Our new committee is formed on 19th April 2008

Dear all. We formed our committee after the meeting with Talam/Mudi Angkasa. Please refer to the list below:-

President : Roslan 013-2100709
Vice President : Elsie Lee 016-2806906
Bendahara : Elsie Lee 016-2806906
AJK : Vincent 012-2128408
  Jason 016-3860090
  Faizal 012-3880828
  Michelle 012-2288512
  Liza 013-2100708
  Zaharah 019-2670868

You may call them should you need any updates/informations. Thank you.



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  1. 1

    At last,i already now find some of the purchasers at Nusa Mewah Condo.
    Thanks god, before this, my information about Nusa Mewah Condo (NMC) is only from a Tribunal House Buyer Forum .As u know to get know who’s else having same problems like me.Thru Mr Jazon (AJK Nusa Mewah Condo) he already confirmed that there is about 60-70 purchasers attendied the meeting.

    And now Nusa Mewah Condo have their own commitee to proceed whatever it is to get our justice and more important things is to get our own Apartment/Condominium asap.I know,some of purchasers really having big problems,frusted and dispointed with the delay ,abdoned of the project.And now we heard that Mudi Angkasa Dev. is already bankrupe.
    This is the culture of Goverment policy where this issue is not new (org melayu kata dah basi) and for almost 20 years they still have “NO ANSWER”, “NO SOLUTION”. keeping on pointing there and here!!…!!

  2. 2

    Sam said,

    Best of luck to all of the commitee.

    Agree with Khairul, 30 years ago my uncle have the same problem as we did but he end up paying for nothing. Unbelieveable and crazy, at this millineum age we still face the same problem.

    We had to pay for the house and pay for the rent. On top of that the banks are making money out of the interest rate. To make matter worse we even have to pay the income tax (based on the amount that we earn yearly to pay the developer). And now the developer just wash their hand get away by the bankruptcy notice. WTF.

  3. 3

    fizah said,

    i and my husdand did follow up with the senior manager of talam, william at 0123105252. the response given by him was that we will complete this project by nov 2008, it looks like empty promises. he dare to say that you always complaint without having seen it with your own eyes, he yell at us, and furtherermore we are in the process of hand over this to someone else. can you all believe this? yesterday i passed by that strecth and nothing is in progress, still same looking old building. i have put my epf money 23k with citibank. my monthly payment now is rm620. my unit is A01-06. help me, what can i do? can i retract back my payment@ epf which i have put in? i attended the gathering last year, with the presence of Janice Lee. i can be contacted at 27223278.

  4. 4

    Elsie Lee said,

    I have contacted Mr. Ricky Tan the lawyer who handle the winding-up matter. He told me that the fair court order will be out from court by end of this month. Anyway I also contacted Ferrieri Hodgson and the person who handle the Mudi Angkasa file is Adrian Hoh Kin Loong who is very kind and helpful person. But GOD loves him so much that he pass away on 28th April 2008 of heart attack. It was a shock news to me because I have only spoken to him on telephone only. I came to know about it through star paper under condolences column. Anyway we all the purchasers of bukit pandan project feel sad and our heartfelt sympathies to Adrian’s parents and firm of Ferrier Hodgson. But I thank God that some how GOD sent Yvone who is handlilng this Mudi Angkasa File now. She is very pleasant person and friendly too. Please pray along with me………………IN GOD WE CAN……………………


  5. 5

    wanezanna said,


    It’s very frustrated to read anything about Talam. To whom should we complain, since we tried so many way… I’ve lost my hope to this project.
    Anybody can give some idea to solve our problem?

  6. 6

    foong said,

    Dear All,

    I am unit owner A10-08, I was informed by a friend regarding this website.
    Hopefully, I am not too late to know the status of BPNMCondo?

    Anyway, many thanks to those people who help and work on the condo.

    I wish to join for the next meeting, please help to update me on next committee meeting.

    016-614 8838

  7. 7

    Jason Lee said,

    Hi Foong,

    Welcome to our blog, you are not too late to know the status as everyone of us is still waiting for the latest updates from the liquidator, who is still studying our case.

    Me and LC (our vice president) are very much in close contact with the liquidator to get the first hand information, we will be updating this blog from time to time if there are any useful information, kindly please read our blog every week to get the updates.

    Thank you very much!

  8. 8

    razali said,

    Hai friends,

    its a relieved to get updated about the status of our would-be home.
    I bought a unit B-1-15, currently residing in Johor Bahru, with this web
    at least i can get info on the condo. thanks v much on you guys.

  9. 9

    Wong said,

    Dear All,

    I’m really apprieciate this blog was formed by the committee. This would provide me the latest news or information regarding this pending
    housing project. And to Ms. Elsie thank you very much for this site provided.

  10. 10

    nithia said,

    Dear All,

    My unit number is A-7-09.

    Firstly, I’m glad that i’ve finally got in touch with the rest of you who are facing the same problem.

    I have been making several trips to the developers office & the housing ministry from the time i bought the unit. After having some first hand experience of “Cemerlang, Gemilang & Terbilang” service, I have not been following up much on this issue as i feel that the Housing ministry itself playing the same “sandiwara” like the developer.

    Yes, the developer didn’t do their part in keeping the promises.But is it something really new to the “Kerajaan”? I personally feel that the LAW is to be blamed & we are a bunch of victims of the LAW loopholes. If only the Housing ministry played a more prominent role, we wouldn’t have got here.

    Anyway, at this point in time, since the project is under Hulu Langat district & the state govt is ruled by the Opposition political party, i think they should step in & publicize this issue more vigoriously.

    On the other hand, thanks to the committee members for keeping us all updated on the “fight for our right”.


  11. 11

    Hilmi Ahmad said,

    Dear friends,

    Like the rest of you, I’m thankful that such initiatives are being done. I’m also one of the buyers from Block A (I can’t even remember which Apt No…probably 501…? I’ll check back later…but I know it’s on the 5th floor)…

    Anyways, please include me in anything that would require my assistance and participation. I can be reached at 012-288 3376.



  12. 12

    Alexavier said,

    Dear all,

    My parent is the purchaser for unit no.A-11.02.

    I have just received the circular from FH. I would like to thank you the committees for their initiative to form this blog to keep us update. Please include me should you require any assistance. I can be reached at 012-3781889 or saintprince@hotmail.com. Thank you and God bless you!


  13. 13

    Azril said,

    Hi there,
    I received the circular from FH yesterday..I purchased unit no. B-7-???…Can;t remember already as its already 7 years since i signed the S&P..Glad that we have an avenue to discuss about our Condo…

    With the tragedy at International Hill, dunno whether our Condo is affected by the ruling to stop the project

    Thank you
    Azril 013-3910190

  14. 14

    justdoit said,

    salam to all..

    just got this info.. good effort 🙂

    together we can do it !

  15. 15



    I am unit owner A14-04.

    I wish to join for the next meeting, please help to update me on next committee meeting.I can be contacted at +60197231976

    Fight For Our Right,

  16. 16

    Suguna Govindasamy said,

    I’ve missed out the meeting on Dec 20 as having problem with my internet. Ay updates or meeting in future i would like to attend. Pls contact me at

    019-2249551 (suguna)
    019-2249556 (vega)

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