Circular from Ferrier Hodgson #2

Dear all,

Please call our committee, ELSIE at 016-2806906 if you have any questions or doubts regarding the letter from FH. I understand you frustrations and i felt the same too.

ELSIE knows everything since she is keeping closely in contact with FH. She will explain everything to you.

Even if we plan to have an internal meeting among the purchasers, at the end of the day we still need to gather the $$$ to pay FH in order  for them to hire quantity surveyers to estimate the top up amount.

I can imagine there will be a lot of purchasers who can’t make it to the meeting since there are 360 units of purchasers, even if some can attend the meeting, I’m sure there will be a lot of different opinions from different purchasers, which end up without any conclusions…

Therefore, I strongly urge everyone to cooperate with FH, Please do call Elsie or person in charge at FH if you have any problems regarding the payment of RM400. Without these money, there is no way we could continue reviving our condo! The consequences are delay, delay and delay, paying more interest, and more interest at the end!

FH does not have any relationships with mudi angkasa nor Talam, they are a liquidator who liquidates mudi angkasa which has been winded up few months ago.

I know there are some purchasers who wish to ask helps from the ministry or politician, but then how can they help you? we have even contacted the ministry of housing department, and they claimed that this is NOT under their control now, the developer (Mudi Angkasa) is under liquidation now, we can only refer to the liquidator which is Ferrier Hogdson!

There is no way we can seek helps from any third parties other than ourselves, we are our own “developer” now, without unity from all the purchasers, i would say we shall wait for another 10 or more years…


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  1. 1

    mr jimmy said,

    i will pay the RM400.00. hopefully 100% of buyer will do the same.

    Hope our home will complete ASAP.


  2. 2

    TL Blog B said,

    i agree with Jason, i also will pay the RM400/- because no more time should be wasted anymore. Have to act fast now so that our apt can be completed fast.

    My suggestion is that our committee can up date the number of purchaser who have paid the RM400/- from time to time and put it on this blog.

    Thank you.

  3. 3

    justdoit said,

    Do we have to pay the amount ?? is this an order from court for us to pay that amount ??

    what is the latest story about IJM ??

    need clarification thank you..

  4. 4

    CJ said,

    and i oso doubt that, why FH want to collect all the money in one short instead of collecting progressively? i think FH only can release full RM 50k to the QS upon receiving the full report frm the QS, rite? and the security fee is calculated based on 1 full year, shall we pay for advance?

  5. 5

    Suguna Govindasamy said,

    Once RM400 is paid & QS make the inspection what will happen next ?

  6. 6

    Jason Lee said,

    Once we made the RM400, they will hire the QS and after that they will estimate how much we should top up in order for the actual construction work to start.

    Once FH gets the estimations from the QS people, they will held a meeting with all the purchasers to sign an agreement betweem FH and purchasers. Inside the agreement, there will be terms and conditions such as we need to top RMX amount of money, we cannot claim the LAD and so on.

    Once 75% of the purchaser agreed to sign the agreement, FH will talk to our bank to increase our loan for the top up amount, after that they will source for the contractor to start the actual construction works.

    We, the purchasers or committees have the rights to take part in all the discussions since we are considered as our own “financier”, for those purchasers who are willing or volunteer to join our commitees, please contact our current commitee member, because we need such person who are aggressive to take part into all these processes.

    If you would like to pay for the partial amout of the RM400, please call FH to clarify, but i don’t think they will allow you to do so since it will complicate their accounting/financial calculations.


  7. 7

    miss c said,

    dear future neighbours.
    i think all of us are xtra careful not to be scammed again.Juz give it a thought, if u are FH would u pump up$$$ to revive it, of course no definetely the buyers.i think all the buyers whose mail add, are active when FH sent out the letter has also come to know abt this blog,If they are not satisfied they can certainly call FH to get the transparent picture of the situation .Like to quote what FH said, if 75% agreed to conditions top up or not but to revive it.the project wll go on (those not agreed to top up wii lose their house.)likewise me with the gov loan if it is abandoned i have to pay the full loan and then can only get the leftovers 3o% not used.IF some of us still hoping for some god of mercy to revive it but eventually no how?when it is us up to us with the delay we losing by days.i wii pay rm400 if it can kick start the project and get the condo which would be 145k by positive we have to lose some to gain more,Fingers crossed and all the best

  8. 8

    mr jimmy said,

    dear all.

    agreed to pay is one thing. Another doubt is what are those assurance from FH that they will start the project and finish it. Are we gone to be scam again by other player.

    The letter give nothing assurance that FH will take over the project.

    Let us be really carefull this time.


  9. 9

    anne said,

    I’m going to issue a cheque of RM400 to FH. I agree with Mr Jimmy and I hope all the purchasers will pay the RM400. I’m sure we have the same “HOPE” => Our condo will be completed as soon as possible! Thanks!

  10. 10

    Jason Lee said,

    hi, if you would like to get assurance from FH, you may give a call to them before making the RM400, FH got the appointment from the high court to fully “control” mudi angkasa now, meaning they will revive the projects developed under mudi angkasa, what they need are RM400 from all the purchasers to kick start the estimation process, and then followed by the constructions work once 75% of the total purchasers agree to top up the additional $$$.

    At the moment, may i ask do we have any alternatives? politicians? ministry of housing? we have been gone thru so many process of reporting to some “politicians” and also ministry of housing, but then end up they will tell you to come back to FH which is the liquidator of mudi angkasa now.

    Thus, instead of wasting our time to delay our progress, why not we cooperate with FH ?

  11. 11

    anne said,

    I want to add-on here. If there is a chance that by spending a RM400 can buy our “HOPE”, does anyone willing to pay for it? Seen like this is our LAST chance.

  12. 12

    TL Blog B said,

    Dear all,

    We all are having the same doubt. Since we are in the dark for so long, now we able to see a tiny beam of lights shining through the dark. From my opinion, i will grab this opportunity and hope that FH is sincere and complete the condo for us.

    A ship cannot sail without water. i will issue a cheque to FH. i hope our future neighbours able to firm-up their mind and able to make a first difficult step.

    Thank you.

  13. 13

    Jimmy said,

    Dear Jason Lee.

    Thank you for your explanations. Im very clear about the first stage of raising fund to kick start the project. Hope the rest of our future neighbour also clear and really understood of what is actually hapen right now.

    For the second stage it all depend on QS result and either our bank are willing to increase our loan if there is additional cost to complete the project that I thought it defenatly will be an additional topup since all the material cost in construction is increased.

    We still have change and luck to see our apartment completed since now we already have :

    1. FH to continue the project.( Appointed by the high court to liquidate the asset and manage the Mudi Angkasa).
    2. Committee to act on behalf of buyer.

    Now it all depend on us the buyer to really put our effort to :
    1. Make sure pay the RM400.00 to FH and let them monitor and supervise the project.
    2. Support the committee and make sure that all the step taken by FH are been discuss between both party.

    Hope all of us participate and not only wait for others to full the 75% qouata to kick start the project since it look like this is the only way for us to try to get back our apartment for now.


  14. 14

    Azril said,

    I will go for RM400…what choice do w have now…

    Hope for the best loh…

  15. 15

    TL Blog B said,

    To Jason Lee,

    i will support our committee. i believe that more of our future neighbours already understood after you have explained so many times, even Jimmy also put in his afford to explain, this is the kind of positive spirit which really come from our heart that we all want to see.

    Thank you,

  16. 16

    Jason Lee said,

    I have a good news for all of you. After considering the request from a lot of purchasers, our VP, Elsie has arranged for a meeting between FH and the purchasers on Sat, 20/12/08 @ 3pm. The location of the meeting is:-

    48-1, Jalan Bunga Tanjung 10,
    Taman Muda, 68000 Ampang,
    Selangor Darul Ehsan.
    FH personnel will be there to answer your queries and questions. For those of you who still have not paid the RM400, you can make you payment on that day via cheque or cash. We will get FH to issue a receipt for your payment. Please be punctual so that we can start and end the meeting as planned.

    For those who are reading this message, please help to cascade the message to the fellow purchasers who don’t have internet access.

    The meeting hall is the courtesy of ADUN of Teratai, Ms. Janice Lee. A special thanks to her and our committee member YY for arranging the meeting place.


    P/S : The meeting place is located not far away from our project site. For those who are not sure of the location, please call our VP, Elsie at 016-280 6906.

  17. 17

    Blog B said,

    Dear All,

    Please give support to the committee. This is the first step in seeing the project being revived.

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