Meeting with FH and the new contractor on 12/04/10 @ 10.00am

Dear all,

Please be informed that a meeting will be held in FH office in Brickfields next Mon, 12/04/10 @ 10.00am. As most of you are aware, a new contractor will be taking over the project. The new contractor has already been finalised.

The committee has arranged for a meeting with the new contractor. All purchasers are welcome to attend the meeting. 

For any enquiries please call Elsie at 016-280 6906.



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  1. 1

    B-13-13 said,

    It’s a great news! Unfortune I can’t attend…. Please update us the outcomes from the meeting…. thanks! 🙂

  2. 2

    Jimmy said,

    I cant attend this meeting. Hope commitee can update the outcome in this blog.tq

  3. 3

    Jeffery @ A-9-09 said,

    Great news! I’ll see if i can take leave from my office for the morning to attend the meeting. Please update the outcome in case i won’t be able to attend. Thanks!

  4. 4

    Leong said,

    Pray hard & blessing to this new developer or contractor is “Everything OK & Fine” as there was a bad experience to our so call “new existing contractor” who intent to take over our project.
    Hopefully there have no more delay & let us hand in hand together to make it done!!


  5. 5

    Edwin Yeap said,

    I can attend, please let me know the exact FH address.

  6. 6

    Azie Nordin said,

    Sorry cannot attend.. Please update us new info.. tq.

  7. 7

    Vincent Leong said,

    Dear all fellow purchaser,

    FH office address as append below:

    Ferrier Hodgson MH 22-M, Monteiro & Heng Chambers
    Jalan Tun Sambanthan 3
    Kuala Lumpur 50470

  8. 8

    sam said,

    best of luck.. cheers..

  9. 9

    Anom Majid said,

    This is definitely good news! I want to attend this meeting but have to attend a compulsory training on the same date. For those who are going, please don’t forget to update us of the outcome ok!

    Thank you!

  10. 10

    Khaw Li Imm said,

    I am not able to attend, please update us on the outcome. thanks.

  11. 11

    Kenny said,

    Good Morning, May I know what is the result now? TQ.

  12. 12

    Ezanna said,


    For those who attended the above-mention meeting…appreciate if u could kindly up-date us..
    We are waiting soooo long for the good news.
    Hope our prayers were answered.

  13. 13

    Suresh said,

    Dear all,

    Firstly, I would like to thank all the purchasers who attended the meeting yesterday. The main agenda of the meeting is to reveal the new contractor and seek the concern of the committee to proceed with the court application.

    We were introduced to the CEO of the construction firm, En. Amir. The new construction company is Kamuja Corporation Sdn Bhd. The new contractor has agreed to revive the project within the sum quoted by the previous contractor.

    A brief history on how the top-up amount was computed. The QS report states that the total sum required to revive the project is RM25M+. Balance pending from the bank is RM14M+. An additional RM11M+ is needed for the revival. The RM11M+ is divided equally by the 360 units. Which comes to RM30,700 per unit.

    Application to the court will be done this week. The reply from the court is expected to be somewhere by end of June. FH will prepare and send out letters regarding the balloting session to all the purchasers in the month of July. Minimum of 21 days notice is to be given to the purchasers. The balloting session is expected to take place in the month of August.

    FH needs a mandate of 75% of the total purchasers who attend the balloting session to agree with all the terms and conditions in order to revive the project. The contractor can immediately start work once the mandate is obtained. The contractor needs approximately 1 year to complete the project. Based on this projection if everything goes as per plan, the project is expected to complete by August 2011.

    Regarding the top up sum, the contractor has agreed to draft the project plan and do the talking with the bank. Based on the information we obtained from FH yesterday, so far only Citibank has agreed with the top-up sum. Of course this will vary from case to case basis.

    FH has informed the committee to make it clear to all the purchasers that the committee is not siding any parties and get the purchasers to call them directly for any information.

    Thats the only update which I can provide you as of now. For further information please call FH at +603 2273 6227. Just mention that you are one of the purchaser of Bukit pandan project. You may talk to either Kumar, Yi Wen or Ernest.


  14. 15

    CJ said,

    thanks for the update, suresh.

  15. 16

    miss c said,

    thanks suresh n commitee

  16. 17

    TL BlogB said,

    Thank you Suresh for the latest info.

  17. 18

    Ezanna said,

    Thank you very much for all committee members.

    Appreciate your hardwork.

  18. 19

    Amy Arasi said,

    Appreciate your hard work and sincere commitment for a fruitful result Suresh… thank you very much

  19. 20

    Chin said,

    Thanks to all the committee and Suresh!! Appreciate all your hard work

    Hope to receive good news on the bank loan issue too..

  20. 21

    Suresh said,

    Thank you everyone for your support and wishes.
    Not to forget our VP, Elsie and the rest of the committee members.
    Without their support we would not have gone this far.

    We have requested FH to give us a regular update on the progress.
    In the meantime, we would encourage all purchasers to call FH and check the status personally from time to time.

    Let’s don’t loose hope and do our part to get the project up and running.


  21. 22

    Eric said,

    Thanks Elsie, Suresh & all the rest of the committee members for all the hardwork and efforts! We believed unite is power! We looking forward to our sweet home soon…cheers! 🙂

  22. 23

    Suresh said,

    Dear all,

    Please be informed that the application to hold the Court Convene Meeting has been filed on 3 May 2010. The file reference no is: D2-28-436-2007.


  23. 24

    Vincent Leong said,

    Hi Suresh,

    Great update, looking forward to the meeting soon.

    Cheers, Vincent

  24. 25

    stephen said,

    hi suresh,

    good news and look forward to the meeting soon.

    hope for the best this time and get thing done a.s.a.p.

    and home sweet home.

    thanks , stephen

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