above), then there’s always a first time right?

    The quicker FH acts, the faster this problem will be resolved. So, Committee Chairman, please do the pushing. We have tried calling but nobody always seems to be around nor they they return calls.

    Best FH acts NOW! Needless to say, send the court orders and liaise directly with all the purchasers’ banks in order that this matter can be resolved asap. They should know better.

    What say you guys??


  31. 39

    CJ said,

    it is ridiculous that FH want to charge 10% penalty on the late payment, come on, we r victims of this bastard talam chan ah chai project, which still struggling in searching of the top up amount of RM 30k! if we can’t get the top up amount, whatever we have paid will gone!!! FH, what r u doing???

    • 40

      Ng said,

      I would rather pay the 10%interest on late payment when I can see the buiding fully restored and when my keys are ready for my collection. Right now, everything is just verbal and surely we dont want to use good money to chase bad money. Who can guarantee they will not ask for more $$$$ again? Who can guarantee they wont give excuses to delay again???

      FH and the new developer know our plight. We’re damned if we pay the top up and we’re damned if we dont. Hence, they have done the costing to include I’m sure lots of profit for themselves. Honestly RM30k is ridiculous, considering the fact that we had to waive the late delivery fees owed to us. It is a disgrace and it is totally absurd and greedy of all who are in control of this project.

      Right now, I think we have a right to DEMAND that FH present the 30k TOP-UP request to ALL the purchasers’ banks directly and get them pre-approved. Am sure they will be able to convince the banks which will then approach all purchasers for documentation purposes. But these loans have to be unconditionally pre-approved at NO FURTHER EXPENSE of fees to the purchasers !

      If this requirement is not met, then am sure we will all be back to square one. Some people will be able to top up, some wont. Hence project will be stalled again and the vicious cycle repeats.


      Or else, 360 purchasers will take different times to proceed and maybe some will not able to afford the top up. Hence, those who put in the top up will get their money stuck again.

      As the appointed liquidators who are will be paid handsomely for this role, this matter has been handled poorly, thus causing confusion to us all….:(

  32. 41

    Ng said,

    Hi Suresh,

    I read yr last comments and noted you mentioned the late payment fees of 10% per annum. May I know who determined these fees? FH ??

    In another previous comment, you mentioned that “if everything goes smoothly, the project will be completed by August 2011”. Is this still valid and can we get a letter of confirmation from the developer and certified by FH that the unts will be delivered by August 2011? Otherwise can we charge them late delivery fees? We need a DEFINITE date for delivery in black and white. Around Aug 2011 is not very reassuring.

    We have to get their assurance before we top up anything. If they are charging us 10%pa for late payment, can we charge them 10%pa for late delivery?

    I re-iterate, we need to get their delivery letter before we can top up anything. Once bitten, twice shy. Also, what is the new developer collects all these top-up money then file for bankruptcy?? Again?? Anyone thought about this??

  33. 42

    HH LOW said,

    Hi Ng ,

    i fully agreed with you , because why , the project is not done anything yet ,it just like few year’s back condition , its only cleaning up a bit and tidy up for that . how i gonna to top up the money , for my observation i need to see project site to be mobilize with all the necessories equipment ,like a Tower Crane to be erected …..etc … and the message from suresh to saying that the Kamuja has started work on 01/11/10 ,, but i drop by the site , i don’t see anything happened there .. so anyone can proved that is the project site is on going works……..???????????????

  34. 43

    Chin said,

    Hi neighbor,

    I was wondering why FH and our committee all kept quiet now? Why only Suresh responding? I know Suresh done a good job to keep us informed and to pacify us, but we need real action here.

    I believe most of us is getting hard time to apply for the additional loan, what more to meet the deadline given.

    Can our committee play an active role, and meet with FH to discuss about our topup loan problem? There is no use if we just complaint everything here but nobody give a d*** on what we say here.

  35. 44

    Christine said,

    Hi neighours & commitee members,

    1. I agreed with Ng that if they are charging us 10%pa for late payment, we should charge them back 10%pa for late delivery. I never thought on this until Ng voiced it out ! We are the victim, we can’t claim single cent from Talam due to their bankruptcy & we are now being force to give more money based on non secured situation ! We also need letter from new developer to ensure the delivery date !

    2. Can FH ensure new developer won’t go for bankruptcy after collect our money ???

  36. 45

    Ng said,

    Hi to all,

    I think our comments are clear.

    Does someone know the FH official email? Maybe we should paste this blog link to them to get their attention and prompt action! Since no one has responded to us directly, obviously they are not interested in reading our comments here. Perhaps all they are interested in is our $$$$$$ so they can finish the project and get rich.

    Suresh, Elsie and Committee cannot be held accountable for FH’s shortcomings. They are only doing the mediating role voluntarily and aren’t getting paid to handle the tasks that they have so efficiently done. Much appreciation goes to the Committee.

    However, as purchasers we need to be firm and assertive here. FH has taken us for a loooooooong ride since the day they were appointed liquidators. They have also not been responsible in replying emails nor returning calls. Not to me, anyway.

    If they were efficient, they would have sorted out the top-up matter with all purchasers’ banks by now. They have the court’s order and authority (as liquidators) to convince the banks of completion of the project within a year. Am sure the banks would rather meet with them than hear from us individually.

    However, they leave us to approach our banks and this has caused confusion and delays of which they will penalise us with late fees again. They are leaving us with no choice but to take further risk with the final bank release and top-up money, in total some 60k+ , I gather.

    Our request is SIMPLE. We need 2 things done:

    1) Letter from all our lenders that they have pre-approved our top-ups per court order and request from liquidator. No additional administrative fees should be charged to purchasers.

    2)Letter from FH confirming FINAL delivery date of apartments and late delivery fees. We have been forced to waive late delivery fees from Talam and now we will have to be compensated should there be another delay with the new developer.

    3)Letter from FH stating late fee structure for those who cant pay the top up instalments and what they ought to do before they can receive their keys.

    If we get such a clear and final letter of instruction from FH per the 3 points above, then we can all make a collective decision to co-operate and proceed with confidence and without further delay.

    Surely, we cant just pay the top up before we receive BLACK AND WHITE (instead of verbal promises) confirmation. If we arent careful, we may end up in a worser situation than we are in now. Who knows?? Am sure you all will agree…

  37. 46

    CJ said,

    to neighbours,

    if not mistaken, there is no new developer been appointed, Kamuja is only a contractor, FH is only mange the cash flow of this abondon project, they r not taking care of our benefits! correct me if i’m wrong.

  38. 47

    Ng said,

    Hi CJ

    In their letter to us dated 18th Nov, FH requested that we make the top-up payment cheques payable to “Mudi Andkasa Development Sdn Bhd (In Liquidation)”. Does it mean that they (FH) are acting for Mudi Angkasa as “developer” for the remaining of this project?

    So we’re back to square one. Whats the role of FH? If they can certify and determine the balances and late fees we have to pay, then they should be able to determine the final date of delivery plus late delivery fees. They should also be able to facilitate our top up loans by approaching and working with the banks on purchasers’ behalf. Who else is responsible for that?

    Besides, anyone knows their cut in the budget?? How much will FH get paid for their services from our top-up money? I havent received any of the Statements and Budget. They would deserve those fees if they do their job as “acting developer” if you like, and handle the rest of this project efficiently.

    Hope others can give their input here as well….

  39. 48

    Wong said,

    Hi, neighbours

    How do i get the documents ie. court order & skim arrangement sign by our new contractor as requested by AmBank PIC ?

  40. 49

    Christine said,

    Hi Ng,

    I have one of the Consultant’s e-mail address when I asked for soft copy of court order. I also posted some comments of us as here to her via e-mail yesterday but no response from them yet. Below is her e-mail address.


    • 50

      Christine said,

      Hi Ng,

      Reliase the address not appear in full. Just copy the whole name & paste, the e-mail address will show. If can’t, plese let me know.

  41. 51

    Ng said,

    Hi Christine,

    Tks. You have emailed FH and it is their turn to respond to our comments in this blog. If they do not want to co-operate, even if we keep emailing them, it would be a waste of our efforts.

    Besides, it is the place of the Commiittee Chairman to channel our requests to them and get their formal commitment and reply. No more verbal promises from FH please !

    Anyway, if they do not commit to a delivery date, delivery late fees as well as approval letter from my lender, I will not arrange to top up.

    Like I said, I would rather pay the late fees before I get the keys instead of giving them more $$$ and not knowing when I can get my keys.

    I was also hoping to read some comments from Suresh and the Commiittee as well but seems like everybody is busy. SIGH !

  42. 52

    Christine said,

    Hi Ng,

    As I emailed to them a day before, so only earlier comments were sent to them. The most important points yet really reached to them. Don’t think they will revert….

    By the way, how’s ur loan top up status with your bank ? I get my loan with Maybank at Jln Tun HS Lee. Being asked them if anyone else have same request as me, they informed non but only mine. However, also get bad news from them yesterday as they rejected my application of top up loan on top of my existing house financing. Reason being they value this property based on S & P but not really current actual market value. Maybe it is still consider abandoned property. Second reason is due to the amount that I wish to top up access total loan. Meaning the existing loan they offered to me already in 90% + MRTA. they can’t offer any much more……So, I have to find my way for the top up.

    Yet, since seeing so much comments over here, I am affraid to pay the top up without any black & white confirmation from contractor or FH & waive of late charges on us as well as compensate on us if late in delivery for the project.

  43. 53

    Ng said,

    Hi Christine,

    Sorry to hear that your bank has not approved your loan. That is going to be the problem many non-Citibank purchasers will face. The banks need to be made confident, not just by the court order but by the liquidator that the project being completed on time, this time.

    That is why I mentioned that the only viable option is for FH to CONVINCE and TALK to the banks (jus sending them a printed court-order will not suffice). They have to HOLD A MEETING with all purchasers’ banks and CONVINCE them of the appreciated market value plus the confirmed date of completion.

    They only did that with Citibank, I gather. In any case, I am still hoping and waiting to read comments from the Manager or rep of FH or Suresh or committee. Everybody seems to have grown silent 😦

    No bank will approve this top up unless they are FULLY convinced by the liquidator (acting developer) that the project will be guaranteed restored and completed on time.

    I am still waiting for the letter from my bank regarding this pre-approved to-up and an official letter from FH regarding their commitment to a completion date and late delivery fees. Then only will I act to apply and submit the top-up $$.

  44. 54

    Suresh said,

    Dear all,

    I am currently tied up with my project works and have very limited time to login to the blog. My sincere apologies.

    I spoke to Yi Wen this morning regarding the concerns from all of you. She told me to drop her an email and she will reply me. I have copied the contents of the email here. Please review and if you wish to add any other concerns, please follow the sequence in numbering in order for us to keep track. Below is the contents of the email:-

    Dear Yi Wen,

    I refer to our phone conversation earlier today.

    We have been receiving a lot of concerns from the purchasers via comments in the blog.

    I have listed down their concerns below. Please feedback so that i can channel it back to them.

    1) When is the specific delivery date of the project? Can we have something black and white stating the specific delivery date from FH’s side?

    2) In the meeting with purchasers sometime back, FH has agreed to organise a meeting with all the major bank’s (a separate day for each bank) and purchasers to discuss on the topup matter. Why is that not executed by FH?

    3) Can FH provide the current market value for the property?

    4) FH is charging a penalty of 10% per annum for late payment. Can we impose a LAD of 10% per annum for late completion?

    5) In their letter to us dated 18th Nov, FH requested that we make the top-up payment cheques payable to “Mudi Angkasa Development Sdn Bhd (In Liquidation)”. Does that mean that FH is acting for Mudi Angkasa as “developer” for the remaining of this project?

    6) It was posted in the blog that Kamuja has started work on 01/11/2010 but there don’t seems to be any major activities or cranes in the project sites. When will the crane be moved in?

    7) Will the contractor still complete the project within the specified completion date even if not all purchasers pay on time?

    We hope that you will revert to us the soonest possible.


  45. 55

    edwin said,

    Dear neighbours,

    I discuss the issue of top-up with an x-bank officer last weekend. Her name is Natalie Wong (012-2052633; email: natalie2633@hotmail.com). She now works as a Financial Solution Provider under the Hong Leong banner but have connections with many other banks.

    She is interested to find a solution for all of us and require all of our contact numbers. I already introduce her to this blog for her to understand more details of our concern and get in touch with us. It will be more efficient if Suresh or Elsie can contact her directly because I think the commitee has all our details and contact number. Of course no issue if you want to talk to her individually.

    I agree with Ng that the banks also need to be convinced that this project will be successful. To succeed we need enough money. Nobody or bank can guarantee money is enough unless all money comes from one bank. Our problem is not normal therefore I believe we have to think “out of the box” to find a solution. We have nothing to loose to try.

    I hope Natalie can find one bank that is willing to help and she can recommend all 320 of us to this single bank. We need to be a “big fish” for the banks to hear us. Going into battle alone is like “ikan bilis”.

  46. 56

    Ng said,

    Hi Suresh,

    Many thanks for compiling our requests and questions to FH. You have done a great job despite your busyness.

    Indeed FH needs to address these issues ASAP (by this week), in view of the fact that they have imposed the deadline for first payment to be on 18th Dec. Looks like, they will have to extend the first instalment date.

    Since FH has breached its promise during a previous meeting to address the loan top-up matter with all the banks and have not done so, we should not be penalised and charged interest for this delay.

    In any case, if FH meets our requests above and we are collectively agreeable, they should be able to demand the final payt release (RM30+k each) from all our banks which they can use to commence the works first while purchasers are given time for processing the pre-approved top-up loans.

    Edwin, 360 purchaser running to one bank isnt a viable solution and may take forever to process. Best and only solution I gather is that banks are convinced via court order, appreciated property value and confirmed delivery date. They should provide pre-approved unconditional top-ups which will then be the only win-win situation for everybody.

    Surely FH can use Citibank’s agreement and collaborative effort to convince the other banks to follow suit.

  47. 57

    Leong said,


    I just called to Citibank and follow up on my top up approval status and voice out my concern on the late charges for the first payment to developer which is due on 18 Dec 2010.

    They told me that they will release the first payment to the developer by end of Feb 2011 as they just received the court order from FH since last month & they need sometime to process the top up loan to the purchasers.Anyhow,they still in the mid of the process on the SOP & how to process the top up amount for those purchaser who loan from their bank.
    They also call the developer to propose waive off the late charges to the purchaser base on this reason & the developer also agreed of this arrangement.

    Tried to call FH to clarify of this but not manage to find the person in charge.
    Hopefully FH will revert & confirm with us for this arrangement via this blog.


  48. 58

    Chin said,

    Hi Leong,

    Thanks for the info, I guess the developer realized that the first installment for the topup on 18 Dec is not possible. It is good news that they waived off the late payment interest. Then we all will have plenty of time to settle the loan problem.

    Of course, in the mean time, i believe FH should sent us circular to inform us about the condition and brief us on how to settle our top up loan. Perhaps it is still a wait and see situation, and maybe … just maybe… getting a personal loan approved now is still not the best option.

    Maybe some good news may pop up later, as i believe a lot of our neighbors is having a hard time on this…


  49. 59

    Cheah Sai Yoke said,

    Dear Committee,

    Since we are now being asked to top up an additional 30,00 payment, which is a substantial sum, we should be very vigilant this time and not leave everything to the Architect and developer. I would like to jog your memories about what happened in 2006.

    Work on site was suspended from at least July 2004 after the stage for electrical wiring and plumbing work was billed to us. After this in May 2006 we received a progress billing for roads and drains. This unscrupulous Talam Corporation chose to do nothing for two years (from 2004), skipped the next stage for internal and external plastering (10%) and instead went for the roads and drains (15%) which landed him a windfall of RM 6,798,600.00 (360 units x RM 18,885.00 each). And he was aided and abetted in all this by the just as unscrupulous project architect who was Arkitek E-A Sdn Bhd.

    From 2004 till 2006 no work at all was done on the buildings. In 2006 out of the blue just the internal roads were paved, this is easier to complete and attracts a higher percentage than electrical wiring . Then this crooked architect had the nerve to certify this stage. As you all know, after this work stopped again and we all saw our dreams go up in smoke. This same architect has been retained for 2010.

    The point I want to make is: we should make it clear to this architect, by writing to him collectively that we will monitor him closely this time to ensure he does not act against our interest anymore, that he should not certify anything if there’s even the slightest chance that the new contractor is not likely to complete.

    Cheah Unit B-9-13

    • 60

      Christine said,

      Hi Cheah,

      Thank you so much for the clear picture & sharing here. You should add in your comment to Suresh’s list to which he gonna send to FH soon.

      Hi Leong,

      Just intend to look for purchaser whom get loan from Citibank, who can give me an idea. I apply housing loan from Maybank, & they seems to rejected my application of top up request as given me reason that my loan has up to 95% which included MRTA. Thus I am not qualify to get another 30k++. I told them one of the bank which is Citibank pre-approved the top up based on the court order with unconditional, but they informed me that this might due to those purchases only get 80%-85% from their total in loan.

      I would be appreciated if you can share with me that besides the 10% down payment, did you pay extra and only applied not more than 90% from Citibank ? With your info, I can appeal my top up request with my end financier then. So that they can’t rejected my top up application based on this reason. Thanks in advance.

      Besides, a black & whites stated the current market value for the property is important for us too for the top up as end financier consider our application based on the value of the property & they seems to refer to S&P only with no further reference.

  50. 62

    Lily Ning said,

    Hi, I m thankful for all the info & comment here so I can explain to my parents that what is happening to the condo now.

    My parents get loan with PUBLIC BANK BERHAD at Taman Maluri. We have present the letter to the officer & they say need to get approval from head of department for the top up figure.

    As I understand from all the comments is, our loan bank have to release the 30% of the loan agreement which sign earlier & then purchaser need to top up another RM30K for the project to proceed??? (Someone can answer my query please)

    Thank you Mr Suresh for email Ms Ng to get they concern on it.

  51. 63

    Vincent said,

    Hi Lily,

    My housing loan was with Public Bank – Sg Besi branch of which Mr Siva advised that our project have been submitted to their top management for approval. He stress that they are not obligated to grant the top-up sum.

    In view of the current top-up loan pretty unsure, FH will have no option but to waive the late interest waiver.

    Will visit the site to preview the work progress.

  52. 64

    Lily Ning said,

    Hi Vincent,
    Yesterday I have talk to Public Bank officer which Ms Azirah just want to inform my parents that we are aware or not the project is take over by a new contractor & gonna start work.

    Important is, I need to appeal letter & apply for a NEW housing loan of amount RM30K over… FH really need to waive the late interest charges on purchasers…

    It is not fair for us to paid the interest since no black & white from FH abt the delivery date oso…

  53. 65

    Suresh said,

    Dear all,

    Attention to those who took loan from AmBank. You can contact Ms Nicol or Mr Kelvin regarding your topup matter. Their address is Level 16, Menara AmBank, No. 8, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. I don’t have their direct line. But the general line is 03-2167 3000.

    Thanks to Mr Syed and Ms Elsie for sharing the info.

    For those who took loan from Alliance bank, i have submitted all the purchaser’s details to my branch and they will be sending a proposal to their HQ for all the purchasers who took loan from Alliance bank. They will be sending out a letter to all the 9 purchasers (including me) very soon.

    For those who took loan from EON bank (7 purchasers), you can afford to have a smile on your face. EON bank has shown interest in providing the topup. So, please follow-up with you relevant branches.

    Anyone who has got any feedback from RHB please share.


  54. 66

    Ng said,

    Hi Suresh and all fellow purchasers..

    I came across this interesting article on the internet and gave a quick call to Dr Mohamed Rafick who is the pro-tem Chairman of the Abandoned property owners of Malaysia (Victims) Association.


    He would like us to provide some info and I hope that as our Committee Chairman, Suresh can ring him tomorrow for a chat. He may be able to provide important advice for us during this crucial time and we may join his Victims Association. I discussed a little with him but he was in the middle of a dinner function and couldn’t speak at length. He did mention however, that one of our purchasers called him as well.

    The web article shows that we are not alone and the Govt needs to amend its Housing Laws to protect buyers from unscrupulous developers in Msia.

    Think we all need to be very careful about this top-up and whether its justifiable or whether there are any grounds we can recover our losses..

    Can you please follow up on this and update us, if its not inconvenient, Suresh?

    Many thanks/Rgds,

  55. 67

    Ng said,

    I have just spoken to Elsie and something smells fishy. Think we all may have been scammed. I suggest we form an investigation team to investigate and pursue a class action against Talam Corporation for fraud.

    Apparently, Mudi Angkasa was a subsidiary of Talam and it was sued by another subsidiary of Talam (contractor) into bankruptcy. And all the documentations were tabled by their very own Talam lawyers.

    We need to make an URGENT request to FH for the final accounts of Mudi Angkasa and determine where our money went. I suspect most of it would have gone to Talam, the parent Company. If we can prove all these, then we may have a case to recover all our losses, instead of having to top-up some more. This is totally ridiculous and unjustifiable when Talam is still up and running.

    Can Cheah Sai Yoke, Chin and Suresh pls ring Elsie at 016-2806906 to discuss further? Hope you can join us in this investigation.

    Many thanks

    • 68

      Cheah said,

      There is no doubt most of the money went to Talam, specifically Chan Ah Chye the ex chairman of Talam. How to prove it? God knows. In Malaysia it’s always the ikan bilis who lose. The super crooks and big shots have phalanxes of lawyers and accountants to make sure of this.

      My opinion is if we had afforded the legal costs, we should have sued in 2004-2006 when it was clear this crook had fled with the money and when perhaps Mudi Angkasa had some money left in its coffers. Can liabilities of a subsidiary be recovered from its parent? I have no idea.

      I’ve always wondered why developers are allowed to use subsidiaries to develop projects and be the ones to sign with buyers. If the parent companies are forced to do that, they themselves are liable and there may be more reluctance and hassles to just let the companies be wound up. In our case, Chan Ah Chye had everything to gain by letting Mudi Angkasa be wound up:he’s off the hook. Before that of course all assets are siphoned off.

      BTW Chan Ah Chye is a private developer now developing some residential projects in Puchong. No doubt we contributed some of his capital.


  56. 69

    TL Blog B said,

    Dear committee.

    I have made the 1st payment due 18th Dec 2010.
    Please let us know how many have paid up? and update in the blog.

    Thank you.

  57. 70

    CJ said,


    yes, i heard this talam tactic b4.

  58. 71

    Sow Chan said,

    I already send my first payment to FH. My opinion is this is the only choice for me. For those who want to have further investigate, i think this should be voice out at the very stage and not now. You can choose do not top up any amount and pay more late payment later.
    For those who are still waiting for the bank approval, i suggest to use your own money for the first payment and get the rest from bank later. I believe even bank agree to top up, they also need few months to process.

  59. 72

    Suresh said,

    Dear all,

    Please find below the reply from FH:-

    1) When is the specific delivery date of the project? Can we have something black and white stating the specific delivery date from FH’s side?

    Pursuant to Schedule B, Clause 10.1 of the Explanatory Statement to Scheme Creditors dated 17 June 2010, which was sanctioned by the High Court on 28 September 2010, Vacant Possession (‘VP’) is expected within twelve (12) to eighteen (18) months from the recommencement of the work. As you are aware, the contractor, Kamuja Corporation Sdn Bhd, has taken over site possession effective 1 November 2010. Tat means, the 12 to 18 months period starts from 01/11/2010.

    2) In the meeting with purchasers sometime back, FH has agreed to organise a meeting with all the major bank’s (a separate day for each bank) and purchasers to discuss on the topup matter. Why is that not executed by FH?

    The Liquidators had attempted to organise meetings with the banks. However, the banks had informed that they could not proceed without the sealed court order. As an alternative, we wrote to the banks requesting for their indulgence to provide additional loan to their existing borrowers as well as to consider granting personal loans to other purchasers of the project. We kept the respective end financiers up to date with the status of the application to the Court pertaining to the Scheme of Arrangement and subsequently also provided each bank with a copy of the sealed court order to facilitate their further action. In addition, we are also in close contact with the banks to follow up on the status of the purchasers’ loan application.

    3) Can FH provide the current market value for the property?

    We are not in the position to advise on the current market value, which is the expertise of the professional valuers.

    4) FH is charging a penalty of 10% per annum for late payment. Can we impose a LAD of 10% per annum for late completion?

    The late payment charges imposed on the purchasers will be payable to the contractor at the end of the project. There is no provision for any LAD for late completion pursuant to the Scheme.

    5) In their letter to us dated 18th Nov, FH requested that we make the top-up payment cheques payable to “Mudi Angkasa Development Sdn Bhd (In Liquidation)”. Does it mean that FH is acting for Mudi Angkasa as “developer” for the remaining of this project?

    The Liquidators are appointed by the Court over the Company, Mudi Angkasa Development Sdn Bhd. Notwithstanding the liquidation, the Company remains the developer of the project. As such, all letters/circulars issued to the purchasers are on the letterhead of the Company in liquidation, including our letter dated 18 November 2010.

    6) It was posted in the blog that Kamuja has started work on 01/11/2010 but there don’t seems to be any major activities or cranes in the project sites. When will the crane be moved in?

    The application to erect the crane has been submitted to JKKP (Jabatan Keselamatan Kesihatan Pekerja). Once the approval is obtained, the crane can be erected. Maybe in another 2 weeks time.

    7) Will the contractor still complete the project within the specified completion date even if not all purchasers pay on time?

    Kamuja can only do their part of completing the project if the purchasers do their part of funding the project. If the project is funded then there is no show stopper for the project to complete on time.


  60. 73

    ezanna said,

    Dear neighbours,

    I’m in the midst of applying loan from my company as a top-up amount.
    FYI, my office had released RM36K to Talam before they stop the billing(loooong time ago). There is no payment released after that and left another RM94K as amount yet to be disbursed to Talam.
    The question:-
    1-Why they still asking us to pay RM30K now, instead of billing us the remaining outstanding amount as per S&P?
    2-Is there any reason why they need RM30K now?
    3-Just wondering whether we can settle RM30K before we collect the key?
    We don’t want to hear any false hope from them again….No more tricks

    Btw, thanks to all committee for their hard work 🙂

  61. 74

    Ng said,

    Hi Suresh,

    Thanks for the update.

    The reply from FH means nothing if they do not wish to commit to a delivery date in black and white. They mentioned 12-18 mths from 1/11/2010. Again, they mentioned that pursuant tp the Scheme, they will not be liable for any LAD fees. So, the project could very well be completed after 18 mths (due to whatever reasons they could give) and we will not be compensated. Then history may repeat itself and we will end up 2nd time victims. Who knows??

    How could 75% of those who attended the meeting agree to the Scheme when it clearly favors the liquidators? Is it too late for them to amend the Scheme to include LAD fees? If they are so confident in their assessment, then they should be willing to commit to a deadline for delivery. We can work with the banks and co-operate with the instalment payment deadlines, IF they co-operate by giving us a final delivery date and LAD fees. Only this can safeguard and protect us from not jumping from the frying pan and into the fire.

    Suresh, please negotiate these matters with FH as we cant take anymore chances. Do the others agree??

    As for bank correspondences, can FH advise the personnel in charge of each respective bank that they communicated (if they did) with so that we can follow up with the particular personnel? Attempted to meet with the banks is not good enough. FH, as promised, needs to follow up and organise pre-approvals for ALL purchasers, if they wish to make the RM 300,000 fees from us. This is their job or there will be delays, I’m sure.

    Cheah, I agree we have been scammed and bullied and are still getting the raw end of the deal with the liquidators here. Did we get several quotes from contractors? Can we audit the accounts from hereon and see if the budgeted sums were true and necessary? Hence, any balance from our $30k top up collection would be refunded to us?


    Am truly disgusted by the system flaw in Malaysia..and am thinking to writing an article to the press…entitled, SHAME on you, Talam !!

    We had to waive the LAD fees and to add salt to the wound, we are compelled to top up with RM30k each. This is ludicrous and ironical and shame on the Malaysian Housing Ministry, the present loopholes in the Housing Law and most of all, shame on TALAM!


    • 75

      Cheah said,


      Totally agree with you. We have a case of damned if we do, and damned if we don’t. If we don’t pay, the house is gone and we’ll be paid whatever is left after FH deducts all expenses. If there’s anything left. If we pay, we still might be scammed a 2nd time.

      Only thing we can do, is to demand to scrutinise and monitor everything that FH and the Architect does. Force them to open up the books, as you said.

      From what I gathered, every condo project of this sort, with roughly the same % of completion, always required a 30K top up. Is it more than coincidence? Is it a sort of “bonus” for the liquidator and contractor?

      Regarding housing laws, laws are drafted by ministers, if you were a minister, would you protect the normal citizens or developers who contribute to your political funds?

  62. 76

    Lily Ning said,

    Thank you for all Commitee hardworking…

    Reply from FH make me feel worry about the project can be deliver on time or not… Is there any other way to secure our house & $$$$… Please…

  63. 77

    edwin said,

    Instead of spending effort to find shortcomings in the scheme which are irreversible, why not spend time to get the money.

    Agree with Ng to write to the press and NOW is the best time. If you notice lately you see a lot of articles in the press about issues with abandon projects. “hit the metal when it is still hot!”. Put us in the spotlight, who knows it may attract the “right people” to come to our rescue.

  64. 78

    Ng said,

    Hi Cheah and others,

    Was just googling some stuff and chanced upon this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DeWC5XGHdk

    This was in July 2009 (last year only??) when the Executive Director Ms Chua Kim Lan mentioned that they would be completing 95% of their existing projects in Selangor by end 2009??? What about the abandoned project by its subsidiaries?? Conveniently forgotten I suppose…??

    I was just looking at the beautiful Nusa Mewah Villa brochure that I was given at maxisegar when I booked the unit. It clearly states that the project was ‘Managed by Talam Corporation Bhd’.. So why aren’t they continuing to ‘manage’ it now, even after their subsidiary (they own 51% of mudi angkasa btw) has gone into liquidation? Whether the developer has gone bankrupt or not is totally irrelevant. They ought to continue to ‘manage’ the project ! (Btw, I looked up the meaning of ‘manage’ and it says “to direct, to excercise control or domination over, to be in charge etc”…) Clearly Talam has breached its role here..!

    Date of completion was supposed to be July 2004 and its been 6+ years. If we were paid the LAD fees, we would each get 10% pa of purchase price and that would have amounted to over RM65k. Instead, now we have to waive that which is rightly ours and pay an extra RM30k for the project to be continued. This is total injustice!

    Am looking at how we could possibly get the Top Management of Talam’s (Ms Chua included) attention to address this matter ASAP or how we could possibly publish this so that the whole world knows about the injustice of the Nusa Mewah Villa project. Let’s try some newspaper or tv reporters, for a start. You guys have any ideas??


  65. 79

    Ng said,


    It isn’t about us not spending time to get the $$.

    FH is charging us RM1k per person for this project to be completed. They agreed to talk to our banks. We are still waiting for our banks’ directives. FH has to do its job to earn the RM378,000 liquidation fees + disbursements of RM72,000, a whopping total RM 450,000 from us! (Check Schedule A) That is a huge sum to be profiting by just sending a few circulars here and there.

    Anyway, I hope the Committee will be permitted to audit this project’s books when the project commences. FH has included too many ‘Other expenses or general expenses’ (in Schedule A) and they amount to millions !! We need to be able to check the files then and ensure that all these payments are legitimate and correct. Any balances from the budget will have to be refunded to us.


  66. 80

    TL Blog B said,

    Hi Ng,

    I see you write a lot, I wonder whether you attended the latest meeting which was held at Dewan MPAJ, balloting session on 17/7/10 arranged by FH? That time is the best time for you to bring out all the matters that you knew better than all of us.

    I just want my house able to complete as soon as possible. I do not want to wait for another 10 more years.

    Thank you.

  67. 81

    Ng said,


    Tks for your note.

    You are right. Nobody wants to wait. But we just have to be careful now so we get our keys as they promised, i.e 12-18 mths?

    No, I cant and couldn’t attend the mtgs due to geograhical reasons. But its not too late to get the facts right.

    Anyway, if we are not together in this, we’ll be at the mercy of FH as we were with Mudi Angkasa.

    Let the Committee decide then…:)


  68. 82

    CJ said,

    thanks for ng’s sharing so many usefull info.

    i don think all of 360 purchasers can take out RM 30k from theri own pocket as easy as some of our neighbours 1.

  69. 83

    Christine said,

    Hi Suresh,

    I am one of the purchaser who can’t get top up loan from my end financier. They giving me a lot reasons, the most I can’t accept, was they informed that FH never contact them on this issue. Bank told me, why the ‘developer’ or contractor can’t issue letter to each financier to draw out the balance which yet disbursed since they already in the midst of revive the site but must get the top up from each purchasers first ? Contractor has the right to proceed with the withdraw now from each end financier instead of only waiting the money from us which most of us might have delaying issue. Purchasers who have the money can proceed with their top up while the rest are working on it, at the same time, contractor just get the balance withdraw from bank by stages.

    Wondering developer or contractor start claim the money from our end financiers ?

    But, at the same time, I quite agreed with Ng too, she got her points. We are can’t affort to be cheated one more time.

    I saw some of the banks have response by giving their PIC contact so that we can call the right person to discuss on the top up, but why Maybank not in the list ?

  70. 84

    Suresh said,

    Hi Christine,

    The balance pending from the banks can only be released once that particular phase is completed. The final sum is for vacant posession. Bank can never relese the pending sum in 1 single payment before that particular phase is completed. I am surprised that the bank officer is not aware of this.

    Once 1 particular phase is completed, the architect will review and approve before the developer could invoice the banks. In our case an additional 11 million is needed to complete the entire construction excluding the remaining sum still haven’t been disbursed by the banks.

    I suggest you check with the bank officer what are the relevant documents they need in order to process the application and proceed to submit the documents to them. FH claims that they have sent all the necessary documents to the banks and infact i personally attended a meeting with Maybank together with FH to discuss about this matter some time back.


  71. 85

    Chin said,

    Hi Suresh,

    Thanks for posting the Q n A with FH, would like to ask you, did FH ever mentioned waiving off the late payment interest for the 1st top up installment?

  72. 86

    Wan B-5-18 said,

    FH & Kamuja…. claimed to be in good reputation, well known and very successful liquidator & developer/contractor…

    To FH & Kamuja,
    Sincerity & commitment plays an important roles here. Please help us built our condo with your own money first. RM11 millions shouldn’t be an issue to a well-known entity like you. Once completed, we will top-up the RM30k. Trust us this time and both of you will get your profit, we’ll move in to our own condo. Win-win situation. If any of us cannot/reluctant/unaffordable to pay, then you can sell the condo at current value & refund to him/her the amount that she already paid… still UNTUNG lagi woooo!!!

  73. 87

    Sow Chan said,

    Dear Committee,
    I suggest Ng to be one of your committee. Maybe she can help us to ensure the project complete smoothly

  74. 88

    Christine said,

    Hi suresh,

    Since you are one of them whom attended the meeting to Maybank before, kindly provide me the direct person in charge’s contact number & from which branch & which department please.

    Also, as Chin asked, did FH ever mentioned waiving off the late payment interest for the 1st top up installment?

    Hope to hear from you asap.

  75. 89

    Ng said,

    Hi Sow Chan,

    Thanks for your suggestion. No, I am not in KL and cant be in the Committee. However, I am working closely with Suresh and Elsie and we are monitoring everything, as far as FH goes.

    Will do our best to ensure that we dont fall victims to anyone again.

    Nothing will be in vain. What goes around comes around and we can only learn from our mistake (in trusting Talam) and improve from such lessons.

    The people who have cheated us will have to answer for their actions someday…

    Take care!!


  76. 90

    edwin said,

    Today I apply Ambank for the top up and seems like the people in the headoffice under the mortgage department (level 16) knows about our problem. The person you can contact is Anuar, Kelvin or Nicole. They need

    1) “certify true copy” of the FH Scheme and court order document. You must get it certified personally in FH office in Brickfields

    2) latest 3-months salary slip.

    Ambank called the top up amount as “2nd charge” and the interest will be the normal BLR – 1.5% (because the amount is only 30k). It is still a housing loan but interest is much better than personal loan. Approval is within 7 days if all documents are complete.

    The officer advice that FH should organized a single meeting attended by all banks face-to-face to ensure commitment comes from all parties.

  77. 91

    Suresh said,

    Hi Christine,

    Try calling Mr.Wee Kiew Kuan. His contact number is +603 7681 8723. This is the person who has been liasing with FH regarding this matter.

    I have spoken to Kumar on the waiver of penalty for late payment of the 1st installment. He told me for genuine cases where we have problem with the bank’s side, they will not impose a penalty. But to be on safer side, he said that either the bank or the purchaser have to write in to ask for extension.


  78. 92

    Chin said,

    Hi neighbors !

    I’ve contacted Mr Kumar from FH today, he told me that no late payment interest will be imposed, as what Suresh mentioned earlier. Maybe this only applies to those who take loan from bank.

    As for those neighbors who took loan from RHB, Mr Kumar said FH already talked to RHB HQ Mortgage Dept Ms Margaret Foong, and RHB already OK the loan top up. I guess we can only find out when we approach our loan branch personally.

    I’ve already approach the branch that is handling my loan yet, they asked me to re-submit some of the document such as EPF statement, S&P and etc. I’ll be sure to quote that name so that they can refer to RHB HQ, just to be safe.

    Hope we all success in getting the top up! And yeah, Ng should be inside the committee… 🙂

  79. 93

    HH LOW said,

    Hi to All ,

    Now all of us talking about the loan or the top up sum ,, how about the progress at
    site ????????????????? Since Kamuja had kick off to start work on 01 / November / 2010 , Where is the progress ???????????

  80. 94

    Christine said,

    Hi Suresh,

    Thanks, but the contact you been given for Mr.Wee Kiew Kuan (Maybank) not valid. Any other contact which I can reach him please ? Which branch & in which department he is located at the moment please ?

    Your help is highly appreciated.

    For all neighours, commitees & Suresh : Merry X’mas to you all and Happy New Year ! Life still need to goes on…..

  81. 95

    Ng said,

    Hi to all..

    Just want to start the ball rolling by wishing you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS, with a little help from these guys who call themseves the i-band…yes, they use iPhones and iPads to make music..!

    Hopefully, this time next year, we could all be having a Christmas pool party at Nusa Mewah Villa ! Wouldn’t that be nice ??

    Seasons greetings,
    Ng 🙂

  82. 96

    Suresh said,

    Hi Christine,

    That was the number given by FH. The last time when I attended the meeting, it was with the high ranking officers. Any other purchasers with Maybank care to share?


  83. 97

    edwin said,

    For the convenience of everyone, I like to start consolidating the contact person of the banks in one place. Please add on to the list of the banks that is missing:

    En. Annuar
    Mr. Kelvin Ng; email: ng-meng-wai@ambankgroup.com Tel: 03-21673000 ext 81667
    Ms. Nicole

  84. 99

    wong said,

    Would also like to wish all Christians a very Happy, Merry and Healthy Christmas and hope the new year brings us good news and happiness too.

    Best wishes,

  85. 100

    Vincent Leong said,

    Fellow neighbor, I went to the site today and worker was seen clearing pile of rubbish with bulldozer. Good to check the site occasionally.

  86. 102

    Elsie said,

    Blessed Christmas to everyone! I respect every opinions and suggestions given by all of you but don’t you think that we have gone so far from the very beginning when Mudi Angksasa Development was wind-up by the court that we have attended few meetings here and there. I still remember we have press conference, TV8 media and I event wrote to the housing ministry, one of the politician who came and help us and many ways we have gone through but at the end nothing happen…………
    Some of you guys who was with me going through this hard time will understand why we agreed to the to-up ? At the end a Liquidator was appointed by the court that is Ferrier Hodgson! Some of you have made the payment of RM400-00 for the QS to do the costing to revive this project and at the end all of us have to to-up the sum of RM30,700-00. But the decision to revive this project is not in the hand of FH but was determined during the balloting meeting during July 2010.
    So since we have the majority agreed for the top-up and we have gone so far why not just have faith in them to complete this project by 12-18 months! Well I understand some of you have difficulty obtaining loans from bank or do not know who to call to arrange for the loan and etc ….My suggestions is please call FH for an answer i believe they are willing to help cause FH job is to complete the Project and to close the books/accounts of Mudi Angkasa whom they are appointed by the court. If everyone of you pray and have faith in them I believe by next year we will see something beautiful out but if we keep on worry and looking back what happen during talam’s period well things will not work ……trust me continue to finish this race cause if we don’t trust a person how are we going to marry the person with a lot of doubts and negative thoughts…..Well with this RM30,700-00 I am praying very hard that all of us will have our own unit of condo soon …Please pray a long with me….I also know that sometimes is very difficult to contact FH cause now the project have already started there will be a lot of meetings but don’t give up try until you got them….same goes with me..
    I understand from FH that there was a good collection for the first installment.

    Please do contact me at 016-2806906 …take care and GOD BLESS

  87. 103

    Leong said,

    Hi Elsie,

    It’s good to hear from you again on this blog.Yes,agree with you and this is the concept of dating and married.
    We had going for the hard time after our house was abandon and everyone were worry & doing their best to have some way to revival the project.Especially thanks to the committees along & lead us to the next brightness exit.

    Yesterday I went to the site visit and saw that there have a lower floor unit at block A was in the renovation.All inside & external wall painting with white paint & install the aluminum sliding & casement window.Look like there are going to become this unit as a showroom.If so,it’s look like a good start for us after a couple of year on the delay.

    Question,if they going to plan have a showroom there,means that there will be some empty units for sale.This may from those purchaser who no go on the top up & surrender their house during the balloting.
    How many of units of them are surrender and how the developer handle the sales & profit of those units sold?Will them contribute the profit to average down our top up cost?

    BTW,thy to upload & attached some site visit pictures to this blog but not manage to do this.

  88. 104

    Suresh said,

    Hi Leong,

    Please email the pictures to Jason, the pro-tem committee secretary. His email id is jazonlee@gmail.com. Just get him to upload the pictures to the blog so that all of us can view it.

    On your question of the empty units for sale. What we understand from FH is all the units were sold out during launching. Only 4 people voted against the scheme out of 171 who turned up for the balloting. Once all the units are completed, we will get FH to provide an update on the number of units which are not claimed by the original purchasers. From there we would be able to determine how many units are left unclaimed and how we go about the sales of that particular units. It’s still early to discuss on that matter now.

    Dear all,

    The committee has attended a meeting with KPKT (Kementerian Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan) recently. The meeting was chaired by the Timbalan Ketua Pengarah (Operasi), YBhg Dato’ Zainudin Bin Tala. FH & Kamuja reps were also invited.

    KPKT has promised to closely monitor the progress of the project and help out with the necessary permits and licences for the contractor. KPKT just stepped in coz’ our project was only classified as ‘Projek Terbengkalai’ on 25th Aug. 2010.

    We got an update from the contractor that the cranes will be erected in another 2 weeks time. Internal plastering and wiring works are in progress in block A. The works are going as per initial schedule by the contractor.

    I will update the progress of the project from time to time.


  89. 105

    Leong said,

    Hi Suresh,

    Thanks for your update and advise.

    Hi Jason,

    Pictures were sent to your mail & please upload accordingly.


  90. 106

    Vincent Leong said,

    Hi Jason,

    The posted photos was shared by Leong (not me), not nice for me to claim for others credit.


  91. 107

    Elsie said,

    For your information every two weeks i will call FH for the progress of our project and also every two weeks my hubby and myself will drop by the project site for the progress over there. We the committee also do our part to contact the contractor (Kamuja) and I thank GOD for the Contractor for the co-operation given to us. Well ! everything is in control and is in our GOD’S loving hand! As for Citibank loan, I have contacted Mr. Chiew , at this very moment Citibank is still preparing the documentations and will contact all Citibank’s purchaser soon. Anyway Happy New year to all of you……………

  92. 108

    Christine said,

    Hi Elsie / Suresh,

    Would like to double confirm that we are not gonna charge with any penalty for the late 1st installment please ? As I am still in the way for the top up solution with Maybank.

    Suresh, I didn’t able to get Mr Wee as you told me to look for him for purchaser whom get loan from Maybank after Maybank, Jln HS Lee rejected my top up request (where I took my loan). Yet, after several trial calls, I managed to contacted Ms Goh instead of Mr Wee whom should be from higher ranking position too. What she managed to tell me is she is still in discussion with Mr Wee about it. Surprisingly, she told me not really purchasers came to them for this issue. Wondering if not many of them get loan from Maybank.

    Elsie, thank you for your effort for checking on the progress, as myself not staying in KL anymore after married & also due to the abandon issue, quite difficult for me to check on them oftenly.

    Happy New Year & all the best in 2011 🙂

  93. 109

    Elsie said,

    Hi Christine,
    Since you are still finding ways for the top-up sum loan, why not please kindly write to FH to inform them that you are still waiting the reply from your financier so that you may protect yourself from any penalty charges for the 1st installment. As for Citibank loan, I understand from Citibank that they did inform FH about the delay for the 1st installment payment due to the preparation of documentations. It is better to put everything in writing………….thats for all…..Blessed New Year!

  94. 110

    CJ said,

    to elsie,

    thanks for ur reminder, i oso need to write to FH.

    happy new yr to all of u.

  95. 111

    Christine said,

    Hi Elsie,

    Good day to you. Just write & called to Kumar (FH), he is confirmed that no penalty will be charge to us.

    By the way, mind to share how soon Citibank will pay out the 1st installment to FH for purchasers whom get loan from Citibank ? Arrangement of the remittance by group (total purchasers) or by individual account, where each purchaser pay to FH after you all get the 1st top up sum from Citibank ? By knowing these info, I can talk to my end financier.


  96. 112

    Ho said,

    Hi Christine,

    I agree with U, can i get the contact no. from U regarding the person in charge Ms. Goh (Maybank) because i take loan from Maybank (pandan indah branch). T.Q

  97. 113

    Elsie said,

    Hi Christine,

    First of all Happy New Year to you and all of you guys! As for the Citibank loan they will only write to each of the purchasers regarding the loan depending how much each purchaser is taking. Citibank will consider the loan depending on your income, whether you are prompt in payment of your existing loan because new loan agreement each of the purchaser need to sign and Citibank will arrange with the panel lawyer for the signing of documentations. Well as for the draw down of the loan I think the lawyer will advise Citibank because document need to be stamped and etc. Please do contact me at 016-2806906 if you need any clarification about the loan because once school reopen i will be very busy and hardly have time on line. Bye…………..

    • 114

      Christine said,

      Hi Elsie,

      Thanks for the info. Guess Citibank need some more time in order to allocate the fund to you all too, moreover for us who are still pending in getting the top up loan from other end financiers. Thought that you will be very busy for kids schooling now, maybe just drop us a note here when Citibank finally realise their first fund to you all for first installment.

  98. 115

    Christine said,

    Hi Ho,

    Ms Goh Mui Ling from Maybank contact number is 03-22958654. Finally found someone whom also take loan from Maybank. How is your top up loan application so far please ? Do share when you able to get Ms Goh.

  99. 116

    Christine said,

    Hi Suresh,

    Good day to you.

    Wondering if it is possible to post info of the stages of payment for first installment in this blog. Example the number of purchaser who paid, updated by FH weekly. We can monitor & aware of this installment status & revival progress together by weekly.


  100. 117

    Christine said,

    Hi Suresh,

    Wondering if it is possible to post info of the stages of payment for first installment in this blog. Example the number of purchaser who paid, updated by FH weekly. We can monitor & aware of this installment status & revival progress together.


  101. 118

    ct said,

    Hi all,

    Just checking, until now which bank already paid for the 1st top up payment.

  102. 119

    edwin said,

    Hi neighbours,

    Ambank already approved my loan. The not so good news is the interest is BLR + 1% and only RM28K + 1k+ MRTA. The officer told me their management decided the interest will be this for all Mudi Angkasa cases. Can anyone borrowing from AmBank for the top-up can confirm this? Anyway still better than personal loan.

    I agree with the suggestion to let all know how many purchasers managed to get their top-up approved by the banks. At least we know how successful our revival project is.

    • 120

      Adrian said,

      Hi Edwin,

      Myself in the process of getting the top up loan from Ambank too… Are they charging you on the Lawyer fees as well?

      Thanks & Regards,


  103. 121

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    reader amused. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well,
    almost…HaHa!) Excellent job. I really loved what you had to say, and more than that,
    how you presented it. Too cool!

  104. 122

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