The liquidator is finally appointed!

Dear all the purchasers, I have just got the news from William that the liquidator is finally appointed by Ferrier Hodgson Mh Sdn Bhd. Since Mudi Angkasa is already bankrupted as we all known from last Saturday’s meeting with Talam, the liquidator will be handling all the issues related to our Bukit Pandan Nusa Mewah Condo’s project. Of course his main task would be controlling our funds in the HDA (Housing Development Account).

Please note down the contact details of the liquidator as follow :-

1) Heng Ji Keng (471010-01-5435)
2) Michael Monteiro (390207-10-5005)

Mezzanie Floor, 22, Jalan Tun Sambanthan 3,
50470 Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan

Telephone : 603-22736227
Fax : 603-22737503
Web site :

For those who has little knowledge about Ferrier Hodgson, Ferrier Hodgson (“FH”) is a Australian based  Accounting firm specialising in Insolvency (a financial condition experienced by business entity when their assets no longer exceed their liabilities or when the business entity can no longer meet its debt obligations) in the Australian and Asia Pacific region.

 Whilst FH’s core business is corporate recovery, the firm has also endeavoured to build corporate advisory and forensic accounting services as core specialities in recent years due to the stagnant nature of the insolvency industry.

Once all the documents/procedures of the appointment are done (usually will take 3 months or more), they will meet our commitee members for the first meeting.

We will update into this blog once we have other latest updates. Please stay tune. Thank you. 


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    sam said,

    Thanks for the update. I wonder how many buyers had been notified about this, as there is a slight chance that there will be additional cost to complete it (Pray hard it wont be any). Anyway, cheers to the commitee for updating this.

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    Chin said,

    Thanks for the update! Really appreciate all the committee efforts. I guess we won’t be getting our condo this year. But still praying hard for it.

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    saleh said,

    Great job Jason!! Please keep updating esp on any event to be conducted that need our support. I am having two “problematic” housing projects including this. What a financial burden. Hopefully, this condo can be completed. Every month the payment is still being done.

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    Annie said,

    So, do we continue to pay the banks for this project that has a chance of being abandoned for good?

    Tks Jason for all the hard work and updates. Appreciate all that the Committee is doing to salvage this project that has gone so wrong…:(

    Fingers crossed we’ll get the keys sometime next year….

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    Peter Lim said,

    To all of you are involved in helping us get our condo back, a big thank you. I am sorry I just found out about this blog but I would like to be involved … please fill me in and let me know if there are any future meetings, etc
    Thx again
    Peter Lim

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    Tags to The liquidator is finally appointed…

    Tags: the, liquidator, finally, appointed to Dear all the purchasers, I have just got the news from William that the liquidator is finally appointed by Ferrier Hodgson Mh Sdn Bhd … ) is a Australian based  Accounting firm specialising in Insolvency …

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    Annie said,

    Maybe we can set up a chat room for us disgruntled purchasers. Anyone wanna start?? Hmm…why doesn’t anyone reply to our responses in this blog??

    Still in the dark as to what’s happening…!@#$%^&^!!

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    Chin said,

    Hi Annie,

    We are all in the dark like you. At least some of our future neighbour is doing something for us to get our condo.
    I would certainly like to see some new progress report on this blog, ie. update after meeting with FH. I guess it will be wait wait wait wait………………………………………………………………..

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    Vincent said,

    Hi Annie / Chin,

    Basicly at this stage no update will be publish till FH completed their audit into developer account which they will then know the actual senario. The timeframe is around 3 months from our last meeting with the lawyer @ Ricky Tan on 19 Apr 08. Do visit the blog for update.

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    Chin said,

    Hi Vincent,

    Thanks for the reply, just feel a little bit frustrated everytime i passed by our condo site.
    By the way, what is the role of liquidator in our condo? Look for another developer? or sell our property? Sorry, i just dont have an idea on what liquidator do…

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    Elsie Lee said,

    I have contacted Mr. Ricky Tan the lawyer who handle the winding-up matter. He told me that the fair court order will be out from court by end of this month. Anyway I also contacted Ferrieri Hodgson and the person who handle the Mudi Angkasa file is Adrian Hoh Kin Loong who is very kind and helpful person. But GOD loves him so much that he pass away on 28th April 2008 of heart attack. It was a shock news to me because I have only spoken to him on telephone only. I came to know about it through star paper under condolences column. Anyway we all the purchasers of bukit pandan project feel sad and our heartfelt sympathies to Adrian’s parents and firm of Ferrier Hodgson. But I thank God that some how GOD sent Yvone who is handlilng this Mudi Angkasa File now. She is very pleasant person and friendly too. Please pray along with me………………IN GOD WE CAN……………………


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    Benny said,

    Above is a clipping of a media coverage on Bukit Pandan’s case back in 2007. Hope that some purchasers can forward this to the housing ministry or whoever can help to expedite this project.

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    Muhammad Redza Omar said,

    Thanks for the update. But i’m worried about the insurance of our abandoned project. I believed, our site is not covered by any insurance policy. The Contractor’s All Risks policy is only extended to cover the cessation period maximum 6 months. We will be at the safe side if there is contractor doing a minor job at site. But will not, if the present contactor leave the site and let it abandoned again.

    Based on the information that I had, there are few insurance claims reported especially due to flood and theft (construction materials and copper cable) few years back.

    Hopefully, the liquidator could effect the new Contractor’s All Risks policy and start a job ASAP to ensure our property is protected against any misfortune event.

    I also hope the liquidator take immediate action to strengthern or at least do some checking on the rubble wall to ensure it is still in good condition.



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    Annie said,

    Thanks for all the updates and the people who have worked so hard to make something happen esp Elsie and Jason. I figure this whole project is a scam where the developers have used up all the progress payments, then give shocking stories and excuses for not being able to proceed with construction and completion. Guess now, we’re at the mercy of whoever’s taking over the project, to waive the late fees. We’re doomed if it continues, we’re doomed if it doesn’t. Bottomline is, its better to be taken in for a ride than to take others for a ride. Such is my only consolation. We have been scammed….!!!!

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    Lisa said,

    Sorry…., I just want to know what the liquidator do. I totally lost n don’t know. Please make me understand. Tq.

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    bukitpandan said,

    Dear everyone, according to our vice President, Ms LC, she has contacted the liquidator and now still waiting for the liquidator to go thru the documents as well as waiting for the court order. Once there are any outcome, we will be having an intensive meeting, by then we should be able to know the outcome.

    Please be patience and have faith with us. Thank you.

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    Blog B said,


    Liquidator is someone that will take over the accounts of the company (in this case mudi angkasa) and see if they have enough money to restart the project. if no, they will have to start selling property or maybe ask the purchasers to top us so that they can appoint another developer to finish the job.

    anyway, all pls pray and be positive and never give up.

  18. 18

    Annie said,

    Bukitpandan, its not about us not having faith in you guys. Know you al r doing yr best. But I wudn’t top up anything to restart the project. Waiving the late fees is inevitable now but they have no right to ask anything else from the purchasers who have endured enough of their crap!! What choice do we have but to give in to their demands re the late fees now? It’s all bull-shit on their part really. Like I said before…it is a scam and we can very well tear up our contract coz it doesn’t stand. What a shame and a disgrace….Malaysian developer…!!

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    Samsuri said,

    Agree with you Annie..

  20. 20

    Blog B said,

    Its a shame, of course for the malaysian developers. but, if we tear up the contract, that means our money – 80% of the house value is down the drain. with no house and no money, the losers will be us. if we can get the developer or new developer to finish the house, we can still owe a piece of property that we can sell or rent out. so if u hv read some recent cases, that is what happened to some housebuyers where by they all agreed to pay additional to get their houses completed . if not, they will lose out in the end.
    bukit pandan is a strategic place to live in, but unfortunately it ended with the wrong developer. anyone hv any news of the talam ceo?

  21. 21

    Eric said,

    Hi ,

    What is the status as today LC should get the update from FH – Yvone?

    Beside,I am confuse why this project(Bukit Pandan NMV) under Talam,why this company no need to take responsibility for the project and let it abandoned?The CEO still can make money for the other project and enjoy life?

  22. 22

    Annie said,

    Blog B… sound like Jason…

    Anyway, you said this and I quote

    “. if we can get the developer or new developer to finish the house, we can still owe a piece of property that we can sell or rent out. so if u hv read some recent cases, that is what happened to some housebuyers where by they all agreed to pay additional to get their houses completed . if not, they will lose out in the end.
    bukit pandan is a strategic place to live in, but unfortunately it ended with the wrong developer”

    I have one question for you. What makes you think the new developer won’t do the same thing to us and repeat history?? They can appoint whichever new developer. BUT…we shouldn’t be required to top-up…(like you said earlier) any extra funds etc. What if we get scammed again?? I have lost trust in these developers. It seems they have the law in their hands…they can fail and yet we have to pay…

    The wait and waiver of late fees I think, is enough co-operation on our part to get the new developer going. Well, what do the others think???

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    Chin said,

    I share the strong feeling that Annie have. Think about it, you have a contract in your hand that says it will be fulfill in this manner, and if it is late, you will get “compensation”. But which wasn’t stated in the contract is, if developer is bankrupt, whatever that is stated in your contract will be useless. And the new developer will be signing yet another contract…which is almost the same but only the price tag.

    It seems paying extra to get our condo is a “must”, and we have no choice if we want to get our condo. This ill concept will continue on if we all continue to trust on “you know who make this law in putrajaya”. The developer must be punish, not us… the buyer…But what punishment do they get? Conpensation from the new developer?

    To all our condo committee, i salute you for the effort and concern for the rest of the buyer. We will continue to pray for you that your effort will be remember. I know it is a hard work, and will support you all in future decision.

  24. 24

    Annie said,

    Just wondering. Is there any way that the banks will let us cancel our accounts under this project due to the fact that it is abandoned? That way, it is better to cut our losses and wait than to pay more and wait further for something which may not even happen at all….and who can gurantee it will, right? Afterall, the newly appointed developer might do a runner on us again and then we’ll be left with more losses and no condo. That is also a possibility, is it not? We cannot be burnt twice. The contract does not mean anything when a developer goes insolvent. One lesson to learn from all this is….”to see and feel a completed property before buying”. That way, it is guranteed that you will live in it. This is a total messy disgrace of Mudi Angkasa. What mismanagement and BAD handling of this whole project and God knows how many others they have abandoned. I think, if the banks can terminate our loan contracts somehow, it is better to cut our losses and move on with a lesson well learnt. This is going nowhere. Same time next year, we’ll still be wondering what to do. It is going to take some time for the liquidators to sort this mess out, I reckon. Meantime, the wait continues…:(:(

  25. 25

    Blog B said,

    Dear Annie,

    I understand how you feel as I am also a victim. Maybe you can afford to loose the amount of money that you have paid to the bank but some of us can’t. I for sure will not cancel the contract and allow Mudi Angkasa get our hard earned money for free. 100K is a big amount for us. If we want to punish them, maybe we should do it after the project is completed or ask lawyer advice. For now, we should wait and see what the liquidator has to say first.

  26. 26

    bukitpandan said,

    Dear all,

    I’m totally agreed with Blog B, we shouldn’t make any decision right now without considering the outcome/result from the liquidator. Elsie, our vice president has just contacted the liquidator that they have just got the court order for analyzing Mudi angkasa in detail, the outcome will be announced as soon as they finish examining the company.

    Let’s be patience and wait for the result, let’s hope for the best outcome.

  27. 27

    Blog B said,

    hi, has anyone followed up with the liquidators or have any updates on what is happening?

  28. 28

    Syed Akil said,

    Hi….I noticed that there are some discusion on wheather we should wait for the outcome from the liquidator or move now.

    Whatever you guys decide…Please note that there is a time limit on the time frame that we the owner are protected by the law. The limit is 6 years from the date of breach of S&P contract terms by Mudi. After 6 years we will loose our right to adreased this issues in the court of law.

    From what I understand with our law, S&P agreement is not the only document that define our agreement with developer. Many people are not aware of this. There are other statute such as the contract act that is above the S&P and define the contract between us and Mudi.

    There are provisions in the contract act 1953 that can be used againts Mudi if we decide to seek protection of the law. One possibility is to recind our contract with Mudi and claim for compensation. Wherether Mudi can pay is another issue. There are other options as well.

    The owners of Mudi has seek the protection of the law by going bankrupt. In my opinion we also should seek the protection of the law while we still can. Yes we can wait for now and hopes for favorable outcome from the liquidator but the clock is ticking fast.


  29. 29

    Suresh said,

    Hi Elsie,

    Thank you for forwarding the blog address to me. I’m the buyer of unit B-7-14. Wonder when will the time come for me to address myself as the owner of the particular unit. As our bro Syed mentioned, one of my friend also told me that the S&P is only valid for 6 years from the date it was signed (don’t really know how true is that). But, when i checked with Yeap&Yong (the developer’s lawyer) i was told that there is no such thing. Maybe Elsie can give a clearer picture on that for those of us who are not well verse on this matter.

    When i met William somewhere in the month of May ’08 i was told that the fund available for this project is just nice to complete the project without compensating the buyers with the LAD. He also mentioned that the liquidator will contact the buyers once they have finalised the things and if 70% of the buyers agree with their terms then only they will start the project.

    My personal opinion is, all of us have been paying the bank at least for the past 5 years for nothing. What say if we just agree on not requesting for the LAD and get them to start the project. I just hope that they don’t come out with a new excuse due to the recent increase in the fuel price and expect us to top up.

    Anyway, thumbs up to the committee who has taken the initiative to start the blog. Keep up the good work dear fellow committee members.


  30. 30

    Jason Lee said,

    Thank you Suresh for your comments. A matter of fact, we met William and he did mention the same thing, which is the remaining fund are enough to cover the remaining works without compensating the buyers with the LAD, and i believe this is true since my frens were encountering the same situation where he was “forced” to agree not to claim for the LAD for his apartment (by Talam) near Sunway. Right now the project is taken over by IJM and it is started the development already.

    As a purchaser like us, we just hope to get our complete house at the end of the day, i’m not bothering for any LAD claims since we have been waiting for almost 6 years, i just want my apartment ready.

    Just my 2 cent, thanks.

  31. 31

    Jason Lee said,

    Hi Syed Akil,

    Thank you for your comments. Kindly could you please contact our vice president Elsie Lee for more information? Her contact can be found in this blog (previous post). She mentioned to me that Mudi Angkasa is currently under receivership and there is no way we can take legal action against them. Thanks.

  32. 32

    Syed Akil said,

    Hi Jason

    Thanks for you reply

    You said that the vice president has informed you and I qoute

    “Mudi Angkasa is currently under receivership and there is no way we can take legal action against them”

    I hope the vice president could care to explain for the benefit of all who visit this blog on how she come to that conclusion.

    I said earlier

    “Please note that there is a time limit on the time frame that we the owner are protected by the law. The limit is 6 years from the date of breach of S&P contract terms by Mudi. After 6 years we will loose our right to adreased this issues in the court of law”

    I made this statement not from what I heard from other people but through my own research of our law. You don’t need to agree with me but please make your own research. 6 years limit is the time limit for an action in contract under the Limitation Ordinance 1953 applicable to penisular Malaysia.

    The time is not from signing of contract, rather calculated from the moment of the breach of contract. Where more than 6 years have elapsed from the cause of action, the action is “statute-barred”, i.e the aggrieved party can’t sue. I hope this clarify the point raised by Suresh.

    If anybody can show me with facts that this is not true please do so and I would appretiate it very much.


  33. 33

    Jason Lee said,

    Hi Syed,

    Thank you for raising this issue, kindly appreciate if you could contact Elsie at 016-2806906, she is working in a lawyer firm, maybe she could consult her lawyer pertaining this matter. Please do update us on your findings. Thank you for your aggressiveness on pursuing this matter. We are hoping to get you into our committee as we really need a person who can speak up for all the purchasers. Thank you.

  34. 34

    Syed Akil said,

    Thanks Jason for the invitation.

    I’m no longger living in KL, logistically it is difficult for me to be in the commitee. Anyway please inform me for the next meeting and I will try my best to attend.

  35. 35

    Syed Akil said,

    Dear Fellow Owners

    After one year after Mudi breach the delivery date I went to a law firm to get some advise. I was told during that time that nothing can be done accept to claim for late delivery and wait for completion of project. I took that advised and wait.

    While waiting for completion, I made some researced on my own and found that there are other option that owners can take. Arm with this new infomation I went to another lawyer in KL. The lawyer agree with me that there are two remedies for house buyer in this kind of breach;

  36. 36

    Syed Akil said,

    1. Recind the contract and claim for damages.

    2. Continue with the contract and claim for LAD.

    So you notice here that 2 law firm give me 2 different advise. The first one say that I can only continue with the contract and claim for damages. The second one say as mention above. Unfortunately after I told the second lawyer that Mudi has winded up, she say that no way I can take legal action agains Mudi.

    The point I want to make is that two different lawyer give me 2 different advise. Each time the final answer is the same, that nothing can be done. Offcourse the reson is different.

    I refuse to accept that there are nothing that the law can do to give us the remedies that are just to us. There must me some bright, honest and creative lawyers outhere that care for justice and not just money. The law can’t be that shalow that absolutely nothing can be done to seek justice for people like us.


  37. 37

    Elsie Lee said,

    Well I have contacted Yvonne of Ferri Hodgson. They have served notice to Director of Mudi Angkasa so that they can go through all the accounts of Mudi Angkasa. As for the legal action against Mudi Angkasa, you can take legal action against them for breach of contract but what happen is even you were granted judgment against them but sad to tell you that you cannot claim any amount from your judgment sum from a winding up-company moreover you have to pay for legal fees and disbursement for taking a lawyer for this case.

  38. 38

    Syed Akil said,

    Dear Ellise

    Thanks for the info.

    What is stoping the liqudators to disposed of Mudi asets to fulfill Mudi obligations to its creditors such as Bank?

    If the liquidators can diapose of Mudi assets where do the owners stand as compared to other Mudi creditors?


  39. 39

    eric said,


    is the liquidator represent our condo purchasers as well to widding up mudi angkasa ?as known that they only represent other company to widding up mudi angkasa only .
    do we hv any document sign up with the liquidator or appoint them to do so?
    I am asking this becos scare that in the end we are not in the legal way to widding up md & not entitled any cent back …pls advise as am not understand of this widding process.tq!

  40. 40

    Annie said,

    All the what ifs and why nots…well, like I said this drama will not end till we are forced to part with more money to further the project. We are doomed if we proceed, we are doomed if we don’t.

    Guess we just have to work with banks to stop all payments, interests and freeze the accounts till the project resumes somehow. And I don’t see that happening in the near future. Guess this isn’t the only abandoned project. Must be heaps of others with frustrated pruchasers like us. So what do we do now? Just keep our cool. Its better to lose and learn from it and don’t repeat the same mistake twice. We have been scammed and burnt but we can all learn from this.

  41. 41

    Suresh said,

    Dear Annie,

    I doubt that banks will stop the interest on the sum which has already been disbursed to the developer. What we can do is to write to the bank to get them to revise the interest rate. For instance in my case, when i took up the loan in 2001, my interest rate was BLR+0.6%. 3 years back i wrote to them to revise the rate and they revised it to BLR+0.5%. My loan is with Alliance bank.

    Any other fellow buyers who have made such arrangements with banks please feel free to share coz’ we can help each other to save some money that we pay to the bank. I don’t think we can even refinance the property coz’ it’s not completed. Just my sharing of info with you guys.

    Let’s just hope for the best. Have a nice day guys.


  42. 42

    Syed Akil said,

    Dear Suresh

    Base on feedback from my bank they said in this situation it is possible for me to apply to the bank to waive the interest payment and start paying the principal that had been disbursed so far. This may not be the ideal outcome but it may minimise the long term losses.

    I’m in the procees to make that application to the bank and will update you guys on the the outcome. My bank is ambank. Appretiate any advice from anyone who had done this before.

    Another option I was told is to get the central bank involve to talk to the bank. I’m not sure though that this can be done.


  43. 43

    Suresh said,

    Dear Syed,

    Thanks for sharing the info. I think all of us should start checking with our banks on the options we have to save money on the interest. By the way, what is your interest rate like with Ambank Syed?

    Another thing i wanna check, if the situation arises where we are required to top up in order to get the propety completed, will the bank be able to reevaluate the property and increase the loan amount?

    Or, based on the current law, are we allowed to withdraw from EPF to pay the developer. I’m sure some of our fellow buyers don’t have the luxury of coming out with a large sum of money in a very short period of time. Which only, leaves us with these 2 options which i can think of.

    Reason being is coz’ i was thinking of withdrawing from EPF to settle part of the principal amount. So, in the event i used up the money and am required to top up, i will miss 1 of the option.


  44. 44

    Syed Akil said,

    Hi Suresh

    After all that has happened it does not make any difference to me on the interest rate as it is alway BLR ++. What ever the rate is it must be paid to the bank every month. That is why I’m trying to waive the interest.

    On top up issue; we need to wait for Ferier Hogson desicion/action. Only than can we make our stand base on their offer. My opinion is there should not be any top up at all.

    I gues for top up there will be new agrement. If there is, we need lawyers to advise us as there are legal issues that we need to consider such as our existing contract with the banks and Mudi. Also a host of other issue we need to consider to protect us so that the risk is transfered to others not us. We should make sure that we are well insulated from the risk. If we need to hire a lawyer we should consider to hire one as a group to share the cost.

    On EPF with draw; can’t help you much as I’m not aware of the procedure.


  45. 45

    Suresh said,

    Hi Syed,

    Thanks and please update on the result after you have finalised the interest waiver with the bank. Hope to see you on the meeting. Till then, tc.

  46. 46

    Elsie Lee said,

    I really thank GOD that the court has appointed Ferrier Hodgson as our liquidator for Mudi Angkasa. For some winding-up company it takes a very long period for court to appoint a liquidator. At this very moment we can’t do anything but to wait from Yvonne of Ferrier Hodgson to update us when we can have meeting with them. Even the former contractor which have started some construction work at block B of Nusa Mewah Condo which cost them RM100K but too sad that talam can’t even pay them too. They too also have to wait from Yvonne of Ferrier Hodgson to have meeting with them. It is possible to complete bukit pandan project if a liquidator is appointed. Well, as for the bank interest I have wrote to my bank (citibank) for lower interest rate and they allowed to it. PRAY HARD……………

  47. 47

    Elsie Lee said,

    Today I have contacted Yvonne of Ferrier Hodgson. She told me that Mudi Angkasa is taking their own sweet time to deliver all documents, accounts, list of project and etc to them. The person in charge in talam is Mr. Gan. Anyway if you want to find out more about the status of our project you can e-mel to Yvonne of Ferrier Hodgson at Well…………..all of us have to be patience and its really a testing time for all of us………………GOD BLESS

  48. 48

    Suresh said,

    Hi Elsie,

    Firstly thank you very much for updating us the status from time to time. I’m sure you will update us once you have any updates from FH but i’m just curious to know who is this Mr.Gan? Coz’ from what i know, the project manager for this project was Mr. William and he has promised to work closely with the liquidator to have a proper handover process. Why does this Mr. Gan come into picture and creating the delay in the handover process?

    I just feel that FH have to apply some pressure on Talam to get the necessary documents ASAP. Coz’ end of the day, we as the house buyers are falling victim. I think it’s better for you to be the focal point to check with Yvonne instead of all of us to drop her an email requesting on the status update.

    The blog has been quite silent for the past 3 weeks, so i just thought of keeping it active.

    Thanks 😉

  49. 49

    eric said,

    agree with suresh…we have to do something instead of waiting for mr.gan “sweet time
    to surrender all the documents to ynonne.we can’t let them “nanti-nanti” as the project already delay for so looooooong time.if the committee need,we can call up all the purchasers to talam office look after this “gan” n give them some presure.we’re all the time to support our committee ..!
    thanks !

  50. 50

    nithia said,

    Dea Committee Members,

    If it’s necessary for all of us come together to put some pressure on Talam, by all means let’s do it.

    We have been kept waiting & pushed around enough. I feel that we shouldn’t compromise any unnecessary delays. Let’s try as much avenue as possile to get this matter resolved.

    Reporting to ACA would also be a good way to mount some pressure on the developer.

    Maybe the committee can suggest a date for next course of action.

    Thanks & regards.

  51. 51

    Suresh said,

    Dear committee,

    We are in a bigger group now and i think it’s time we step in and show some action instead of just waiting for them to sort out things between them which doesn’t seems to show any progress.

    Like Eric and Nithia suggested, why don’t we get the developer, liquidator and the buyers to meet up 1 day and get them to give us some projection on where they are heading towards and how long more we need to wait b4 we can see some activities on the project site.

    Honestly telling, i have had enough of patience. I signed the S&P on 30 June 2001. I have been waiting and waiting and it has passed 7 years. Even if i can afford to save some money to pay for the downpayment for another house, i’m having problem to get the bank loan.

    Our Malaysian law is designed to protect the developers not the buyers. Maybe we can try sending a memo to the new state goverment which is under the opposition and see whether that can be in any help. We just try in all means.

    Anyway, i just feel that the committee need to seriously think of some form of action to avoid further delay.


  52. 52

    Jason said,

    Hi Suresh,

    I’m Jason, the creator of this blog.

    Our liquidator details as below:

    Ferrier Hodgson MH
    22-M, Monteiro & Heng Chambers
    Jalan Tun Sambanthan 3
    50470 Kuala Lumpur

    Phone: 603 2273 6227
    Fax: 603 2273 7503

    Do you mind to call up Ms Yvonne, the person in charged for our project, to set a date for the purchasers (or committee members) to meet her up? maybe a small group of purchasers to meet her up at her office premises?

    The purpose is to ask for the projection of the timeline of the accessment. If possible, please call up Mr William (012-3105252) from Mudi Angkasa to join this meeting as well ?

    Many thanks for taking the iniative, for those purchasers who would like to join this meeting, pls reply to this blog.


  53. 53

    Suresh said,

    Hi Jason,

    Thanks for the quick response. I’ll give her a call tom and try to arrange for the meeting. Will update on the outcome after talking to Yvonne and William.


  54. 54

    Suresh said,

    Dear fellow purchasers,

    I rang up Yvonne today and proposed the idea of having a meeting with all the buyers or the committee at least. She informed that if she were to meet us also, the only thing she can tell us is that FH is in the process of obtaining the necessary documents from William in order for them to work out the budget to complete the project.

    I told her that we as the purchasers are curious to know about the current status and how long more we need to wait b4 we are given a tentative date on when the project can be started. She assured me that William has been very cooperative and she will get back to him and give either me, Jason or Elsie a call to update on the outcome. Since she said that, i din’t make a call to William. Waiting for her feedback. Will update you guys once she gets back to me. Till then, just hold on to your horses guys.


  55. 55

    Eric said,

    Hi Suresh,

    Thansk for your follow up with FH.Did Yvonne told you that how long time Talam / William need to take for the documents hand over to FH?
    Did Yvonne have any problem when they request for those documents?
    Why I ask this because I scare Talam will delay the process of the documents delivey to FH..!If so,hope our committe can meet William to ensure and find out the problem if have any or we can group up our purchaser to meet with them to ensure the process is smooth without any delay and wasted time.


  56. 56

    Jason said,

    Appreciate Suresh on his effort. Please do update us thru this blog once Yvonne gets back to you on the meeting. I would suggest we go by a small group to meet her up and then put an update on this blog to let everyone knows about the latest updates. Thx.


  57. 57

    Suresh said,

    Dear Eric,

    My sincere apologies for the late reply. My notebook adaptor was out. I asked the same question to Yvonne on when tentatively she will be getting the documents. She said she will get back to me on that after talking to William. Anyway, she assured me that William has been very cooperative all this while.

    As of now, i’m yet to get a call from her. Will try calling her tom perhaps. I’ll surely update u guys on the result. We shall plan on the next action based on her feedback.

    Til then, have a nice day guys.


  58. 58

    Suresh said,

    Dear All,

    I tried calling FH today to check on any updates but unfortunately Yvonne is outstation and will only be back to office on Monday seems. Will get back to you guys after talking to her.

    Til then, have a great weekend.


  59. 59

    Eric said,

    Dear committee,

    It’s took about 5 months till now for the liquidator process.Do you think is something wrong?
    Meanwhile,appreciate you can update what is the status now from FH?


  60. 60

    Blog B said,

    Dear All,

    Is FH appointed by Talam also?? If it is, that should explain the extremely slow process.

  61. 61

    Suresh said,

    Dear All,

    Eric is right. We are entering the 5th month since we got the news that the liquidator has been appointed. There seems to be no progress on FH side as they claim that they are still waiting for the necessary documents from Talam’s side.

    The only person we have known on Talam’s side is Mr William (012-3105252) who has been the project manager of our project. Looks like we have to go after him to speed up things. I spoke to Yvonne of FH on 25-08-08 and she told me that Mr William just came back after a long leave. I tried calling him on the same day but he did not pick my call.

    I am outstation at the moment and will only be back to kl on 12-09-08. Can anyone of you just call him up and find out what is the status like? Appreciate your favour. We can’t be pushing everything to the committee members as well.

    Thanks guys.


  62. 62

    Jason Lee said,

    Thanks Suresh for your update. I have just contacted Elsie, and she will be calling Yvonne of FH tomorrow to get the latest updates, if she finds that Talam is still delaying the documents, we will organize a small meeting btw Talam and FH together with the committee members to seek for a deadline.

    I will update into this blog once i have got updates from Elsie.


  63. 63

    bukitpandan said,

    Hi all,

    We have got some replies from Ferrier Hodgson that they are still in the midst of accessing the documents from Mudi Angkasa. They are estimating to finsh the process by end of Oct/early Nov.

    By then they would have a meeting with the committee to discuss about the available cash flow/budget and also what are the actions to be taken.

    Elsie has made a call to Yvonne of Ferrier Hodgson today that Ferrier Hodgson will be having a meeting with Mudi Angkasa at the end of Sept 08. They will update us for the outcome of this meeting. Hopefully we will get more info this time.

    Personally I would say this is a very long process as it involves many parties, therefore please be patience and our committee will strive very hard to get the final result we want. Also, please do not hesitate to update this blog should you get any first hand information.

    Thank you.

  64. 64

    fizah said,

    Talam to exit PN17 next year

    There is an article about Talam (News B7- Star Paper, 16 September.
    ED of Talam Ms Chua Kim Lan said that the 10,000 previously abandoned housing units would be completed by end 2009.

  65. 65

    Vincent said,

    Basically whatever announcement made by Talam will have not impact on our project since the project have been put under liquidator now.Irregardless let pray for liquidator to speed up the investigation and finding into our developer account so that the project will kick-off once again and complete soon.

  66. 66

    Suresh said,

    Hi all,

    I wish to update you guys on the latest news we got from FH. A meeting was held between Talam and FH on 23rd Sept. Elsie rang up FH to get an update on the outcome. FH has confirmed that they have finally acquired all the necessary documents from Talam.

    They need approximately 1 month to work on it and come out with a budget to complete the project. After 1 month, FH will call for a meeting with our committee. Elsie will follow-up with FH in another 3 weeks time and we will update the blog on further updates.

    That’s all for now guys. I wish to take this opportunity to wish all our muslim friends ‘Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri’ and the rest of you a happy holiday.


  67. 67

    Tee said,


    Got any news from FH .


    Tee, block B owner

  68. 68

    Blog B said,

    Dear Tee,

    From what I know, a meeting will be held by FH on 1st week of Nov. I hope that they can announce that the project will be continued without any additional costs incurred to the housebuyers. Most of the material cost has increased substantially.

  69. 69

    Elsie Lee said,

    To all our beloved purchasers, just to inform that we will be meeting Ferrier Hodgson on 7th November 2008 at 10.00a.m. at their office. Do call us the committee for any question or if you are able to join us for the meeting. Well we hope and pray that through this meeting we will be able to find out the future of bukit pandan project. Hope and pray for the best outcome of this meeting……………

  70. 70

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    searching for old seminar room wadham college

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