Meeting between FH and the purchasers on 20/12/08 @ 3pm

Dear All,

I have a good news for all of you. After considering the request from a lot of purchasers, our VP, Elsie has arranged for a meeting between FH and the purchasers on Sat, 20/12/08 @ 3pm. The location of the meeting is:-

48-1, Jalan Bunga Tanjung 10,
Taman Muda, 68000 Ampang,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

FH personnel will be there to answer your queries and questions. For those of you who still have not paid the RM400, you can make you payment on that day via cheque or cash. We will get FH to issue a receipt for your payment. Please be punctual so that we can start and end the meeting as planned.

For those who are reading this message, please help to cascade the message to the fellow purchasers who don’t have internet access.

The meeting hall is the courtesy of ADUN of Teratai, Ms. Jenice Lee. A special thanks to her and our committee member YY for arranging the meeting place.


P/S : The meeting place is located not far away from our project site. For those who are not sure of the location, please call our VP, Elsie at 016-280 6906.


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  1. 1

    mr jimmy said,

    Dear Jason ,Elsie and committee.

    Ok.. meet you there and hope all buyers can attend the meeting

    Thank you.

  2. 2

    TL Blog B said,

    Dear committee,

    alright, i will come for meeting. This is the good opportunity for buyers to bring out the doubtful questions.


  3. 3

    Blog B said,

    First of all i want to thank Suresh, Jason, YY and all of you for
    helping me to arrange this meeting. Well, i hope and pray that all of you will be able to attend this meeting. Indeed this is a good sign because decision to continue this project is in our hand. I understand from FH that this project is 100% sold. To all purchasers hope to see you there! May GOD bless this project and all of us wants to see a positive outcome………….. lets work together and pray for miracle to happen……..

  4. 4

    mr jimmy said,

    dear all

    Agreed with blog B and special thank to you. This project must continue and completed. We have wait for so many years and pay the interest to the bank for so long. By hook or by crook i will get back what ever i have spend for.

    Cannot wait to see somone put back the brick and cut the timber tree besides my apartment window.


  5. 5

    TL Blog B said,

    Dear all,

    We all must be punctual for this meeting because this is a very important meeting. If can, arrived venue half an hour earlier so that the meeting can start at 3.00pm on 20/12/08, we all must cooperate.

    Thank you.

  6. 6

    B11-??? (cant remember) said,

    Dear All

    I will attending this coming meeting and i agree to pay rm400 on that day.

    thanks for the effort. happy to hear from all of u.

    see u all on 20-12-08…


  7. 7

    Ms Ng said,


    It’s great to know that there are progress made about reviving our condo. As I have moved and my address wasn’t updated, I didn’t receive the circular until I visit this blog.

    Unfortunately I won’t be in town this weekend to attend the meeting to show my support, but I am planning to pay for the RM400.

    Question, can I just send the cheque by post to FH?

    Also, appreciate the committee will update the outcome of the coming meeting on this Sat in this blog.

    Thanks a lot to the committe. We know you guys have put a lot of your time and effort to help us to get back our condo.

  8. 8

    Jason Lee said,

    Dear Ms Ng,

    Please issue a cheque made payable to “Mudi Angkasa Development Sdn Bhd (In Liquidation)” and complete the attached form before returning the same to FH. Your name, contact number and unit number should be written at the back of the cheque. Kindly also be advised that this payment will be borne by the purchasers, without any recourse to FH.

    Please complete with the following details :
    Purchaser’s Name, Contact Number, Unit No, Cheque No, Bank, and Amount.

    Upon completing, kindly return it together with the cheque to:

    Mudi Angkasa Development Sdn Bhd (In Liquidation)
    c/o Ferrier Hodgson MH Sdn Bhd
    Monteiro & Heng Chambers
    No. 22, Jalan Tun Sambanthan 3
    50470 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

    Tel No. 03-2273 6227
    Fax No. 03-2273 7503

  9. 9

    miss c said,

    dear all,
    thanks a million elsie jason suresh and the gang.a great news. at least there’s big Hope.see you all there.together we unite and cooperateto get our dream house.

  10. 10

    rose said,

    I will attend the meeting and do the payment too. tq

  11. 11

    alex ng said,

    i will pay d rm400 & see u guys there

  12. 12

    eric said,

    Thanks for the committee and Elsie inform the location for the meeting(I believe not everyone willing to handle the phone call for this..hehe…apreciated).
    This is the brightness we can see thru the effort from the committee.
    Please give all the support to our committee for what ever they have done for us.Millions thanks again!

    See u guys!!

  13. 13



    I am unit owner A14-04.

    Im happy to be there on 20-12-08 @ 3pm



  14. 14

    edwinyeap said,

    Sorry I missed the meeting…I know about it only today 22 Dec. I had a mixed feeling both happy and doubtful.

    Happy is that this is a significant progress.

    Doubtful is that because of the bukit Antarabangsa landslide everyone now including some local government is asking for all hillside project to stop. Today Star paper 22 Dec also highlighted Bukit Teratai, Bukit Permai are risky areas. These 2 are just next to our condo site. Early last year there was a minor landslide happened to the terres houses next to our site.

    Even if we can get the money, not sure the authority will allow us to continue construction.

    I am not here to pour cold water as I am also one of the buyer. I am willing to pay RM 400 just to keep the hope alive.

    If we are able to collect RM 30K but still not enough to start the QC work which require RM 50K. What happen to the RM 30K?? Will the money return to the buyers that have paid? Reason for asking is obvious…

  15. 15

    Vincent said,

    Hi Edwin,

    Basically our project already obtain the approval in place just now the government will tighten the working process. On the RM 400 per unit, the money are not refundable even there is shortfall as money collected will be utilize to pay ongoing expenses such as insurance & guard. In view of this, let pay up the RM 400 fast as any delay will not benefit all of us in the end. Rememberm, insurance and guard cost are already ongoing on day to day basic and the later the project start the more accumulate expenses are going be.

    Let all 360 unit purchasers join hand on hand to ensure that our project can be revive soon and in the end we will receive our well deserve property.

  16. 16

    TL Blog B said,

    Hello! everyone.

    i am glad able to get to know our committee members, Elsie,YY,Suresh, Vincent and also some of our future neighbours during the meeting on 20-12-08.

    i have paid up the RM400/- on the spot to FH. i wish that more will quickly pay the RM400/- so that FH can get a QS for cost estimation.



  17. 17

    Blog B said,

    Dear All,

    I am glad to say that almost all who were at the meeting paid up immediately , including myself. Most of them just wanted their homes back but there were a few who is doubtful of FH’s track record and wanted some form of guarantee. All I can say is that if nobody paid, the guarantee is that we will not see our homes again. But now, it seems that ther is a light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to all those who paid.

  18. 18

    mr jimmy said,

    dear all.

    I already paid my 400.00 after the meeting. I satisfied with FH explainantion. I really hope that all planning will be proceed as per discussed. Im very positive that my condo will be completed latest in 2 years time.


  19. 19

    elsie lee said,

    first of all i want to thank all of you for attending the meeting on 20th December 2008. Anyway for those who had paid up the RM400-00, including myself once again thank you so much for your support for this project. Well, this is only the beginning point but lets not give up so easily. We will continue to run this race until we see our home. Being a committee for this project i will be there to help and explain to those who are in doubt

  20. 20

    salehomar said,

    saya nak ucap terima kasih kepada jiran2 yang begitu rajin dan tekad memperjuangkan hak kita semua.selamat hari natal kepada jiran2 yang beragama chirstian dan selamat tahun baru 2009.semoga rumah kita akan siap pada akhir tahun 2010.saya cadangkan kita buat iklan di surat khabar supaya semua pemilik rumah tahu tujuan kita semua.sebab saya rasa masih ada banyak yang tak tahu perkara ini.dan kesannya akan lebih cepat.sebab saya hari ini baru tahu.

  21. 21

    eric said,

    thanks for the committee arranged for this meeting .I also hv paid on that day to support our committee effort .
    it’s appreciated that committee can update us in this blog that how many of us hv paid up to date.if the total amount not enough to start the QS work,we hv to contact the rest who are not aware of this payment .
    we hv to act fast as I believe the built up materials are going down now due to the world financial cress and also avoid to pay more interest to the bank.

  22. 22

    mr jimmy said,

    dear all.

    ya agreed with eric.

    but how to contact other we have their address..or any other source that we can get their detail.


  23. 23

    TL Blog B said,

    Dear Elsie,

    Up to today, 28/12/08, how many have paid ? i am sure we all are eager to know.

    Thank you.

  24. 24

    Blog B said,

    Dear All,

    Was informed that FH will announce the figure by this Friday


  25. 25

    Jimmy said,

    Dear All

    I wish to all future neighbours `selamat menyambut awal muharram` and happy new year to all of you. Hope year 2009 will bring us prosperities, good health and happy always.


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