Capability Statement from Ferrier Hodgson

Dear all,

I have received the Capability Statement from Ferrier Hodgson, it decribes the profile as well as the industry experience of this company.

Please take a look here:


As at to date, FH have collected RM 29,400 from the 74 purchasers of Pangsapuri Nusa Mewah.

I will update further into this blog when i get the updates from FH.

For those who has not make the RM400, please do it as soon as you can to avoid further delay on our project, your cooperation is highly appreciated!

Please do not hesitate to contact our committee should you need further clarifications.

Thank you and wish everyone of you all the best in year 2009!


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  1. 1

    Vincent said,

    Great to have the FH profile of course from the profile it shown they are having the capability to revive our project. Let pray hard thing will not go wrong this time.

    Remaining purchasers that have not paid the RM 400 to FH, your co-operation are highly appreciated to ensure our project can continue without further delay. The longer the delay the higher the cost gonna be to us end of the day.

  2. 2

    Jimmy said,

    dear all

    I`m really happy reading the FH profile. Hope the rest of the buyer who not yet pay the RM400.00 will pay asap. in order to kick start and revive the project.


  3. 3

    TL Blog B said,

    Dear All,

    Wishing Happy New Year 2009 to our committee members and all our future neighbours.

    Wish that more purchaser will pay up the RM400/- to FH to cause no further delay to kick start the project.

    Wish that our house can be complete in one year time.

    We need to contact those not yet pay, they might have shifted,some might have not received circular from FH, some do not have computer yet and etc.

    Thank you.

  4. 4

    mr jimmy said,

    dear all

    maybe we can advertise in newspaper regarding this matter, so the buyer who did not alert about this matter will notice what is happenning around.

    what say you.


  5. 5

    Hj.Omar said,

    Saya harapkan FH dapat menghantar resit bayaran terima kepada setiap pemilik kondo yang telah membuat bayaran Rm 400.00. sebagai tanda terima dan bertanggung jawab, tidaklah kami tertunggu. terima kasih.

  6. 6

    miss c said,

    To all buyers.
    agreed witn Mr Jimmy. if any of us know any repoter from the newspaper
    wish we could alert about the matter to them.The faster the better.To Hj Omar for your info those who attended recent meeting with FH and had
    paid the RM400 by cash or cheque were given a receipt there on.So people happy new year and selamat menyambut maal hijrah.May god bless us all to have our dream house come true soon.ALL THE BEST.

  7. 7

    Jimmy said,

    Dear all.

    Any Progress regarding the kick starting on our apartment.


  8. 8

    Suresh said,

    Dear all,

    I met Kumar of FH last wed, 07/01/09. I was told that as of that day the total number of buyers who have forwarded the payment was around 80 plus only. They have banked in RM29,400 into the account. They are still receiving cheques via post. According to him, they will only appoint a QS if they mange to collect payment from around 170 to 180 buyers.

    The response is still quite bad, :-(. I wonder why some of the buyers are still not convinced. I suggested that FH send a 2nd reminder to those who still have not paid, since it has been more than a month they sent out the circular. Kumar said that it is a good idea and they will consider it.

    Actually, i expected more buyers to forward their payments in the 1st week of January as some might have waited for their salary. Anyway he told me to call just before CNY to get the latest statistic on the amount they have collected. He also added that they are receiving a lot of phone calls daily.

    For those who still have not paid, please try to make the payment ASAP coz’, we all need your support in order to speed up the process. If you still have any concern, please voice out in the blog or call the FH personnels to clear your doubts.


  9. 9

    Armiza said,

    Dear all,

    Can i know how many units are there for us to reach up to 75% and starts back the project? Until thiss moment how many units has paid? Thank u.

  10. 10

    TL Blog B said,

    Hi !
    Wishing Gong Xi Fa Cai to all my chinese committee members and future neighbours. May the year of Ox capable to push start and complete our condo ASAP.

    Thank you.

  11. 11

    CJ said,

    hi, happy CNY! can anyone update the latest status of fund colletion? thanks.

  12. 12

    eric said,

    Seems the follow up and respond was slowing down…do we have any other option to spread the news to those purchaser who was not aware of this payment?
    Like what Jimmy mentioned early,advertise in some major news paper or want to safe cost ?this can be done like last time what YY & our committee did demonstration on the construction site on 29th July 2007.This news was reflected on the news paper before.

  13. 13

    Jimmy said,

    dear all.

    donno what happen to the progress…what willl happen to our apartment…delying mean more money from our pocket spending out.

    what should we do…donno what hapen to the 400.00 contributed. are wehave to wait and await and wait without any news…

    please think of something.


  14. 14

    CJ said,

    so worry…

  15. 15

    Jason Lee said,

    Hi all,

    I will get the list of contacts of all the purchasers, from there i will segregate these contacts among the commitees members so that each of us could call to convince those who have not paid the RM400. If you would like to take part in this operation, I’m welcome you to join us (we bear the cost ourselves). Let me get the list next week. Thanks!


  16. 16

    Suresh said,

    Hi Jason,

    At the same time, we have to convince FH to give us the list of the buyers who have paid. Or else, maybe we can start a post to list down the names of the buyers who have paid, their unit number and receipt number. Easier for us to keep track. Just a suggestion.


  17. 17

    Vincent said,

    Hi Suresh,

    Great initiative. Here the list goes: –

    1) Leong Chee Kuen & Leong Chee Hoong Unit: B-13-18 Receipt: 1182

  18. 18

    Suresh said,

    Thank you for the instant response Vincent. I have started a fresh post on the topic. So, would appreciate if everyone can update that post. Thanks.

  19. 19

    elsie lee said,

    To all our purchasers who has not paid the RM400-00 kindly settle the payment at the soonest possible because decision to complete this project is actually in our hand. The more you delay for this payment the more cost will be incurred. Therefore I urge all of you do not wait for one another. Some of you may default your payment to bank and may have this thought of not having this condo and have alot of negative thought what will happen if this project is completed will I be able to sell or rent out or will the CF be issued by the state authority and etc………. welll please do not hesitate to contact me at 016-2806906 (Elsie) I will be there to help to answer you ……………..continue to pray along with me that something good and wonderful is going to happen………………Do not give up easily because there is still hope in our project.

  20. 20

    Suresh said,

    Hi all,

    In addition to what our VP, Elsie have mentioned. We are all in the same boat. So, we just need your co-operation to forward the payment ASAP so that FH can start the project without further delay. Do bear in mind that the longer we delay, the higher the cost is going to be because the cost of security is ongoing. Please feel free to call FH or any of the committee members to clear all your doubts.


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