2nd meeting with the purchasers at the project site on 21/03/09 @ 3pm

Dear all,

A small group of purchasers turned up during the meeting on sat and we have segregated the purchasers list among them. Thank you for your support! As of last friday, the total number of purchasers who have paid is 106 and the numbers are increasing after the 2nd reminder was sent out. We hope that more purchasers will pay in this week.

For those of you who still have not paid, you might be receiving a call from our committee representatives this week. Please inform them on when you can make the payment or if you have any issues in making the payment please inform them so that it can be channeled to the committee accordingly.

In addition to that, we have planned for a 2nd meeting with the rest of the purchasers in the project site itself on 21/03/09 @ 3pm. We believe that by getting all of you at the project site, you will have a clearer picture on the progress and at the same time meet the rest of our future neighbours to exchange opinions and ideas.

Please list down your names, if you intend to make your payment on that day. If the numbers are huge, we might get a FH personnel to be there as well. If it is going to be only a few then we might not get them down. Hope to see a bigger group than the last time. See ya soon.



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  1. 1

    sherryz said,


    After reading all the comments and the posting, i can say that my confidence in this project to continue is around 50%. However to increase further my confidence, i need clarification on this matter:-

    – Do our housing project have any approval from Local Authority/Government on the safety of the area? Since the project is located at the hill site (approval in writing).

    Don’t want to regret later…. Just wondering?? Hope to hear reply before next meeting, 21/3/09.

  2. 2

    Suresh said,

    Hi sherryz,

    It’s a very good point that you have highlighted here. I’m sure some of them out there are also wondering about this. The answer to your question is a YES. The goverment has approved our project to be on the safe zone. Infact this was among the few questions which were raised during the meeting between the committee and the liquidator.


  3. 3

    Jimmy said,

    Dear all.

    Hope all the buyer give 100% support. The payment only RM400. Please let us be closed together working hand by hand so that our house can be completed.

    Dont know why so difficult to pay the rm400 afterall it is for us….if this project not moving we still have to pay RM70,000 for nothing.!.


  4. 4

    sherryz said,

    hello jimmy,

    rm400 is still money.

  5. 5

    salehomar said,

    ya,rm400 itu wang juga.tapi jangan tungu dan lihat saja ,saya cadangkan siapa yang kurang yakin dan pasti, harus sendiri hadir pada mesyuarat pada 23.3.09 tanyalah sendiri dengan FH.tentang masalah yang anda rasa yang perlu di selesaikan.dan jangan lupa bawah bersama wang RM400 itu.sebab dengan RM400 itulah projet rumah kita akan dimulahkan.kalau kita jiran sesama jian tak buat pembayaran itu kita kena tungu sampai bila projet rumah akan siap.tiap-tiap bulan bayar untuk apa?tugu peringatan ka?buatlah pilihan sebelum terlambat, supaya tidak menyesal nanti.saya sudah buat pilihan saya,saya sudah bayar RM400 itu.

  6. 6

    Suresh said,

    Dear all,

    What Jimmy is trying to explain here is RM400 is less than 1% compare to over RM70K the principal amount. For those who want to just wait and see you still need to pay the bank every month. I’m sure 1 month interest alone will cost around RM400. So rather than wait and see, myself rather you call FH and clear all your doubts and find out what will be the consequences if the project were to continue and you belong to the group who don’t pay.

    What i can tell you is that, FH will proceed with the project if they can get slightly over 70% of the purchasers to agree with their terms. If you don’t want your house you can opt to cancel your S&P. But what will you gain? The developer is no longer there and you can’t get a single cent even if you were to take any legal action.

    If you have been following the postings in this blog since the day the project was awarded to FH you would be able to know how closely the committee is working with FH to speed up the process. Bear in mind that the committee is formed by a small group of purchasers who volunteered to represent the rest of the purchasers to fight for our right. We should appreciate their hardwork for sacrificing their time and money to call all the purchasers.

    Infact when we posted that we already got the contact details of all the purchasers and we need help from a few of you to help to contact them, suprisingly a lot of them came forward to help. This kind of spirit is what we are looking for. The committee have never forced all of you to pay. Just call FH and find out for yourself. If you are convinced, then you decide for yourself.

    Make you choice, whether you want to pay RM400 to kick start the project back or be prepared to end up paying over RM70K to the bank. The choice is yours.

    Thank you!

  7. 7

    Jimmy said,

    salam untuk semua.

    1. Untuk pengetahuan semua project rumah ini tidak lagi dikendalikan oleh mudi angkasa sdn bhd kerana telah diistiharkan bankrupt oleh mahkamah.

    2. mahkamah telah melantik FH untuk bertindak sebagai liquidator dalam menjaga kepentingan mereka yang terlibat terutama yang dihutang oleh mudi angkasa dan mengambil alih semua urusan pentadbiran FH.( correct me if im wrong )

    3. FH telah bersetuju bagi meneruskan project rumah kita yang telah terbengkalai dengan syarat cukup pembeli yang membayar RM400 bagi membayar Quantity Surveyor, Gaji Jaga dan juga insurance.

    4. RM 400 ini perlu dibayar oleh pembeli dimana syarikat Mudi angkasa telah bankrupt dan FH hanyalah syarikat LIQUIDATOR. bermakna kita pembeli sekarang adalah pemaju bagi meneruskan project ini.

    5.Untuk Quantity Surveyor mereka akan menilai semula berapa yang perlu ditambah jika perlu untuk meneruskan projek ini. kalau tidak salah saya tinggal lagi 30% untuk disempurnakan.

    6.Jika ada apa apa tambahan bagi menyiapkan project ini pihak FH akan sekali lagi berbincang dengan pembeli dan bank samada pembeli masih lagi mahu meneruskan project ini.

    7. Pembeli tidak ada pilihan sebenarnya dalam keadaan ini RM 400 perlu dibayar kerana wang RM400 yang dikumpulkan ini akan digunakan sebagai pemulaan kepada project ini bagi membayar QS menilai semula project ini.

    8. Jika pembeli tidak dapat membayar RM400 ini project ini tidak akan diteruskan dan selamanya akan terbengkalai. dan akhirnya kita sebagai pembeli terpaksa juga membayar wang bank yang telah dikeluarkan bagi 70% yang telah dibina dan juga interest kepada pihak bank. tanpa mendapat apa2 kerana pemaju mudi angkasa telah bankrupt.

    9. Nilai hartanah di kawasan tersebut telah pun naik sekarang dan jika rumah ini dapat disiapkan pembeli tidak akan rugi jika membayar RM400 tersebut.

    10. Jika masih ada pembeli yang masih tidak pasti berkenaan dengan pekara ini diharapkan agar dapat berhubung terus dengan FH atau pihak committe yang secara sukerela bertungkus lumus berkerja bagi kita semua.

    Terima kasih

  8. 8

    Suresh said,

    Hi all,

    Just a gentle reminder about the meeting this Sat @ 3pm. I’m sure by now most of you have received calls from our committee’s representatives. Have all of you made up your mind whether to pay or not to? Anyway, you all can still decide after the meeting this Sat.

    As none of you listed your name down here to state that you will be making your payment this Sat, we will not get the FH personnel down. You may choose to post the cheque to them or make the payment directly in their office which is located in Brickfields, near the Petronas petrol station.

    More and more people are already sending their cheques to FH after the calls were made by our committee’s representatives. This is a very good sign. Hope that all the purchasers will render your support to the committee and FH to kick start the project.

    See ya this Sat. Bye for now.


  9. 9

    sc said,

    Dear All,
    From the investment point of view, the same house if you want to buy at this moment is about 160K-180K. Not much house near to town area you can choose now. So, if the developer need to top up abt 20K, mean 120K+20K=140K. We still worth it to continue, otherwise you will get nothing. So what is the reason to stop you all to pay RM400.

    For those who are not willing to pay, do you have better solution ? You can choose to loss everything or give yourself a hope

  10. 10

    Jason Lee said,

    Im absolutely agreed with the point of view from SC, our only solution is to make sure that everyone is paying the $$ so that the liquidator could utilise the $$ to revive our project, and there is no other way at the moment…

  11. 11

    Suresh said,

    Hi all,

    A brief update about the meeting held at the project site today. In total there were about 50+ people who turned up. Some even travel from as far as Bentong to attend the meeting. Appreciate that very much.

    Those who present were updated on the current status of the project. The meeting lasted for about 1 hour. We collected signatures from the attendees to submit a memo to the housing ministry. As we didn’t get any FH personnel to be present today, some purchasers passed their cheques to Jason to be posted to FH.

    After the committee members made the effort to call all the purchasers, we came to know that some purchasers have changed their mailing address and contact numbers. So, some even suggested that we advertise in newspapers. That that will surely cost us some $$ coz’ we can’t be just advertising in 1 particular newspaper.

    The purchasers who attended knew very well how closely the committee members are working with the liquidator to get this project completed. 3 persons volunteered and came forward to join the committee to assist us. Thank you Ravi, Alex and Goh for your support. We welcome more people to join the committee especially those who are staying around Ampang or Pandan Indah area because we can meet often without the need to travel a long distance.

    We believe with the strong support from the purchasers, we would be able to get the project to start back ASAP.

    P/S : Thanks to all the purchasers who spared your valuable time to attend the meeting today. Please feel free to give your comment.

  12. 12

    norizan jaafar said,

    Hi Suresh,

    Still remember me???
    Appreciated what committee have done…. its not a simple work. Count me in as a committee. I can be reach at my email and telephone no given on that day. (if you still need la…..)

  13. 13

    CJ said,

    thanks for the committe’s contribution!
    can anyone update the latest progress? thanks.

  14. 14

    123456 said,

    how many people have give the payment?

  15. 15

    Suresh said,

    Hi Norizan,

    Yes, i still remember you and i do have your contact number. B-14-18 rite? Thank you for your support to join the committee. All are welcome to join.

    Hi all,

    As of yesterday, 03/04/09, total number of purchasers who have paid is 145. Quite a number have paid after the meeting the other day. A big thank you to all of you. FH is still accepting the payment even in the letter it was stated as end of last month. So, for those who are yet to pay, you can still submit your payment.

    We can expect to hear some good news by mid of the month. In the meantime, the committe have requested for a meeting with FH. I will post in the blog when the meeting is scheduled. We hope to meet them with a bigger group this time as more purchasers have shown interest to join the committee.

    Will keep you all posted on any new updates from time to time. Bye for now.


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