Reply from Ferrier Hodgson

Dear Jason,
Please be advised that the Liquidators are in the process of formalizing their position and liaising with the directors of the Company to obtain the Company’s books and records. 
At this point in time, we regret to inform that we can’t reply to all the queries from the purchasers as we do not have sufficient information with us.
Ng Yi Wen
Associate Consultant
Ferrier Hodgson MH Sdn Bhd
No.22 Monteiro & Heng Chambers
Jalan Tun Sambathan 3,
50470 Kuala Lumpur


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  1. 1

    Syed Akil said,

    I just aware of this blog recently.

    Attached below is email that I sent to Jason recently for info and comments.

    Dear Jason

    Thanks for the info.

    From your reply; there are no legal action yet taken against mudi and the committee is still looking for ways to get the units complete.

    Just want to share with you my opinion;

    There is a time limit for us to take legal action against mudi. According
    to local statute, the limit is 6 years from the cause of action a rises.
    The time limit is not stated in the S&P. Simply put any legal action
    against Mudi must be taken with in 6 years after the breach. On my case
    more than 3 years have lapsed. Therefore time is of an essence if the
    owners wish to take mudi to court.

    Looking at the current state of the units it is very difficult for the
    project to be revived and with current price of building materials I would
    say almost impossible. If we top up more monies there is no gurentee that the new contractor can complete the work. There is also the risk of getting higher in dept with the banks.

    If legal action is taken against Mudi the out come may be academic
    since Mudi has bankrupt but at least we are able to rescind the S&P
    contract with Mudi. I doubt Mudi can pay for any damages now. It looks
    grim but at least we can move on and minimise our losses with the bank.

    I personally feel that we as a group should bring Mudi to court now.

    Syed Akil

  2. 2

    Redza said,

    Hai Jason and others comittee.

    Agree with Syed Akil.

    Hope the comittee can sit and discuss. What will be the next of action.

    If possible, we call all the purchasers for a meeting and get the resolution.

    But dont forget to register our Comittee as a Pertubuhan to legalize our action in the future.

  3. 3

    iman210 said,

    Hello to all.

    I concur we have a unanimous of at least 50% vote (if m not mistaken) of all the purchasers to get a resoution…

    Let us all come together to agree on this as swift as possible

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