Letter of Indeminity for puchasers who view their unit on 09/05/09 @ 3pm

Dear all,

For those purchasers who decided to view their unit on 09/05/09 @ 3pm, kindly please download the Letter of Indeminity from Ferrier Hodgson here :-


Please be informed that only purchasers who had submit the indemnity form are allowed to enter into the site. Therefore, please print out the letter, sign it and pass to the representative from FH on 09/05/09 @ 3pm.

We will see you there! Cheers!


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  1. 1

    Jimmy said,

    Dear Committee.

    Thank you for all the effort and hardwork. I have view my unit together with suresh, cikgu rafidah and few other neighbour. I really hope that FH can finishup the condo latest by oct next year.(One year from now)

    My unit almost comleted, only wall plug,door,sliding door, window not yet installed and lobby grill need to be change coz it already rusted. ( wiring not sure need to chang or not)

    FH personel also there . Thank you to 2 dedicated personell from the FH since it is a public holiday ( wesak day ).

    Hope to the project will start as soon as possible and completed very2 soon.

    Thank you all.


  2. 2

    TL Blog B said,

    Thank you to our committee and FH personnel for the arrangement, enable us to view our unit.

    During the viewing period, i have met with some of our future neighbours. We all have one positive objective in our mind that is to complete our house as quick as possible. We really like our unit very much.

    i am sure everyone of us will be more happier once our house is fully complete.

    Thanks again.

  3. 3

    rose said,

    After all this years( almost 8 years ) , on wesak day i have the chance to look at my own unit A-03-05 ( i hope its mine…not to sure actually but it was the end lot…:) ). Elsie and Ati and her spouse accompanied me in….the view was superb…the breezy air through the balcony really makes me feel soothing on that warm day….the swimming pool at 6th floor is so perfecto for our future neighbours to get together…..i wish the project to be develop asap!! Thanks to all who have make this meeting materialised…….

  4. 4

    Miss c said,

    hi suresh, elsie,rose,jimmy and the gang,
    yes sincerely hope to have our house asap.after viewing it guess it is sure a nice place to live in.mine is really breezy! Oops sorry suresh can’t join u to the 14th floor, too oldlah without the lift.ha..ha..Anyway fingers crossed and lots of prayers for this 15th May result.cheerio.

  5. 5

    Janice Chia said,

    Dear Commitee and all buyers,

    I am very grateful for all committee that they have done this far to finally get us to view our unit.

    All us buyers are now only waiting and the big question in our mind is when will our apartment be ready?

    Majority of the units is 70-80% completed. Tiles were all done up except balcony area, fixtures and lighting has not been fixed up. This should be done up pretty fast if work will to be start soon. It is the exterior that needs a lot of construction and labouring to complete the project.

    Let’s not wait no more. For those who have not pay up the RM400, please do so immediately so that Ferrier Hodgson can proceed with the finalisation of the costing and buget to help us all get our apartment in due time.

    Thanks to all and let us all come together to make this our home soon.

    Best regards,

  6. 6

    Jimmy said,

    Dear Janice,

    Totally agreed with you.

    To committee.

    Any progress news from FH?.


  7. 7


    Any latest news so far. keep praying very hard for a good news.

  8. 8

    Yatie said,

    I totally agreed with you Ms Janice…For those who have not pay up the RM400, please do so immediately…

    I wish the project to be develop A.S.A.P!!! Keep praying very hard for a good news…

  9. 9

    Janice Chia said,

    Thanks Yatie and Jimmy. That’s the least we can do, I think.

    So come on all buyers out there who haven’t pay, please please pay up immediately so that Ferrier Hodgson can kick-start the project as soon as possible.

    The more you delay, the longer you will get your apartment, the longer you will have to settle your loan+interest, the longer you have to pay for your monthly rental (for some this is the only property). It’s a heavy burden. Think of the unnecessary payment you can save up for better use. That’s a lot of money.

    Aren’t we all have waited so long. Do you still want to wait?

  10. 10

    Zamri said,

    I’am not aware of all the events. Pls provide the details all the buyers and the status of payment (RM400 from 106 buyers and those who are still waiting and looking.. including me! ). Pls email to all related person for any event. Let me know to build up my confident(also others) on this project. Is there online payment for this? Thanks for all of your effort. I’m wiling to pay at anytime now.

  11. 11

    Jason said,

    Hi Zamri,

    Please refer to this post :


    There is a soft copy version of the letter from our liquidator, Ferrier Hodgson which you can print and read the details, there is no online payment for the RM400, but you have to submit your cheque to Ferrier Hodgson personally or by snail mail.


    Jason Lee (Committee)

  12. 12

    Edwin Yeap said,

    Hi all,

    I viewed my unit and agreed the scenery is superb. I seen people taken some pictures that day hope you guys with picture to share with all purchasers. I hope by looking at the picture will tell you roughly how much work to be done, especially for buyers still not sure whether to pay the RM400 or have not visited the site.


  13. 13

    Eric said,

    Dear Jason,

    Don’t mind that please share with us for what is the progress now from FH & outstanding like how much we still short of to kick start the QA and so of.


  14. 14

    Jason said,

    Hi all,

    There is no updates from FH yet as we are still waiting for the QS report from the quantity surveyor, we will definitely update this blog once we get any latest updates from them, please do not worry.

    Thank you!

  15. 15

    Edwin Yeap said,

    Hi Eric,

    Besides giving priority to kick-start the construction work again, any idea what legal action we will be taking against Talam for the delay? The unnecessary bank interest the purchasers have been paying is quite substantial. Mine alone already exceed RM20k. Any chance of getting compensation from Talam? The money can help us in the cost of re-construction.

    Awaiting your feedback.

    Edwin Yeap

  16. 16


    Elsie, any good news from FH.

  17. 17

    Suresh said,

    Hi all,

    Here’s a little update on the progress of our project. The 1st phase of the QS on the structure of the building is already completed. Currently the 2nd phase of the QS is being carried out. In this phase, they will be assessing every unit in detail to provide a precise report on the remaining work for each unit.

    During our site visit on 09/05/09, the committe members have randomly visited a few units and found that all the rooms are fitted with tiles for the lower floors. But for the higher floors, the tiles are still not fitted. If they follow the S&P, then this units will be fitted with parquet. To make sure that all the units are built with the same fittings, the committee have requested FH to reassess all the 360 units individually in order to get a more accurate QS report.

    FH has agreed to this request and they will be able to get the final QS report by end of July. The committee is convinced with the progress of the QS so far. So, we should be able to know the total budget to complete the project by end of July. Based on that report only we will know whether there is a necessity to top up or not.

    We will post in the blog if we do have any updates from FH in between. Till then, please bear with us.



  18. 18

    Elsie Lee said,

    First of all i would like to thank all of you that have paid RM400.At least the QS has started the job.The committee will follow-up with FH very closely.By the end of July 2009 you purchasers will know the QS report.I hope all of you will be very patient with us.We are doing our very best for all of you.I have being praying very hard for this project to move on.Please pray along with me……………….
    I thank GOD for the positive sign in our project and lets unite our hearts together to hear good news from FH.Do not worry because GOD is in control of everything.

  19. 19

    Khairul said,

    almost 5 years of waiting with NO HOPE, at last i be given oppournity to view myself my dream Unit. The view was fantastic,wind is so smooth and it not too much to say it really my ‘ DREAM’ condo…,,All i can say is COOL..,evendo i had to climb up to 15th floor with fully energy of 43 of age.
    Thanks to all the comitee.May God bless you all…………Hopefully these project will go on as schduled…


  20. 20

    Loo said,

    Dear Elsie, Suresh and the committee,

    A big thank you to all of you for working so hard to get our condo moving. It is really appreciated.
    I understand that now we just have to wait for the qs report and the nod of at least 75% of house buyers to the top up amount and our condo will at least have some hope of completion, am I right? Am praying hard the top up amount is affordable to all.
    I’m sure most of us willl be waiting anxiously for the report to come out. Meanwhile, like Elsie said, lets pray hard for some good news from FH.
    Once again my thanks to the committee for the hard work and dedication towards ensuring that our condo sees light and not just two blocks of depressing grey next to the IJM project further up hill.


  21. 21

    Edwin Yeap said,

    Hi Elsie, Suresh, committee,

    Besides giving priority to kick-start the construction work again, any idea what legal action we will be taking against Talam for the delay? The unnecessary bank interest the purchasers have been paying is quite substantial. Mine alone already exceed RM20k. Any chance of getting compensation from Talam? The money can help us in the cost of re-construction.

    Awaiting your feedback.

    Edwin Yeap

  22. 22

    Jimmy said,

    Dear All.

    Totally agree with Mr Edwin.

    1. Any idea how we can take legal action against Mudi Angkasa after cheating our money?.

    2. We buyer suffer, while the director escape.

    3. in S&P there is interest chageable to developer for late completion of project. so can we charge mudi for the interest.

    4. How if all the buyer appoint a lawyer to study this case and sue Mudi or director.

    5. Mudi already bancrupt by court order and the action to bancrupt them are taken by the supplier. so can we sue them again.


  23. 23

    CJ said,

    this is the tactics mostly used by Talam, they set up a new company for every project launched, when they have siphon out the money from the project and got no money to pay, they just let the company bankrupcy. this is true, i was told by Talam staff.

  24. 24

    Vincent Leong said,

    Dear all,

    Just to share with you that basically there were big loophole in our law which mainly sided developer and in our case we can safely forget about making any claim again Mudi Angkasa. Reason being is now they already declear bankcrupt and leave nothing behind in the company account.

    What we should concern more is the funding to complete the remaining project and once complete will be to deal with the project management.

    Pray hard that project will recommence soon so that we all can finally move in to our beloved property.


  25. 25

    Jimmy said,

    Dear Vincent.

    1. How about taking legal action against Director since the company are already bankcrupt ( Company are separate legal entity from the director ). Can we charge them for unresponsible act for the failure of the project causing the buyer lose their money.

    2. About fund to complete the project is definantely depent on the outcome of the QS report done by FH.

    3. For those who not yet pay the RM400.00 as a kickstart fund please do so in order to expedite and smooth the proccess. dont just rely for other to pay the RM400.00.

    4. Can committe update in this blog for those who not yet pay the RM400.00

    Thank you

  26. 26

    Vincent Leong said,

    Hi Jimmy,

    To take action again the director is even out of point as Miudi Angkasa is Sdn Bhd company therefore sparring the directors from responsibility. All we could do know is to pray hard so that the project can restart soonest and we could have our dream home soon.

  27. 27

    TL Blog B said,

    Hi to every one,

    Vincent have some good points. Come, we all must set a same path, we all must pray hard, we believe we all want to see our project restart as soon as possible and move in to stay. So let all of us pray.

    Thank you.

  28. 28

    Loo said,

    Dear all,

    Blame it on the ‘loophole in our law’ and blame it on our luck but don’t blame the developer looks like that’s the bitterpill we have to swallow. Sad as it may seems that’s the reality in our country. I’m sure that what ever can be done, would have been done by the committee. The only course of action now is just to hope and pray that we get our condo completed asap.


  29. 29

    VincentLeong said,

    Hi all,

    If you all come across article in The Star today featuring Mutiara Court apartment in Little Genting fearing that their property will be hit by the landslide from above bungalow project, just to share with you that the project are also linked to one of the private company owned by Tan Sri Chan Ah Chye. This is the law in our country…

  30. 30

    Edwin Yeap said,

    Dear all,

    I agree the 1st priority is still to get the project completed.

    But after we have done that, I still think we should not let the developer get off the hook so easily. If we can’t get compensation from the developer, at least we teach them a lesson. We can report to MACC to investigate whether there is misappropriate of funds from the directors of Talam causing Mudi Angkasa to go bankrupt. If we cannot confront them directly, try doing it from another perspective.

    If there are loopholes against us, try look for loopholes that is favoring us.


  31. 31

    Jimmy said,

    Dear all.

    I think we need to appoint lawyer to study this situation..Maybe the lawyer can advice us on what can and cannot be done.

    I know it costly but if all buyer participate the cost is affordable.

    Just a suggestion.


  32. 32

    ng lin chee n chen yoke ming said,

    i wan ask y tis blog long time no update?the latest already is may…now already is june but y no update anything 1?

  33. 33

    Suresh said,

    Hi Ng,

    Correction. There was an update by me on 06/06. Please check reply 17. The committee members have been constantly checking with FH for updates. You may call FH directly for instant updates.



  34. 34

    Jimmy said,

    Dear all ,

    Any idea how to take action again the director of Mudi Angkasa… Any idea we can get back the late charges interest?

    Any Idea?


    • 35

      sc said,

      I think we better focus on how to get our house first. We can plan how to take action to Mudi Angkasa after we collect our house. Agree ?

  35. 36

    Jimmy said,

    Dear SC.

    1. We all totally focusing on the progress of our house.

    2. We only can proceed focusing more after we get the QS report from FH that is on end of JULY 2009.

    3. Meanwhile why not we see if any possiblity on how to get back the interest from Mudi Angkasa or take action again the director of Mudi angkasa.( only lawyer know better the development housing aggrement)

    4. Its no harm trying and we did not loose anything if we try to find way to kick the as hole buttock.


  36. 37

    Loh said,

    Yes, i agree with sc. We are simple and just want to get our hse.

    Jimmy, I don’t mind to share the cost of appointed lawyer to investigate this case but will all the 360 unit buyer think the same and support? RM400 also very susah and not even all pay….???

    Ng, if you had any updated news from FH pls do share in this blog. This blog are belongs to all the buyer of Bk Pd Nusa Mewah Condo. You are most welcome to share news or your opinion thru this blog.

    Suresh, really appreciated your effort and hardwork. Thanks Elsie and others volunteer committee too.

  37. 38

    Jimmy said,

    Dear Loh

    Correction , Loh. U are simple not we… and you are not represent me or other buyer. make it clear.

    That why i suggest we appoint a lawyer to study the case… if we can get 50 percent of buyer to support to appoint the lawyer why not ..since u and me agreed to contribute the lawyer cost it already 2 person agreed out of 360 buyer. so why not we open it for the rest of buyer maybe we can get more then 50% buyer who willing to contribute to appoint lawyer.


  38. 39

    TL Blog B said,

    Hello everyone.

    i just want to ask why the QS report from FH can come out at the end of July, why not first week of July?


  39. 40

    Edwin Yeap said,

    Dear all,

    Not worth quarrel with your new neighbours if we want to live happily together in the same building in future.

    Just want to see how many buyers can accept this as fate and happy to see our hard earn money got cheated without making a noise.

    If we have a majority of buyers not willing to swallow this bitter pill, then only we discuss what action to take. We need the support of majority to solve the money issue.

    Another thing I want to share is I managed to discuss with my bank to lower the interest rate to 4.3%. Most of us sign our loan agreement somewhere 2001-2003 and the interest rate that time is very high – BLR + x%. Now is BLR – x%.

    If some of you have another property that have appreciated in value, try re-finance to get a higher loan amount. After paying the outstanding loan of your existing bank, the extra money can pay-off part or fully this abandon project to enjoy the current low interest rate.

    We can do a few things at the same time, be flexible.


  40. 41

    Suresh said,

    Hi Edwin,

    You are right. Instead of we debating here about what action we can take against the developer, myself rather we check with any lawyers outside there and update on the options we have. We can’t just expect the committee to handle everything.

    But if we want SPRM to step in and investigate, we are taking a risk of further delaying the overall process. Coz’ they might get a court order to stop work until the investigation is completed. Based on the QS report we should be able to know whether Mudi Angkasa has invoiced us for uncompleted jobs in the past.

    Once we have gathered sufficient information, then we can meet a lawyer to consult on the possibilities of winning this case. We have waited enough and we certainly would not want to prolong the process any further.

    We want more people to come out with solutions instead of just asking question and expecting the committee to give them an answer. Everybody should take certain amount of responsibility because all of us are at the loosing end.

    Glad that you manage to negotiate with your bank on the interest rate. I believe now your interest rate should be BLR-1.25%. Mind sharing which bank is that? I took loan from Alliance Bank and my terms was BLR+0.6% in 2001. I wrote in to them in 2005 and was revised to BLR+0.5%. I wrote in again last month and just got the letter that it has been revised to BLR-1.7% with a 5 years lockin period.



  41. 42

    Edwin Yeap said,

    Hi Suresh,

    I have shared 2 options. Negotiating with your existing bank can be very frustrating with no guarantee of a good deal. Mine is AmBank. I stongly suggest the other option if you have another property because anywhere is offering at least BLR-2%.

    Example: Outstanding loan amount of property A and Nusa Mewah

    Property A (bank Y): 70,000; Nusa Mewah (bank Z): 80,000
    Market value of A: 200,000
    Re-finance A: 150,000 to Bank ABC with current interest of BLR-2.1%
    Bank ABC settle bank Y = 70,000 ; bank Z = 80,000

    The example above, your total debt (hutang) is still the same but you will enjoy much lower interest rate.

    Hope this help.


  42. 43

    Edwin Yeap said,

    Hi Neighbours,

    Maybe it is my fate to have this problem but I control my destiny by deciding how I want to get out of trouble. Choose to stick with year 2002 interest of BLR+0.6% or today interest of BLR-2.1%?

    Instead of praying, there are better things to do. I find ways to reduce my loan interest. We are living in a complex world, therefore being simple is being at a disadvantage.

    Hope that rings a bell.


  43. 44

    Chin said,

    Thanks for the good tip. I was also considered Edwin’s suggestion. But there is another problem clouded me.

    Since there is big possibilities top up to our existing loan amount, if we do the refinance now, will the current bank that we loan from agreed to release? or the other bank agreed to take up? Will the project status now affects banks decision?

    Hope someone can shed some light for me. Thanks.

  44. 45


    Will the bank refinance for an abandon project. I have requested from HSBC they refuse to take up for a refinance.

  45. 46

    CJ said,

    ya, a lot of banks do not loan for the talam project oledi.

  46. 47

    Vincent Leong said,

    Dear all,

    Please note that its not possible to refinance the home loan when the project is not completed however you may write in to bank to restructure your home loan. In view of the current low financing package offered, most of the bank will obliged to your request. Cheers.

    Vincent Leong

  47. 48

    Edwin Yeap said,

    Dear all,

    If our abandon project is your ONLY property, then the only way is to discuss with the bank to lower down the interest.

    If you have another property besides the abandon project, example: a double storey teres, then you can refinance more than the outstanding loan amount of the double-storey to cover the abandon project.

    Refer to the example in my comment no. 42 above.


  48. 49

    khairul said,

    Boleh tak minta FH siapkan condo itu dahulu kemudian baru minta bayaran lebihan RM30K itu…Sesiapa yang tak bayar tak boleh dapat kunci rumah atau rumah boleh kena lelong…FH tak perlu takut kerana dengan cara itu pembeli tak boleh lari..

    Kalau nak buat personnel loan pun biarlah tunggu kondo tu siap dulu…barulah pembeli tak tertipu lagi kali ini. Ada pandangan lain tak?

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