Summary of the meeting with FH on 5th September 2009

Dear all,

As everyone is aware, there was a meeting on 5th September 2009 with Ferrier Hodgson at MPAJ hall Pandan Indah.

The meeting took around 2.5 hours and the whole team from Ferrier Hodgson attended the meeting with detailed explainations pertaining to the top up scheme. There were around 179 purchsers attended the meeting which comprised of approx. 50% from the total purchasers, and there were a small number of purchasers who couldn’t make it to this meeting with personal reasons.

During the meeting, every purchaser was presented a copy of support document to agree/disagree with the top up scheme. After the elaborations from the FH team as well as the committee, we have got 99% (only 2 purchasers rejected) of the purchasers support for the revival of this project with the top scheme, but provided that the financiers(banks) are willing to include the top of amount (30k) into our existing loans. According to FH, most local banks are willing to help us on the top up sum but there will be a slight issue with the foreign banks as they have their own policy which we need to negotiate with them personally. Despite of this, Citibank is willing to help us on this (as there are quite a number of purchasers loan from Citibank).

For those who missed the meeting and would like to support for the top up scheme, kindly please contact Miss Ng Yi Wen from FH at 03-2273 6227 by 14th September 2009. We need your support to increase the percentage.

For your information, the meeting last week was considered as informal one as FH wanted to know how many percentage of the purchasers were actually supporting for the top up scheme.

And since the response was encouraging, FH will be organising a formal meeting with all the purchasers again in 3 – 5 months time after they get the court’s approval for the scheme. (the court will take 3 – 5 months time for the approval)

That’s all. We will update further into this blog. Thank you.


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  1. 1

    Suresh said,

    Thank you for the update Jason…

    Just a little thing to add on.

    Purchasers are required to fill the support document and return to FH by 14th Sept.

    So, act fast.


  2. 2

    Chin said,

    Dear committee,

    I’m currently outstation and will not be able to fill up the document by 14th Sep. Any alternative for me?

  3. 3

    sherry said,

    Ms Ng,

    How can I get the form? Could you email to me a copy?

  4. 4

    bukitpandan said,

    Dear all,

    Please contact Miss Ng Yi Wen from FH at 03-2273 6227 for the support form.



  5. 5

    Goh Hock Bee said,

    Dear all,

    Im one of the purchaser who cant attend the meeting. But anyway I went to FH
    office to sign the form on 7th Sept. 2009. I met Kumar there.


    Goh Hock bee

  6. 6

    Edwin Yeap said,

    Dear all,

    Just call Miss Ng Yi Wen and she will fax you the form. Fill the form and fax it back to her.

  7. 7

    TL Blog B said,

    To our future muslim neighbours.

    Wishing you “Selamat Hari Raya.”


  8. 8

    Edwin Yeap said,

    Dear all.

    I just faxed FH the letter of support and I was told by them until now only 174 purchasers agree with the top up. Not much change so far from the last meeting. For those of you haven’t fill up the form yet, please contact FH directly.

  9. 9

    Mr. Chai said,

    I helping my relative to get the info about the development of this project. If got any latest info about this matter can anyone send it to me? This is my email addess: Thanks to those who can make it.

  10. 10

    Ms Ng said,

    Dear all,

    Just want to check with the purchasers of Nusa Mewah condo, if you still continue to pay your monthly installment + interest to your financier? Can we stop to pay until the liquidator has officially taken over the project?

    Really appreciate if anyone can give me some light in this as I am wondering if I still need to dump my money into a deep hole?

    Thanks a lot

  11. 11

    Jason said,

    Yes, we are still paying the bank loan and interest every month, i don’t think you could stop paying the loan as it is between us and the financier (the bank) and it got nothing to do with the liquidator, you may check with our laywer (Yeap & Yong) in this case. Thx!

  12. 12

    megatron said,

    guys, you have to pay your monthly installment to serve interest. once you missed two to three payment, your name will be in citris and be blacklisted by the banks.

    will be difficult later to get extra rm30k.

    now i’m in the midst to clear my name with citriz and ambank after i missed two installment….eventhough now do not have any due with them…..very difficult as bank always late to update our record at citriz. i’m only realized when applying for credit card….

  13. 13

    SuperMan said,

    Dear committee,
    In my opinion, we should have back up from Home Ministry or other relevant authority even though we all agreed with the top up amount requested by Liquidator to complete our condo.This to make sure and protection to us for not being cheated again…..

  14. 14

    TL Blog B said,


    Wish all our indian future neighbour “Happy Deepavali”
    Also wishing Suresh and Family “Happy Deepavali”

    Wish our condo continue construct a.s.a.p.

    Thank you.

  15. 15

    Suresh said,

    Thank you TL Blog B..

  16. 16

    cybertron said,

    Hai ..

    Can I have the court reference number… ? may be i assist all of expedite for hearing…

    we need to act fast…

  17. 17

    Jimmy said,

    dear future neighbours.

    any comment on this news???

    K’jaan S’gor beli hutang Talam Corporation
    Salhan K Ahmad
    Nov 9, 09

    Kerajaan Selangor “membeli” hutang daripada sebuah anak syarikatnya Talam Corporation untuk meningkatkan pendapatan negeri itu kepada RM392 juta melalui syarikat Pemerbadanan Menteri Besar (MBI) yang baru dinaik taraf sebagai syarikat utama.

    Langkah ini yang diluluskan melalui bajet tambahan kerajaan negeri dalam DUN Selangor hari ini, juga akan membolehkan MBI mengambil alih pengutipan hutang daripada syarikat berkenaan ke atas beberapa anak syarikat kerajaan negeri yang tertunggak sejak 10 tahun lalu.

    DUN yang bersidang sebagai jawatankuasa hari ini bersetuju untuk memasukkan hutang tersebut sebagai satu peruntukan kerajaan negeri, kata menteri besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim dalam sidang media petang ini.

    Katanya, bebanan hutang berkenaan kini telah dipindahkan kepada kerajaan negeri secara geran manakala MBI yang dahulunya berada di bawah Kumpulan Darul Ehsan Berhad (KDEB), kini diberikan lebih kuasa untuk memungut hutang berkenaan.

    Tambahnya, anak-anak syarikat kerajaan negeri itu, termasuk di bawah KDEB, dan Permodalan Negeri Selangor Berhad (PNSB), diberi masa selama tiga bulan untuk melangsaikan hutang tersebut kepada MBI.

    Khalid menjelaskan, langkah penstrukturan itu tersebut perlu dilakukan untuk mengikut tatacara dan ini telah menyelesaikan isu ketelusan dan kebertanggungjawaban dalam mentadbir perbendaharaan kerajaan negeri.

    “Saya akan buktikan kita ada banyak sumber yang kita telah buka dan dapatkan kembali,” kata Khalid yang turut menjelaskan persetujuan telah dicapai antara kerajaan negeri dan anak syarikat tersebut untuk memindah hutang itu dalam satu perjanjian.

    “Hutang ini telah berlaku sejak 10 tahun lalu tapi tak pernah dikutip… Sebelum ini amaun hutang tersebut tidak pernah diiktiraf sepenuhnya atau direkod dengan teliti dalam kewangan anak-anak syarikat kerajaan negeri,” katanya.

    Katanya lagi, menteri besar BN sebelum ini juga “gagal mengatur keutamaannya” dalam mengurus kewangan negeri itu.

    “Bukan sahaja tidak mengutip hutang anak-anak syarikat malah guna untuk perbelanjaan Balkis dan lawat-melawat,” katanya lagi.

    Tambahnya, kerajaan Selangor juga tidak akan membuang masa “membeli penyapu untuk memungut hutang yang hanya beberapa juta ringgit” di pejabat daerah dan PBT, seperti yang dilakukan bekas menteri besar Datuk Seri Khir Toyo sebelum ini.

    “Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat di Selangor bertekad untuk meneruskan usaha bagi memastikan semua urusan perniagaan dan perbelanjaan yang boleh memberi keuntungan maksimum kepada rakyat dan usaha ini termasuk pelunasan hutang,” katanya.

  18. 18

    khairul said,

    anything….progress from FH

  19. 19

    Christine Lee said,

    Hi Elsie,

    I have been called to bank (Maybank) for the top up issue. They give me advice that basically bank yet fully release to developer. It is balance of $35,970.00 yet release to them. With such amount, should be more than enough to kick off the project upon release request instead of top up in existing housing loan. So far, they never have such request of top up from their record, but just release the balance amount to the next developer. Any advise ? I am contactable @ 013-3651128

  20. 20

    Edwin Yeap said,

    Hi committee,

    I have discuss with AmBank about the top up and they too give me similar answer like what Christine Lee said. AmBank need a detail QS report to support the reason for the top up. Take Christine case for example: there is still RM 35K to be release and plus the RM 30K top up will equal = RM 65K.

    Is the QS report says every house need 30K or RM 65K to complete the project?

  21. 21

    Jimmy said,

    Takziah untuk keluarga Datuk Patrick Wong (Satujaya) .

    Teringat waktu dia bagi ucapan masa perjumpaan kita tempoh hari.

  22. 22

    Edwin Yeap said,

    Hi committee,

    Talam is in the news again. Today’s Star paper (25 Nov 09) says Talam has assets valued close to RM1 billion in the form of land banks, buildings and shares. If there is a way for Talam to settle RM 391 miilion in debts with the Selangor government, why there seems to be no other way to get Talam continue with our project? Is there any better way than the one we are taking which require us to top up RM30K extra?

  23. 23

    CJ said,

    yes, agree w edwin.

  24. 24

    Goh Hock Bee said,

    Hi everybody,

    I just want to knows did any one received any news from the bank ?

  25. 25

    khairul said,

    Why no new update from our comitee.!!!!

  26. 26

    redza said,

    dear all….

    any news about our project…. i had approached AmBank for RM30k…

    sad to say…they cant assist me…they suggested me to proceed with the personal loan….but we must have an actual figure …not easy to get personal loan to be approved especially if we have commitment on the abandoned project….citris will tell the bank on our status and our grade….

    liquidtor must assist all the buyers on this matter….to approach the bank or provide us panel of banker that willing to asssist….

  27. 27

    KK Chong said,

    Dear All,

    I get the same feedback from RHB as redza mentioned. Personal loan to be apply for the top up amount but is subject to bank approval. If bank not approve, what can i do?

    Is it now we can only contact the liquidator for further information? Anyone with the latest information, kindly please comment here to share with others purchaser.

    The longer time we wait, more money we going to pay for nothing. Hope the committee member may arrange another meeting to discuss for further action. Already 3 months since the last meeting but seen nothing has been done. Is they assist us? I means the liquidator

  28. 28

    redza said,

    Dear All

    I already put my comments in the Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim’s page in the facebook….may be you should join me to add your personal comments

  29. 29

    khairul said,

    Boleh tak minta FH siapkan condo itu dahulu kemudian baru minta bayaran lebihan RM30K itu…Sesiapa yang tak bayar tak boleh dapat kunci rumah atau rumah boleh kena lelong…FH tak perlu takut kerana dengan cara itu pembeli tak boleh lari..

    Kalau nak buat personnel loan pun biarlah tunggu kondo tu siap dulu…barulah pembeli tak tertipu lagi kali ini.

    Ada pandangan lain tak?

  30. 30

    wan said,

    liquidator patutnya punya duit yg banyak dan boleh siapkan dulu pembinaan kondo kita tu. itu baru dikira liquidator yg berwibawa.
    liquidator tak perlu takut… sebab:
    1. semua pembeli akan cari duit untuk top-up kalau diaorang sudah tengok sendiri kondo mereka sudah siap.
    2. kalau diaorang tak mau top-up atau tidak mampu untuk top-up, liquidator boleh lelong/jual sama orang lain
    3. liquidator tugasnya mau TOLONG orang. jadi tolong la kami…

  31. 31

    Jimmy said,

    salam semua.

    kepada sesiapa yang ada yang tak faham atau ada soalan,… apa kata kalau talipon sendiri FH untuk tanya soalan yang tak pasti. Jangan harapkan voluntarary commitee sahaja.

  32. 32

    Jimmy said,


    Good move from u. I suggest maybe we can write a letter to Ts Khalid, all buyer sign it and handit over to him for help . Maybe he can help us to commplete the condo.

  33. 33

    John said,


    Anyone know how many percent we need in order to approve the top up?

    From the summary, it seems we already have 99% support from the purchasers?

    Do we need 100%?

  34. 34

    Hi ! i ni dah bosan pasal condo ni, sampai sekarang tak ade berita lagi..? nak kite tambah duit tapi date dapat kunci bila ? nak 2 tahun lagi ? nak tunggu sampai bila ? ni dah nak 10 tahun… dah tak ade hati…please lah ! hidup dah susah nak bayar rumah sewa lagi…

  35. 35

    khairul said,

    Boleh tak sesiapa beritahu apakah tindakan FH akan buat selanjutnya..nampaknya hampir 99% pembeli dah setuju nak topup 30K…tapi sampai sekarang masih senyap …

    Hai semua..bangkitlah kita tak boleh tunggu lagi…

  36. 36

    Azie Nordin said,

    Sy setuju ngn chin foong noor. Bla lg nk update sal condo tu da trlama lma kte tgu & brpe lma lg asyik nk kne byr utang bank & sewa umh.. Bla FH nk update latest news??

  37. 37

    Lisa said,

    rumah ygbaru saya beli jun 2008 lalu atas kehampaan kerana rumah ni x siap2 telah pun selamat didiamii midlle Dec 2009 yg lepas. Sedih, sebak, terkilan setiap kali lalu di MRR2 tu dan melihat bangunan Nusa MEWAH villa tu yg dah mula kehitaman dimamah panas dan hujan……. apa yg sedang berlaku skrg… just pay for nothing everymonth….

  38. 38

    Jason said,

    Dear all,

    I have just made a call to Kumar from Ferrier Hodgson, according to him, Ferrier Hodgson is still waiting for the court order to proceed with the appointment of the new contractor, the process of waiting for the court order will take a little bit longer as there are a lot of submissions from other projects (in which they are having the same problems as us too). Once they get the court order, they will inform our committee and we shall post any new updates here. We will then be noticed about what to do next…

    He asked me to call him again somewhere around Feb to see if there are any updates from them.

    Thank you!

  39. 39

    redza said,

    Hai Jason

    Can you share with us the FH case reference number or any high court reference number pertaining to our case?

  40. 40

    CJ said,

    thanks for jason’s update.

  41. 41

    Edwin Yeap said,

    Even if we get the court order, will that guarantee the bank will approve the 30k top up? If there is no guarantee, who will pay the contractor to finish the project?
    I think only with government’s help the bank will approve the top-up.

  42. 42

    Jimmy said,

    dear all.

    some of the buyer already received copy FH letter to bank requesting for the topup amount of 30k. any comment on this update?

  43. 43

    Vincent Leong said,

    Hi Jimmy,

    So far I have not received any letter regarding the top-up, it will be great if you / buyer involve can share copy of the said letter.

    Vincent Leong

  44. 44

    redza said,

    Hai dear all

    so far i didnt received any letter. but my visit to AmBank Housing Loan Dept. already described the future of my loan.

    AmBank would not top up any abandoned project and the lender must arrange their persona loan or any other alternative to finance the project.

    This apply to all projects financed by AmBank. I believe letter from LH only to show all of you that KAMI BUAT KERJA…TIDAK DUDUK DIAM SAJA…we do our part…bla bla…at the end of the day….you take it or leave it….


  45. 45

    zorro said,

    KAMI BUAT KERJA…TIDAK DUDUK DIAM SAJA…we do our part…bla bla…at the end of the day….you take it or leave it….


    I agree with you, the situation looks like going to be like that.

  46. 47

    miss c said,

    dear frens,
    calling all gov loan purchasers pls contact Pn Ros handset no: 0166655042 to join
    for pengecualian interest for ur respective loan. The officer from Bahagian pinjaman perumahan advised us to compile all the names as one application for easy action.pls act fast.That was the reminder from the officer.Thank you.

  47. 48

    redza said,

    dear committee

    appreciate feedback or any updates from FH…

    we need to draw an action plan to finance the project…

    for govt. servant…they are quite stable…most of the bank and FI are now offering special personal loan for them via salary deduction with angkasa….but for me…we have to have proper action plan…

    not easy for the private sector to apply personal loan to finance the project nowadays….

    i believe cost to reconstruct our project will need more fund or more than 30k when the government imposing new petrol price structure, gst and other plans….. all these actions have a chain of reaction…..

  48. 49

    Chin said,

    Dear all,

    I believe we all need some news from FH, whether it is just a update, even better with some “breakthrough”, rather than just sitting in front of our PC and browsing this blog day by day without any news and furthermore, worried by the top up loan issues.

    Can our committee call FH and ask about the progress?

  49. 50

    Leong said,

    As per informed by FH on our previous meeting at MPAJ on 5th Sep 2009,the court order will be out & finalist by 3 – 5 months time from Sep 2009.But now already more than 5 months.There have no news at all from FH & court?
    Hope committee can lighting us on the status & progress.

  50. 51

    khairul said,

    Hi Jason …

    Do you recieved any news from FH..if have pls share with us…

  51. 52

    Christine Lee said,

    Hi Commitees / FH PIC,

    Kindly keep us posted when will be the next meeting for the progress. Secondly, please provide us any letter support for us to discuss with bank for the top up issue as I am sure most of us have negative respond from bank regards to the top up.

    Would also like to take this opportunity to wish future neighours a Happy, Prosperous & Bouncy Lunar New Year. Really hope that we can be celebrating CNY at our new condo by next year……

  52. 53

    alin said,

    Dear All

    I’ve commented in the DSAI’s blog in conjuction with Pelancaran Program Pemulihan Perumahan Terbengkalai Negeri Selangor on even date

  53. 54

    James Chua said,

    Good already declare me as a bankruptcy for not make monthly payment since january 2009…now i’m nothing different with Mudi Angkasa..Mudi Angkasa bankrupt after rob our money..but i’m lost some money cos from 2002 until august 2009..i payed for get bankrupcy title…thank u very much Mudi Angkasa & Talam..muahhh…i love u

  54. 55

    Vincent Leong said,

    Hi James,

    Sorry to heard about your case however too bad that the bank have to that such a drastic move.

    Other fellow purchaser, anyone else affected?


  55. 56

    Chin said,

    Hi James,

    Sorry to hear about your case too. Hope you can recover soon…

    Another d*** to Mudi Angkasa…

  56. 57

    Casey said,

    it have been almost 6 mths since our last meet up in sept, anyone have any updates?

  57. 58

    Hi ! guys until when we need to waiting for? Now almost April 2010..? i feel tired already, we already a agrre top up RM 30k but still dun have any news from them.

    wait wait wait…just can wait…

    If on this year also dun have any good news i think i also will give up.

  58. 59

    Vincent Leong said,

    All fellow owners, at this point of time please do not get emotion over the delay. We should be expecting some news / update by Apr 2010 and from there we have clearer direction. Giving up on the purchase will not work as legally we all are binding by the law on the loan taken with the financial institution.

  59. 60

    B-13-13 said,

    I am agree with Vincent. Since these years of waiting, I can wait for another month or even few months. I really hope there will be a good news later! Please do not give up!

  60. 61

    khairul said,

    Hi Elsie Lee, Vincent, Jason, Suresh.

    Do you have any latest updates from FH…please share with us…

  61. 62

    Jason said,

    Yes, FH is finalizing another new contractor, once they confirmed they will reveal the identity of the new contractor, this is what i have been told.

    Please wait for the confirmation. Thank you.

  62. 63

    miss c said,

    hi guys
    thats the same news i’ve heard from fh till now.wait n wait.sorry for being 2 emotional but age is catching up wit me.cant wait cos by that time 2 take up the loan it would be a burden ….too old lah. i decided 2 sell off rather be a bankruptcy not of my wrong doings.30k ….. would be better 2 buy a new property.curse whoever @ talam for this mishap.u may b rich in this life……

    • 64

      Casey said,

      hi miss c,

      i think we have nothing to sell here if the condo is never complete. this is a one way journey.. it is a take it or leave it for us.

      • 65

        miss c said,

        dear casey,
        4 ur info i already held up the loan 80k being paid 2 mudi and blocked the 20% left about 40k n bought a new house.m not going sign anything with journey or not …..if i wait…i dont any house left 4 my senior years.Now is april luckily not april fool…..yap take it or leave it….in the end nothing to live in and nothing to sell.jz waiting for the outcome if there is really a top up of 30k n the condo is revived praise to god…..thanks 4 the blessings if not…….i just give up sori.

      • 66

        Casey said,

        hi miss c,

        i have actually gave up 5 years ago. i have bought 2nd hse since then. i mean whether we will have the condo or not, we still need to repay the loan been disbursement by our financier. i do hope it can be completed with all mean so that we can either sell or rent it out.

  63. 67

    miss c said,

    dear casey,
    what 2 do. being a gov n non gov servant we have 2 pay up 4 d accumalating is u me n others, we as individuals are suffering.well live goes on…..we have 2 well manage ourselves thats all.plan whatever plan b or c or any good options 2 accomodate ourselves.Now left is 2 pray hard and wait …….godwillingly it wii complete n end our long soul journey of waiting.all the best.

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