Mudi Angkasa – Circular to Purchasers from Ferrier Hodgson MH Sdn Bhd

Dear all purchasers,

I have just got the circular from Ferrier Hodgson MH Sdn Bhd, it will be sent to your residential address (which registered with Mudi Angkasa), anyway for those who have changed their address or who wishes to have a first hand view of the circular, kindly download the file via this link :-


or you may copy and paste the following URL into your web browser


p/s: If you couldn’t read the file in your computer, you may need to install the Adobe PDF reader program which you may download the installer from this link :

Thank you.


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  1. 1

    Syed Akil said,

    The buyyers are not involve in the selection. Why should we pay to a contractor that FH sellect?

    Is there a proper selection of the contractor?

    Is the price compertitive? Why RM400 not RM300 or less?

    I remenber some in the block wrote that by agreeing with FH we are contrloling our own destiny. Are we????

    Put you thinking cap and ponder care fully.


  2. 2

    KS said,

    Yes,why we are not aware of this and is this agreed by all the purchaser?
    How much we need to top up for this project and what kind of procedure and protection?
    This is the first payment for “abc” charges,how about next “def” and “xyz” charges?We can’t just pay without a clear window.

    How about our existing lawyer when we sign the S&P agreement?Are them still in the window?

    We totally lose our right and force to agree for this?

    We musssssssssssssst more carefully this time..!

  3. 3

    Jason Lee said,

    Hi all, please note that this is not the final version of the circular and i have already called the person in charge from Ferrier Hodgson that do not send out the circular until we clarify some of the points stated in the circular. You are NOT obligate to agree the terms & conditions of this circular.

    We, the purchasers have all the rights to agree or disagree of the terms & conditions by Ferrier Hodgson. FH is not controlling our destiny but they were appointed by the court to “in charge” for our abandoned project. They have to work with all the purchasers in order to revive our condo project. There will be meeting between FH and the committee to discuss further on this matter.

    Our committee has just sent out some questions to FH regarding this circular. Please wait for their answers.

    As i mentioned above, there is nothing has been finalized yet at the moment, therefore please do not make conclusion now.

    Thank you.

  4. 4

    Blog B said,

    Hi all,

    To all who seems to disagree with the additional amount to be top up, I hope that they will keep an open mind and support the committee.
    I know it is not easy to set up and maintain the team and it requires sacrifices and committment. Some encouragemnet will do them a lot of good.

    I also do not agree with the contents of the letter but at least there is an effort to revive the project. I also need to know if those who really paid the RM400 and if that amount is not enough to cover the QS cost (as not all will pay), will that amout be reimbursed back and this project will be permanently abandoned? All buyers will then loose their savings.

  5. 5

    miss c said,

    I agree with blog B.The comittee had gone that far and with their good effort that reach us here with this blog to debate.pls flock together and resolve things with the advantage on our side.Property @ Ampang is definitely going up.If we are to get the gov’s aid hopefully soon not another two yrs time cos i dont think the gov is going to revive it with the condo that rot which means high ends.Heard that gov revive projects are for low n medium costs.Unlike ours are high cost.we’ve gone a long way with 70% of the loan been used up.I sincerely hope for a positve out turn.All the best esp to Jason,elsie and suresh.

  6. 6

    Vincent said,

    Please have FH to update our blog. It should be Cheers.

  7. 7

    mr jimmy said,

    Dear all.

    I have also received the liquidator letter today.

    Well the court had appointed FH to run the process. We must together support the commitee afterall they are also the buyer or maybe our future neighbour. (if there gone be nusa mewah kondominium…hopefully).

    For me RM400.00 is to much because :
    1. QS 50k- Not sure either it is the suitable charges .
    2. Security 50k peryear equal to RM4,500.00 permonth – To Expensive for “2 Jaga”…
    3. Insurance 25k – Is the charges resonable?

    Hope commitee can discuss to lower the amount. Anyhow I strongly support all the commitee action, for me we have to unite to make sure this project complete.


  8. 8

    sc said,

    Possible to pay that amount when the project completed? FH can ask us to sign the agreement for those who agree to pay. Is fair to all of us, we can’t pay any single sen if no assurance about the completion of the project.

  9. 9

    Vincent said,

    Basically FH already make it clear that they will not come out with their money to restart the project. We the purchaser will have to come out the the necessary money / fund to kick-start the project. The crucial and important point now is to restart the project, complete it and have our home in the end.

  10. 10

    Lily said,

    I totally agree with Vincent. The most important thing now is to restart the project and get it completed ASAP.

  11. 11

    Syed Akil said,

    To get the project to start is only 1st part of the equation.

    The 2nd part is to make sure that the project will be completed on time and with in budget. More importantly to insulate we the buyyer from the risk of another failure.

    I don’t see the second part of the equation properly adress. The only thing I hear is trust FH. Sorry friends that not good enough.

    Like I said before I will only agree if the second part is properly adress.


  12. 12

    samsuri said,

    agree with syed…

  13. 13

    CJ said,

    r v going to have a purchaser meeting?

  14. 14

    Suresh said,

    Dear All,

    I’m sure all of you have a lot of questions regarding the circular. So, i would suggest that you call FH personnel so that u can get a clear explanation on the consequences if we don’t agree to their terms. On the other hand, i’m not suggesting that we blindly agree to their terms.

    In the meeting between the committee and FH, they mentioned that they will only continue the project if 75% of the buyers agree with the terms. So, i raised a question on what will happen to the purchasers who don’t agree with the terms. They said that they have the right to cancel their S&P.

    If any of you buyers have good contact with any lawyers, maybe you can check and update the blog whether they really have that right under the law to do so. Instead of we having separate opinion down here, maybe we can unite and come to 1 conclusion without further delay.

    What i can foresee is, we have 2 options. Either we add some money and get the hse done or just leave it and loose our RM80+K. Remember the longer we delay, the more we are going to pay the bank on interest. So, act fast. We can’t just expect the committee to do everything.

    If more buyers call FH and insist FH to have a meeting with them before they forward the payment, i’m sure FH will do something about it.

    Just a little bit of my opinion.


  15. 15

    TL Blog B said,

    Hi! to committee and all purchasers.

    i have received a circular from FH.

    I would like to know how committed is FH to kick-start and complete this project?

    Can FH come out with procedures , programmes and schedule?

    Who is FH’s contractors? Are they capable to continue the construction until complete?

  16. 16

    Syed Akil said,

    TL Blog B

    From my understanding the circular is to inform the buyyers officially that FH has been appointed as the liquidator. Also to ask the buyyers for funds among others to pay the QS to verify the cost to revive the project.

    On contractors, cost and schedule, I guest it will all depend whether enough buyyers willing to pay the RM400 that they had asked to carry out the study. If there are enough buyyers willing to pay FH will get a developer and rivive the project.

    If I’m not mistaken FH need about 70% of buyyers to agree. Once enough buyers agree FH will select and decide everything. As for the fund to revive the project FH have stated in the letter it will be born by the buyer. Top up is very like. All the risk will be borne by the buyyer.

    This is not much different from the way things work with previous developer. Similar process but different player.


  17. 17

    Jason Lee said,

    Thank you Syed for your explainations! You are absolutely right, there is not much different from the way things work with previous developer. Similar process but different player.

    It will all depend whether enough buyyers willing to pay the RM400 that they had asked to carry out the study. If there are enough buyyers willing to pay FH will get a developer and rivive the project.

    FH needs around 75% of the purchasers to agree in order to revive the project.

    For those who has questions on the RM400 and details, kindly please contact Ferrier Hodgson office at :

    Mezzanie Floor, 22, Jalan Tun Sambanthan 3,
    50470 Kuala Lumpur
    Wilayah Persekutuan

    Telephone : 603-22736227
    Fax : 603-22737503

  18. 18

    Jimmy said,

    dear all

    I had contact FH, they said the contractor who will continue the project are not decide yet by them but MAYBE from Talam contracactor. because they said it more easier to continue the project from same company. I ask them either it safe to appoint the same developer. FH said all the management now is under their control.

    I ask about security (`Jaga` ) that in our apt who pay their salary…FH said the current security in our apartment now is their security.

    It is true that we all need our apartment to be completed, but in the same time we need assurance that what ever we pay are not burn out again and again..

    FH said if all go smooth the project will be start in two month if we need our apt comlete in one year to two years we have to ack fast.
    discuss this matter seriuosly with FH or we will stuck no where and pay the bank for nothing.

    please all of you call FH ask them to discuss this matter with all the buyer,


  19. 19

    Eric said,

    Dear Committee,

    As to avoid further delay,I personally think that we need the committee to lead us to have an internal meeting to clear all of this issue.This will better to discuss in the real meeting instead over the blog .I believe many of the purchasers not aware of our blog and access to our discussion.

    Any query and dicession can make over the real time voting since we have different opinion to kick-off of this project.


  20. 20

    Jimmy said,

    dear all

    agreed with eric..pls call for internal meeting as soon as posiibble.


  21. 21

    CJ said,

    ya, i oso not aware got such blog until i receive the circular frm FH, kindly call for a meeting n inform every purchaser, tq

  22. 22

    Syed Akil said,

    Jason and buyyers

    The process is the same but definitely not the deal that we will get.

    Furthermore If the contractor is Talam, like what Jimmy says….then we should not accept.

    How can FH give the work to the same people who has failed to deliver? It doesn’t make sense to me. Unless FH is working for Talam.

    It is obvious that FH does not put the buyyers as their 1st priority and we should work together to change this. For a start I second any proposal to have a discussion with all the buyyers.


  23. 23

    TL Blog B said,

    To committee.

    At this moment how many purchaser have agreed to pay up the RM400.00?

    When should i pay? Should i wait for your green light?


  24. 24

    Jimmy said,

    dear all.

    I`m also not yet pay up my RM400.00 to FH . I also not sure what should i do now either to gamble by paying to FH or just hold on.

    If all of us wait so FH also will wait for the money…ermmm….So the first stage, QS also have to wait ..Then our progress to continue the work at our apt also have to wait and at the end we have to wait and wait for the apt to be completed.

    How about the rest of buyyers did you all already pay up RM400.00 to FH??..

    RM400.00 is only first stage, later when QS come out with figure how much more need to complete the project or the price will be remain unchange, then they will come out with another `quotation’ to us and FH said they will help us dealing with bank if price increase ( to increase loan ).

    what say u..


  25. 25

    Jeffery said,

    Hi everyone,

    This is my first entry here. Just got to know about this site after i received the letter from FH.

    I’d also like to know how many purchasers agreed to pay or have paid the RM400. I’m willing to pay, just to at least let the project to continue, for now; but also like to know that i’m not the only one doing this… Even though RM400 is really too much for me, but i still want my condo; but at the mean time i don’t want my money to go in vain because someday at the end most of you finally decided that you don’t want to pay.

    As you guys are saying, the urgent matter for now is the RM400 to kick-start the project, so now i just want to know how many agree to pay or paid before i decide/proceed.


  26. 26

    Tee said,

    Dear all,

    I already pay RM400.00 to FH. This is fund kick-start the project.
    so i want my condo complete ASAP.


  27. 27

    Jimmy said,

    Dear Jeffery

    I willing to pay RM400 to FH. But as you said if majority of buyer dont pay the project will not start. So in order to make sure all buyer participate in contribute the kick start fund maybe the committee can call for meeting and discuss this matter seriosly.

    Just an opinion.


  28. 28

    samsuri said,

    agree with jimmy..

    need to know first whether 75% are willing to pay.. otherwise the money will end up in FH account for nothing..

  29. 29

    yy73bl75 said,


    Just like all of you, i am also in the dark, is not the RM400 that bother me BUT how many time RM400 more that i need to pay before i finally can own the house.

    Guess everybody need the following info before we will pay the fees willingly :

    a) Need update on the no of house owner that already agreed to pay. May be we could ask FH to update us in this blog regularly so that we can make the ball rolling.

    b) Need to know what if the total number of agreed if less than 75% ? Where will the money going to ?

    c) How much more we need to top up in order to get the house – i think most of us need to get additional loan for this, we need to know whether is it possible for the bank to grant us the additional loan, therefore, i believe we need to know the additional cost.

    d) Talam (and it’s subsidiary) has lost their reputation, can we have a said on the new developer to be appointed later ?

    e) Can we forward this case to the Ministry and consumer association for advice and further action ? – Gusess this will be more effective, how about your opinion. Please advise on your comments.

    Can we put our hand together and get the list of the purchaser and get the agreement for every one in stead of act individually ?

    Hope to get the feedback from all of you and give the commitee member full support to resolve this matter. We look for a win win situation.


  30. 30

    Chin said,

    Paying is not a problem. But what will happen when we pay RM400 is our major concern.

    I agree with yy73bl75, samsuri. We do need co-operation from all house buyer, but what i do hope to see is the sincerity of FH to get this going… why not they pay first?

    By the way, welcome all my future neighbor, together we will get our condo.

  31. 31

    Jason Lee said,

    Dear all future neighbors,

    I will pay for the RM400 in order for FH to hire the the quantity surveyers to estimate the amount we need to top up for our condo. Without the RM400, there is no way FH could revive our project since they are not the developer, they are just liquidator who gets the court order from the high court to liquidate Mudi Angkasa which has been winded up .

    I think the first thing we need to do is to coorperate with FH in order to revive our project, i know there are a lot of questions in your mind regarding the RM400 and the top up amount, why not calling up FH and look for the person in charge before you make the RM400? Elsie, our committee member, who has just called up Yvonne from FH regarding this matter, she says that without the initial RM400, there is no way we could go further since there is no $$$ to fund the quantity surveyers to do the estimations.

    FH has sent out all the circulars to all the purchasers regarding the RM400, our responsibility is to request all the purchasers to make the initial RM400 before we could discuss further on what to do next (top up amount, bank loan and completion date, etc…)

    Personally, i felt that if we reluctant to cooperate with FH or refuse to pay the RM400, at the end, we will further delay our project and end up paying more bank interest. Right now the option is here, are we willing to take this option?

    Please do call up our committee members as written on the circular if you still have any doubts. We want our condo as soon as possible. The destiny is in our own hand now.

    Thank you!

  32. 32

    Chin said,

    Yes Jason!

    I’ll pay to get things going. I’ll support the decision of our committee.

    Thanks for all the effort.

  33. 33

    Eric said,

    I also will pay for this.Please advise should we have a meeting & when to discuss on this issue internally?


  34. 34

    Rose said,

    i dont mind paying RM400 as long the apt get completed asap….

  35. 35

    Lily Ning said,

    Hi, I just found this website for project under MUDI ANGKASA. My parents is 1 of the buyers, I m very thank you for all the info is provided here. As I know, buyers is received letter from MUDI ANGKASA for request TOP UP payment for re-start the project. May I know is there are any buyers present the letter for bank to issue cheque payment??? Thank you very much.

  36. 36

    Chin said,

    Hi Lily,

    We are discussing hot topic on top up in another thread. Look for the latest, letter from citibank.

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